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Raccoon Technologies Incorporated

Raccoon Technologies Incorporated was formed in 2009 to manage the logistics and manufacturing of a pre-existing 1991 established Oklahoma firm dealing in photorealistic visualization for television, film, and broadcast media software products.

Initially, Raccoon Technologies Incorporated carried Cisco Systems equipment but has as of 2018 ceased to install units in favor of protection technology offered by the IP7A platform against collective threats and intrusion heuristic protection software products recommended by the firm for all end-points.

Service operations and application software development groups were separated from the company in 2012 to focus all work on the manufacturing and hardware aspects of infrastructure data management duties associated with a private network platform, and to further separate the intellectual property of creative licensing from the security and network monitoring technology under development by Raccoon Technologies Incorporated.

The Name

The name was inspired by the Marvel comic book, Rocket Raccoon, in a limited 4 issue set in the 1980s, prior to the re-launch of the character in the 21st Century. It is not related to the Raccoon City or other images in the later resident evil franchise, despite similar use of the common name. The character and tenacity of the original "Rocket" character was a memory that the company founder wished to focus his team on in their development.


The firm is led by a former Senior Software Engineer and Telecommunications Administrator with prior enterprise operations experience over national customer service operations for AT&T, Best Buy, Toshiba, BankONE, and other well-known companies.


Raccoon Technologies Incorporated now operates the network implementation, management, and middleware software layer support for secure remote networks in Oklahoma, Georgia, Virginia, New Jersey, Arizona, and overseas offices. Competitors in State of Texas, State of Michigan, State of Minnesota, State of California, and State of New York are banned from access or use of these private secure customer-facing networks, due to a pattern of intimidation and felony taking activity prohibited at law in unfair business practices from 2001-2023.


The firm manufactures and distributes "Heavy Machine™" Network Control Workstations, which serve as secure hubs for very large networks with private regional security and identity products. The firm discontinued entertainment equipment sales after harassment to extort $70,000 in 2021-2023 ongoing threats violting FEDERAL REGISTER and REQUIRED STATE LAW notices of the 5 U.S. Code §101 limited exclusive and delegated authority of a UNITED STATES AGENY in fraud styled 21 O.S. §21-1533 legal sham in connection with abuse of a child, submitted formally by the firm for a Federal Criminal Complaint in concert with violation of the Hobbs Act to attempt to extort and blackmail the firm in November 2021 using concealment and injury to a child in incorporation of malicious prosecution in 2011 and 2021 repeated extortion attempts.

Competitor Interference

The use of children to try to extort our company and radical socialist claims in threats by regional promoters seeking to take over media events for sexual exploitation of minors is a major driving force in our pro bono and commercial security and professional ethics services.

Regional law enforcement cannot distinguish between civil and criminal acts, so described in 21 O.S. §21-1304 and §21-1533, leading to termination of new job development and factory construction in Pontotoc County, State of Oklahoma, as of December 25th 2021.

Efforts to coerce our firm in violation of Oklahoma Constitution Article II-36A and XXIII-1A have led the firm to regard Texas and Oklahoma as states unable to execute Federal Law or uphold State laws without graft unacceptable to our investors and labor standards, prompting reconsideration of the United States as a stable business due corruption in the political party system and effort to conceal large scale graft as civil matters denied all DUE PROCESS and in violation of CIVIL PROCEDURE, a fraud alleged 18 U.S.C. §2071 violation on 2012 and 2021 investigation of criminal conduct by DALLAS COUNTY, DENTON COUNTY, and PONTOTOC COUNTY contrary Federal Law and to embezzle from Federal benefits per 18 U.S.C. §666 so filed in complaint to the U.S. Attorney General in July 2021. Title 22 Chapter 78 United States Code obligates an investigation, which the State has failed to perform in refusal to comply with 2017 February Statutory Mandate issued in Fed Reg Vol 81 No 244, regulations concerning taking of children without legal cause for concealment to influence pre-existing registered businesses across Federal and State borders, a Hobbs Act Violation.

