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Claims in this matter are of an Enterprise Class civil and criminal liability express in very large organizations, business, and securities activity. A business may employ thousands of workers, while only one officer or manager is acting to extort or abuse a person upon the integrity and public confidence in the organization to impose protections, reasonable security, and a system of independent review to address public false claims and fraud by its agents at-law. All employees are agents-at-law of the employer, and their acts as official acts or under color of authority assumed or attributed to their office in the public trust, a commission of limited authority, does in fact enjoin all employees of an enterprise-class organization to civil liability as a collective legal body and as individuals then or later a person of record in close association or insider access during such felony wrongdoing.

Against which a policy, civil law and personal law, afford the victims a right to demand contact and wrongdoing cease, and that such body as a collective entity, is liable until all injury and damage are paid full remedy (see Oklahoma Constitution Article II section II-6).

Some people with a serious theological or mental or emotional condition do not have the capacity mentally or emotionally to apply these basic civil rules; and where they persist in such conduct despite being criminally insane - they are still not found to be incapacitated or their actions to harm others immune from civil cause against the office that employs them affecting all persons legally enabling and supporting that improper conduct.


However, those organizations and their members, employees, and agents are legally liable and subject to sanctions all the same; for conduct of any party or use of any asset to carry a fraud or solicit or promote injury to a person or violation of the Laws of the United States; including but not limited to behavior to abuse such as felony Federal or State stalking observed in the actions of 2021-2022 against this office, defamation of persons on a sexual or gender misrepresentation such as seen in publications by those criminal actors employed by the firms without regard to COURT ORDERED RETURN OF CHILDREN and CONCEALMENT FROM HABEAS CORPUS, nor is the use of employees from overseas or other jurisdictions or cultures or any international community in technology or communications sufficient cause to excuse worldwide and in the United States and Native American Territory those acts to harm persons prohibited in any law, treaty, or convention.

PERSONS IN THE FOLLOWING ORGANIZATIONS, or by substantial business relationships themed a KEIRETSU share responsibility for the acts of any person in their group engaged in war crimes, organized genocide, or the extortion of persons based on religious or ethnic character - so documented in the 2001-2022 fraud by TEK SYSTEMS, ROBERT HALF TECHNOLOGIES, BRIAN WOLFE doing business as TERRABOX, or other parties named in letters of threat or court documents during the 2002-2004, 2007-2013 and 2021-2022 ongoing criminal threats to conceal a child from the NATIVE AMERICAN NATION they were ordered to in 2002 after abduction in 2001 August.


As of March 2022, these threats have claimed the life of a person and respected doctor in the Capital of the Chickasaw Nation; in ongoing concealment of a child on the basis of fraud to deride their Chickasaw Ethnic heritage and family in multi-generational separation of children from 1975-2022.

This is not "beef" or a "civil matter" and is COMMERCIAL, intent on disruption of INTERSTATE COMMERCE, and to disable INTERNATIONAL COMMERCE AND TRADE OF THE UNITED STATES in false business practices by State of Texas, State of Oklahoma, and State of Arkansas against the ethnically diverse and separate people of the NATIVE AMERICAN TERRITORY.

Any attempt to lessen the claims to excuse what is a TREATY VIOLATION and SOVEREIGN INVASION of NATIVE AMERICAN LANDS and destruction of homesteads in forced asset taking and false civil asset forfeiture, will be an act of war by the State of Texas against the People and the Witherspoon/Moore Trust evident in those threats - and to overpower by criminal intent outside the jurisdiction of the United States, the Supreme Law, whereby the State of Oklahoma and Federal Union are collateral pursuant to the "Enabling of Statehood Act" of 1906 and ratified Constitutional remedy set in Article I section I-1 of "The Constitution of the State of Oklahoma", now themed in breach and subject enforcement duly filed in 5 U.S. Code §101 exclusive jurisdiction not granted sovereign discretion to the States.

