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Raccoon Technologies Incorporated

General Home (Ethernet) Networking - WE DO NOT DO THAT

Contrary false claims of a COMMERCIAL AND CRIMINAL NATURE TO DEFRAUD (18 U.S. Code section 1341), RACCOON TECHNOLOGIES INCORPORATED makes no claims of being an installer of computer wiring for small 3rd party businesses or other Ethernet or optical or long-haul cable inter-metro transport services not owned by the company. These claims are criminal acts to defraud the United States and deceive the public, to impersonate our actual business activity. Such claims are wholly criminal acts having no basis in law, made to deceive.

Nor are such claims a requirement for our STANDARD INDUSTRY CODE in domestic and network application facility hosting and development, access, and services a separate class whereby such firms engaged in the prior may suggest falsely a non-competitor status in defamation or abuse of our company, its labor or contractors, or family members of those persons or shareholders or lenders to gain advantage. Our work as a host for 3rd party systems and networking, private data centers, and selective clients do not require we accept requests from the general public who do not meet our requirements for competence, registration, and security.

The firm has been a CISCO CHANNEL PARTNER - a reseller of Cisco Equipment - and is entitled to such business at any time per Oklahoma Constitution Article XXIII-1A.

Efforts to suggest we must prove capital assets to engage in or bid on such projects, is fraud by TEK SYSTEMS, ROBERT HALF TECHNOLOGIES (One Specific Contractor), BRIAN WOLFE d/b/a TERRABOX, and other parties mentioned in the 2011 September commercial letter of extortion posted to attorney Mary Rounds in LEGAL ANSWER to 21 O.S. §21-1533 felony identity theft and false claims on concealment of a child to extort our company for NTT-VERIO and COGENT COMMUNICATIONS client PLANO COMMUNITY RADIO (aka VIRTBIZ.COM); which was hosting and other LOSTSERVER unregistered NTT labor organization defamation sites concealing the taking, abuse, and concealment of a child to overcome this and other business ventures of the parent of that child after abduction during INTERSTATE COMMERCE and to hijack an INTERSTATE COMMERCE SHIPMENT OF GOODS prior pledged and fully paid in $10,000+ security to delivery into PONTOTOC COUNTY, STATE OF OKLAHOMA jurisdiction from DALLAS COUNTY, STATE OF TEXAS in 2001 August.

Why did we stop?

We were founded by a NORTEL NETWORK vital employee, who saw TEK SYSTEMS employees defraud NORTEL in 2001 prior abduction to conceal his child in extortion activity sustained from 2001-2022 on fraud with commercial aspects.

The employee NEVER worked for TEK SYSTEMS, and such claims are part of a complex and sustained fraud by United States contractors working for NTT GROUP and NTT-VERIO, known today as COGENT COMMUNICATIONS.

Sexual Harassment by Competitor

Prior to that contract, the company did operate private networks and sites in concert with the Great Chickasaw Nation and SMOKE SIGNALS COMPUTER COMPANY, and have experience with the birth of TCP protocol at Apple licensed resellers. Fraud to allege that the prior contractor had a sex change by personnel at the Richardson, Texas job site of NORTEL appeared to be gross sexual defamation to conceal false claims and sabotage of Nortel Networks by employees in Richardson Texas. After the company laid off those employees, they began to claim that JAMES ALLEN was also Transgender to retain and abuse his child, taken in 2001 August from his home during travel on Interstate 75 to Pontotoc County, State of Oklahoma, in a prior agreed $10,000+ paid family relocation fully financed by SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. of Ada, Oklahoma. The abductors concealed this theft of over $10,000 USD from AMERICAN EXPRESS CENTURION BANK and fraud, concealing the child from 2001 to present without any communication or contact despite JOINT MANAGING CONSERVATORSHIP and ORDERED POSSESSION over a false child presented for Federal Benefits to defraud JAMES ALLEN.

Allen resisted, and was assaulted at gunpoint in 2002 during the appears process, after being subjected to human trafficking and fraud to extort by Brian Wolfe d/b/a TERRABOX; witnessed by independent business owner Mark Deaver and Dell Infragard member Christopher Maidt.

Witnesses Threatened

Witnesses were systematically threatened, and the perpetrators took out a domain name to defraud JAMES ALLEN worldwide in 2002 and 2011 and 2021, in partnership with ICANN and GOOGLE LLC; refusing the material facts at trial and concealing the child over objections and to extort his property and REGISTERED TRADEMARK over goods and franchise to deny recovery of the child and report of his eye-witness false claims discovered at NORTEL by Texas contractors.