Client Privacy

After our client was physically assaulted in 2015 for reporting welfare fraud, Grady County raided the client's home and published photos of his RTI equipment as "alleged" stolen computer property - injuring the client for over $300,000/yr in medical costs with loss of use of his hands and spinal injury. Harassment has continued over 2016-2023, including repeated audits and false Federal reports, seeking to damage testimony in this case to disrupt ordinary medical insurance owing and due to him for physical injuries and diabetic type II condition, in an effort to thwart testimony in a second malicious prosecution in 2018-2023 refused 22 O.S. §22-13 witness participation and without setting necessary and vital "event" docket for HEARING carried to commit TITLE IV FRAUD, a practice to escape witness appearance in violation of State Statutory Law and 18 U.S.C. §3161 "Fast and Speedy Trial", a component of fraud (18 U.S.C. §1341) evident to cursory examination of the misconduct and Federal Law that applies in a real trial.

Firm Security and Privacy Policy

The firm is therefore in a legal defensive position, and has filed Federal criminal complaint against the State officers engaged in this activity, citing contribution to the death of persons who provided office space and services in a sustained pattern of retaliation leading to injury and substantial loss of hearing for one of our staff due interference in customer and income rights now barred at law by Federal Rule, an abuse of Federal grants and office. Harassment has become consistent with false police reports in a pattern of corruption first cited by accounts about this community in prior improper police work in the book "The Innocent Man" (John Grisham), and contributed to efforts to drive members of the community out of the City of Ada in concert with physical violence including destruction of U.S. Mail receptacles (5 instances), dead animals (2 instances) left on the doorway, and breaking of windows in concert with shooting into the building (2020) and serious injury to animals at the facility during contact by the community (2020 August).

In the year 2022-2023, 5 of the director's cats were killed over the course of a year, and the pathogen introduced into the property of an elderly (87 year old) investors resulted in hospitalization and over $9000 in medical costs. Additonal costs for the family of $17,000 in care for their dying animals, injured by this abuse and a physical blow to the head with shaking destroying the middle ear of one animal - rendering it unable to walk, consistently demonstrate the level of crueltly employed in these ongoing threats by Enid Oklahoma, Dallas Texas, Casper Wyoming, Cheyenne Wyoming, Ann Arbor Michigan, Denver Colorado, and Bentonville Arkansas members of the group who took the grandchild of Dr. Ann Klepper from a vehcile during Interstate transport in August 2001. One cat had its head twisted 160 degrees and was placed on the back porch of the Klepper home, posed, during these ongoing threats from IX NETWORKS LLC and their Director and COGENT COMMUNCATIONS INC. subcontracor ROBERT HALF TECHNOLOGIES and TEK SYSTEMS former employees. Member of NIPPON TELEGRAPH AND TELEPHONE in California and Michigan who hosted this content and demands are named in pending complaint before the Oklahoma Supreme Court, citing the registration of these products in their legal name and unregistered labor activity.

The firm has therefore adopted Federal Security Standards and access control, video and telephone surveillance, and multi-person contact due to fraud themed an ongoing pattern of abuse similar to prior crime against Edge Technologies preceding their withdrawal from Pontotoc County after a $2 million theft refused investigation.

Other Firms Experience

Other companies who have left the region include Sykes Enterprises, Wrangler Jeans Factor, Remington Arms, on similar concerns for retaliation and theft of property. Blacklisting of Sykes officers at IRT and iQor further sustains complaint of regional labor racketeering which negate ordinary business in the region, to preclude fair business practices. After 36 months without trial on motion, the firm sees no reason to invest further in factor or commercial space in Pontotoc County at this time, under those conditions and refusal to prosecute family members of former employees of local City law enforcement for threats and false claims in a pattern of criminal abuse to extort.

