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Raccoon Technologies Incorporated

Raccoon Technologies Incorporated was formed in 2009 to manage the logistics and manufacturing of a pre-existing 1991 established Oklahoma firm dealing in photorealistic visualization for television, film, and broadcast media software products.

Initially, Raccoon Technologies Incorporated carried Cisco Systems equipment but has as of 2018 ceased to install units in favor of protection technology offered by the IP7A platform against collective threats and intrusion heuristic protection software products recommended by the firm for all end-points.

Service operations and application software development groups were separated from the company in 2012 to focus all work on the manufacturing and hardware aspects of infrastructure data management duties associated with a private network platform, and to further separate the intellectual property of creative licensing from the security and network monitoring technology under development by Raccoon Technologies Incorporated.

The name was inspired by the Marvel comic book, Rocket Raccoon, in a limited 4 issue set in the 1980s, prior to the re-launch of the character in the 21st Century. It is not related to the Raccoon City or other images in the later resident evil franchise, despite similar use of the common name. The character and tenacity of the original "Rocket" character was a memory that the company founder wished to focus his team on in their development.

The firm is led by a former Senior Software Engineer and Telecommunications Administrator with prior enterprise operations experience over national customer service operations for AT&T, Best Buy, Toshiba, BankONE, and other well-known companies.

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