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October 04 2022 - §§ brutal

How Hegel Brought America to Violence in 2001-2022

G.W.F. Hegel proposed as if true, that any claim is partially false and the only thing that the Court or State can do is choose the middle road. His beliefs led to genocide, murder, and enabling the racism and violence he claimed to oppose, because he was a fucking idiot.

Hitler, Marx, Stalin, Mao, and modern Progressives still cling to Hegel, because it is the core of a legal theory that suggests their actions are lawful and right even if they do wrong to others.

Understanding this "compromise is truth" and "there is no absolute rule or truth" approach, helps to see why Hegel is the go-to philosophy of genocide, racism, and terrorism under color of false use of mass communication and incitement of violence against individuals. It is especially powerful as a means of inciting populist movements against individual objection, to overcome by force of suffrage (votes) the legal reservations of persons before the law and in society; and to consider individuals as inferior to the determination of society as a body politic - contrary all reason and prior pledge of security and property in total perfidy (fraud and betrayal).

To understand the core elements of Narcissistic Abuse and Sociopath Triangulation used by criminal fraud, a fair reading of G.W.F. Hegel is necessary - as it dispels the myth that such evil as we have seen was originated by the Nazi Regime of Adolph Hitler or the Stalin purges and Mao's "Cultural Revolution" to overcome the old government (REPUBLIC OF CHINA) in a violent uprising and mass murder with genocide to give control to the new mainland government (PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF CHINA) which we know today as the PRC, and its government the "Chinese Communist Party (CCP)" as an enemy of the United States Contitution and the Laws of the United States.

Our reliance on countries who surrendered in 1945 (NATION OF JAPAN) to the United States, and false confidence in those nations government and their commercial interest (23% ownership of NTT GROUP) to misplace access to our nation and its telecommunications and data services which we would not grant to PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF CHINA (PRC) directly - failed to recognize the legal and economic partnership with the PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF CHINA and NATION OF JAPAN commercial franchises known today as "TENCENT HOLDING CO LTD" of China, "SOFTBANK GROUP CORP" of Japan, their client and later mutual board member with the prior firms simultaneously in Jack Ma and his firm ALIBABA GROUP CO LTD of China; and nexus of these firms with optical Internet national projects and monopoly of $100 billion annual revenue and 300,000 employee NTT GROUP of Japan after their contract to provide those major services to PRC following a cancellation of the contract with NORTEL NETWORKS (employer of the father of the child in thie prior dispute, a Senior Software Engineer tasked with Internal Affairs under color of consultaton and department title WIRELESS ENGINEERING TOOLS DIVISION of the Richardson (TX) facility from Aug 10 2000 to Aug 10 2001).

Know the parties. Know the dispute.

The parties in this conflict are all industry professionals working for different governments through the franchise of corporations made in multiple member States (MI, CA, TX, OK, AR) and nexus with Ontario Canada formally organized labor for the FreeBSD operating system there fraudulently promoted as an original product and for protection services against "derived work" claims common in IBM owned "Redhat Labs Enterprise Linux Operating System RHEL) operating system developers in Oklahoma, represented by RACCOON TECHNOLOGIES INCORPORATED and their partners.

In some regard, this is about "who owns the (Old) Internet".

In other respects, it is about who owns your body, your thoughts, your mind, your opinion, your physical and intangible property, your franchise rights which are legal rights before the law applying to many valuable products and discoveries of your own creation, and to the ownership of your children and family.

To cut to the chase, "Hegel presumes that the State, and in representation of the State locally then the community, owns your body and labor and child and title."

"He's a fucking enemy combatant of the American People and a traitor to the Human Race."

The Witherspoon family of New Jersey, who instructed and taught the persons who drafted the Constitution of the United States, for whom my name is legally made under Indian Territory Law, WITHERSPOON JAMES; if I am not known by my birth mother's name and in that same tone "OVERTON JAMES", named after the Governor of the Chickasaw Nation with whom I bear a moderate resemblance in features contrary white parents and separation by fraud and force from the tribe of the same name and by blood concealed from 1975-2021; both hold the Laws of the United States do not afford taking for public use of private property (4th Amendment) without legal cause exclusive of FINES by a Civil Court (U.S. Sup Court Case 17-1091 in the 586 Session, per Ginsburg); nor the lien upon the body of the living person (U.S. Citizen) for labor or service or other works to satisfy such claims of FINE by a Civil Court (14th Amendment), duly settled law.

December 16 2016, upon gross abuse of persons observed and "coercion" admitted in dissenting arguments to admit and confess a crime by UNITED STATES failure to act in those cases, did Turner v Rogers et al prompt FEDERAL REGISTER VOLUME 81 NUMBER 244 to address criminal conduct like "Petersen v ALLEN" and "PETERSEN v ALLEN" in 2015 and 2018 false claims; to end effective February 17 2017 unless some Federal Exemption to sustain those practices were awarded by ruling on Federal Contest at law; the illegal sustained abuse and collection efforts of TITLE IV AGENCIES barred their commission and never granted to the States as a power of the Civil Courts.

Representatives of NATION OF JAPAN and PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF CHINA, both slaves in every aspect to their own regimes and without these rights or protections, are seeking in criminal support of Veronica Petersen, Donald Beal, Brian Young, and Alicia Scarbrough - employees of FAIRWAY INDEPENDENT MORTGAGE of TEXAS in DENTON COUNTY, ROBERT HALF TECHNOLOGIES / NTT GROUP, KEIF-LP ENID RADIO (a dissolved organization in FCC Registry), and SCARBROUGH DESIGN / AKA DESIGN / INFAMOUS PRODUCTIONS LLC of Arkansas (a dissolved company); to carry a fraud in cause and claims no different than the prior "HEGEL" theology and its imposed eugenics and natioanl socialist progressive movement practices themed before our office as "SOUJOURNERS", "THE WEATHER UNDERGROUND", and similar organizations mixing radical "RUISM" (a religion, per CCP registry; incorporating CCP political ideals as Confusionsist styled pseudo-science impying mental health disorder in anyone who opposes or dissents against the Party or collective political authority and policies).

RUISM is the basis for the popular "Follow the Science" claims of CCP media in the United States, as if the "SCIENCE" were a settled truth and contest or objection or any resistance to it a proof of mental illness - which is fraud. In fact, suffrage (franchise to consent or dissent) is a protected right in the United States, and expression of such suffrage is a 1st Amendment right; separating the dissent by objection in good civil order from the act of refusing to perform a duty legally - such that a person may dissent without being criminalized or penalized for that objection contrary and without regard to their separate legal decision to participate or refuse to undergo a procedure.

These terms are important, as they do not exist in CCP or NATION OF JAPAN language and structure to distinguish the right of mind and opinion and public expression and transmission of that opinion a protected right in mass communications services which 47 U.S.C. §230 §§(c) does not allow the carrier to "MODIFY" to any extent (as if an Editor). The right to distribute or not distribute, and to make notice of such limitation of equal access to market, is a duty of 47 U.S.C. §230; and the solicitation of equal access for participation then not done or bias against certain views and claims to discriminate against the 1st Amendment Right or penalize persons for sharing others opinions, is a crime per the language of 47 U.S.C. §230 contrary claims of foreign owned publicly traded and privately held "social network companies".

I know because I helped draft the language, and this was discussed in the choice of subsection (c), when we were lobbying for its bill in 1996.

The effort to suggest other rules apply is fraud (18 U.S.C. §1341) because it is a medium of commerce offered on the presumption that the tort (terms of service, a civil contract) may NOT VIOLATE ARTICLE XXIII section XXIII-8 and XXIII-9 of the State of Oklahoma. These rules, written there in 1907 made Supreme Law and applied to all member States as protection from tort in perpetuity, were "common knowledge" at the time which did not need to be written to be well understood as "Constitutional Law is superior to State Constitutional Law and held to be integated with all State Constitutions per AMENDMENT 10", and the "Statutory Law" made then by the Congress of the United States for the United States was inferior to that body of law as it was the incorporation document upon which the powers of the Congress of the United States were made and limited by. The States, likewise, could pass Statutory Law which was superior to municipal codes and regulations made by communities; but not superior to the Constitutional Law of the United States nor contrary their own State Constitution, as that was the article of incorporation (bylaws) for their legal body and thus they were limited by it.

