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Raccoon Technologies Incorporated

Heavy Machines

Raccoon Technology Incorporated produce a horizontal-mainboard workstation-class PC for high-density multi-core RTX based ray-tracing game systems.

Heavy Machines™ are designed for use by professional interactive streamers. Heavy Machines™ are designed to be all-in-one fixed engines for live RTMP broadcasting across numerous platforms.

Each system is supported by a 10 year operational life plan. Optional upgrades are designed to extend the capabilities. Warranties are available to 47 States. Alaska, Hawaii, Texas, and U.S. protectorates are not covered.

Costs include sourcing of new technology including X570 PCI-Express 4.0 bus, RTX SUPER cards and drives compatible with the full capabilities of this newer bus speed; and equipment in pre-order for shipping on factory release like the lastest sound and encoder technology. As a result, all Heavy Machines are subject to a manufacturing run sales cycle with shipping immediately after integration to customers ever 3 months. The next shipping cycle are: December 1st 2019, then March 1st 2020, and June 1st 2020.

Heavy Machines pricing start at $3500 USD. Systems feature AMD or Intel solutions up to $10,000 USD. With peak GPU cards exceeding $1200 USD, costs are related to the full capabilities often cut by 50 to 75 percent in consumer and prosumer models.

Customers looking for simple gaming platforms and business office PC products may not realize there are options.

How To Order

Consumers may purchase at SDP Multimedia Group or other authorized retailers. Raccoon Technologies Incorporated supports and sustains the warranty role for these machines, while boutique resellers offering software products like Newtek Lightwave and The Foundry 'Modo' products and licensing manage regional sales.

Retail and wholesale buyers may purchase directly with 90 day lead time. This allows our legal department the required time for underwriting of risk in large volume orders and captial deposits to ensure warranty services are fully backed as is regulatory obligation of insurance and similar services in underwrting cost and risk.

Any business familiar with ordering from distributors will recognize the process. United States businesses must provide their sales tax permit for purchase in resale. Unregistered enttities must purchase via authorized retail outlets.

  What is our Market Segment?


  • 384 kHz 32-bit fidelity audio for superior broadcast services
  • RTX SUPER technology with PCI-Express 4.0 bus
  • XCORE modular design for 120 month lifecycle
  • Antivirus and Firewall software Integration

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