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June 29 2022 - §§ grandhotel

Editoritals - July 2020

Beyond War Technology And Lore

Fraud Alert 2020 July


Investors begin to Consider Late Comer Models of SEVEN ALPHA by citing Snow Crash and attempt to take credit fraudulently via Fortnite, an Epic MegaGames (50% TENCENT HOLDINGS INC) firm, in gross duplication evident in prior PETERSEN v ALLEN threats spanning 2013-2020. This form of infringement by CHINESE BASED "TENCENT HOLDINGS" is further evidence of revisionist intellectual property theft as an enterprise of the People's Republic of China via proxy firms like Epic MegaGames, who present an Wester Face for overt intangible property and pantent grabs that consolidate in "TENCENT TECHNOLOGIES (SHENZEN) CO LTD", a subsidiary of TENCENT HOLDINGS in Shenzen District, China.

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