In 2003 and 2011, the perpetrators, now associated with FAIRWAY INDEPENDENT MORTGAGE COMPANY and ROBERT HALF TECHNOLOGIES, made false claims that JAMES ALLEN worked for NORTEL and TERRABOX, in a letter admitting kidnapping of the child. State and Federal officers of the TITLE IV AGENCIES in both states falsely concealed these facts to sustain the kidnapping from 2011-2015, refusing to allow witnesses to testify and styling JAMES ALLEN as mentally ill to conceal their fraud in the $250 billion securities default of NORTEL NETWORKS of Canada.

70% of the global networks operated on NORTEL technology, and the perpetrators promoted and aided firms including JUNIPER NETWORKS and DEUTSCHE TELEKOM, and acted jointly to acquire SPRINT for DEUTSCHE TELEKOM with SOFTBANK GROUP CORP of JAPAN, a partner of NTT GROUP.

This activity makes such acquisitions, and the rebranding of SPRINT as "T-MOBILE" a criminal enterprise predicated on falsification of records and extortion of witnesses in securities fraud. This conduct continued, to defraud the public in claims that if CISCO SYSTEMS and other vendors including ARIN and RIPE groups did not endorse JAMES ALLEN, he is not a legitimate network specialist and a fraud - damaging permanently those organizations and ICANN registry as a corrupt monopoly action barred legal life in State of Oklahoma (Article II section II-32). This was done to seek overthrow of the inheritance of JAMES ALLEN from CHARLYCE ANN KLEPPER and other members of the family. Fraud in this activity in 2001-2022 deprived C.A. Klepper of necessary care and valid report of symptoms, leading to her death due medically diagnosed disease in 2022 amid impersonation of her person and false legal documents published by Donald J. Beal, the abductor of the child, under false name and to extort the ALLEN FAMILY.


Members of this criminal organization worked with PARADOX INTERACTIVE AB of ICELAND to sell the STRYX@CHICKASAW.COM name and brands of the CHICKASAW network specialist, in dilution of his reputation and to portray him in WHITE WOLF and GAMES WORKSHOP GROUP products and publications as a demonic character using documents obtained from the proprietary BEYOND WAR franchise of SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. during the child's abduction and at 722 S Haskell Avenue after assault at gunpoint, where Brian Wolfe refused to return the property to CHRISTOPHER MELTON MAIDT, agent in fact for SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. then appointed to negotiate for enforcement of the written lease broken by TERRABOX.

Use of these false claims in WITHHOLDING OF A CHILD FROM ORDERED POSSESSION and false trial in 2022 on kidnapping of a child from 2502 Live Oak St. Dallas Texas and 722 E 17th St Ada Oklahoma; alleged fraudulently to be resident in DALLAS COUNTY while papers in affidavit admit concealment of the child in DENTON COUNTY at 2001 filing and 2015 discovery in pursuit to recover the child on financing by RACCOON TECHNOLOGIES INCORPORATED investors; now owed $10,000 in legal fees in this matter and $2000 USD in new investigation fees in 2022 January ongoing costs; represent a clear violation of ordinary INTERSTATE COMMERCE protections owing and due to JAMES ALLEN and the firms targeted by NORTEL NETWORKS competitors in Texas, Michigan, California, China, Japan, Iceland, United Kingdom, France, and Minnesota firm FANTASY FLIGHT GAMES responsible for the 2013 fraud and sale in knowing title violation to extort.

Organized DoS Attacks

Networks of clients including RACCOON TECHNOLOGIES INCORPORATED have been maliciously targeted for sabotage since this act, in a pattern of ongoing extortion.

Over 200,000 requests per day were sent from 2017 to 2022 to RACCOON TECHNOLOGIES INCORPORATED in an effort to falsify attacks by DONALD J. BEAL of DALLAS TEXAS and ALICIA McMAHON of Ada Oklahoma; who in concert with Brian Young of Enid Oklahoma did carry out 2007-2022 ongoing extortion activity in concealment of a child to support this fraud against major investors in NORTEL NETWORKS and the firms of JAMES ALLEN. LAW ENFORCEMENT IN THE STATE OF TEXAS AND STATE OF OKLAHOMA HAS KNOWINGLY, WILFULLY, AND CRIMINALLY CONCEALED THESE FACTS FOR LOCAL ECONOMIC AND POLITICAL INTEREST, defrauding the people of Canada and the United States in effort to silence this testimony. Officers in 2022 denied any criminal protection for 'computer crimes' alleging they did not have the staff to carry out the minimum duties of enforcing the TITLE 21 Oklahoma Computer Crimes Act or other statutes which involved the use of computers or actions outside the county or State - to abandon their public office and refuse to give testimony of a true nature - instead creating falsified reports to support this unconstitutional activity as evident in the claims of Officer Vogt in November 2021 on contact to extort and blackmail RACCOON TECHNOLOGIES INCORPORATED by direct messages to its public customer facing site featuring claims using the child taking for extortion.