In laymen's terms, any act will be "Sedition" in spoken or written or communicated false claims - and "rebellion" against the United States and The People who are its incorporators and legal authors from such ens legis trust, agents in fact, and barred any civil contract to suspend those rights per Article XXIII section XXIII-8 and XXIII-9 rule.

That means, claims to suggest false facts are an attack on the United States and upon the people who have made it, entitling them to suspend it and unmake it as they are authorized and find necessary; without restraint to a sovereign permission or act to do so or foreign power or authority to interpret their language and their rightful will.

Fraud by "PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF CHINA" and "NATION OF JAPAN" have angered the People after 20 years of patient remedy refused enforcement; to warrant a broad and public answer to the fraud - which may upset some persons reliant on the security of such false claims and legal fiction. Things "at law" which are void, where such acts occur, and a duty to make remedy disclaimed now from 2001 August 11th to present, on fraud - whereby the companies of those injured parties asserted formally and at law in 5 U.S. Code section 556 their filing for enforcement reserved a 10th Amendment right duly contracted in 1906 and 1907.

The incapacity of persons to understand how that system can be rejected, and other more adequate and effective systems for which they are not entitled "Association" (membership, franchise, interest, equity, and class) is a 1st Amendment right duly made.

That means a PRIVATE ORGANIZATION OR ASSEMBLY owes those persons no access or right to treat (contract) with them or anyone under their protection, by mutual agreement to end the practice in solidarity and unity against abuse and perfidy (false offers in false solicitation, Uniform Commercial Code and Rome Statute) and Rome I Regulation (see also, Articles of Rome, 1980 and Rome II Regulation)

Efforts to qualify some "right at law to dismiss the legal standing of the victims" is classic textbook RACISM and DEFAMATION TO STYLE PERSONS AS INFANTILE IN MIND AND SPIRIT which disbar those organizations as a whole and enterprise on utterance of such claim and regardless of the use of disguise to make such false public notice and false publicity.

TEXAS RACISM has reached a state in this specific case, where we as a People are at a CONSTITUTIONAL CRISIS with the State of Texas and its "White Supremacist Sovereign Citizen Movement", backers in Iceland, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, and Finland; and Asian "National Socialist" extremists educated and belligerent in claims that are incompatible with the "Laws of the United States" as to set off hostilities not seen since the Second World War - predicated on the same false claims by G.W.F. Hegel in "Elements of the Philosophy of Right" and the follow-up book "Mein Kampf" by Adolph Hitler.

State of Texas and State of Oklahoma have chose to resort to FRAUD in this matter, and to threaten and abuse systematically witnesses in case 01-17702-R Dallas County, 15-06292383 Denton County, and 01-17702-R in Pontotoc County; to remove children for collateral hostages in a credit and Interstate Interference in Commerce and Trade scheme of Federal Proportion enjoined a $250 billion fraud in Richardson Texas in 2001; for which the eye-witnesses to that data breach and resultant criminal activity now come to give testimony against State of Texas and State of Oklahoma in Federal 31 U.S. Code section 3729(a) "qui tam" suit filed in 2021 complaint.

Persons seeking to dismiss such claims based on BARRATRY or other statutory criminal acts themed in 21 O.S. §21-550 or 43A O.S. §43A-5-104 fraud and 21 O.S. §21-748 violations; on the grounds they cannot read the statutory law and so claim ignorance of the duty at law set forth in FEDERAL REGISTER or other body of the Public Policy of the United States; are engaged in criminal rebellion no different than those Mexican-American white supremacists who founded the Republic of Texas and engaged in the American Civil War to uphold human slavery.

In 2001-2022, we have seen a resurgence in that activity, in overt claims and acts, linking expressly the commercial business and interest and products of the following firms and of specific buyers not listed below, in planned piracy and export for illegal sale in fraudulent conveyance of title by State of Texas, State of Oklahoma, State of California, and State of Michigan officers of NATION OF JAPAN companies NTT and COGENT COMMUNICATIONS.