Competitor Vendor Interdiction of Trade

Prior, the company worked with Internet and network services in State of Texas and State of New Jersey, preceding organized high volume denial-of-service attacks in concert with concealment of a child ORDERED TO THE POSSESSION OF EMPLOYEES, and so concealed and the withholding confused conditional demands for money and property themed forfeiture of land and real estate title, a fraud in Pontotoc County not subject such claims. Lands created by development of former Valley View Regional Hospital Director Orval Price are central to the extortion in Pontotoc County, and sole reason for remaining in the region despite this ongoing effort to defraud physical property from extended family in context to a civil award prohibited action in Federal Law and United States Public Policy since 1991 per Federal Register Volume 81 No 244 and related 45 CFR rule.

The firm is therefore experienced with Kidnapping and Ransom (K&R) activity by regional government and law enforcement, and unlawful abuse of public office to extort bribery prohibited in 18 USC 1951 and 1961 Federal Code, a factor in loss of competitive value in regional and State economic interest in the industry caused by such fraud in common custom and sustained application of State Statutory Law contracted to be made void in 2017 February for $1.5 billion USD per year in Federal grants fully-paid to STATE OF OKLAHOMA.

The Firm as Relator

The firm is seeking a District of Columbia Federal Special Investigation of State of Oklahoma and State of Texas for this fraud, and themed violation of statutory law similar to the offense in "Kelley v Kelley" (2007) and "Malone v Malone" (1970), a pattern of denial of cross examination in false due process evident in the 2001 ruling of "wholly in default" against petitioner Veronica M. Petersen in DALLAS COUNTY DISTRICT COURT, STATE OF TEXAS, refused registration in Federal Programs to sustain a $108,000 fraud with injury sustained in 2021 through ongoing false claims barred by 15 U.S.C. §1692d and §1692g; duties of the State in 15 U.S.C. §1692n disclaimed by Texas and Oklahoma on address, a civil default for failure to hold trial or hearing and refusal of 45 CFR §302.56(f) in recorded testimony and public policy of both State Attorney General's answer to contest duly file without "Federal Exemption Ruling" and to refuse such information to the public, a barratry and fraud simple (5 U.S.C. §706) due full restitution.

We regret that the State has chosen this action, in clear violation of law, and cite the foreign unregistered influence of a competitor in joint effort to purchase NVIDA CORPORATION and sales of $423 million to $1 billion USD in 2018-2023 in concert with this fraud; a breach of duty suggesting abandonment of the Berne Convention and United States Patent and Trademark Office as a competent registry under such conditions to void claims by any State cited in the concealment, abuse, or employer of any party in franchise and activity to extort since 2001.

Trademark, copyright, and patent claims made against the firm are therefore rejected on the grounds of illegal coercion by a State not authorized by law and illicit interference in the Article II section II-6 rights of the firm and its employees to civil honors contrary 21 O.S. §21-3 and §21-8, to afford complete immunity in such claims of a civil or sovereign right separate from the United States and other signatories of the Berne Convention, as child taking for concealment to interfere in the Patent and Trademark Process is a false hold on a legal person and false lien not permitted in Federal Law or DUE PROCESS; and a gross abuse of the public office to contest trade secrets and technology created by the firm that is sought by foreign franchise for foreign sovereign powers and with dual use in avionics, electronic warfare, guidance, control surface automation for vehicular and weapon navigation, ballistic trajectory fire control and intercept, and other vital technologies to the national defense, under development by Raccoon Technologies Incorporated and so protected from export or sale or forfeiture sought in written criminal plan on concealment of a child, so made a controlled export per The Wassennar Arrangement, an International Law compact.

Right to Work (Oklahoma Constitutional Right)

Any effort to represent claims to suggest cause for such taking, sale, export, transfer, reverse-engineering, or XXIII-1A "RIGHT TO WORK" conditioned other action, would violate 18 U.S.C. §241 and appear related racially motivated hate crimes and fraudulent gender applications against ethnic minorities employed by Raccoon Technologies Incorporated in a pattern of written threats over 300 pages long in 2009-2023, so themed 18 U.S.C. §242 violations based on race; for which there can be no lawful defense to these actions, delays, 18 U.S.C. §2071 false reports discovered in 2011 and 2019 and 2021, for which Federal and International attention should be paid to the ongoing issues in leadership and Justice in State of Texas and State of Oklahoma supporting a sale of the court and activity contrary the interests of the United States and for embezzlement of benefits from the United States Treasury themed 18 U.S.C. §666 and §1589 wrongdoing, formally filed legal complaint.