To deny this is to disclaim the "Articles of Incorporation" of the body politic (Legislature), and void its legal existence.

Process to modify a Constituion are in each document made, and that process must be followed to suggest any language of any Constitution is void or limited - and as every good attorney knows "Headings and titles are not clauses eligible for application to limit or define the scope of a Constitutional Law or Statutory Law or other code duly made."

The reliance on such headings, and to seek to isolate protections of rules like 15 U.S.C. § 1673 based on false claims of new terms for "enforcement" in TITLE IV claims, were made void expressly by FEDERAL REGISTER Volume 81 Number 244 and 45 CFR §303.100(a)(3) explicity citation of such limitations to affirm that no claims of CIVIL FINES may be imposed as a debt in excess of income of the "PARTY" that is named in a civil suit.

The "PARTY" is the "ens legis estate" made by United States in the SOCIAL SECURITY ADMINISTRATION REGISTRY for benefits payment, in case 01-17702-R, and its income paid in annual and monthly periods sole object of the 25% maximum fine afforded 15 U.S.C. §1673(a) rule; whereby since February 2017 per 45 CFR §303.6, no debt is eligible enforcement after 30 days from the first day it is owing and due. So the fine is monthly, not cumulative, per the new FEDERAL REGISTER VOLUME 81 NUMBER 244; and unpaid amounts which were based on "imputed income" (income imagined, but not of legal deposit or real payments to the estate) are inelligible any claim that incorporates their sum (FED REG VOL 81 NUM 244).

For States who are creating "past due arrearages" without regard to 42 U.S.C. §666(a)(10) rule, a duty to "automatically" modify the fine to suit real changes in income; a duty of the TITLE IV AGENCY of each state; this is fraud (18 U.S.C. §1341) to persist in such claims without a filing made prior in 30 days of legal action showing the amount sought is owing and due no more than 30 days prior and factual income paid to the ens legis estate in the Federal records of real payments received excluding non-disposable income, like payments for mortgages, cars, $11000 USD per year for subsistence costs, education, job costs, child care, etc.

FEDERAL REGISTER VOLUME 81 NUMBER 244 flipped the burden of proof correctly to the AGENCY because the AGENCY is the one asserting a right in an ENFORCEMENT ACTION, and this is the CIVIL PROCEDURE OF LAW ("Onus probandi incumbit ei qui dicit, non ei qui negat).

States who are still requiring the Obligator to show proof are automatically in default, beyond a written statement of denial, as specified in FEDERAL REGISTER VOLUME 81 NUMBER 244, and 45 CFR §302.56(f) rule.

The repeated demand that such Obligator produce evidence to stop collection or threat of incarceration or recite their cause more than once, is harassment and improper abuse of interrogation themed unlawful; and a release from the debt in a civil matter.

Hegelian Terrorism by the State Civil Courts

In the Hegelian Dialectic, this custom to carry on a continuing interrogatory with the Obligator until they concede some point of legal value or guilt, is common and accepted, but illegal in the United States Jurisdiction and State Justice and Civil Courts conduct in TITLE IV AGENCY disputes - and the rule expressly written also in 5 U.S.C. §556(d). To deny this is "Fraud", defined in 5 U.S.C. §706 and entitled restoration of the injury to the injured party without statutory limitation or excuse to suggest such full rights are de minus (unimportant or without merit due spoliation or incapacity to restore).

Hegelian Dialectic, in this presumption of an abuse of persons and de minus resort to their personal rights and time and intangible value of things like parental influence, parental companionship with their child, and injury to reputation which do not have a fixed financial value in commodity or community agreement on a standard and unjust abstraction of specific cause; are entitled full relief by a jury in Oklahoma per 23 O.S. §23-9.1 in the third degree, "unlimited damages" as the Jury sees fit without any maximum fine or limit (OKLAHOMA SUPREME COURT).

Only a jury of your peers is entitled to determine the amount appropriate to such false record and loss of rights, from your own community; and with respect to the fine being proportionate to actually deter the abuser from repeating the offense.

So a State with a $170 billion annual revenue, would be subject a fine of up to seven years of that income on fraud. Federal Civil Rule prohibits a fine that requires more than seven years in most cases to pay off fully; and may be further limited to 25% in a civil judgment; providing the violation was not an excess of that same limit in demands to injure another party such as 65% or 100% or over 100% of such claims. In cause, per TEXAS FAMILY CODE §157.008, the STATE OF TEXAS claims that the credit of the living person and ens legis estate must be fully exhausted prior to protection - so STATE OF TEXAS must pay as much as they can possibly borrow legally to the victims of Petersen v ALLEN, not just $170 billion USD of income, per estoppel (the principle that their penalty may be equal in the extent of law as they themselves were seeking on false incarceration and taking of prisoners to extort the foreign person illegally detained in their state by kidnapping of a child and denial of habeas corpus and due proces contrary his 76 O.S. §76-8 rights - and the rights equally of the child in a second count.

Hegelian Dialectic Terrorism is abuse of State or Court or Community power to abuse, in the false presumption that any damage inflicted will be limited to the means of the body or State contrary excessive fines imposed on victims far beyond those terms as to create by construction a state of "debt bondage" and "forced labor".

When a body politic assumes this state of tyrannical abuse of power, it is by overt action, removed by "operation of law" from the authority of the public office of the public trust" which it claims to occupy; and entitled no authority even for inaction or denial of such abuses, which were the strategy in the "Last War" with such regimes then made war crimes in "Denial" and "Complicity" with the U.S. Treaty "THE CONVENTION ON THE PREVENTION AND PUNISHMENT OF THE CRIME OF GENOCIDE."

Acts against the Native Americans prior to entry into that treaty made such defense legal. Acts after such treaty make the same defense now in "Petersen v ALLEN" illegal.

For this reason, "War Crimes" are formally alleged by the abuse of STATE OF TEXAS and STATE OF OKLAHOMA to hold the case over 3 years using the violation of the prior "Onus probandi incumbit ei qui dicit, non ei qui negat".

For this reason, the surrender of physical terriory in dispute, made subject of the 11/14/2022 threats expressly to impose a forced auction for MORTGAGE company or other estate claims to obtain false civil FINES prior the transfer or death of such persons in legal possession of such property; and to sabotage the industry of the People of the United States in active sedition and rebellion and overt violence and threats to deceive the International Community, are evident in the publications of VERONICA PETERSEN or her representative making such ICANN registration and delivering in forty (40) demands in 12 hours upon James Allen the $41,000 false claim over 30 days past such period of "first day owing and due".

You have to be fucking stupid to not read the law as it is written, and desist in such actions; or engaged in a crime against the Laws of the United States to overthrow the Court and intimidate its officers in fraud; for which the Court and County, and the State and United States are sole legal party liable for such fraud payable to the defendant giving answer to the civil contest without objection or trial to carry the claims beyond their lawful answer and motion for remedy.

It is legal suicide of a State or Nation, enjoined by Civil Process, to ignore or imprison by any means - legal or false title or medical fraud - such person who has made the sole "Onus probandi incumbit ei qui dicit, non ei qui negat" answer to negate the demand served upon them; as it undoes their public office and grants that right to the next agent of any rank or standing who then moves to occupy the office of the public trust in emergency to carry the duty of that public trust and default to their rank or forfeiture of its position; a reserved power of Oklahoma Statutory Law Title 76 §76-9, deemed "All Necessary Force".

In short, the silence of the court is tacit accent to the assertion of the party who spoke objection last; barring a citation of rule contrary their claims at law; and may not resort to "mental health defamation" in "doubt" of the claims brought for lack of their presentation of a witness with "first hand information" to contest the respondent and their superior authority of "first hand information" delivered in filing and formal written testimony as evidence, per 5 U.S.C. §556(d).

Of course such officers will make false entry to State and Federal books to conceal such acts; as is a crime alleged in 18 U.S.C. §2071 against this practice duly a duty of the Federal Justice Deparment to undertake enforcement without sale of the service to the public for any thing of value or any sum or concern for their own workload to suggest a right of discretion in enforcement not expressly in the law.

When such action is denied, and referred by an employee to Federal Civil Suit against the parties, UNITED STATES is a party to that suit as the office who did violate the Oklahoma Constitution Article II section II-6 guarantee made by the Legislature of the United States in ratifying the Constitution of the State of Oklahoma in 1907. Any agreements the United States had with other States prior to that agreement are void, in claims raised by members of the State of Oklahoma entitled protection; and a further wrongdoing for sale of those relief contrary pledge to State of Texas in previous contract which this new agreement voids.