This firm does not have to give those companies any information about our operations or data centers to enjoy protection, and abuse of inquiries which would be classified as INDUSTRIAL ESPIONAGE if not for written statements by Donald J. Beal using the alias for the California State Code of Murder, which claim such actions are the product of a State of Texas "Grand Jury" and "OSBI" investigation uttered in 2022 July in publication to defraud.

These are not allegations of witness to specific acts that are cited in the statutory code, which is protected speech in State of Oklahoma and NATIVE AMERICAN TERRITORY under Article II section II-3 and II-22, and libel statutes in Title 21 Oklahoma Statutory Code, protected acts.

The acts published in these claims are allegations of a non-indictment as if it were a conviction; and of a false claim of criminal conviction of a crime not of record, to extort in concert with the removal and concealment for extortion and blackmail in INTERNATIONAL TRADE OF THE UNITED STATES and INTERSTATE COMMERCE monopoly of corporations of the United States, to enjoin and detain and unlawfully arrest and hold a natural person in the State and against International Travel for advantage of NTT GROUP, COGENT COMMUNICATIONS, TEK SYSTEMS, ROBERT HALF TECHNOLOGIES, INFAMOUS PRODUCTIONS LLC, SPARC HOSTING LLC, and BRIAN WOLFE d/b/a TERRABOX of Dallas Texas.

These are not moderate claims, and enjoin $40000 USD, $80000 USD, and $10128 USD demands in writing violating 21 O.S. §21-1304 in criminal code; so also making them illegal and unlawful civil activity in 15 U.S. Code sect;1692d rule; and void any instrument against which they are based for the harassment of the civil creditor in public regardless of the use of FALSE LEGAL NAME to make such public claims in violation of 15 U.S. Code §1673 rule.

If you do not have a MASTERS IN BUSINESS, the importance of the FEDERAL REGISTER or UNITED STATES STATUTORY CODE or other State Statutory Code may not seem important. When cited, it is lawful and necessary to inform the party to the terms and rules obligated a complete compliance with the OFFICER OF RECORD who is reading such information to the public in NOTICE, as they are a REGISTERED AGENT or delegated attorney-in-fact for such person to conduct formal warning and give clear public notice of eye-witness events for which no LEGAL CASE OR PROSECUTION is necessary to suppress those specific public and necessary 76 O.S. §76-9 "necessary notices" to cease the illicit and harmful conduct.

As stated, some people do not respect authority in those COMMISSIONED AND REGISTERED AGENTS OF THE UNITED STATES, and where they give fight or cause or martial forces to overcome the Public Trust as the following firms have - enabling such abuse and persons financially and by authority not granted discretion over the Supreme Law and Laws of the United States then enjoined by Oklahoma Constitutional authority conditioned the Federal Union as collateral to that pledge; those agents are enjoined a right to give opposition and contest in the same medium and similar degree or greater force without limit or duty to desist until all such resistance is overcome.

Any officer who by neglect or complicity in their duty, in aid or comfort, or to conceal these facts from the public or discovery or record, is guilty of a felony (18 U.S. Code section 2071) - and this fact in general notice a license to act against their advice and claims by any lesser officer or member of the public until such fraud is overcome.

RACCOON TECHNOLOGIES INCORPORATED makes and builds tools for this, in packet switched digital networks and computing systems; which manage and automate complex systems involving dynamic belligerent parties and agency, information, and security against foreign fraud.

Efforts to compare our business to "Wholesale REAL ESTATE INVESTMENT TRUSTS" or other fraudulent INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICE classification in-legal-use as an "Internet Service Provider" specified in Title 47 §230 rule; such as the multi-level-marketing and shell-corporation structures observed in Dallas Texas and Amsterdam Denmark and San Jose California to shield this activity prohibited to foreign sovereign owned firms; is a national invasive real estate and territorial grab for vital control and communications exchange systems, using in-name-only cutout and proxy domestic staff to stand-in for foreign unregistered sovereign interest and control of United States vital avenues of commerce and communication.