The firm retains the right to conceal its clients, business activity, and financial plans and organization under such circumstances, citing direct assault at gunpoint with injury, attempted murder, kidnapping, child concealment, and refusal to register such events by State employees with Federal agencies in interest of extortion of funds and sale of the right to work under color of law; and by regional Federal Justice employees likewise seeking a financial compensation for enforcement of laws against the State, in collusion against the Laws of the United States and settled questions at law by 586 U.S. ____ (2019) case no 17-1091 instruction of Justice Ginsberg and 588 U.S. ____ (2019) case no 17-647 rule obligating Federal trial on complaint with no defense afforded State Sovereign immunity.

Foreign Sovereign Monopolies Abuse

Efforts to style RACCOON TECHNOLOGIES INCORPORATED by large foreign corporations and their U.S. subsidiary employees and contractors, represent a criminal activity in fraud prohibited by U.S. Law and effort to overthrow the commission of authority by the State of Oklahoma in favor of State of Michigan, State of Texas, and State of California "foothold" entities representing "Chinese Communist Party" franchising in 50% and 10% equity ownership of key competitors (EPIC MEGAGAMES/RIOT GAMES and PARADOX INTERACTIVE AB) and Nation of Japan monopoly in 23% ownership by "Government of Japan" in their NTT GROUP and U.S. domestic subsidiary "NTT AMERICA", competitors of RACCOON TECHNOLOGIES INCORPORATED. These firms, known by COGENT COMMUNICATIONS and a vendor of NPR radio stations aiding in the prior fraud in Texas and Oklahoma, appear to be working with $7 billion partnership with SOFTBANK GROUP CORP to seek and acquire NVIDIA CORPORATION and by proxy trade and then retain control over in the resulting deal the majority equity ownership of ARM HOLDING CO LTD, maker of Apple central processor products.

Metro Class Network Services and Hardware

Very simply, Raccoon Technologies Incorporated builds network systems and control software for very powerful (high speed, metro-class) voice, data, and secure switched packet networks and interfaces; including hardware for routing and analyzing data, as well as computer systems to manage and create content for those advanced business-class networks and content producers.

Efforts to mis-characterize this or seek or make claims based on demand for client information or publication are criminal activity, and under Federal Criminal Complaint at this time in a violent child taking and 2001-2023 concealment contrary prior possession and abduction during Interstate travel and on Interstate 75 northbound, a form of Interstate Commerce interdiction planned to escape trial per court records and fraud suggesting broad $44 billion qui tam embezzlement a custom of State of Texas and State of Oklahoma which followed over 20 years of concealment without DUE PROCESS and in EXCESSIVE FINES, to suggest forfeiture of real estate and land titles, a fraud to disable existing domestic businesses in favor of foreign and unregistered foreign sovereign agency in the Midwest similar to New York, Florida, and State of California capital franchise "beachhead" activity of People's Republic of China in partnership with Nation of Japan and socialist elements of "Government of Japan".

Evidence of Foreign National Political Tactics

Evidence of this fraud is clear in recent economic compacts and a movement to re-arm Japan by using aggression staged by People's Republic of China to end previous 1945-2023 limits on Japanese military and naval forces; and in acquisition of Texas media and distribution systems by large ($1 billion transaction) acquisitions in children's media and entertainment paired with similar restrictions on counter-investment in Nation of China to limit equal markets and regulate (censor) values and representation of convictions contrary radical Hegelian Dialectic Socialist extremism (1820, G.W.F. Hegel - Elements of the Philosophy of Right) as if a legitimate medical practice and to disqualify American common law and Constitutional Law through this fraud, a philosophy shared by Marx, Hitler, Mao, and other radical historical leaders.

