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Change in Public Policy

It shouldn't need to be said, but -

Prior to the 2001 incident, our relationship with the PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF CHINA and NATION OF JAPAN were very positive.

Like most Americans, we did not believe the fascist attitudes of the past were a part of modern China and Japan, nor a rational by which any sane person could ever return to. We vastly underestimated the impact of the Internet on China, and nexus of corrupt and criminal elements in the contract and bidding for the nationwide optical data network, who in criminal degree beyond all ordinary legal rights and customs excused solely by a generation of ignorant older American law enforcement and court misconduct, afforded digital threats to receive lesser to no push-back for identical strong-arm extortion, kidnapping, and ransom under color of law and false entitlements exceeding REAL INCOME and CORRUPT INTERFERENCE IN COMMERCE.

As a result, PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF CHINA and NATION OF JAPAN are barred export of our goods today.

Active Role in Ongoing Threats At Law

As the role of their corporations active support in the 2001-2022 human trafficking and child abuse became evident, in the solicitation from CCP INC. of ICELAND and later PARADOX INTERACTIVE AB misuse of our registered TRADEMARK license to extort and conduct harassment; the links to TENCENT HOLDINGS CO LTD and SOFTBANK GROUP, in concert with NTT and later use of SOFTLAYER INC. servers to attack our network - began to expose a network of criminal monopoly activity endorsing the abuse and concealment of our children.

Despite Chinese and British Citizens on our Board of Directors, relations with both nations became extremely strained in effort to normalize genocide and WITHHOLDING OF ORDERED CHILD POSSESSION to extort.

As a result, triggered in 2013 threats and 2014 actual incorporation by ASMODEE GAMES subsidiary FANTASY FLIGHT GAMES of Minnesota to sell our products without license or title to GAMES WORKSHOP GROUP (LSE:GAW) and PARADOX INTERACTIVE AB of Sweden - the tone and refusal of DMCA notices to stop this abuse ended prior 1987-1999 good relations with the English franchise owner, instilled a sense of siege and fighting due ongoing criminal threats sustained in 2013 by SOONERCON members in Oklahoma following failed extortion demands in 2010 witnessed by two of our directors; and established a national interest in the commercial sabotage of our firm by those buyers of our licensed intellectual property and impersonation of our products regularly as soon as we launched new brands systematically and in flagrant IP violations.

The conduct reminded me of Taiwan behavior when I was a child, shamelessly duplicating anything not nailed down in a "catch me if you can" approach to business that damaged China and Japan equally. I had heard of this behavior in the 1980s in the U.S. Car Industry and U.S. Funishings Industry - stories of Japanese tourists photographing products and returning home to then ship knock-off goods back to the U.S. without regard to the theft of work and imitation. But I was confident that such behavior was simply a product of misunderstanding - not a culture of thieves and criminals.

Change in Assessment

As of 2022, RACCOON TECHNOLOGIES INCORPORATED has adjusted its assessment of CHINA and JAPAN to be harbors of international intellectual property theft and resale via piracy into intermediary ports a common and public practice by NTT GROUP subcons letters to our office and concerning the families and sexual rights of our workers directly assaulted by such persons over two decades in sustained criminal extortion activity.

I have seen goods shipped to Sweden, Denmark, South Korea, Italy, Brazil, and United Kingdom, then sold back into our market via shell corporations in State of California for that sole purpose - and with shameless threats directly to our office at the same time. For which we cannot tolerate this illegal practice anymore or any workers or persons in such jurisdiction harboring human trafficking and piracy linked to that fraud.

It is evident on reading the letters of TEK SYSTEMS and DIGITAL REALTY TRUST INC., NTT and COGENT, that those persons have no respect for the right to work (XXIII-1A) and must be met with armed force to stop their assault on our property, family, and clients in repeated episodes witnessed also by other business owners in the area.

The incapacity to understand PERSONAL PROPERTY, PRIVATE PROPERTY, and UNREGISTERED COPYRIGHT AND TRADEMARK RIGHTS in context to radicalized socialist claims of "grants of commercial use entitled only to registered property", and to take property from persons if they do not perform to meet narrative and public endorsement by authority, is a material danger to all persons just as walking around wearing a U.S. Flag might have been in Tokyo in 1943.

Most shocking of this experience is observing how the Holocaust deniers and Japanese conservative socialist party both portray the bombing of Japan as a war crime by the United States, and deny all war crimes by Japan in the instigation of World War II, to call for Nation of Japan re-armament and independence from U.S. military presence and reliance. While at the same time moving closer to the BRICS group with Communist China and Russia, opposing United States economic activity as a policy of isolationism of the United States. Demonstrating a strange loyalty only predicated on who buys more of their goods and contributes to their economy most - in concert with security policies disassociated from the acts of the prior World War.

False Flagged State Utility Activity

In this endeavor, NTT has sided with Communist China, and appears to be making political moves as a proxy of the Communist Party, while SOFTBANK GROUP CORP acts as a buyer and Saudi Arabia as the "bag holder" for this purchase activity in funds to influence foreign industry like "GOOGLE LLC", "ALPHABET INC.","NVIDIA CORPORATION" and "Apple Inc." to work with this community against our interests systematically and by defamation using GMAIL and GOOGLE hosting in blackmail and extortion calling for murder of our officers. The criminal letters originating from 2323 Bryant St Dallas Texas employees appear absolutely insane, as is the refusal to remove such content in favor of commercial advantage gained on concealment of a child.

As a result, we must sanction CANADA, CHINA, and JAPAN across all our technologies - despite piracy of our trademarks by Taiwan today (ASUS Computers, STRIX brands made in later-use than our mark and similar marketplace use); despite frequently agreeing with People's Republic of China regarding misuse of social media and video platforms targeting very young adults in criminal and sexual vice activity - for which PRC has implemented bans and cut back on hours of use for media to encourage offline community and normal childhood development. We are not that different from the People of China and Japan, and share a common love of culture and art and history. However, this cannot overcome the commercial tactics of PRC and Government of Japan owned utilities subsidiary employees to harm our company and the families and welfare of those persons systematically over 2001-2022 in global defamation to extort and blackmail.


China and Japan must make substantial restitution to the victims, and punish those persons responsible for this abuse of UNIFORM CODE OF COMMERCE which void every agreement between our two people, and cease this activity as it appears to be a mix of YAKUZA and TRIAD behavior and tactics under color of conventional scientific computing and academic work.

Our present assessment is that, barring specific companies in grandfather status with our firm and on good terms, no intellectual property claims by China, Japan, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Iceland, Brazil or other country from which attacks are being launched should stand enforcement under the SEVEN ALPHA™ network platform.

This is necessary as their nations have denied enforcement to our claims, we are now under no obligation to honor their DMCA or other patent, copyright, or similar protections; although we have no plan to cease those ordinary anti-piracy policies at this time - we cannot regard any filing or foreign registration as legitimate in any field from those nations or after August 11th 2001.

Immediate Action

The firm will therefore support alternatives to H.265 video adoption, citing TENCENT MEDIA as the leading party in primary guidance now present, and encourage a cost-free OpenSource commercial use for all such vital codecs and software barring any fees to any rights claim or royalty demands - and elect as we did with REDHAT LABS INC. development to bypass similar monopoly efforts by MICROSOFT CORPORATION in the 1990s with alternative commitments and release of our software under REGIONAL LIMITED LICENSE, denying use to those nations listed as attackers against our networks, services, and personnel in the concerted fraud and 2001-2022 child concealment activity now ongoing in escalation in 2021-2022 new threats contributing to the death of family members of our workers and impersonation before and after such death to extort.

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