Things fall apart pretty fast at that point.

Hegelian Dialectics is a strategy of rhetoric that focuses on "pulling the strings out of a garmet" until the garmet falls apart or the victim flees the engagement. In the case of the TITLE IV FRAUD, STATE OF TEXAS maintains that the victim can never leave the abusive engagement, even if they travel or settle in other States, and cannot leave and return to the United States if they do not first pay the illegal fine, and work to do so, prohibited by the Civil Court powers and Federal Rule, and 45 CFR, to create "debt bondage" and falsify a claim of forfeiture of franchise and suffrage that has granted the investors in DALLAS TEXAS by NTT GROUP, COGENT COMMUNICATIONS, DIGITAL REALTY TRUST, EQUINIX, TEK SYSTEMS, ROBERT HALF TECHNOLOGIES, and other parties operating under color of franchise in STATE OF TEXAS as their commercial parties - unlawful advantage over the STATE OF OKLAHOMA and UNITED STATES commissions targeted by this fraud and illegal taking action.

This act serves NATION OF JAPAN, PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF CHINA, and their presence and investment in other States competitive with State of Okalhoma Residents; such as STATE OF CALIFORNIA; in what appears in ZEN LAYER INC. marketing of EQUINIX facility as assets of book for investors confidence to be securities fraud in identical plan to pledge of services by PACKET CLEARING HOUSE of California for NTT AMERICA INC. of Michigan as their "Affiliate" in for-profit business activity in joint labor activity with LOSTSERVER members in Texas and Candada.

Where such nations support "Hegelian Dialectic Philosophy" as indistinguishable from "mental health", and regard the suffrage and individual rights of the Okalhoma party and their firms as subordinates to this Civil Judgment claim, a fraud on its creation in kidnapping of persons for ransom and extortion; without due process or relief in a premeditated plan to blackmail an existing company and VITAL EMPLOYEE of NORTEL NETWORKS over SPRINT in acquisition of such equity by SOFTBANK GROUP CORP and DEUTSCHE TELEKOM jointly - that activity appears to be Cyberwarfare with kidnapping component incorporating with State Telecom securities fraud to impair labor and Canadian Companies named in CANADASUCKS registration by Donald Beal and projection of blame by Veronica Petersen for her termination from employment at NORTEL after exposing her breasts at an office event, an act that would be sexual harassment in most workplaces.

Veronica Petersen stated to Allen that she did so voluntarily because she was intoxicated at the job site; and photos of the event were circulated by the employees via company email, which prompted her to abandon her job as a Javascript website programmer on contract there.

James Allen did advise her to seek civil action for the loss of employment, but she declined. Later, Veronica Petersen claimed to have been terminated from a call center employment position after moving in to 2502 Live Oak Ave in Dallas, Texas as a guest of James Allen then solely supported by him financially and under promise of marriage. There he learned she again abandoned the job when her employer called looking for her and asking her to come back to work without any penalty for her long absence. This was early indication in concert with physical battery to cause permanent injury to James Allen by Veronica Petersen, including loss of 20 dB of hearing in each ear of James Allen where he was struck by Petesen with deadly force on three separate occassions, and locked outside in sub-zero temperatures on the evening of meetings without keys or clothing for such weather; by Veronica Petersen, in ongoing spousal abuse preceding the kidnapping of the couple's child in false abandonment fraud.

Only in the world of Hegel would such fraud find any shelter.

The Nuremburg Defense Persists (Suprior Orders)

The officers in this fraud are engaged in a claim that their (State Legislature) orders are superior to that of the United States Public Policy and Federal Civil Contract, to escape compliance with FEDERAL REGISTER VOLUME 81 NUMBER 244, settling this dispute expressly upon the prior rule ( "Onus probandi incumbit ei qui dicit, non ei qui negat").

In fact, ironically, the AUTHORITY of FEDERAL REGISTER VOLUME 81 NUMBER 244 is the "Superior Order", and the burden of proof defense by STATE OF TEXAS and "STATE OF OKLAHOMA" to represent cancellation of that claim by either expressing doubt as legal recourse to an affirmative defense; or implying expressly in such doubt a formal claim of non compos mentis or unfitness for trial that does not excuse the prior repetitious examination and unlawful hold on the legal person of James Arnold Allen.

Neither is permissible response in civil procedure on such rules; and is created by the fraud perpetrated by Veronica Petersen, Donald Beal, Brian Young, Alicia Scarbrough, and aided in written pledge there also by Brian Wolf of TERRABOX.COM, a false limited liability company witnessed by Mark Deaver, Lindsay Tarver, Michael Marino, and Sarah Moore to be little more than a human trafficking effort exploiting the taking of James Allen's child.

Refusal to afford EVENT of record to allow witnesses to enter evidence, and rejection of all such witnesses in an effort to style the defendant non-compos-mentis in a criminal fraud; are evident now in lack of answer and improper filing to sustain for 36 months a CITATION FOR FAILURE TO PAY A $500 fine on demand for EXCESSIVE FINE and without regard to FEDERAL CIVIL PROCEDURE Rule 18(b) in fraudulent conveyance by STATE OF TEXAS.

All such questions, obligated construction of a pre-trial conference, were done away with by violation of FEDERAL REGISTER VOLUME 81 NUMBER 244 in the replacement of the "Pro Se" with an attorney as though this were a criminal matter; and such representative then entereing a false plea in place of a demand for hearing to bring witnesses to the specific mental health abuse obstructing otherwise orderly financial defects and absence of DUE PROCESS and answer to such charges levied which the STATE OF TEXAS has since acted to further falsify in premeditated destruction of the transcripts (copies retained by J. Allen) and to suppress witness testimony of false trial record then made by STATE OF TEXAS in case 01-17702-R to carry a fraud.

At such juncture, a Federal Civil Complaint against STATE OF TEXAS for false trial; and refusal to admit evidence and witnesses to expose false trial from 2017-2021 appears sole remedy; and adds $2.2 billion USD in qui tam fraud per year that such court is not accessible to the victims under false hold.

For the State's part, and their officers actions, the affirmative defense "make me" seems perfectly in line with G.W.F. Hegel's style of Justice, carried so efficiently by the brown shirts of the 1930s in Germany as it has been by NATION OF JAPAN and PRC subcontractors in the Streets of Dallas (TX), Ada (OK), Midwest City (OK), Norman (OK), and Tulsa (OK) - where these forces have directly confronted James Allen and his staff repeatedly in this matter.

Under such repugnant refusal to carry out ordinary CIVIL PROCEDURE, the United States has become a battlefield of civil unrest between extremist Hegelian Progressive Democratic Socialists and traditional conservative business owners who recognize the looting taking place during the COVID-19 pandemic and regulatory fraud - requiring in 2022 January the intervention of the Supreme Court to stop the disassembly of the United States Armed Forces.

While this general unrest has polarized the dispute, which began just prior September 11th 2001 attacks on the World Trade Center, the specific abuse by the employees of the foreign owned companies to carry the fraud is not less the extremist rhetoric we all see daily on CNN and MSNBC, and equally abusive, to the tone of sounding very much like old war time "Tokyo Rose" claims and letters, mixed with sexaul assault threats and defamation that would incite most normal men to resort to violence.

The purpose of "Hegelian Abuse", in a narcissistic abuse tone, is to provoke the victim to violence which the public can then be deceived to construe as baseless - unaware of the serious amount of coercion and very serious injury to friends and family members being done to the victim and through economic deprivation of access to "RIGHT TO WORK" and other conditions of wrongdoing and taking and holds, just as the Jews were subjected to in the ghetto and Progrom activity, and starvation of Ukranians by the Russian government under Stalin.

By subjecting victims to conditions of abuse and isolation, and then incorporating their visible suffering into the "dirty jew" myth, this sort of abuse repeats the same crimes that led to the War Crime Treaties after 1945.

While sophisticated persons and business owners can recognize that the linkage of economic wealth and employment are not inherently conditional rights of persons and families, there is little they can do to shoulder the financial and economic burden imposed on such persons.

The Hegelian Terrorist

What we determined after 20 years of study of Donald Beal and Veronica Petersen, is that their associates and supporters all share a common belief.

