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October 03 2022 - §§ zcool



Sending someone a message to DIRECT them to open a URL to a site that has a letter of extortion demanding money over $10,000 USD November 14 2021, created about 2:58 am per ICANN WHOIS database, is not "SERVICE OF PROCESS". It is a crime per 21 O.S. §21-1304 Oklahoma State Criminal Code.

This demand included a claim for civil debt "as if it were owing and due", despite the statement that such debt was enjoined a CIVIL COURT CASE filed November 2018, which prohibits any claim such debt is due or owed while such case is pending before the public, as such debt is DISPUTED, and on service of civil complaint and CIVIL ANSWER duly filed, the failure to respond with counter-claim to that CIVIL ANSWER after 30 days or hold trial in 12 months makes the answer of the defendant deemed LEGAL FACT. This includes any final judgement claims, paid in full status of the debt, fraud claims against you, remedy sought, et al.

The case is in default if 22 O.S. §22-13 is not met in the ordinary 12 months of the first day of filing of the case, and wrongly held over after 12 months from grant of motion for jury trial; regardless of the nature of the civil contest.


To inform the court and the other party of any change of legal address from 2001 to 2022, and of any change in school of the child and of any medical or psychological care of the child, any medications given to the child, and of the place to recover the child for the ORDER OF POSSESSION. Concealing that information from the other party constitutes kidnapping.


Filing such change of address with the court and serving such notice on the other party by U.S. MAIL or other physical common carrier, is required.

Writing it on some obscure website or forum is not legal notice. Nor posting it in a newspaper outside the County of Residence and City of Residence of the party, or other public forum not used generally by the other party, is not.

There is no excuse for this when the other party in the case is a REGISTERED AGENT and their legal address on file with the Oklahoma Secretary of State for service of process in that capacity from 1998-2022.


The parties sent threats to the defendant using false names and fasified accounts made for that purpose, directed to websites created using "REGISTRANT ANONYMITY SERVICES" paid for to conceal SERVICE OF PROCESS; thus hiding themselves from lawful contest in any jurisdiction on purpose to menace, threaten, and harass the defendant and his business, customers, and to intimidate the public during selection of a jury.

The abducting party removed the Child from DALLAS COUNTY into DENTON COUNTY, lied about the address of the child to conceal the child further, was found not present at the address alleged to be the child's place of concealment disclosed as the home of IVA PETERSEN of THE COLONY, TEXAS; and did file in October 2001 in DALLAS COUNTY DISTRICT COURT alleging a false address in DALLAS COUNTY undisclosed to the parent from whose home the child was taken for purpose of perpetual conecalment as a hostage and for business advantage.


At no time has the abductor or their associate disclosed as ORDERED to the Oklahoma Parent the information obligated by a child custody order, and such courts of STATE OF TEXAS refused to grant protection or enforce this without prior payment of EXCESSIVE FINES in disregard of real income, loss of income due to public fraud to use the child to damage the employment of the Oklahoma Parent expressly, and illegal taking barred by 45 CFR Federal Law and prior by 15 U.S.C. §1673 to suggest false incarceration if illegal demands were not paid unconditionally.


The Oklahoma Parent has notified the STATE TITLE IV AGENCY of their location at all times, and such failure to make report and give notice for this to the Court or other Parent has been met with REFUSAL to provide location and health and welfare information on the child or provide CROSS EXAMINATION of counter-claims to child abuse complaints filed; and systematic destruction of such complaints to appear as no modification request or contest were filed - violating 45 CFR §302.56(f) rule.


Pursuant 45 CFR 302.56(f) and 303.100(a)(3), excessive fines have been charged and refusal of modification illegally sustained in 2002-2022, while the child was concealed for 20 years without contact or communication pledged by STATE OF TEXAS a duty not performed or enforced; and such liability for $14.4 Billion USD in TITLE IV GRANT taken for this service retained, in addition to refusal of trial and denial of TEXAS FAMILY CODE §157.375 in all contact seeking recovery to threaten the Okalhoma Parent with false imprisonment for bringing CITATION OF CONTEMPT to enforce their rights and demanding relief under Criminal Law denied by a fraud of civil process after a premeditated child abduction and physical violence against their person and in a concerted pattern against witnesses to intimidate persons during the case and against appeal.