Because of this "targeted commercial industrial sabotage", work done by the firm cannot be guaranteed against abuse by NTT GROUP employee access granted to the perpetrator by LOSTSERVER members identified as and Jared Mauch, a Director of NTT AMERICA per documents obtained by RTI.

16 Gbps Sustained Attacks

Attacks on RTI and SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. have exceeded 16 gigabit per second sustained multi-day abuse forcing LINODE LLC of New Jersey and LEVEL 3 COMMUNICATIONS of New York State to deny service and null-route traffic to SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. and other customers; which appear identical to attacks from EQUINIX "D4" and "D3" site in Dallas County, Texas listed as "Administrative contact" at 2323 Bryan Street, Dallas TExas documents of defamation sites created by CANADASUCKS.COM and CANADASUCKS.NET host LOSTSERVER.NET and Donald J. Beal.

Interpol should be able to take action, if not for UNITED STATES obstruction to hear this case and allow witnesses to testify against the corruption of State of Texas and State of Oklahoma. Neither State is compliant with FEDERAL REGISTER VOLUME 81 NUMBER 244, and operating TITLE IV AGENCIES in violation of those terms paid over $2.2 billion USD per year - making all actions of those agencies illegitimate and unlawful, fraud, and embezzlement from the Treasury of the United States since 2017 effective date of those new terms.

Alleged International Kidnapping

The child is reported to be in France, concealed by abuse of GDPR rules which ATLANTIC.NET or similar COGENT COMMUNICATION ( service have provided; and a missing and exploited person in human trafficking used as collateral hostage in an INTERSTATE COMMERCE fraud to extort domestic United States and Native American Territory business owners to give over market participation and trade rights to NTT GROUP, TENCENT, SOFTBANK GROUP CORP, PARADOX INTERACTIVE AB, and their partner GAMES WORKSHOP GROUP (LSE:GAW).

Due to the size of such firms, and HUAWEI activity in like fashion representing over 2.5 billion USD per year in gross revenue; resistance to this fraud falls under "Unregistered Foreign Sovereign Agency", and 23% direct ownership of NTT GROUP held by Government of Japan themed overwhelming financial influence contrary slightly higher gross equity standards ordinary for lesser parties in private practice - evidence of monopoly antitrust activity and commercial coercion precluding the ordinary deployment with merchantability and fitness of purpose expectations of commercial public clients against state-sponsored terrorism and industrial espionage activity under false flag operations disclosed in the 2001-2022 child taking and concealment to extort.

Origin of Threats - Foreign Sovereign Unregistered Agency

It appears on analysis of January 30th 2022 threats, that these claims are coming out of CANADA and the FreeBSD "Core" committee - a communist oriented criminal enterprise whose direction to monopoly activity violates Oklahoma Constitution Article II-32 prohibitions and XXIII-1A protections themed criminal activity in State of Oklahoma and against Oklahoma contractors in State of Texas for PROCEED TECHNOLOGIES, a competitor with ROBERT HALF TECHNOLOGIES and TEK SYSTEMS.

The prior competitor firms have knowingly falsified employment history to defraud the UNITED STATES and STATE OF OKLAHOMA in claims of any employment by TEK SYSTEMS of JAMES ALLEN; to conceal kidnapping and extortion of JAMES ALLEN when such worker was a "vital employee" of NORTEL NETWORKS - and to conceal data breach at that company under the administration of the prior firms leading to a $250 billion failure of the firm; which was the objective of CANADASUCK.COM / CANADASUCKS.NET creator Donald J. Beal and Veronica Marie Petersen (former contractor for Nortel, abducting party of the child in August 2001 to present). Our employee witnessed Veronica Petersen use a badge she did retain after termination of employment to make entry to the RICHARDSON TEXAS facility of NORTEL and travel to the 13th floor without escort prior to email response characteristic of the letters of extortion then published from 2002-2022 in concealment of the child of our employee to coerce silence and suppress report of SECURITIES FRAUD documented by three officers of our firm at TERRABOX. Assault at gunpoint with serious bodily injury at 722 S Haskell Avenue and assault on two other personnel at the facility prior, are documented coercive violence and intimidation to conceal abuse and human trafficking at that location, cited fraudulently in letters of extortion September 2011 as if a known commercial employer or peer company to intimidate attorney Mary Rounds and 70 other employees of Riggs Abbney LAw Firm in Tulsa, Oklahoma against recovery of the child and contest obligated report to the UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH AND HUMAN SERVICES of 18 U.S. Code section 666 embezzlement of benefits in DALLAS COUNTY, STATE OF TEXAS; DENTON COUNTY, STATE OF TEXAS; and PONTOTOC COUNTY, STATE OF OKLAHOMA; refused 5 U.S. Code section 556 due process and 706 "fraud" evident on review, including use of a minor child as collateral hostage to interfere with INTERSTATE COMMERCE.