That belief appears to arise from their desire to suggest that persons rights are the product of their employment by society and the endorsement of their peers and persons with financial means exclusive of any ordinary laws or rights of persons.

This is experssly visible in the writing of Brian Young, a man who goes by the not-for-profit name "Doctor Fear", who tried to extort the firm and Lindsay Tarver in 2010 of funds for dental surgery necessary to save her life.

Mr. Young and his associates at "SOONERCON" abused and threatened persons in the City of Ada and City of Norman, until his fraud was exposed by an FCC investigation of KEIF-LP Enid Radio; a not-for-profit license he was using to solicit advertising and demanding the money for prior its termination for violating boradcast and non-commercial use terms. Mr. Young, a teacher in Enid, claimed his PhD in "Arthurian Studies" made him superior to the target of his extortion in 2010 because of academic requirements he imagined were necessary to sit on a Board of Directors or be an officer of a United States Corporation.

In this cause, he and Alicia Scarbrough filed a false police report in 2011 against James Allen to extort the business owner; accusing him of libel for his complaint of their death threats and extortion and concealment activity holding his child; including fraud to extort in 2002 and abuse of the same medical patient in 1999 by Alicia Scarbrough during the death of the child's mother to cancer. Scarbrough had elected then to operate a pornography site with other classmates at East Central University, and was attempting to discredit James Allen, owner of the business at 925 E 9th Street where she was living and performing this work for her own business and separate from his LLC. In this activity, she attempted to falsely claim she owned MEMBERSHIP CERTIFICATES in the limited liability company, and such threats were repeated by Young and Scarbrough in 2013 using the "myluv187" alias on GOOGLE SITES to attempt ongoing extortion of Allen using his child as a hostage to overcome his control of his business and property.

At such time Scarbrough was known as AKA DESIGNS, and later adopted "SCARBROUGH DESIGNS C" and "SDC" logo, in impersonation of the registered tradename of James Allen's LLC then and since known as "SHADOWDANCERS DIGITAL PRESS (SDP)" and prominent "SDP" logo.

At the time of such false police report, both Young and Scarbrough did conceal their real role as business owners and "competitors" in film, media, and press from public record; and portray themselves as innocent persons who did not know why they were being cited in evidence of kidnapping, extortion, and threats against the firm they had in fact contacted in October 2010 to extort in writing, stating there a criminal intent to "ruin Raccoon Technologies Incorporated" in the unsolicited letter demanding James Allen give in to their demands.

Despite this fraud, and hiring of Private Investigator Kristen Mack, whom the parties publicly threatened with murder in 2013 in public notice and scenes describing "smashing James Allen's face into a curb again" in recitation of the 2002 November assault at gunpoint and carjacking with attempted murder following in 2003 by vehicular sabotage connnected to extortion activity; Brian Young was arrested in 2018 in Enid according to KOFR FOX news, which reported he was arraigned for threatening to kill two women in Enid and chop up their bodies to hide it in the river.

This is why Susan Quincy, Reflections Photography of Wagoner Oklahoma, and their staff are barred from contact with James Allen and his firm in City of Ada, Oklahoma - for participation indicated in threats in 2013 of this nature against employees and family members of RTI.

Private Investigation identified that Susan Quincy had at that time engaged in performance as a "Master of Ceremonies" of a BDSM (Bondage Dominance and Sado Masochism) music event in Tulsa, Oklahoma while portraying herself as a band promoter for "AXIS" - and using the "Goth" community to promote this sexually oriented content while appearing also in costume for Columbia Pictures Ghost Corp (Sony Pictures subsidiary) dressed as "OKC Ghostbusters", a pattern of child sexual exploitation and approach later monetized by Kaitlyn Siragusa (Amouranth) use of Disney Cosplay for nude and near-nude photography and OnlyFans marketing via TWITCH INTERACTIVE INC. is evident in both cases and contrary the purpose of a "family friendly" event like the prior 1990s science fiction convention and costume parties.

This returns to the same premise that "Whatever the people want and makes money, regardless of moral character or boundaries, establishes its authenticity based on the popular support it can generate among the select audience." Even where such activity is encouraging to entice minor girls to do "bedroom" photos and creating on the written schedule of SOONERCON a "lolita cosplay" event which intended to entice persons under 18 to wear sexual attire to a Sunday meeting - anything goes at SOONERCON since its resumption in 2007.

This activity, arising from an effort to resume the adult-only Saturday night costume ball famous at the prior events, through similar "BDSM Styled" "Sinnercon" title used at TRICK CON TREAT and other events leading up to those confrontations; far exceeded the small gathering of specialty adult boutique leather and vice vendors who regularly attend the Texas Midieval Fair, Norman Midieval Fair, Burning Man, and other legitimate professional and well run events where their skills as craftsmen and artists have been highly appreciated for decades in the SCA community.

It was a crass exploitation to make money at the expense of other people, sell sex toys, "bedroom" magazines as art, and do so under the guise of the old "art show" reputation and charities of the past (1981-1997).

What was noticable about this change in staffing and their lack of boundary issues was most clear in the content they submitted to the art show - a combination of other people's work and images cut and pasted onto their own in a mashup they wanted to take on the value without recognizing the effort in the original art. More so, it was pornography, sexual grotesque works, and things that would fall closer to Robert Crumb ("Fritz the Cat") than Larry Elwood ("Dungeons and Dragons") or Borish Vallejo ("Conan"), and crude. It went beyond just being ignorant of the legacy of the prior events, where I watched Boris paint and chatted with Eastman and Bradstreet while criticizing Hajime Sorayama for the sexuality he put into his works.

The distrubing trend was how very much the new artists thought of themselves and despised any lack of appreciation for their work; and how they looked down on people who were independent artists and studios in contrast to their idol worship of relatively well known and poorly regarded large firms they hoped to get money and sponsorship from at the expense of other artists normal activity and networking efforts there to meet new potential staff and talent. Especially when that scouting was critical of the adult industry experience or presumed to hire only where such persons were not adult-content or to require exclusion to remain outside that industry conditional any offer of employment for publicity - a relatively normal requirement for legitimate work.

It was clear that the adult industry had taken over those shows and were relying on the "family friendly" publicity solely to cover their recruiting of minors for image and video and other less moderate shows in the area.

I got the same impression when I was invited to VAMPIREFREAKS in 2001, and asked about coding for it when it was ASP based. At the time, I was a PHP programmer, and cited that would work, but wanted more assurance it would not turn into a giant chat forum for minors and for adults "looking for minors" in the New York State area and among International Users browsing for runaways in the traditional "goth" community I loved as a teen (1990s). I did not see anything to assure me of that. To the contrary, it was at best a dating site - and at its worst the RTI investigation of 2012 confirmed about 30,000 members with strong drug trafficking and organized crime elements in that community. Older members were expressing fear regarding the kind of violent members who were beginning to join, and even considering leaving due to that change in the user base.

Populism, when conventions go from 300 to 2000+ attendees; as well as websites suddenly take on a very large number of new users because the national reach suggest it may be a good place to go for sex, drugs, underage encounters, et al - ruin what is actually a pretty good idea similar to the early days of MySpace - when predators and criminals begin to harass and threaten ordinary business owners and regular users. That's exactly what happened in 2009, when Alicia Scarbrough and her associates activity on MySpace became violent and abusive toward me, including written threats of abuse during the concealment of my child. I left MySpace for a new platform, called FACEBOOK in 2009, because of that violence. It was nice, until Alicia Scarbrough and her associates again joined the platform and I began to receive threats, harassment, and abuse incorporating the concealment and holding of my child to force me to give up my business and to drive me from events in-real-life where my firm had invested money and time to market our products and seek new hires for the RACCOON TECHNOLOGIES INCORPORATED projects and management.

To be threatened by Alicia Scarbrough via the ADA CITY POLICE after she ahd done that on MySpace and Facebook; and for the police to concal her identity briefly in 2011 in concert with Brian Young in such fraud; only affirmed the RTI position that this was organized criminal racketeering activity across Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Michigan, New York, and California.

We began to receive attacks originating in State of Florida, and identified that in concert with real estate owned by Veronica Petersen and her role in that State in concert with pursuit of witnesses who fled the arson in 2002 to go to communities there.