Per 45 CFR §303.100(a)(8) rule, the State bears the burden of repayment of such awards in excess of the "discharge" of the debt made per TEXAS FAMILY CODE §157.261 by operation of law on conversion of remedy to a "final judgment" and payment to execute the clause set forth in the UNILATERAL CONTRACT portion of order 01-17702-R, obligating "discharge" done to such civil debt and penalties.


Actual "CIVIL SERVICE OF PROCESS" is by making mailing of the information without demands or conditions or threats, as specified in 45 CFR §303.6.

Threats of using criminal justice to compel payment, and omission of the words required as of February 2017 and later in all correspondence to "the legal question is limited to the ability to pay" are omitted by STATE OF TEXAS in all correspondence; making those letters void as TITLE IV ACTS and 21 O.S. §21-1304 "LETTERS THREATENING" not permitted in each contact in this case, and to style the case as if eligible enforcement for more than $500 USD in any CITATION or to suggest enforcement for any amount past thirty (30) days of the first day such funds were entered as "owing and due", illegal.

These rules were created in February 2017 as mandatory, per 45 CFR §302.0 and §303.0 made MANDATORY under the AUTHORITY of the TITLE IV PROGRAM a condition to receive the State monies paid in full to STATE OF TEXAS and STATE OF OKLAHOMA.

No other Statutory Law or Custom is permitted, unless such State has filed and been awarded by the Federal Court a "Federal Exemption Ruling" for Federal Register Volume 81 Number 244. By refusing to carry this as "primary body of law", each State has entered into alleged 21 O.S. §21-1341 felony violation to sustain prior law in this case.


Reading a website or FACEBOOK profile and attempting to construe that information as a CIVIL SERVICE OF PROCESS or legally correspondence directed to you.

Where you contact such person using FACEBOOK, EMAIL, TELEPHONE WITHOUT GIVING YOUR LEGAL NAME AND WITHOUT ILLEGAL DEMANDS OR FRAUD DEMANDS OR CLAIMS, or any other means excluding U.S. Mail or a Common Mail Carrier of record; and serve on them abusive claims and demands and fraud to harm their income, right to work, career, and public reputation which ARE NOT FIRST HAND INFORMATION PREPARED TO UNDERGO A TEST AT TRIAL OF LEGAL FACT SUCH AS WITNESS OF ACTS AND FALSE CLAIMS UNDER PENALTY OF PERJURY - that is not LEGAL SERVICE OF PROCESS and is criminal stalking activity in each unwanted contact made with the person or their account or business or employer.

The party so threatened, especially where such threats are created and published in a format or by design to be digested by the general public incorporating fraud and false claims against the party, is entitled to MAKE LEGAL ANSWER IN THE SAME FORMAT AND MEDIA or other necessary notices also as is required to quash the fraud and correct any attempt to deceive the public (76 O.S. §76-3, §76-4) per Oklahoma Law 22 O.S. §22-31 rule.

This "CIVIL RIGHT OF ANSWER" is not a means to excuse the initial false claims or initial publication of false information or use of the image of a person or persons without their permission in commercial claims, to damage a business, or to defraut; and may not be construed as a "justification" to sustain the prior false claims or immunity for the initial contact to harass, menace, threaten, and cause emotional and psychological injury to the person and to their ability to earn income upon which TITLE IV CAUSE is then solely predicated and limited to 65% or less of the REAL INCOME after taxes and fines, fees, costs, and cost of living of $11,000 USD per year; so designated "disposable income" at law.

