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Heavy Machines

Heavy Machines™ are designed for use by professional interactive streamers. Heavy Machines™ are all-in-one live RTMP broadcasting solutions to produce and edit CPU and GPU intensive broadcast-quality content.

Service and support covers the Continental United States, excluding Texas/California/Michigan/Minnesota and Florida.

The term "Heavy Machine" is preferred to indicate the industrial cabinet nature of design common to genuine facilities equipment in metro computing, not often seen now in "Workstation" class PC builds and mid-tower construction.

Heavy Machines™ are designed for single operator professional skilled use, and are not a substitute for game console or office PC systems at cost. Use in scientific and visualization computing necessary for specific media case use are very narrow market sectors, not commonly exposed to parties outside core industry work for film and telecom administration in global services.

Heavy Machines™ are to Personal Computers what luxury cars are to consumer or used cars. A prototype technology and industrial master crafted build, engineered and priced for support in professional use and performance off-road or for proprietary application in emerging industries.

How To Order

Heavy Machines are available to registered businesses and incorporated buyers, and are not entitled private use or support for private individuals due to proprietary products and services, network access, and to prevent misuse of certified credentials provided with each system to company portals and offers.


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