This type of nexus of parties, attacks, and Interstate activity paired with explicit threats, written false reports to suggest no involvement while concealing a child to extort a business; and harassment to impair normal business travel into Midwest City, the City of Norman, and into The City of Tulsa by Scarbrough, in concert with threat of assault in 2011 by persons describing Scarbrough as the party inciting this violence; rendered the firm to pass a motion to bar her from ownership of stock in any venture or company of the firm unconditionally due to her activity in 2001-2012. Still on November 13 2021, I last saw her in passing in the City of Ada, and on November 14 2021 at 2:58 AM did someone create a new defamation website and contact me forty (40) times to notify me of the threats and $41,000 illegal demand on that site, in ongoing harassment to extort and increased denial-of-service activity spanning November 14 to January 7th. During that time, we received ten (10) attacks consisting of over 2.7 million requests per instance in less than ten minutes, which continue to show in police report the use of commercial sabotage and WIRE FRAUD to disrupt the business in concert with these threats and demands.

Modifications required to our servers to mitigate these attacks and automaticlly respond to these abuses implicate then the prior parties, their known associates, and criminal Interstate child trafficking to conceal a child during ordered POSSESSION to the employees of Raccoon Technologies Incorporated, a serious problem with State of Texas and State of Oklahoma laws enforce will to act against the daughter of their former IT contractor working for the ADA CITY POLICE, Alicia Scarbrough.

As a result of this abuse, our confidence to invest or solicit investment in business in the City of Ada and Pontotoc County is absolutely nil.

In concert with theft of mail from our offices, confirmed by the Postmaster this January 12th 2021 formally on its recovery in a damaged condition - we do not have faith in the United States Postal Service or law enforcement to carry out a basic indictment of persons sustaining this fraud; nor to even receive basic Civil Process in the Pontotoc County District Court after 36 months of illegal hold under color of this child kidnapping fraud contrary Federal Register Volume 81 Number 244 and 45 CFR Federal Law.

Is this good for the community?

It doesn't really matter - in the end or in the actions that initiated it. Hegelian Terrorism has never had any interest in the welfare of the real community. Only in the value of the community to serve the narcissistic validation and earning goals of the persons who are promoting those ideas of "good" and "public general welfare" to quash objection and report of real crimes in our community against real people and children.

A human being who has normal function empathy would not dismiss the welfare or injury to the child held in this way under such deceit, or the harm to the grandparents and extended family from whom they have been concealed their whole life while those persons die.

I feel - myself - like I was just 26 yesterday - before this ordeal of constant violence and incitement of Hegelian Dialectic Progressive Socialist terrorism began. Nothing meaningful has been possible in that time due to the fraud and sustained violence of this racketeering and felony stalking activity against my business in Pontotoc County, even though 13 years have passed since I founded RACCOON TECHNOLOGIES INCORPORATED in the area in the interest of creating jobs for my friends and developing a sound national technology franchise which would pay earnings into a relatively small community where I prior led specialist teams to compete and out perform national customer support and Personal Computer Support specialists for Sykes Enterprises.

As I am now 46, I feel like this criminal behavior and fraud has consumed my life and that of my child and family; and destroyed my relationship with my community and country - all in the cause of a fraud by Hegelian Dialectic Progressive Democratic Socialists engaged in terrorism, sex trafficking, child trafficking, and blackmail to dilute and damage my firm in favor of their own goals and careers and reputation.

I cannot trust hiring in the community because almost no one has not been touched by this fraud and violence at this point who live in Pontotoc County.

Any confidence that once existed in East Central University and the community is destroyed by this conduct, even after my family built sections of this town and several streets in City Planning were named after them, I don't know if I can remain in such a hostile and violent place as Ada, Oklahoma.

I don't even know if I can hold the members of the local Masonic Lodge or Coutnry Club in confidence, given the membership of such parties and their access to such groups - and the behavior of firms here who have before my own eyes sought to defraud investors of over $100 million USD in false inventory and false product RMA returns which I was forced on threat of false incarceration by Pontotoc County District Court to sell "as new" for TRIO BRANDS and INSPIRE TECHNOLOGIES LLC to "Best Buy USA" and "THE HOME SHOPPING NETWORK". That's where I was from 2014-2016, answering phones for a company that was just an import-export firm pretending to be a computer manufacturer in impersonation of my own business and to deceive the people of Ada in that fraud.

The human trafficking abuse of my living person, and to demean me when I did not have the ability to serve in the U.S. Army or unload trucks at Walmart Store #0231 to pay the illegal demands of the fraud in addition to salvaging a $200,000 fraud imposed in the kidnapping and assault at gunpoint in 2001-2003 illegal detention of my person on false promise of return of my child; underlines how victims of human trafficking can be all around us - but are invisible because the jobs they are working are involuntary labor arising from refusal to apply FEDERAL REGISTER VOLUME 81 NO 244 and cease illegal demands when people lose employment, are laid off, or are sexually harassed to the point that they cannot bear to be subjected to it any more.

I've worked at businesses where people have sold movies on DVD out of the back in plain view of the management, a policy even at TRIO BRANDS when I arrived; as well as weed before it was legal from the back of the store and over the counter at burger joints where I was a fry cook to pay the demands while my child was being abused. And the abuse and the character of such fraud was used there to reduce my hours to less than 10 a week, forcing me to quit because it cost more in gas to go than I was paid after the deductions on that check. That's how I see the City of Ada; and why the fees, services, and business practices are so constrained at our present office. Even though I've watched peers at the "family friendly" make millions by taking off their clothes and directing children to their adult sites - our decision to not enter into adult sexual content whatsoever has not resolved the illegal lien and bond created over my living person in the past 20 years. It has only created proof that the State and Federal authorities in Oklahoma and Texas are aware of human trafficking and child trafficking by the officers of the TITLE IV PROGRAM and are complicit with that activity rather than admit its severeity.


Because in Hegelian logic, "the harm to our community and loss of public confidence would be greater than the harm to the individual who is injured, so the lesser harm is chosen and accepted."

It reminds me of the "Free and Accepted Masons" rule - that one does not have to actually be a Mason, only to be admitted as a Mason. In this case, one does not have to do any real good for the community, only to be accepted by your peers as a person who claims to do so and will conform to the customs and silence of the community in its own interest as a group, regardless of injury to any single person and in separation from the truth of the matter.

That's exactly how I've come to know Masonry through Alicia Scarbrough and her actions in the City of Ada; as well as why I am genuinely afraid of remaining in the City of Ada after such abuse. I feel like the City of Ada is more concerned with its existing business and projects to the exclusion of new business or law enforcement, and members of the community who are Mason do not appear to be subject to the same suspicion that their children have imposed on others.

For a family who sat on the Board of Trustees of Valley View Regional Hospital, and served in the Emergency Room and pediatric Practice of Dr Ann Klepper, grandmother of the abducted child; I feel as though the City has ultimately abandoned everything that I was taught to stand for and resigned itself to submit to the fraud carried by State of Texas contrary being the Sole Jurisdiction pursuant to UIFSA which has the authority to determine the "amount owing and due" in this dispute; and to apply freely 45 CFR §302.56(f) rule to end the dispute with a single ruling that none of this is "just" or "fair" - the sole test of the present "primary body of law" in Federal Register Volume 81 Number 244.

Instead, per the FBI, I will have to file suit against the State of Oklahoma to compel it to submit to FEDERAL REGISTER VOLUME 81 Number 244 as a contract, and seek $7.5 to $46.2 billion in qui tam award to stop this fraud; impacting the State Budget for years to come and solely based on the State of Oklahoma or State of Texas Treasury per 45 CFR §303.100(a)(8) rule.

Because local officers would not sit down and have an adult conversation or make entry for their objection on the record citing a rule; from which false protection and a perpetual "cage" was made to hold me in violation of 42 U.S.C. §666(a)(9) rule.i

42 U.S.C. §666(a)(9)

Procedures which require that any payment or installment of support 
under any child support order, whether ordered through the State judicial 
system or through the expedited processes required by paragraph (2), 
is (on and after the date it is due)—

   (A) a judgment by operation of law, with the full force, effect, and attributes 
	of a judgment of the State, including the ability to be enforced,

   (B) entitled as a judgment to full faith and credit in such State 
	and in any other State, and

   (C) not subject to retroactive modification by such State or by any 
	other State;

except that such procedures may permit modification with respect to any 
period during which there is pending a petition for modification, but 
only from the date that notice of such petition has been given, either 
directly or through the appropriate agent, to the obligee 
or (where the obligee is the petitioner) to the obligor.