Effort to suggest that payment is due regardless of medical costs or other concerns or debts - as created in excess of $100,000 USD by VERONICA PETERSEN in theft of a child and flight to restrain the business owner before AMERICAN EXPRESS CENTURION BANK and AMERICAN EXPRESS CARD SERVICES in 2001; and theft of cellular phone equipment belonging to SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. of Oklahoma then refused return and refusal to pay for telecommunications usage over $300 USD, in concert with threat to injure a minor child on contest to such taking and $10,000 additional fraud paid to TRINITY MEDICAL CENTER of THE COLONY, TEXAS by JAMES ALLEN from Social Security Savings funds for pledge of residency of the child and siblings made by VERONICA PETERSEN to permanent location in August 2001 in PONTOTOC COUNTY, STATE OF OKLAHOMA; then defrauded in this effort - are matters of record that STATE OF TEXAS and STATE OF OKLAHOMA have knowingly refused to enter into this case as obligated by 45 CFR §302.56(f) now under Federal Criminal Complaint.

Any effort to coerce a person to change their testimony, either physical or electronic or by the 20,000 requests per hour sent to our network from DIGITAL OCEAN LLC and prior from "HETZNER.DE" and in a patter of fraud and extortion to disrupt business activity in 2017-2022 on TWITCH INTERACTIVE INC. of California and between State of Oklahoma and State of Texas; documented over that period in ongoing harassment of a business and prior pattern of 8.1 million ICMP packets generated by Donald J. Beal to disrupt AT&T Internet Services in extortion in this cause and loss of use of communication services in STATE OF NEW JERSEY and STATE OF NEW YORK by SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C., are not "CIVIL SERVICE OF PROCESS" and constitute a pattern of criminal racketeering to disrupt CIVIL SERVICE OF PROCESS.".

Theft of mail from U.S. Mail Boxes including letters from OKLAHOMA DEPARTMENT OF HUMAN SERVICES to the beneficiary in December 2021 are now documented and filed in formal police report with the U.S. Mail Inspector's Letter affirming tampering with U.S. Mail is a component of this ongoing harassment as of January 2022. Disruption of the REGISTERED AGENT mail address, in concert with such November 14 2021 action to extort $41,000 USD; is consistent with Racketeering Activity inverfering in United States Mail Service and interference with the CIVIL SERVICE OF PROCESS by the court to warrant a Federal Investigation by the DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA into failure to act int his case by STATE OF OKLAHOMA and STATE OF TEXAS and regional Federal Justice Offices over 2001-2022 child concealment for extortion of a United States Corporation by name in recent explicit written threats, 2013 prior extensive threats, and 2007-2012 extortion using FACEBOOK and MYSPACE contact to harass and menace and stalk the parent seeking enforcement of their ORDERED POSSESSION OF A CHILD.


Continued denial of Federal Register as "primary body of law" in concert with commercial threats to seek "forfeiture" of a commission of business or dispel its legal right in XXIII-1A "RIGHT TO WORK" access on unregistered union labor activity by STATE OF TEXAS, STATE OF MICHIGAN, STATE OF CALIFORNIA, and CANADA members of labor organizations for ROBERT HALF TECHNOLOGIES, TEK SYSTEMS, NTT AMERICA, and their related employees and officers of FAIRWAY INDEPENDENT MORTGAGE engaged in this fraud activity, suggest gross mental health defect or criminal racketeering of a Federal Degree in the taking for concealment, concealment, abuse, deceit, and injury to a child to coerce another pre-existing business to surrender its commission and property, real estate, and inheritance rights through public fraud reliant in 2002-2004, 2011, 2013, and 2021-2024 abuse of the ICANN REGISTRY and GOOGLE SEARCH ENGINE to extort, blackmail, and kidnap a child from NATIVE AMERICAN TERRITORY in a pattern of abuse and upon racially motivated and gender discrimination remarks of conspicious racial and mental health slurs incorporated purposefully to damage competition and INTERFERE IN INTERSTATE COMMERCE.

