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Raccoon Technologies Incorporated

February 01 2023


We do in fact provide MANAGED HOSTING and DATA CENTERS.

This includes proprietary software and resources which are not entitled competitor video or illicit search or access without a warrant, as attempted in November 2021 in concert with threats of murder and child injury.

Efforts to coerce our staff to produce access by Officer Vogt of the ADA CITY POLICE DEPARTMENT and DONALD J. BEAL using January 28th 2022 and March 3rd 2022 publication of such content on YOUTUBE.COM are commensurate with the death March 2nd 2022 of Dr. Ann Klepper and unlawful concealment of her grandchild from 2001-2022 in violation of ORDERED POSSESSION OF A CHILD AND TO EXTORT.

Persons calling in an effort to obtain fraudulent assessment of our data centers, business, clients, partners, employees, and approaching our LEGAL OFFICE with threats to their family are part of a 2001-2022 ongoing pattern and 2021 November 14th Ontario Canada GOOGLE LLC based fraud to damage a $16,000,000 civil suit and intimidate witnesses named in that suit testifying to child kidnapping and child concealment to extort. These persons including Donald J. Beal of Dallas Texas have claimed knowingly and falsely to represent a GRAND JURY, OSBI, and District Judge in addition to impersonation of the deceased in legal document claims to defraud and of the executor of the dead woman's estate to extort, on concealment of a child.

We do not provide location, public access, or give out information concerning these facilities due to specific competitor FALSE NAME inquiries and false claims paired with vehicle strikes on our employees homes and U.S. Mail (in 5 separate instances, using a vehicle to enter the property at high speed destroying U.S. Mail secured drop-off boxes to obtain COURT DOCUMENTS and U.S. mail in 2015-2021)



All contact is by appointment only.

Teasing staff or security about dropping in and being shot is not appropriate or funny.

We have had attempted daylight break-ins as of 2020 and prior similar daylight-burglary acts during court process to extort family members and to gaslight personnel, including shooting to break windows at the Ada Office.

A pattern of sexual threats and armed robbery with use of photographs to communicate witness intimidation have led to our increased security stance for-cause and due felony stalking by persons using false identities to menace staff and their families in a pattern sustained from 2002-2022 on concealment of a child and to extort in COMMERCIAL FRAUD.



All persons in and outside the office may be on video recording at all times at any REGISTERED AGENT office or business site. No trespass and contact by security will be enforced at all times, including logging of incidents per security practices and report of unauthorized contact or trespass of any kind.


NTT and COGENT COMMUNICATIONS employees are banned from our facility for obvious cause. TEK SYSTEMS and ROBERT HALF TECHNOLOGIES employees are also banned from all sites and will be subject to criminal trespass complaint on first appearance or contact, due prior letters of extortion in 2011 LEGAL ANSWER to our notice of misconduct by their agent and refusal to take appropriate action in sustained child abuse to extort our cooperation in a child abduction and TITLE IV-D fraud for a non-child with no CERTIFICATE OF VITAL RECORD used in a benefits claim against the UNITED STATES to overcome the will of a commissioned public office.

Democratic Socialist Movement Threats:

The written threats by Texas Subcontractors of NTT-VERIO / EQUINIX / COGENT are similar to hate crimes and abuse in Chinese History, and sponsorship for such genocide and cruelty with injury to children not unprecedented [see: Guangxi Massacre] by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

Participation in these threats by ATLAS.LOSTSERVER and TITAN.LOSTSERVER operators, who attended Ann Arbor University of Michigan, along with "STUDENTS FOR A DEMOCRATIC SOCIETY" (SDS) and terrorist organization "WEATHER UNDERGROUND" activity at that University in 1969-1977; appear evident in threats by this NTT COMMUICATIONS / NTT-VERIO / COGENT COMMUNICATIONS labor group self-designated "LOSTSERVER" in threats (over 300 pages in 2013-2022), on GOOGLE LLC using death threat language as a user name. Renewed (NEW) SDS activity in 2006-present with over 120 worldwide chapters suggests this is a terrorism activity targeting brain cancer victims and persons with autism by the NTT "LOSTSERVER" Group in eugenic and anti-Native-American racial defamation employing SDS/WEATHER-UNDERGROUND organization and recruitment paired with violence and Saul Alinsky style tactics to aid traffic in children and demand forced labor from parents of missing and exploited children, and harm competitors of the INTERNET ENGINEERING TASK FORCE (of which one LOSTSERVER member is a sitting member). Effort to style heterosexual and Christian parents as mentally ill by this group have resulted in a complete loss of confidence in IANA.ORG and ARIN, RIPE NCC, LACNIC, AFRINIC, APNIC, and ICANN organizations integrity and neutrality.

The tone has renewed anti-China sentiment and attached Sweden, Germany, Japan, and other nations affording NTT GROUP and its partner TENCENT companies access to carry out this fraud against U.S. networking and hosting firms, their employees, and families over 2001-2022.

The use of physical violence and eugenic ethnic and defamatory skin-color threats underline racist and nationalist democratic-socialist elements in the foreign enterprise activity and FreeBSD community of Canada. The GOOGLE LLC hosting of hate sites actively helping aid in human trafficking in this case and sustain 2001-2022 violent threats in a fraud and for commercial advantage in monopoly practices documented later in Iceland, Sweden, and Canadian monopoly efforts barred legal standing in State of Oklahoma Constitutionally (Article II, Article XXIII) obligate this sanction.

Suggestion of DSE (Democratic Socialist Extremist) claims, assessments, or arguments contrary to known issues at law will be themed component to terrorist hoax activity in felony violation under formal criminal complaint, and grounds for termination and denial of contract services by any staff subjected to such claims or communications or abuse for their resistance or exercise of other rights as specified in the "CONVENTION ON THE PREVENTION AND PUNISHMENT OF THE CRIME OF GENOCIDE", a Treaty of the United States and Supreme Law in The State of Oklahoma.

The teaching, promotion, or communication of such content, threats, or claims is a crime against the government of the State of Oklahoma, and a crime in the act against a commissioned business of any kind in the State of Oklahoma for reason of seeking to overcome:

  • FRANCHISE of any real, physical, registered, common law, or intangible property or personal right described in the Constitution of the State of Oklahoma or Federal Constitution.
The penalty against any business of registry or organization violating these laws is total forfeiture.

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