I admit, but God must really hate the United States, to send me with the prior TEXAS FAMILY CODE §157.261 "final judgment" made byprior 42 U.S.C §666(a)(9)(A) "operation of law" for $500 USD only;


(a) A child support payment not timely made constitutes a   final judgment   for the amount due and owing, including interest as provided in this chapter.

(b) For the purposes of this subchapter, interest begins to accrue on the date the judge signs the order for the judgment unless the order contains a statement that the order is rendered on another specific date.

Added by Acts 1995, 74th Leg., ch. 20, Sec. 1, eff. April 20, 1995. Amended by Acts 1997, 75th Leg., ch. 702, Sec. 5, eff. Sept. 1, 1997.

Which is not eligible any other "money judgement" or "cumulative judgment" or alternative legal instrument, a privilege there made to enjoin the parties;

Whereby neither the State of Texas nor State of Oklahoma may claim the demand or amount owing and due is more than the "final judgment" found in that text, pursuant UNIFORM INTERSTATE FAMILY SUPPORT ACT (Rev 2008); in which this case was filed by Clay B. Pettis for VERONICA PETERSEN in FR-18-04.

Therefore obligating a return of $107,500 USD for suing me per TEXAS FAMILY CODE §157.008 rule; and 45 CFR §303.100(a)(8) rule.

And to make entry that all claims from 2004-2022 were fraud by STATE OF OKLAHOMA and STATE OF TEXAS for refusing to admit that sum paid in full in the year 2003.

Hegelian Dialectic Terrorism would suggest, because this outcome does not suit the intent of the State, or community, or District Attorney - that it may be dismissed in favor of a new "imagined" collateral contract or order to recoup the intended fine.

That is prohibited by 42 U.S.C. §666(a)(9)(C) - which obligates the UIFSA rule making the "amount owing and due" to be fixed to the language of the TEXAS FAMILY CODE and BLACKS LAW DICTIONARY 11th Edition "Final Judgment" rule.

In layman's terms, neither the State of Oklahoma nor State of Texas can undo the meaning of the words in the Laws of the State of Texas; which would defeat by fiduciary definition of the term all child support demands made by State of Texas beyond the first amount or portion thereof which is not paid in full in the first term of any missed payment; suspending the right to apply in future any additional fines on the case or legal cause whatsoever.


Because the Legislature of the State of Texas made a poor choice of terms in TEXAS FAMILY CODE §157.261, and abused a programmer who specialized in C++ for many years before he was unlawfully compelled into human trafficking in 2001 under "debt bondage" and for "forced labor", to read the code after Oklahoma and Texas attorneys refused to do so and falsified his case over and over again without report of criminal wrongdoing or basic protections (TEXAS FAMILY CODE §157.375) to let him see his child for twenty years.

Until the Legislature votes to strike that law, all cases processed under the State of Texas before it is ratified are essentially "false book assets" and refunds owing and due per 45 CFR §303.100(a)(8) a duty to repay to the Obligators subjected to that fraud in false practice of TITLE IV CAUSE and TITLE IV GRANT FRAUD themed 31 U.S.C. §3129(a).

As the OFFICE OF THE ATTORNEY GENERAL OF THE STATE OF TEXAS testified in formal recorded message via their appointed agent in March 2021 to James Allen, the creditor of such debt is the only one who may forgive the credit - and that is not the State of Texas or State of Oklahoma or United States - so the State of Texas must obtain forgiveness from those Obligators wrongly charged and billed; and pay to them the full amount with interest for as long as that law has been in effect - or default on its obligations as a State in Bankruptcy or be subject total forfeiture it sought to impose on its victims in lien against all its assets, franchise, commissions, and registrations of patent and trademark and copyright and other intangible property, title, and port revenues.

Clearly we don't want all that, but we are entitled to it by estoppel, if the claims made are in any way supported by the OFFICE OF THE ATTORNEY GENERAL OF THE STATE OF TEXAS, as our letters and recorded telephone conversation admit.

A portion of the $10.8 billion USD issued to the States since 2017 Fiscal year conditional to Federal Register Voulume 81 Number 244, will be up to a Federal Judge to apportion to the party who filed the July 2021 "31 U.S.C. §3729(a) qui tam suit" with the Oklahoma Office of the U.S. Attorney General.

Considering that State of Texas has a $170 billion annual gross revenue per the comptroller of that State, a $10.8 billion payment may be insufficient. Fortunately Clay B. Pettis filed this UIFSA in concert with all monies from 2001-2022 subject contest, and such funds in TITLE IV GRANT made then conditioned failure from 2017-2022 to carry the new Laws and enact conformity in practice not done would suggest a clear $46.2 billion qui tam award more suitable and eligible prior "treble" damages for fraud simple and fraud in Federal Law 18 U.S.C. §1341 violation alleged; so evident on reading of the law and nature of the fraud and dispute; a matter of United States Public Policy and 18 U.S.C. §666 violation alleged in broad State policy of State of Texas and State of Oklahoma to evade and conceal its in-consideration duty to offer Obligators 45 CFR protection and security denied in FR-18-04 and 01-17702-R over 2017-2021.

It would take an act of God to change the law, so made, enjoining the failure on the fiduciary term set there in that Statutory Code, and no interpretation or other application is afforded State of Texas as it has entered into State of Oklahoma under UIFSA Rev 2008 in Fr-18-04, making both instrument 01-17702-R and TEXAS FAMILY CODE fixed instruments entitled no authority other than granted in the "Secondary body of Law" (Blacks Law Dictionary, 11th Edition).

I had to buy one in hardcopy, for $89 USD, to be absolutely sure the term "final judgement" had not changed. Or the word "discharge" also found in instrument 01-17702-R, which to a competent fiduciary or legal analyst states that the "child support obligation" in full scope of that term, is "discharged" upon first payment in 2003. It's a very stupid written order, to defeat its own purpose by execution of a single clause, prior performed, and after such date all actions were felonies in this and in any similar order.

God really hates you, if this is the "Standard Texas Order", as I have been told by several people, and it contains such language which when introduced in UIFSA makes the order a "fixed instrument" not eligible change nor authorized legal power other than application by the enjoined party in a tort themed due language to disparage breach for failure to produce the custody and visitation components, as a UNILATERAL CONTRACT under the UNIFORM CODE OF COMMERCE (UCC), and thus so subject direction to definition of the "secondary body of law" for "discharge" which is solely up to the enjoined party (Obligator).

At this point - Hegelian persons, emotionally embedded in their sense of entitled right - will suffer a full mental health breakdown and break from reality, and seek to continue to assert the imaginary claims of their original intended award, in a state known as "disassociation". This is a mental health crisis, and in a sustained presentation is a clear mental illness disbarring the party from any office of the public trust or profit in the public trust.

For the rest of us, who can pick up by big maroon book of "Black's Law Dictionary 11th Edition", and open it to "discharge" and "final judgement" - this contest is over, and only the remedy prescribed in CIVIL PROCEDURE in CIVIL ANSWER TO PROCESS as defendant pursuant "Onus probandi incumbit ei qui dicit, non ei qui negat", may be applied by a competent court of law not wishing to violate 42 U.S.C. §666(a)(9).

No. The intent of the law was not supposed to work this way - but - LEX REX - the Law is not given force by intent, but by the words in civil procedure that are employed to enjoin parties.

Prior to being detained in human trafficking, I was known by another title at Sykes Enterprises and Nortel Networks.

I was The Contract Breaker, meaning that if there was a "fatal defect" in the design of a tort (contract, agreement enjoining a party) I was the best person to bring that document to for analysis and research. David Curtis, Director of Sykes Entperises, used this to his advantage on two key occassions; as did the Director of the Nortel (Richardson, TX) facility in analysis and specifications document terms for ISO and restitution with SPRINT TELECOMMUNICATIONS recovering over $2 million USD in presumed lost billing in each case.

By doing so, I made enemies at TEK SYSTEMS and among groups engaged in fraud against the investors of Nortel Networks. That those persons then aided in carrying this fraud over 2001-2022, will surely be discovered on examination of my son and his deposition as to who told him he was abandoned for 20 years.