To persist in such activity it is evident that Veronica Marie Petersen, Donald Beal, Brian Young, and Alicia Scarbrough are deficient in empathy to a clinical degree with high functioning behavior and claims consistent with sociopath personality disorder and language use which is incorporated with clinical narcissistic abuse which one or more of the parties appears to adhere to as if based in reality despite clear delusion and disregard for the health, welfare, and safety of a child and other persons; and in concert with perjury before the court to falsify claims of alternative restoration or negitiation under color of law and in joint act to kidnap, conceal, and to deceive the child while holding them against the ORDER OF POSSESSION made in pledge to the biological father for consideration of money or payment and in effort to impose subbordination upon the person in peonage not a lawful component of any civil procedure - themed a 4th and 14th AMENDMENT violation as cited in abuse by State Agencies and false powers not granted to the Civil State and Federal Courts cited by Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg in 586 U.S. ____ (2019) case no 17-1091 pronouncement of judgment for the Unanimous Supreme Court of the United States, declaring then this activity UNCONSTITUTIONAL and void in the making.

Persons acting contrary law are themed competent if they correct their behavior in a timely and immediate fashion.

Persons presented with the primary body of law and AUTHORITY OF THE UNITED STATES in written order, and persist, are engaged in sedition and other criminal activity which only a mental illness defense may excuse in limited and formal making; and where such defense has not been rendered the victim may presume lawfully that such acts are crimes of a premendiated nature and false testimony and false records so created deliberately to constitute a violation of 23 O.S. §23-9.1 in the third degree, affording "unlimited damages" per the Oklahoma Supreme Court, as evidence of mens rea.

The victim of such ongoing abuse may cite the behavior, nature, and degree of claims per Federal Civil Procedure Rule 9, to support a legal assumption of non compos mentis in the parties as presumption to take precaution and limit contact without public record and witness to such correspondence; citing threat of bodily harm and severe mutilation employed to coerce their cooperation, fraud to seek false incarceration, and threats of such false incarceration to project such mental health defect upon the victim in a premeditated criminal scheme by Donald J. Beal, Veronica M. Petersen, Brian Young, Alicia Scarbrough, and sustained and supported by all of their known commercial associates and as a component of unregistered businesses, aliases, and "myluv187" account used to promote their fraud itself a threat of "California Code of Murder" (187) in gang activity of an Interstate Nature, which obligates Federal Interdiction and removal of this case from State Courts unable to carry the FEDERAL PUBLIC POLICY due to complicity or negligence; and failure to enter default to the record on numerous trials in sustained alleged crimina 18 U.S.C. §1341 violation which the regional FEDERAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION has declined to apply against the States abuse even after Federal Register Volume 81 Number 244 (Dec 16 2016) made such conduct wholly illegal; and to falsely style such ongoing activity as civil in nature to conserve Federal Agent resources contrary a fixed financial interest of earnings of the UNITED STATES, which is wholly unlawful and central to the stated plan of action by the abductors and State agents acting to kidnap the child - placing in such contest "$0" book value on the child and parental rights injured to obtain such extortion payments in fraud.

No competent court would agree, and 23 O.S. 23-9.1 "unlimited jury damages" are designed to penalize States whose revenue of $170 billion USD (STATE OF TEXAS) and grants of $1.5 billion (OKLAHOMA) per year in each case; make ordinary penalties and fines meaningless to deter State employee fraud of this level and degree.

Fines must be proportionate to the 65-100% taking executed over 2001-2021, and false civil suit in violation of 45 CFR §303.6 limit of $500 maximum fine sought by CITATION for enforcement.

Refunds of amounts not permitted trial to determine, as obligated a UIFSA case duly filed and indictment made; prohibit this case from escape of refund of 100% of such civil order fine and additional $8 million loss of income sought without contest in 2018 case FR-18-04; and immunity sought against repeated abuse to prohibit this conduct in the region against persons born in INDIAN TERRITORY who were prior already subjected to a child removal without legal cause and concealment to destroy all parental rights in prior 1975-2021 July fraud.

That kidnapping of Native persons and abuse based on "ethnic racial characteristics" is being sustained in this way for failure to change State Law expressly contracted a duty in FEDERAL REGISTER VOLUME 81 NUMBER 244 for fees exceeding $2.2 billion USD per year from 2017-2022, is evidence of a larger 18 U.S.C. §666 embezzlement refused lawful examination by the FEDERAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION for 20 years; and complete collapse of the securities system of the UNITED STATES falsely predicated on the cestui qui trust system themed the SOCIAL SECURITY ADMINISTRATION and legal persons made for assignment of benefits in the SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER registry.

