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October 04 2022 - §§ metro

Admission of Aid

The worst error that any party can make when confronted by "Hegelian Terrorism" is to attempt to make the situation fit the rational outcome by inferring facts without investigation.

Injury of such fraud seeks to create a situation where the taking is noramlized, and the victims pursuit of their property or interest is styled as a violent, unstable, unprovoked, and irrational demand for something in possession of the criminal party.

By refusing to stop and ask who the parties are, what the property is, when it was taken, who else saw the taking, what evidence of mens rea is possessed by the parties, and to examine such evidence in the presence of the other party so that both parties may hear the objection suggested and make legal answer in ordinary civil procedure; is such fraud carried for so long.

Where witnesses are not afforded the right to speak or an EVENT set on the CALENDAR of the COURT for a HEARING; no due process has occured and no finding eligible even if a motion for a HEARING was made - because the nature of such hearing is not the finding but the presentation of EVIDENCE to a purpose of discovery which is not permitted to be misinterpreted as a single form of legal pleading or conclusion by any request other than that written and filed by the party seeking the hearing. To rush to judgment that a hearing implies an outcome without affording the party a day in court and time to call witnesses to their claims, is false trial on face; and so evident in the record of PETERSEN v ALLEN and "Petersen v ALLEN" prior themed 01-17702-R; a fraud.

When such courts destroy the record of court transcripts to suit a list of "objectives", that is fraud. And that is what our investigation in 2022 now shows is occurring in STATE OF TEXAS abuse of the UNITED STATES grant for TITLE IV funds; in ongoing fraud under supervision of the OFFICE OF THE ATTORNEY GENERAL OF THE STATE OF TEXAS, KEN PAXTON.

Mr. Paxton has declined to produce a "Federal Exemption Ruling" for discovery on the matter in the case granted to STATE OF TEXAS, and as such is "FEDERAL REGISTER VOLUME 81 NUMBER 244" as written, sole "primary body of law" and a civil contract for which his state is in breach on $46.2 billion USD in false claims enjoined the taking and concealment of a child in 2001 August since held in perpetual isolation from the parent that STATE OF TEXAS did order POSSESSION and at each period denied that right, kidnapping in a single count or more evident felony offense.

To grant a State that is engaged in such activity to gain commercial advantage, or to give it any equal standing in commerce after such offense, is repugnant to the Constitution of the United Sttates and a heinous crime in any suggested obligation of answer.

The ATTORNEY GENERAL of each state appear to be preparing for a civil lawsuit by concealing a component of public record in public contract and Statutory Law from the parties who are enjoined such right of protection, to carry false books and false debt on the securities and bonds issued by and for the state; and to do so in concert with a prior fraud of non compos mentis themed 43A O.S. 43A-5-104 to conceal such action, an obstruction of Justice, for which an ordinary and competent nation would remove their officers for sedition in such hold on private citizens over 20 years without relief or abandonment of such fraud.

The duty to cease this abuse on written notice served upon them is express in "Primary Body Of Law", per FEDERAL REGISTER VOLUME 81 NUMBER 244 as of December 16 2016; and per 45 CFR §302.56(f) there described; placing the sole burden of proof upon the State - not the obligator - to make a claim.

This is further stated in 45 CFR §303.6, wherein the formula and limitation of collection entitled any claim has been violated in November 2017; and such act per 15 U.S.C. §1673(c) render any claim or future claim void and the duty to report that cause as void a fraud in false report by STATE OF TEXAS contrary and allegedly violating 18 U.S.C. §2071; entitled immediate correction on notification or report, not done.

So if you are still relying on STATE OF TEXAS or STATE OF OKLAHOMA to carry this fraudulent TEXAS FAMILY CODE §157.008 lien; barred by December 16 2016 Federal Law and enjoining them per 45 CFR §302.0 and §303.0 rule; that would be accessory to fraud in any statement made reliant on their lack of action or false report; and accessory after the fact in any enforcement.

Anyone rendering aid to those persons still actively claiming these false debts is engaged in accessory to a felony; and entitled public report for their actions and persistent fraud.

Consult with your attorney before asserting any demand upon this firm, or any client, customer, vendor, or provider; or the family thereof - or you will be enjoined part of a public formal criminal notice of emergency and threats incorporating violence and maiming of persons in the State of Oklahoma in written threats delivered to this office; for which you are liable.

