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Raccoon Technologies Incorporated

Consumer Gaming Computers (CGS)

Raccoon Technologies Incorporated does offer XCORE technology to lowest-grade consumer and office solutions. These machines are, however, limited by initial power capacity and construction to second-line and on-chip technologies which are not suited to intensive 3D gaming or Virtual Reality.

CGS line products afford support and customer registration for small business and multi-unit installations who may benefit from distributed technologies in end-of-life and entry-level products not suitable to other media intensive tasking, such as folding and word-processing services across networks.

Exclusive Technology

  • Thread and Lane Service Platform
  • ESET Professional Antivirus and IDS Package
  • Modular XCORE design
  • Extended 3 year warranty
  • High Duty Singler User Design
  • Support Channel Engineering
  • Cost Conscious Design

How To Order

Consumers may purchase at SDP Multimedia Group or other authorized retailers.

Retail and wholesale buyers may purchase directly with 90 day lead time. This allows our legal department the required time for underwriting of risk in large volume orders and captial deposits to ensure warranty services are fully backed.

Any business familiar with ordering from distributors will recognize the process. U.S. businesses must provide their sales tax permit for purchase in resale.

  What is our Market Segment?


  • 48 kHz 24-bit fidelity audio for superior broadcast services
  • AMD GPU technology with PCI-Express 4.0 bus
  • XCORE modular design for 36 month lifecycle

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