Abuse used similar Prisoner of War Coercion

Opposition to this radicalization and abuse of clinical psychology, based on SERE training and experience in U.S. Military intelligence and signal corp, is the primary reason RTI has been misrepresented by radical elements seeking to capitalize on the foreign investment and to comply with foreign demands for complicity with the Chinese Communist Party and Militant National Movement of Japan, who appear to be willing to support secession in State of Texas via the Texas Nationalist Movement and other radical groups based on their investment in Michigan, Texas, Florida, and California - supporting State secession and immunity to drive radical and divisive policies themed at economic impairment of the United States and public media incitement of disenfranchisement of suffrage and right to civil honors and protection against populist organization and targeting of individuals for dissent with these foreign claims repugnant to the Constitution of the United States.

Purpose of Products

RTI networks and computer solutions are built to give voice to individuals, and are a threat to censorship by economic and physical lynching and suppression of network use by persons who criticize the CCP. Efforts to damage the firm in dilution of this right to work and voice are a wholesale attack on the fundamental rights of Citizens and expose the willingness of such domestic uneducated radicalized persons in the public trust willing to act for a foreign sovereign to carry out domestic terrorism and stalking of domestic enemies of such foreign legal claims.

We build computers and networks that afford privacy, security for elect groups, and strong member identity and management of security by authorities, whereby traditional tactics of mob violence and socialist "gaslighting" are absolutely not afforded tolerance.

For these reasons, efforts to disrupt, disable, and impersonate our service to harm the public and our staff and investors has been ongoing since 2001 August; a fraud that began as soon as we were discovered in 2010 October, and sustained from 2010-2023 in explicit written threats by radical socialist members of an unregistered group of persons identified by their participation in this fraud by their NTT registered domain LOSTSERVER, employed in the threats from 2002-2023.

Committed to Oklahoma

Our effort to remain active in Oklahoma despite false trial in 2017-2023 barred by Federal Law, and aggravated by 2021 November explicit threats linked to 2013 threat to murder, affirms our right to rely on strong security and verify persons prior contact in a formal manner, including validation of parties for potential legal relief and documentation of all communications in concert with ongoing concealment of a child and information to extort contrary express orders of the United States and Federal Law made State Law in a fully-paid contract disclaimed by 2 or more State Governors. These are not "optional" laws, or "mandates" without agreement - and are paid-in-full contracts with opt-out terms not exercised, constituting 18 U.S.C. §666 alleged offense on prima facie.

Failure to Enforce A Defect of Office

The failure of the 116th Congress to act on this suggests a more serious taking than solely by representation of the regional member States; to a serious breach of the fiduciary responsibility of the UNITED STATES against its charger and public commission, an office of the public trust that is in consideration of certain duties not performed and failure of the court and Justice Department to operate in 2001-2023 in pattern defect evident on examination of the contract, complaint, record, and civil procedure refused correction over extreme written and clear taking of U.S. Citizens for hostage and in cause of the interests of a foreign sovereign paying U.S. organizations for the privilege of unlawful influence and franchise and advantage over domestic in-legal-use companies, a collapse of the State system of government made in the Federal Union.

A Civil process (tort) cannot suspend a Constitutional (State or Federal) right, per 18 U.S.C. §241 and Oklahoma Constitution Article XXIII section XXIII-8 and XXIII-9; and in use to disbar persons from the right to work unless a debt is paid, or falsely style them unfit if a bribe is not paid (43A O.S. §43A-5-104), the most serious offense is done by those officers engaged in the refusal to speak to or afford witness testimony to confirm a crime in favor of a false Federal filing for grant monies and to service a foreign sovereign fraud.