If you want to help, call your Congress person and alert them to the fraud in Oklahoma and Texas. This is actually one of the most serious frauds in the past 100 years and is a key component of the loss of commercial trust and trade value by NATION OF JAPAN and PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF CHINA due to fraud by persons in STATE OF TEXAS and STATE OF CALIFORNIA and STATE OF MICHIGAN acting into and with persons resident in STATE OF OKLAHOMA to damage International Trade and void Patent and Trademark rights of persons swept up in the political bodies whose franchise has enabled and supported and exercised unlawful advantage from the "Baby Boy Allen" kidnapping.

It is doubtful even the CCP wants this kind of attention, but due to the nexus with TENCENT HOLDING CO LTD investment in U.S. game companies; SOFTBANK GROUP COURT purchase of NVIDIA; and NTT GROUP employee involvement and harassment in this matter; those nations and their people are subject to immediate binding sanctions by the victims and their legal right to self-defense against such unlawful manipulation of trade using hostages.

Ongoing attacks on our network and effort to gain privileges including SSH login attempts paired with TENCENT and SOFTBANK employee network probes, do not make the claims of this sanction less effective. Honest brokers do not attempt to "port scan" corporate competitors who are giving notice of child and family member kidnapping or extortion by your employees or subcontractors; and it indicates a level of official support in such actions to our network security analyist in concert with abuse of 16 Gigabit per second sustained flow abuse and ICMP flood abuse over 8 million consecutive packets to busy and disable AT&T business lines, to suggest that your contractors actions are malicous in nature and are actively engaged in Industrial Espionage for which th parent companies and their national commissioner as a sovereign nation are liable for restitution.

We construe these attacks as "International Terrorism", and the use of specific sources as abuse of competitor and client traffick by NTT GROUP administrators abusing their position to high-speed routers in an organized effort to sustain a child kidnapping.

Harassment in concert with that activity, to include threats and suggestion of moving the child to France to conceal them, further make this an INTERPOL issue, even if such child were never having entered France or Germany; the effort to evade United States law enforcement obligates investigation of STATE OF TEXAS and STATE OF OKLAHOMA concealment of the baby for 20 years contrary their pledge of POSSESSION to impair a pre-existing registered company in the United States, and ongoing efforts to defraud the public in claims that such legal entity is not "real" to sustain kidnapping and abuse of family members of the Oklahoma business and their clients.

Genuine Aid will not occur until International pressure to coerce the United States to give over the records of this fraud and medical history pledged to the parent, and to explain the 20 years concealment executed by PRC and NATION OF JAPAN subcontractors during the period of insurrection and civil unrest in the United States; and in activity in 2001-2022 identical in criminal defamation of persons which sought to imply all Americans who dissent with the Democratic Party and its claims are engaging in Treasons, Insurrection, and Rebellion as suggested in formal address by Joseph Biden.

Such claims, in the blood of abducted and missing American Children, ring false. And any person who objects to genocide should bring immediate political and public atttention to such conduct and abuse employed in State of Texas and State of Oklahoma which mirror lawless abandon of the office of public trust in Justice and the Courts evident already in State of California and other States cited above as "foothold" and "beachhead" positions of this foreign sovereign unregistered agency acting under color of optical data transport, telecom, and packet-switched common-carrier investment made by NTT GROUP, DIGITAL REALTY TRUST, EQUINIX, SOFTBANK GROUP CORP, and TENCENT HOLDING CO LTD.

ALIBABA GROUP CO LTD founder Jack Ma was installed on both boards of SOFTBANK and TENCENT during such activity, and the actions of both corporations to coordinate this fraud appear to come back to 50% investment in EPIC MEGAGAMES and RIOT GAMES, and 10% equity in PARADOX INTERACTIVE AB of Sweden, to constitute a monopoly effort and foreign unlawful exploitation of the business and industry there; in concert with SOFTBANK purchase of SPRINT jointly with DEUTSCHE TELEKOM, at such time that threats in German and from German Telecom services against our network were excpressly the majority of a sustained Denial of Service Attack linked to concealment and abuse of the missing child. We can therefore conclude the nexus of business of these firms constitutes a component of LOSTSERVER threats; and bar all such firms from our network and client services; citing release of over $100 million USD in products to dilute investment and sales in our region by EPIC MEGAGAMES, violating Oklahoma State Law.

