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The Seven-Alpha Network
"Egg Shen had a Six Demon Bag. This is one better."

Peripheral Seven Alpha Network Access - 1 year Months

$2000 USD

Terms and conditionsl apply. Sale subject approval.
Seven Alpha is a private network.

End users may think of the IP7A as a social network developed and built by its members need without outside advertising or release of information for any reason. As a regulated community, terms and conditions may apply which are in many ways more restrictive and enforced than conventional nations. As a paid community, censorship of content based on popularity or fairness which violate the rights of other users are not permitted.

XSP license holders have access to development tools for IP7A, including access to pre-release features. Client licensing for end-users begin at $20 USD. Similar programs for Microsoft Products include the Microsoft Developers Network (MSDN). Heavy Machine™ purchasers receive a perpetual XSP license, if qualified for IP7A membership and granted a current IP7 license in good standing. Heavy Machine purchases are therefore valued at $20,000 USD or more, for applicants who wish to participate in in the XSP program purchase of a Heavy Machine is synonymous with the cost-effective option for access and use. Future project goals include exclusion of non-IP7A users from any license, but current systems are built with 'public standards' for use in the older public Internet at this time.

Imperial Protectorate: Seven-Alpha

HMS The IP7A network consists of a VPN connection to a private network operating seaparate from the public Internet, where exclusive applications, service portals, and entertainment content is available to license holders under the terms and conditions of the IP7A Agreement.

This network was established to ensure that members are registered and identified responsible to their actions and to prevent abuse including illicit activity which our customers do not want to participate in or tolerate in their online hobby and community MMO-RPG events.

Because membership is restricted and not open to the public, the network ensures that violations of any code in any game, service, or chat will result in the suspension of the offending account across all services simultaneously, making bans and supsensions effective to a community standard rather than an anonymous user model.

IP7A is designed for business, home entertainment, and mature content related subjects in science fiction and technical warfighting which do not include sexual content, narcotics, hate speech, religious bigotry, or the incitement of abusive language defined by the ad hominem abuse common with journalist censorship and fraud in the United States, among U.S. media outlets, and use of language to promote activity that is illegal use of telecommunications and wire fraud, as defined by the IP7A Code or any act which may violate rights defined in the State of Oklahoma.

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