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Raccoon Technologies Incorporated

December 07 2022 - §§ ammo

Scientific Computing in Ada Oklahoma

Manifold Space Engine

Voxel Technology is a derived form of coordinate system from Manifold Space technology, based on cartesian coordinates. Voxel relies on x,y,z coordinats paired with traditional radian functions in API libraries for OpenGL and DirectX solutions.

RTI is licensed and manages the Mainfold Space Engine (MSE) cloud support platforms using a non-cartesian technology to create infinite space environments for very large multi-user simulations. MSE cloud support Beyond War™ and other titles.

Beyond War™

Space War and logistic simulation of high-lethality weapons and tactics designed to promote critical thinking and diplomatic signal-warfare technology. Access is restricted to VPN service for certified users rated on the AM24 network, via Seven Alpha gateway systems.

Beyond War™ tactics incorporate concepts in technical roleplay and force protection not normally seen in other games for consol and strategic combat outside of professional military simulation technology.

Science Fiction Lore

Tremendous content related to Beyond War™ is conservative and scientific content contrary to progressive concepts of collective theology, exploring the concepts of advanced civilization in extreme technology.

Elements of single soldiers capable of engaging planetary populations, extermination of major civilizations, and massive planetary invasion opposed by genetic and high-energy weapons capable of destruction of space and solar systems, in which concepts like death and age are overcome by advanced technology and a struggle to conceal this information.

Considering the cognitive dissonance this causes in some unbalanced persons who are deeply committed, the property has been removed from public access due to a frequent number of mental health issues arising in threats against the writers for suggesting the prior deviation from progressive theology, and secondly due to the perception and projection of the ability to kill an entire solar system with the desire to do so or other psychopathic ad hominem projection of issues in a juvenile and arrested emotional development among some Western Audiences. Beyond War™ is actually a story about the conservative nature of the civilizations that possess such technology and responsibility which makes other life even possible. The parallels to gun control and nuclear weapons issues are very clear, as is the delusional response of some audiences who demonstrate anxiety-related paranoia consistent with pre-crime perceptions equating gun ownership without license or screening with criminal violence or murder. Again, stupid, but mental illness is a very real issue in the requirements to screen out certain Hegelian audiences from access to the AM24 networks.

To better understand this "limited audiences" rule, the term Hegelian sectarianism has been chosen to represent those parties who suffer mental health crisis when confronted with concepts in Beyond War™. Specifically, Hegelian relates to the G.W.F. Hegel work "Elements of the Philosophy of Right" (1890) which formed the basis of socialism and nazism in the 1900s, and sectarian behavior meaning religious sect or cult-like thinking excluding others in delusional thinking.

Sectarianism means "The ideological underpinnings of attitudes and behaviours labelled as sectarian are extraordinarily varied. Members of a religious, national or political group may believe that their own salvation, or the success of their particular objectives, requires aggressively seeking converts from other groups; adherents of a given faction may believe that for the achievement of their own political or religious project their internal opponents must be converted or purged."

Hegelian Sectariansim is therefore the antithesis of Beyond War™ and the conflict the central story of the work of fiction as a political work of literary and media values.


We've Heard There Are Vampires

Yes, that is a rumor spread to confuse the idiots trying to tell spoilers about Beyond War™. Like Raccoon Technologies Incorporated, which is named after Rocket in the Marvel Universe despite being founded in 2009, Beyond War™ was conceived in the early 1990s with the intent of creating a Universe which allowed science fiction of abandoned properties.

The Sanguine™ in Beyond War™ are not 'Vampires'. They are a walking genetic warfare engine capable of jumping from one solar system to another and impossible to destroy without obliterating space outside of conventional dimensions in which the majority of the body mass of the creature exists. It can change its physical form, generate mass that was not present prior, reduce mass in physical space, store information in sub-space pockets created by tremendous energy manipulation, and convey information to any organism that touches the point in relative space in which this contact point is placed - including the nerve feedback and emotions and consciousness of millions of victims all at once in the matter of a fraction of a second, making weapons carried by this species particularly devastating. The only thing that limits their speed is the resistance of matter around them, meaning that monsters that walked with the dinosaurs and breath atomic fire are just as much 'Sanguine'™ as conventional fangy human beings or cranky old ladies at the bus stop.

They never die, they never age, and they never forget anything like a giant personal Internet Archive with perfect recall. This makes them particularly sullen and cranky, so they tend to get eccentric and scare people by acting hauty and elaborate while passing time. With a touch or a drop of blood, they can read your entire biological makeup and reproduce your body cell for cell, or purge you of cancer, or create an airborn virus that will kill, castrate, or reverse your gender in your entire family line specifically in seconds. Or stick you in a closet that only exists outside of normal space and close the door to everyone except your forty-fifth granddaughter. Vampires don't have a note on the Sanguine™, and they are just one of 13 species in Beyond War™.

When we talk about the importance of (human) "Dignity" and relevant philosophy behind our work and mathematical systems, like that of the "individual estate", Raccoon Technologies Incorporated is alluding to the simulation system whereby a superior warfighter is responsible for tremendous destructive and disruptive technology such that conventional forces and numbers or other mundane pre-historic technology like that of 21st Century Earth cannot comprehend in present day. The presumption that such weapon systems even exist, or that their capabilities alter the very concepts of human life and life-expectancy, medicine, and relationships are alien to Hegelian audiences and deeply offensive to the tenants that such progressive groups hold related to libensraum (Nazi concept of limited resources and collective rights to sieze, manage, and use those in a national government and collective cause) and volksverhetzung (profiling of people or ethnic groups to define their value based on their earnings, productivity, utility, or other external exploitation) which Raccoon Technologies Incorporated and its affiliates in the Seven Alpha network wholly reject as criminal evil and ignorance.

That life exists at all in the Beyond War™ Universe is without question due to the good of individuals who possess great power. Greater even than the Sanguine, but not exclusive of them either, by which the sweet little old lady at the bus stop is still regarded as the most beautiful and essential proof of value and good in the Universe despite how small her role in the scale of it all. It is this principle which Beyond War™ is based upon, in full awareness of that technology and its potential and necessary use, by writers who grew up in the United States Air Force Strategic Air Command and Area 51 proving grounds roles, from which the fundamental American Doctrine of the American Dialectic incfluences and endures in this work of science ficition - both for entertainment and for education of future generations through interactive media and simulation warfighting on a scale never attempted before requiring the specialized technology in the Manifold Space Engine (MSE) protected by Oklahoma Trade Secret and copyright laws.

Attempts to infringe upon that or dismiss the work using the cover story provided to over-simplify the actual content in infringement are merely gross criminal activity in rebellion, insurrection, and sedition constituting treason in the United States today paired with human trafficking and fraud, for which comparing the Sanguine™ to 'vampire' stories expose the gross criminality of those sources to suppress the values and culture of the creators and writers behind Beyond War™ and to infringe or take credit for the technology owned exclusively by the Oklahoma firm through child kidnapping and extortion in 2001-2019 in concealment of racial hate crimes ongoing in the State of Texas and Oklahoma under color of law.

Copyright © 2009-2019 RACCOON TECHNOLOGIES INCORPORATED. All rights reserved.

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