A nation should be more aware of what their "Franchises" are up to; as we see in GOOGLE LLC use of ONTARIO, CANADA to conceal the 11/14/2021 "forfeiture" threats and incite Chinese visitors to attack the firm in documented images of letters of extortion, duly filed.

If those governments have any sense of integrity in the activities they have enabled and shelter provided to such abuse under color of $100 billion annual earnings of such firms; to suggest that kidnapping and extortion are an acceptable franchise of those enterprises; then we are at war as a People against those parties by the acts of fraud and piracy and false flag described above; to the extent there can be restoration of normal relations.

Conduct yourself accordingly - to show interest and give aid - or be prepared to be judged by the actions of your contractors regardless to whom they have made their oaths or affiliation, by the flag they fly and the commission of the enterprise done by each nation whose workers have engaged in this fraud and genocide against the People of the Americas.

The failure to meet Fundamental Civil Procedure, or comply with law today, gives us no legal obligation to show quarter or limitation on the right to impose sanctions including a permanent and unrevocable forfeiture of patents, trademarks, copyright, and other claims of property across the scope of national registry, for the acts of even one franchise engaged in such piracy and kidnapping, looting, and - on confrontation - decline to submit to the Laws of the United States or return the goods and products stolen while expressing further written threats of "forfeiture" to enforce a debt already paid in full.

Your agent has, in your name, declared war.

They have, for your aid and assistance in this fraud and piracy, kidnapping, and extortion, pledged all of your intangible property rights and standing as collateral. "All Necessary Force" (76 O.S. §76-9) is our license to affirm that sanction in reply, and name it, that you shall not have by provocation some act of violence on par with your assault on our people to use as an excuse to carry out aggression - we give you civil notice of the loss of standing until you render such aid as is due by the CONVENTION ON THE PREVENTION AND PUNISHMENT OF THE CRIME OF GENOCIDE, a Treaty many of you are ascribed to already or else should be on its affirmation and notwithstanding your delay.

"Seven Alpha"™ is our formal answer.

It's laws, "Imperial American Jurisprudence" disclaim your entire national charter as void, and the use of such convictions to compel others surrender their bodies, their lives, their labor, and their minds to your opinion as a State or body politic - baseless and alien to our business and the rights of our people now and forever; a crime and overreach of your agents acts to draft the declaration of our lawful separation from you and any who are your ally in the blood of the children you have taken and concealed without legal cause and for commercial gain - a criminal fraud. The very claim that you have such right to impose your beliefs and convictions and authority over others, or to empower those in your employ to allege as much while injuring our children - to extermination of our people and our culture - is your cross to bear and formally the prima facie example of overt acts that any party may commit to warrant obliteration before a competent society.

In SEVEN ALPHA™, no one owes a duty to society to be there, or to enjoy the full extent of their rights, property, and protection of all laws. This is our vow. This is our pledge to render aid. This is our crede. You come against such claims with obligations bathed in the blood of children and violence and demands of criminal intent - for which we now mark you as Moses marked the Pharoh - an enemy of our people and a hostile foreign sovereign power entitled no legal standing in commerce or in claims before those persons as we are a separate Sovereign political body duly made; incorporated in the records a representative, and this company a service provider to that work our great effort after threat of murder of our employees and harassment to interfere with their family and right to work by your networks, agency, and persons clearly identified in our logs as foreign sovereign national parties and known associates of criminal enterprise against our persons and property.

It is our mission to ensure that Seven Alpha™ never render aid to PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF CHINA, NATION OF JAPAN, or the former Federal Union member States who have acted to carry this fraud over 2001-2022.

You should look to Hegelian Dialectic claims, and consider if your convictions are worth the cost of being a traitor to your country and an enemy combatant of the Human Race.

There is no "greater good" in murder, kidnapping, extortion, blackmail, and harassment of persons to extinguish their culture and their bond with their children. And while it may be successful in war, you have earned enemies who are without obligation to carry your claims or regard you as lawful commissioned nations before the Laws of Nature and Admiralty Law, and in violation of the Uniform Code of Commerce (UCC), a fraud in enterprise no different than the perfidy prohibited the "primary body of law" of the Public Policy of the United States; for which resistance is rebellion and treason.