No misunderstanding may afford such claims of illicit use of JOB TITLE to extort the Oklahoma based PROCEED TECHNOLOGIES employee - or falsify report by Andrew Miller (supervisor) of such work performance in favor of TEK SYSTEMS in the September 2011 letter of extortion sustaining a child taking for concealment. The parent of the child, a Senior Software Engineer is protected by Oklahoma Constitution Article XXIII-1A, and was "asked by the client what job title he would like, solely due to a lack of planning and structure at NORTEL NETWORKS and their intermediary agent, who then did fail to appear and falsely claiming a hiring quote of 30+ individuals left the company and WIRELESS ENGINEERING TOOLS DIVISION to 2 employees, eventually ending with only 1 employee appearing on-site and sole technical contact constituting the WIRELESS ENGINEERING TOOLS DIVISION for the firm then deemed a 'vital employee'. The targeting of a 'vital employee' to compel default on service to SPRINT and acquisition of SPRINT by SOFTBANK GROUP CORP and DEUTSCHE TELEKOM jointly, appears to be motive for this kidnapping and concealment of a child from 2001-2022; and void such merger as a product of malicious activity by DEUTSCHE TELEKOM (aka T-MOBILE) to restrain and compel the party to FORCED LABOR under false promise of return of a child in PONTOTOC COUNTY, STATE OF OKLAHOMA, while sustaining this international fraud using ICANN domains in 3 separate instances with letters of extortion to compel silence in this WIRELESS industry takeover and sabotage of NORTEL NETWORKS discovered by the child's parent in 2000-2001 back-to-back 6 month contracts providing outside oversight and directed requested investigation under cover of TEK SYSTEMS employee activity at RICHARDSON, TEXAS facilities. Efforts to deceive and misdirect law enforcement are themed TITLE 8 Section 37.03 "aggravated perjury" by the perpetrators, and under criminal complaint now.

At Any Time

At any time, RACCOON TECHNOLOGIES INCORPORATED may choose to undertake privately contracts for Ethernet, optical, or other networking bids or services without endorsement or consent or approval of NTT GROUP, its subsidiary COGENT COMMUNICATIONS, and cites harassment to extort and abuse our office over 2010 October to 2022 (present) in ongoing fraud just cause to bar those persons from our facilities, job sites, client lists, bidding, and other services and by national franchise including NATION OF JAPAN and PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF CHINA, as well as their subsidiary partner TENCENT and PARADOX INTERACTIVE AB, clients ATLANTIC.NET and SHARKTECH.NET, and any other service hosting LOSTSERVER domains including and used to sent threats, solicit false information, and carry out criminal extortion in violation of law with false civil procedure to extort our company and its employees, clients, and their families in a sustained pattern of criminal nature and false claims systematically distributed by multiple persons over 2001-2022 identified by PRIVATE INVESTIGATION and independent review of letters, threats, and written publications to WITHHOLDING OF ORDERED POSSESSION OF A CHILD under formal criminal complaint.

Show Proof Demands and

All video of our property, personnel, and acts to entice them to leave and to be subjected to false interrogation then sought in FOIA or other process is COMMERCIAL USE in evidence in 2022 threats, unsolicited contact with clients and visitors to extort (2 confirmed contacts), and part of a prior pattern of INTERSTATE FELONY STALKING to coerce witness testimony in a registered civil suit valued at $16,000,000 USD duly filed against VERONICA MARIE PETERSEN, vice president of systems architecture for FAIRWAY INDEPENDENT MORTGAGE COMPANY of Texas. Efforts to use such fraud to overcome the real estate title of property in PONTOTOC COUNTY on concealment of a child, are therefore themed to be abuse of professional office and consistent with prior attempted murder and two instances of battery with use of deadly force to maim and cause serious bodily harm in concert with WELFARE FRAUD and a HATE CRIME activity encompassing eugenic remarks to abuse family members evident in MEDICAL RECORDS of the child MAGNUS VINCENT PETERSEN; so prohibited under 18 U.S. Code section 249 amended April 2022, and in ongoing behavior in July 2022 sustained in that 18 U.S. Code section 1341 fraud activity.

