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Exceptionally False Statements Reported

There are so many materially false legal statements, the highlighting of even one letter by the criminal group to one attorney looks like the Donald J. Trump copy of the Mar-a-largo raid. It bears material cause to mention two of them.

  1. Claims that a posted company year-to-year profit is necessary for that firm to legally exist - or to enjoy the OKLAHOMA CONSTITUTION ARTICLE XXIII section XXIII-1A right - are both materially false and to defraud (Title 76 §76-3).

    This is absolutely fraud. XXIII-1A is a right to engage in a trade and the structure of business a company elects in STATE OF OKLAHOMA has no obligation to produce revenue in order to enjoy equal standing at law. A loss posted is not a cause to de-list a company, nor is the loss of capital a PUBLIC MATTER in a PRIVATELY HELD firm. Unlike a REGISTERED PUBLICLY TRADED SECURITY, a PRIVATE CORPORATION has no duty to post its earnings. Many firms subject to competitor manipulation of securities choose not to go public for this reason. Other requirements including accounting costs and capital operating goals of the article of incorporation direct a company in conduct which are NOT UNANIMOUSLY PROFIT CENTRIC VENTURES, while not-for-profit and charitable corporations exist they do not preclude the right to conduct business and pay taxes as a for-profit corporation in similar activity. 501c corporations are a tax status and are barred many activities which a for-profit firm are not. While this is not enforced very often, many companies prefer to pay the full tax and remain for-profit as the default type. The name does not impose a duty to post profit or exclusive of other superior directives, and is relevant only to the COMMERCIAL CONDUCT and practices of the firm - not a form of performance or competition model against which earnings imply lesser standing at law or right to legal relief.

    Claims of this nature express the NTT GROUP and HUAWEI influenced of $100 billion annual gross revenue, afforded by national monopolies in Nation of Japan and People's Republic of China. Corporations like that do not exist in a market where the government is not driving those industries as their personal business, and such structure in practice is barred at law by the Sherman Antitrust Act and other laws in the United States.

  2. Endorsement of a company by industry peers is not required to operate;

    And claims to that effect are a CRIME in the "State of Oklahoma" and "Native American Territory". Article XXIII-1A makes those claims, whether by formally registered unions or unregistered workers across diverse businesses, a crime subject CONSTITUTIONAL CRISIS to dissolve the State and Federal Union on breach.

    Claiming that you "actually go to events with people who set policy" as an endorsement to suggest someone cannot practice, or claiming that a person has to obtain a degree from a State school to use the term "Engineer" in Software and trades outside of architecture for housing and construction of roads and bridges, is a crime.

    We have had this claim raised also, falsely, in threats in writing prior extortion on TWITCH INTERACTIVE INC. services and channels valued at over $4 million USD - to extort - and no matter what the laws of Canada or other countries may be, those companies are UNITED STATES CORPORATIONS OPERATING IN THE STATE OF OKLAHOMA at that time in claims pertaining this firm. Such claims, as qualifications in XXIII-1A right, are then themed on the jurisdiction of the corporation against whom they are directed and its State Laws, and are false prospectus claims entitled suit against the employer of any person who makes such false allegations for a portion of the net worth of that company whose agent at-law is circulating a FICTITIOUS PROSPECTUS or FALSE QUALIFICATION TO WORK IN A TRADE. This is especially true with anti-trust aspects where the party making such false claims is employed by a competitor, and regardless of what state or laws govern the company employing the claimant publishing or distributing such false claims.

  3. Mailing clients false claims about MILITARY SERVICE, such as FALSE RANK IN THE UNITED STATES ARMY contrary DD-214 report, is in fact stolen valor - claiming a person has medals or awards they did not earn: such as non-commission or inferior rank, as legal fact to coerce business and compel loss of confidence in intrastate, interstate or International trade.

    The COMMERCIAL USE of any information obtained via a FREEDOM OF INFORMATION ACT is also a felony. This was documented in January 28th 2022 and April 2022 threats to our firm, by Donald J. Beal, then using the fake name of a HALLIBURTON employee to defraud and obtain the SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER and other VITAL IDENTITY INFORMATION of the employee targeted.

    We are aware that such claims since Mr. Beal's guilty plea to substance abuse placed him with a veterans services probation assignment by the court - at which time he began to fraudulently and illegally incorporate stolen valor claims to defraud a COMMAND SERGEANT MAJOR in the OKLAHOMA NATIONAL GUARD to conceal and abuse the great nephew of the Oklahoma enlisted soldier.

    Making a materially false claim about a FEDERAL RECORD is a felony. How the rank was assigned or commissioned is not subject to the manual for the UNITED STATES ARMY in time of war and at the discretion of UNITED STATES ARMY, duly authorized and of record. False claims to impersonate such enlisted person further makes these acts an attack on the UNITED STATES ARMED FORCES PERSONNEL carried by and in conjunction with the PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF CHINA and Government of Japan; whereby such persons including the brother of the CSM did die in 2002; and the war record of that UNITED STATES AIR FORCE soldier also falsified in the 2001-2022 fraud to extort, in WITHHOLDING OF ORDERED POSSESSION OF A CHILD. The family mourns the loss of our fallen solder and kidnapping of his great nephew to interdict contact and attendance to his funeral in 2002; prevented by criminal fraud in kidnapping and assault at gunpoint since repeated in threats with images of serious bodily harm and racially motivated slurs to damage the service of the fallen soldier under color of FREEDOM OF INFORMATION ACTS and express plan to extort in 2011 September sent to attorney Mary Rounds of Tulsa Oklahoma; in mass mail to extort and threaten 70 attorneys named in that letter from Donald J. Beal.

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