Law Enforcement at the Federal and Congressional Inquiry level should require that deposition; but the fiduciary question remains the primary rule; and a duty to release my legal person (JAMES ARNOLD ALLEN) from an illegal hold arising from an imaginary tort that is void on examination any claim for money or property whatsoever, is owing and due registration in Federal Easter District Court, State of Oklahoma; or a higher court of competent Jurisdiction if the United States refuse to hear our complaint.

First we must determine the contract is valid or not; giving rise to the legal claim of a financial civil debt. We then must determine if that civil debt per UIFSA (Rev 2008) is a "money judgment", or is in fact on examination of the State of Texas Law found there to be a "final judgment" not permitting any other later or additional fee claims or periods after 2003.

By refusing to answer those statements, per "Onus probandi incumbit ei qui dicit, non ei qui negat", the LEGAL FACTS of this case after 12 months without release or ruling; are default by State of Okalhoma as lawful representative of State of Texas obligated this service, to make record and report to the United States Internal Revenue Service the $107,500 USD credit owing and due to JAMES ARNOLD ALLEN immediately by the STATE OF OKLAHOMA or STATE OF TEXAS (45 CFR §303.100(a)(8) ).

Frankly, I'm very pleased with the 45 CFR and FEDERAL REGISTER VOLUME 81 NUMBER 244 language, as "primary body of law". If it were only applied, it would have resolved this matter in 2017.

The defect lies in the construction of the 01-17702-R order made by DEE MILLER, which creates a "discharge" of the award in full upon payment of the prior demand, unintentionally. Unintentional defect, in a civil collateral contract, enjoining a party - is up to the party so enjoined to forgive or sustain in force at their option.

What we are seeing is "Hegelian Resistance" and false write-down of the contempt for that rule by STATE OF TEXAS and STATE OF OKLAHOMA, which may drive 23 O.S. §23-9.1 and 21 O.S. §21-748.2 civil counter-suit damages well beyond $10 million USD post-tax.

The desire to disbelieve what I have discovered, and the impossibly unlikely stupidity of the State of Texas Legislature to make void all their child support in TEXAS FAMILY CODE §157.261 use of "final" in the statute; in incapacity to apply more than one "final" judgment or other judgment in any combination with a "final judgment", is their error; and a legal relief put there as sure as Jesus walked out of the Grave and defeated the Cross.

More certain, in fact, that faith - is the rule of Law.

And that principle is what the Hegelian Dialectic movement and its proponents are more against than any other thing whatsoever. They would imagine that the JURY NULLIFICATION process would protect them from such abuse; where they may intimidate, deceive, and abuse the public as they have from 2001-2022.

Prior to electronic mass commnication, that was not a serious threat. For the same reason, local judgment in Cities and Municipal courts prior radio were not considered a weakness of the judicial system. Hitler and Stalin proved how wrong that was in the 20th Century; and Veronica Petersen and Donald Beal proved how wrong that was with Internet Service Fraud in the 21sth Century.

Public sentiment under such complex pressure and regulatory abuse, cannot be afforded a means of "reliable escape" from Hegelian Dialectic Terrorism and "social movements" to impair the traditional jury system. People require protection in reliance on the laws and in fair access to the court without sale of any civil or criminal enforcement services or remedy. This is what "Seven Alpha"™ was made to provide, among consenting members willing to enter into a professional agreement - and the State should not refuse the public the right to such protection or security, nor may it in the context of a private network pursuant to present public policy toward 47 U.S.C. §230 violations by FACEBOOK/META and TWITTER during the 2020 Federal Presidential election.

Gatekeepers - experts in the field available on demand to examine without prejudice or fear of abuse the legal questions of our time - are not present in the abuse of the TITLE IV AGENCY systems and in the States misuse of that fraud to expand the powers of the Civil Courts and Civil Fines again to re-institute "BLACK CODES" violating the 4th and 14th Amendment, in similar Hegelian Style to the invasion of the Mexican State of Texas and California by the United States; and unlawful taking of such territory from the true sovereign nations entitled to its control.

"Seven Alpha"™ affords the public such gatekeepers in the context of commerce and business under their authority and commissioned limited license; similar to the separate INTERSTATE COMMERCE monopoly of the United States, and originally for its benefit prior to this criminal act of human trafficking.

The danger of "Seven Alpha"™ as a competing service for the INTERSTATE COMMERCE monopoly is in its efficient and consistent national scope of records and accountability of persons; unlike the many Member States of the Federal Union, it may offer users more security and less bias and discrimination than other efforts of lesser sophistication like TWITCH INTERACTIVE INC. and YOUTUBE INC.; without being a de facto "government" or "nation" and operating for-profit with clear stewardship by persons of deep conviction to the goals of equality and protection of persons upon the network, which cannot be equated to earnings or engagement or editorial activity as other services do.

It is our hope that this project does not frighten the United States and other countries in its intent to make a material secure and enforced environment for the 1st and 2nd and 4th and 14th Amendment realized by RACCOON TECHNOLOGIES INCORPORATED.

We know it will upset and destroy the Hegelian Dialectic Progressive Socialist Movement utterly; as its entire design is central to the protection of the individual against the whole of the membership in their reserved rights and privacy.

If this is starting to sound like a good idea to you, you know why we have been receiving so much violence and terrorism over the 2001-2022 period. The abuse done to James Allen has been done to all Americans since President Obama and President Biden took office. It was done to supporters of President Trump to force him from office permanently.

You see what we saw in 2001.

And now that you see it, you understand why the effort to discredit our networking project and services; integrity, and credibility of all persons who are working to build a fortress for the individual and their rights against such populist movements and foreign sovereign nations, and the scale of money and investment, violence, and unregistered influence that is being directed to disable that effort. AT this time, the ability to disbar all patent, trademark, and copyright claims which might be brought against that network are a vital necessity, which the motion for "ALLOD" to formally separate the networks of SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. from the United States and establish it as a foreign sovereign nation of registry in the Department of State for the execution of such legal rights as a sovereign nation may enjoy - there legally separated from the Berne Convention and other treaties which Hegelian Nations have no intention of enforcing or upholding while attacking American Warfaighters to destroy their families, their testimony, and their dissent against Progressive Socialism and a brazen effort to overtake the family and the living persons of every U.S. Citizen as though they are collateral that exist solely to service the community, State, and Federal Revenue or Policies.

We do not see the world that way. We do not see our people as "GDP" or the profit or income of our people as a measure of their security, their integirty, and their liberty.

WE have formed in this purpose an "Imperial American Congress", and that body a Legislature for the administration of the "Seven Alpha"™ network and governance as we anticipate a potential divergence of the 116th Congress of the United States from the Laws of the United States and its bylaws and commission duly made in the Constitution of the Federal Union and the Constitution of the many States.

That very fact, while chilling in its ambision, is a protected right of the "Enabling of Statehood Act of 1906" over the State of Oklahoma and Chickasaw Nation in such State, including their territory in the City of Ada, and Pontotoc County.

While that may unsettle the Hegelian government, it is not a CIVIL PROCEDURE to deny other enforcement or suspend "Onus probandi incumbit ei qui dicit, non ei qui negat" from full force of law and a duty to make answer in FR-18-04, duly filed without objection.

No. We don't claim to know what we are doing, and it is going to be a very confusing and tedious legal maneuver. Just as the last time John Knox Witherspoon stook up and - for the State of New Jersey - declared by his endorsement the seriousness of the Colonies legal cause in his signature.

As James Witherspoon/Overton/Allen - I stand with a foot in each domain of that legacy. The Allen name, bears a crest of Scottish Knights. None of those names, words, or credentials set me above or apart from anyone else in the American Warfighter movement. We represent the men who fought the Nazis in the 20th Century - who saw the atrocities they committed - and like myself to Robert Klepper, a Merchang Marine - we swore we would resist if this time came again. That is the legacy that this foreign Hegelian Progressive Socialist movement would have you believe is "mental illness". Because we remember this song. And we intend to change the beat.

Taking our children from us, disputing our oral testimony of their deeds and advice and words, destroying our names - these are the war crimes of Hegelian Terrorism in our Century and the last. And we will not go quietly.

But first, there is some fiduciary accounting that must be done - to dismiss the "false books" made by State of Texas and State of Okalhoma on the war crimes of "genocide" and "hegelian treason against the primary body of law of the United States, and public policy and written authority of the United States of America" that require attention.