Like controlling the rivers in the era of Mark Twain, which were vital arteries of commerce; or later the highways and Interstates to tax and provide a differential level of travel and service covertly to delay some mercantile activity and enable and deal exclusively with others; these actions in digital exchange and trade among State of Texas, State of Illinois, State of California, State of Michigan, State of Florida, Panama, Singapore, Australia, Italy, Israel, Denmark, and those facilities owned by NTT GROUP or its proxy firms; appear to be acting in concert with fraud and WITHHOLDING OF ORDERED POSSESSION OF A CHILD in 2001-2022 to gain commercial advantage and suppress witnesses to criminal activity in those largely unregulated areas of commercial communication in partnership with PRC and Government of Japan, and in a clear pattern with major ports of the United States to overcome and impose influence of a foreign nature over vital communications and impair the political and daily communication rights of the United States Citizens predicated on foreign law not afforded their commission as UNITED STATES CORPORATIONS (see 47 U.S. Code §230 subsection c ).

Our founder helped to draft subsection c ( see code), and subsection d; which bar tort from creating an environment where the host may EDITORIALIZE or QUALIFY material as valid or invalid while distributing an altered form of the same without paid compensation for employment and for the time committed to such INTERSTATE COMMERCE as is substantial and valuable service and labor.

Efforts to wipe out our firm for reporting this - and giving testimony against a corrupt practice, paired with other findings of FRAUD by TEK SYSTEMS at NORTEL while employed by PROCEED TECHNOLOGIES; including theft of company resources and fraudulent claims of products and license to embezzle contracts; reported by JAMES ALLEN to the DIRECTOR OF NORTEL NETWORKS, RICHARDSON TEXAS OFFICE; preceding the termination of that group are the basis for such false claims and fraud to remove his child for retaliation in extortion and blackmail spanning 2001-2022 without contact obligated by any lawful or legitimate "JOINT MANAGING CONSERVATORSHIP", and such legal claims predicated on a claim that Mr. Allen willingly and purposefully left his child without care of a parent or adult; or left the home where the child was LEGALLY REGISTERED in 2002 and take from by force to extort and remove to DENTON COUNTY in secret contrary court filings suggesting the child was then resident in DALLAS COUNTY.

So unless you want your company to stand for that serious violation, as an enterprise, with full global liability - you need to stand down and shut up and back off from any claims that you will regret; making certain all of your employees do as well and return all property and REGISTERED INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY to the firms the abductors are taking it from to sell in a clear fraudulent conveyance of title having NO LEGAL OR BINDING RIGHT REGARDLESS OF REGISTRY and in a plan to seek REGISTRY OF ALL CONTENT as a form of imagined claim over ownership of the franchise and companies from which it is being illegally and systematically removed in concert with letters of demand for payment of protection money barred by 45 CFR and Federal Law in the United States.

If any of your employees, IP ADDRESS SPACE at EQUINIX "D3" or "D4" or other NTT or similar data center are used for such fraud, or name in any claims or communication attempted with this firm or its clients - it is subject to PUBLIC DISCLOSURE IN FULL AND WITHOUT ANY PRESUMPTION OF PRIVACY DUE PRIOR AND SUSTAINED TAKING OF PERSONS FROM THE HOME DURING MINORITY FOR PLEDGED PERPETUAL CONCEALMENT TO EXTORT AND OVERCOME THE UNITED STATES COMMISSION AT LAW IN INTERSTATE COMMERCE AND INTERNATIONAL TRADE RIGHTS set forth in Oklahoma Constitution Article XXIII section XXIII-8.

You had best read the entire Oklahoma Constitution and "McGirt v State of Oklahoma" decision before you bring claims or issue any public statement against this or any firm or client of the State of Oklahoma or HOMESTEAD ACT SETTLEMENTS OF NATIVE AMERICAN TERRITORY in industry.

Further, "Asset Forfeiture" and "BLACK CODES" are expressly prohibited by the SETTLE LAW made in open court a proclamation of the unanimous SUPREME COURT OF THE UNITED STATES in 2019 themed binding over all States of the Federal Union as Franchise of the Union and collateral to those terms since 1858 July 9th.

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