Anta Baka

Anta Baka roughly means, "What are you, stupid!?".

It will appear on our site and documents with specific attention to the UNITED STATES FEDERAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION, Police and law enforcement, and members of the court who wrongly and criminally refuse to conduct their work according to the Laws of the United States and of a minimum level of competency in vexatious litigant activity to defraud and WITHHOLDING OF A CHILD VIOLATING ORDERED POSSESSION and FICTITIOUS LITIGANT matter expressly fraud to abduct, conceal, and extort this and other companies through repeated and false publicity of a commercial nature during taking, withholding, and abuse of a child to overcome this company, its licensees, and its vendor-client relationships as documented in 2021 November and 2022 March, April, May, June, and July publications to extort the family of the late Dr. Ann Klepper and Witherspoon Finance inheritors; who are not parties to the civil suit or award in which such fraud was brought nor subject any judgement or claim upon their property or right to work or other franchise of their children or family name.

Pursuant the 2001 December COURT RULING, the petitioner was "wholly in default". The case ended then, due non-appearance on the civil cause of action "abandonment", and the continuance of such case under a false "civil cause of action" then amended wrongly as "IN THE MATTER OF THE MARRIAGE OF..." where no marriage existed or was claimed for INHERENT RIGHTS OF PARENT-CHILD CUSTODY SET FORTH IN TITLE 76 SECTION 76-8 of OKLAHOMA STATUTORY CODE and OKLAHOMA CONSTITUTION ARTICLE II "INHERENT RIGHTS", are fraud to extort, kidnap, and defraud the UNITED STATES in 5 U.S. Code section 706 "fraud" denied all DUE PROCESS and automatic mistrial per KELLY v KELLY (2007 OKLAHOMA SUPREME COURT) rule; failing to discern hearsay (evidence presented without 22 O.S. 22-13 "Fast and Speedy Trial" requirement of the accused to see and be present before the accuser without coercion or obstruction and to call witnesses) for which these matters wholly fail to support or remedy in 2001-2022 concealment and double jeopardy in 3 distinct court cases refused jury trial granted in 2019 on false defense and false grounds now before the Federal and State Justice Department duly filed as complaint of barratry (21 O.S. 21-550).

Civil Procedure and 5 U.S. Code section 556 prohibits the refusal to answer or burden of proof to do so in LEGAL ANSWER, or admit the evidence presented per FEDERAL REGISTER VOLUME 81 NUMBER 244 rule, for 45 CFR 302.56(f) filing prior 2018 punitive hold and case created improperly in PONOTOTOC COUNTY to deny UIFSA Section 314 "immunity" and block case 15-06292393 execution in concert with attorney abandonment and judicial refusal to set a DOCKET and afford HEARINGS on concealment of a child to extort this and other companies of the United States and State of Oklahoma expressly confessed in 2021 December by NTT GROUP / COGENT COMMUNICATIONS contractors having taken, concealed, and withholding the child in question sought in HABEAS CORPUS for 20 years, upon the basis of a FICTITIOUS LEGAL PERSON named as collateral to substitute for prior release of the child to JAMES ARNOLD ALLEN and VERONICA MARIE PETERSEN, prior May 2002 by TRINITY MEDICAL CENTER in DENTON COUNTY.

Use of a fake child to make claims on the legal person of such child and parent are fraud simple, criminal fraud, and Federal Fraud, evident in the claims and affidavit of the parent filing such suit after theft and removal of the child form Dallas County for concealment in Denton County, to extort and written statement of intent to abduct and conceal in perpetuity such child - so then done in conspiracy to create a false civil judgment with Dee Miller, Judge of Dallas County, and Denton County and Pontotoc County on obstruction of justice and refusal of due process or any witness appearance granted before the gallery and testimony of Jury Trial then not done in 2019 without a legal basis and contrary claims of pre-trial conference then converted to ex parte hearing over objection of the family and witnesses remaining prepared to testify to kidnapping and commercial INTERFERENCE IN INTERSTATE COMMERCE of a foreign and commercial direction evident in 2011 September commercial extortion letters to Mary Rounds, attorney for the Oklahoma parent then and representative paid for by RACCOON TECHNOLOGIES INCORPORATED of Pontotoc County, State of Oklahoma.

See also: Oklahoma Statutory Code Title 12 Section 12-2011.1

For more information contact 1 (855) 505 0784. No soliciting permitted.


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