A Federal claim that it cannot interfere in the State or private civil matter or case, where a criminal law is being violated, for favor of the civil tort - is a confession of the abdication of the duty of the Criminal Justice Department and a fraud; created by incorrect reading in a foreign theory of law such rule to dismiss the rights of a person in favor of a written waiver or past practice under coercion, to suggest a lack of obligation to act unless the United States has a financial interest and is harmed by the activity - and such claim before our office also witnessed to affirm that the Justice Department has no will to carry the duty of the public office and criminal justice without "sale of that office and the court", a crime themed a felony (18 U.S.C. §241) in context to Oklahoma Constitution Article II section II-6 and II-36A and II-37; breach of the minimum obligations of the Federal Union to any commission or Peace prior themed having been made and cession of hostilities and awards there so conditioned upon that pledge or rights implied and not delivered; abdication of the sovereign role and "allod" to all who were pledged in-consideration of its promise to protect and make correct record and book write down of debt; evident in the examination of this case and industry a clear and present danger to the American People and the United States.

Where the United States has failed to act or enforce, as is evident in 47 U.S.C. §230 subsection (c); and incompetent in its reading of the law evident in the tolerance of "fact checkers" (protected opinion, per court documents) to damage the suffrage and commercial standing of persons systematically; it cannot be regarded as a reliable or competent sovereign, nor in compliance with the principles of "The Enabling of Statehood Act of 1906", a law obligated the commission of the State of Oklahoma against such claims expressly set in the Declaration of Independence as law, upon which such State is duly deemed made solely reliant on that pledge of protection a legal fact; companies like Raccoon Technologies Incorporated and their tool set are an emergency measure to assert structure, privacy, authority, and control of private encrypted networks for lawful purpose and use - essential infrastructure against a criminal occupancy of State and Federal office of the public trust and abuse of public powers or their neglect to carry a fraud and false claims.

Federal Facility Security Practices

Enterprise organizations, familiar with internal fraud and safeguards, will recognize the technology in network services and practices we bring are familiar and well made.

Corrupt organizations may not even recognize what they are or admit their purpose.

The refusal to admit standing to a victim of public wrongdoing or violence, or to refuse to take an accurate report, is the most heinous and criminal misprision of a felony or treason that any officer or state may perform. That is why our documentation and security tools, computer software and hardware stack systems, and strong identity management products create an ironclad chain of custody from intake to exit - and identify process deficiencies and bad actors with aggression born of survivors of the Holocaust and child kidnapping fraud.

The actions we describe and have documented over 2001-2023 are literally destroying the public confidence in the government of the many States and United States; and are a product of design and graft which is evident on examination of the record as a competent fiduciary or comptroller would have done on first report; as is required in 22 U.S.C. Chapter 78.

Customer Choices

Trust us. Or trust the enemy of your children. The choice is simple.

The company is a networking firm dedicated to the elimination of human trafficking, including debt bondage and forced labor as well as sex trafficking abuse - a separate and equal crime. For more information, see 21 O.S. §21-748 and 23 O.S. §23-9.1 remedies cited in counter-suit in 2018-2023 counter-suit in Pontotoc County.

Efforts to interfere with our network product development and service implementation of designs and franchise rights of other companies mirror the attacks upon NORTEL NETWORKS by NTT CONTRACTORS in 2000-2001 preceding the disruption of "SPRINT TELECOMMUNICATIONS" and purchase by DEUTSCHE TELEKOM / SOFTBANK - creating part of T-Mobile networks - after break-in and theft of contracts related to NORTEL work for People's Republic of China. This strategy appears to be repeated in attacks on our networks and effort to buy NVIDIA by SOFTBANK GROUP CORP in 2018; a fraud. (this deal has been rejected by the United Kingdom, after Federal Trade Commission report in 47 pages filed by our office on the prior and in findings related to those abuses of our firm)

Competitor abuse appears to be retaliation because our network products deny child traffickers access to children and punish across all platforms any violation of conduct suggesting abuse of persons or children; making bans effective and promoting a more mature and professional environment than present competitor platforms which exploit child labor and underage audiences, using sexually themed content, redirection with plausible deniability, and allow gambling sponsorship themed on sex worker values in Texas and California adjoining Chinese age of consent standards (13+). RTI opposes these standards, and promotes a 24+ age for membership for most events not rated for children explicitly.

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