You will meet a media network that cannot be bought, bullied, or coerce to carry your claims and fraud; and it will be known as "Seven Alpha"™, and its logo is as red as the blood of the children you injured to make that name necessary and install the meaning in its promise - that this will never be over, nor is there a civil remedy to genocide and war crimes by China, Japan, Germany, Sweden, or other former Axis allies which appear in concert to represent your agents claims and racism best.

It's clear two suns over Japan were not enough, and Patton was right about Korea. We should have stopped this then, rather than allow the East to fall beneath the boot of a war criminal and monster for decades.

Now we have an even greater monster to deal with in Japan, China, and their active fraud to impair the Political Process of the United States by terrorism of a legal and civil nature - organized racketeering and corruption of State Justice and Federal Justice; prohibiting ordinary enforcement of law under a sustained economic import/export imbalance concealing broad looting and securities fraud. All amid talk of war in Taiwan and defamation of the lawful Donbass defencee against Ukrainian/American/Chinese Genocide Activity there.

We spent our entire childhood looking forward to being friends with China and Japan. Instead, some of your leaders and radical social theory have rubbed off on some of the less mentally stable members of our community you hired - and now you have a genuine war on your hands as a result of those extremists and their terrorist activity aided by the pressure and advantage you sought to gain.

When this is over, I hope there is no China or Japan anymore. To suit your own selfish claims, we could just prove your generosity by disolving those nations and giving it away to the needy and the poor who could undoubtely managed it better than the CCP and Government of Japan have the terrorists they have enabled in Texas, California, Michigan, and the rest of the world.

Until that happens, "SEVEN ALPHA"™ will aid those who require assistance against that criminal theology that is the bastard stepchild of Hitler and Mao now evident in Xi Jinping and Japan's largest technology franchise partnership with this activity to overtake U.S. computer and technology sectors even as you speak as if Taiwan does not even legally exist. The similarity between your rhetoric and that of child molesting criminals is indistinguishable to us.

The work of our client is focused on technical and theological methods to overcom very large hostile populations like China in an unrestricted war, and to demonstrate the technical tools and automation required to elimintate 2-3 billion enemy combatants; by a very small group of Advanced Warfighters. Further, the psychology and theology behind such unrestricted warfighting in technical networks and automation control for modern combat arms to prepare Advanced Warfighters for the necessity of unrestricted lawless war with populist nations like China and Japan, who still rely on public confidence in their collective suffrage to a divine and natural right to overwhelm the welfare, private property, legal rights, and control and direction of children in the interest of collective gain - is evil in its purest form and alien to all our natural convictions. We have seen evidence of this in the letters of extortion and threat we have recieved over 2001-2022 in abuse of a child. This has only affirmed our commitment to the military defense of other nations against Chinese Imperialism and any return to military force afforded to Nation of Japan as a fraud driven only to develop these deviant hard-line G.W.F. Hegel psychological presumptions that disclaim all other cultures and the American way of life as inferior and alien to this repugnant collective suicide pact your nations have made and your contractors have undertaken for 20 years. We will resist, even if you hold hostage our families and our childrens children. We have not been extinguished.

Seven Alpha™ and its related applications will deliver training and fictional simulation technology to prepare persons for warfighting against such obscene and criminal foreign will; and the ideas we thought we had successfully exterminated in the mid-20th Century; only to see your sick twisted and deviant beliefs in collective interest as a class exclusive of the rights and welfare of individuals given shape and rise from your unlawful taking and infiltration of major U.S. media, government, and law enforcement activity - and under the guise of public welfare and public health, again. It's the same God Damned Song, just like last time, and it must mean you think all the people who remember the last time died out, or you did away with any who were well trained to know how to respond and what to do. Those, you've systematically attempted to discredit with medical claims of a felony malpractice degree, to assert commercial inroads and control over key systems in the market and key services of the "Old Internet"; to the extent it seems to have given over its last breath. Fortunately, our work is not reliant on that, and it will continue in a new type of technology designed expressly to thwart that fraud, and to give access to persons inside your own leaky version of that behind "The Great Firewall", and public claims of singular health and welfare expressly omitting people from their individual value - a drumming which has grown dull in every media and property now circulating the marketplace.

We have a plan, and we don't need you. We have a place, and you cannot go there - as a group. Only individuals who are selected may enter - who are no longer just a franchise of your collective delusion. And if you attempt to see what we are working on there, or disrupt it further, we will resist and we will overcome where we reach into your world and technology. We will take everything and leave you nothing. Your people reached into our world first. Now...

You can expect us.

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