Such system (SSN) is the sole property of the CONGRESS OF THE UNITED STATES per Flemming v Nestor (1960), and a book asset subject liability and surrender in civil counter-suit and for portion subject legal operation of a motion for "ALLOD" duly made by JAMES ARNOLD ALLEN in 2018 case FR-18-04 to remove those legal persons from FEDERAL JURISDICTION citing the failure of State Jurisdiction to carry State Law and Federal Law set forth in FEDERAL REGISTER VOLUME 81 NUMBER 244, a FEDERAL CONTRACT entered into on behalf of the People and living persons of the Americas, for whom such individuals are the cestui qui (beneficiaries), not property or collateral for other debts of the UNITED STATES, nor their labor or franchise or children property for such debts contrary evidence and positions of case 01-17702-R and FR-18-04 falsely themed UNITED STATES LAW by STATE OF TEXAS and STATE OF OKALHOMA contrary contract of December 2016 "FEDERAL REGISTER VOLUME 81 NUMBER 244".

The ongoing belief in "debt bondage" and "asset forfeiture" for civil fines is prohibited by the Public Policy of the United States per case 17-1091 "Timbs v Indiana" and not a power of the State or Federal Civil Court per direct instruction of the 9-0 ruling; and persons sustaining such claims are either in seditious rebellion or mentally incompetent to hold public office of the public trust; or both.


Pursuant FEDERAL REGISTER, the primary body of law of the United States and sole authority in such case or disptue, Volume 81 Number 244 (Dec 2016) effective over State Statutory Law to make void any contest or claim contrary in-consideration fully paid of $7.5 billion USD in Federal Funds or more;

The sole duty to show proof beyond the written notice of legal cause is upon the State of Oklahoma TITLE IV AGENT.

45 CFR §302.56(f) oblgiates the STATE OF TEXAS TITLE IV AGENCY and STATE OF OKALHOMA TITLE IV AGENCY to place such complaint in the file and to give anser to such complaint as if served on them by a licensed attorney when produced by the obligator and in all details a duty to answer the same as if dealing with any licensed attorney. (Fed Reg Vol 81 No 244)

Any effort to suggest further burden of proof remains upon the obligator is contrary "Affirmati Non Neganti Incumbit Probatio" - meaning that the burden of proof is upon the TITLE IV AGENCY as the party asserting a right to collection, not upon the obligator who denies the claim in 45 CFR §302.56(f), and this is expressly clarified in Federal Register Volume 81 Number 244 as the Public Policy of the United STates and mandatory duty to execute as written and stated by the State in their performance of duty per 45 CFR §302.0 and §303.0 to receive Federal Funds in this cause and grant whatsoever in any amount.

The opt-out process is clear; and discovery obligates that the TITLE IV AGENCY produce such "Federal Exemption Ruling" to the Obligator in 30 days of contest or abandon the claim not evident sole rule of Federal Register Volume 81 Number 244.

Where obstruction of this duty of CIVIL PROCEDURE set forth in writing is made to extend or make permanent the loss of POSSESSION RIGHTS to a child, and to deny communication where medical report suggest the child is demanding to speak to the parent denied access without legal cause and contrary a court ORDER or Inherent Rights of the parent (76 O.S. §76-8), the malicious abuse of public office affords class three violation awards of 23 O.S. §23-9.1 and 21 O.S. §21-748.2 civil counter-suit with unlimited damages for "debt bondage" and "forced labor" to satisfy such demands conditional suspension of ordinary and lawful obligated rights pledged to a person a crime of kidnapping not afforded civil court powers to impose or suspend on no conviction of a crime (21 O.S. § 21-891, never indicted or charge brough against the parent); and component to a Federal fraud (18 U.S.C. §1341).

Federal Kidnapping Charges should apply, and exemption to protect any party in such premeditated action are evidence of serious mental illness paired with abuse of public office to construct a large-scale fraud sustained by criminal acts set forth in 43A O.S. 43A-5-104 State of Oklahoma Statutory Law.

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