And though the result may not be to your expecation or intent, LEX REX IMPERIALIS (The Word of the Law is Authority), and in the defense of the injured and abused - the right to the defense afforded by the Word is absolute and not eligible for negotiation or arbitration.

IMPERIAL AMERICAN JURISPRUDENCE is the law of "Seven Alpha"™, and once you understand that people would suggest it should not apply without their "endorsement", a suspension of rights reliant on consent of others, you clearly see the Hegelian Dialectic Terrorist that stands at the door of the American Empire.

Purusant to the common law, and Constitution duly made in 1907 for the State of Okalhoma, in Article XXIII section XXIII-1A and XXIII-8 and XXIII-9, we have declared and filed our formal incorporation as a political body, and in those terms of contract subject to any and all INTERSTATE COMMERCE monopoly over the UNITED STATES CITIZEN ens legis cestui qui trusts, and for all living persons (non U.S. Citizens) who also join us; we are adamant that our right to refuse the "endorsement" of others to enjoy the liberty and freedom and trade practices in accordance with ordinary law and rule equally applying (42 U.S.C. §1981) to all persons without bondage or slavery (42 U.S.C. §1994) will be enforced upon "Seven Alpha"™ and among its members both online and in matters of private dispute in the material world.

We assert that any claims contrary to this are void, per XXIII-8 and XXIII-9 rule; and those persons who would pursue those matters are enemy combatants of the American People, and traitors to the Human Race.

These opinions, in their full and legal meaning - which are "reserved rights of the People" to the power of declaration of association (1st Amendment) and to the inverse of right to dis-associate with others of our choice without penalty or restraint equally a 1st Amendment Right; do declare that for our body politic, these charges of "treason" and "enemy" defined solely in our private and legal domain separate from the United States and its Justice System and Civil Courts and Criminal Court and record; are lawfully declared and foreign to the same, owing no legal allegience or duty to comply in our communication among our people over our networks and in reasonable privacy - those rights for which we are entitled to as living persons and owners of the ens legis person names used wrongly by the UNITED STATES to suggest some lien on our bodies denied by the United States Public Policy in 586 U.S ____ (2019) case 17-1091 and Chief Judge Fox in LEX REX IMPERIALIS, a remonstrance of legal rights and protections duly filed to demand enforcement of the full protection and privileges of the living person and release on habeas corpus right of the legal person in these frauds; evident in the examination of the primary body of law and superior orders of the Federal Register and such authority that public policy of the United States by which payment has been rendered, accepted, and in-consideration those protections, privileges, and rights therein and of 45 CFR duly and expressly denied to produce default in FR-18-04 and 01-17702-R so falsely recorded to conceal this motion for "Allod" due and duty to give answer not afforded the indefinite hold it has been subjected.

It's a "big ask" as the Hegelians would say.

Because Hegel phrases everything as a solicitation which has no legal existence until it is granted assent by the other party.

But that's not American Law.

American Law is the assertion in response to the false claim, and "Onus probandi incumbit ei qui dicit, non ei qui negat". The answer given by JAMES ALLEN to his 20 year concealment, is simple: "Allodium".

Allodium means: An estate held in fee simple absolute. see also: Allod.

When a layperson can understand that a "legal person" (ens legis, creature of the court, a legal fiction made by the court such as your SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER representing an estate of record) is demanded to be released "Allodium", in fee simple absolute for a debt, as portion of payment - that means the party is asking for control and ownership without other liens in transfer of that estate outside of the United States. So all property held by that estate, all franchises, all benefits and protections incorporated into that estate as property of the UNITED STATES, are demanded transfer to the party entitled a lien against the UNITED STATES for injury.

A corporation of the United States is also an estate, ens legis cestui qui trust, in the exact same form. And Allod of that corporation to the living person or new owner themed injured party, would be likewise transferred, as a book asset of the UNITED STATES.

In similar fashion, a trademark is a letter patent of protection and registration, themed a legal thing and intangible property per 21 O.S. §21-1952 "property", entitled execution of law. An Allodium of such device, although only representative by the "Letter of Patent" would require it be conveyed to the new party and record of its prior registration updated to show foreign sovereign ownership of such mark then also registered in the State it was placed prior removal by action of law.

A copyright registration, representative by a number issued in the registry of the Library of Congress of the United States or similar foreign registry, is likewise a property enjoined to the estate of the copyright holder, and goes with the same in Allodium, to a foreign sovereign registry and fees paid updated to show it is registered but belongs to that foreign nation.

Service Marks, name rights in commerce, such as the "Christian Name" of the person themed to be the "living person" born then, to the Family registry of that group; when incorporated by a sovereign state into a "CITIZENSHIP registration such as the UNITED STATES use of SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER for this purpose, or Alien Registration Number for identical use in taxation and INTERSTATE COMMERCE monopoly participation, if granted Allodium would be converted to an ALIEN REGISTRATION NUMBER or similar use by members of the NATIVE AMERICAN TRIBES in their own registration systems.

So when a living person who is injured demands "Allodium" or "Allod", that means they are demanding HABEAS CORPUS writ to release their living and legal body and property from the Sovereign Nation that claims to have a legal jurisdiction over them.

A person who does this without land or a new nation defined by borders of land is known as a "Stateless person", and generally not given equal treatment by the laws of many nations in favor of their own nationals.

When a person with land or the right to expect land granted to them by right impaired by the injury demands "Allodium" or "Allod" over such land and property it means they demand the sovereign surrender of territory by the State or UNITED STATES to their sole legal authority as separate from the jurisdiction of the prior State, or under protection in a condition of surrender with pledge of aid and enforcement similar to the NATIVE AMERICAN TERRITORY before the United States treaties with those sovereign nations.

All of this is like a quick poke-in-the-eye after "McGirt v State of Oklahoma", that destroyed the claims of Federal authority over Native American Tribe Members who were Registered Members of the remaining political bodies of the Indian Territory in 2019. Great controversy over what this means remains despite a general dismissal of the case by State of Oklahoma and PONTOTOC COUNTY to suggest no removal of their officers or force or claims over Native Lands. However, a case for such complaint is present, as the resistance to carry out the Superior Orders by State of Oklahoma suggest an injury is still being done to persons entitled remedy. Like missing children removed from their families in the State who are by name from traditional Native Families, such as James Allen (Overton).

Therefore, if JAMES ALLEN did motion for "Allodium" of his land and places he was born and lived and was willed or given, it would be a declaration of demand for relief constituting the formation of a new sovereign national territory in the former State of Oklahoma arising from "Petersen v ALLEN" and FEDERAL REGISTER VOLUME 81 NUMBER 244 fraud.

Hegelian Theology is predicated on the notion that persons who are not satisfied with the majority rule and collective will to over rule the minority and overrun their rights, are trapped in such physical borders and body politic, and unable to leave due to debt created in excess of real income.

The idea that someone can "leave" and be granted the right to do so when abused or unhappy, dispells the entire Hegelian Social Plan.

In the 1980s, it was East Germans fleeing from captivity to West Germany.

In the 2020s, it is American Warfighters fleeing from State of Oklahoma and United States to form a new country in the middle of CHICKASAW NATION RESERVATION.

Now the Chickasaw Nation might have legal cause to object, if they land they were on was themed to be owned by the Nation in the real estate registry; but instead it has been in the State of Oklahoma real estate registry for years - and occupied by the party seeking "Allodium for 40 years continuously.

The ability to claim the property by occupation alone, is a legal basis in law for such claims; in addition to the title owner wishing to will it to the party but unable to do so because of illegal intimidation to injure the use and commercial applications of the property documented in a 2017-2022 denial of service attack and 2008-2022 similar attacks to disable AT&T Internet Services at such site.

When the State of Oklahoma and United States refused to provide protection against such acts, themed crimes, unless paid first a large sum of money not owing or due, then the rights to the territory and real property title would be subject contest.

Oklahoma Law, Title 22 Section 22-31, would afford the "Allodium" claim to make defense against such abuse a sole right of the owner of such property in fee simple a matter of Sovereign National Security and afford substantial additional rights not ordinary under consideration of the present State and Federal Justice Agencies refusal to involve themselves or make a 22 U.S.C. Chapter 78 mandatory investigation into such fraud and false cause in Federal Agency misconduct in Oklahoma.

The loss of status, and real legal risk of a precedent being set against all Hegelian Injury of this degree by such motion, to impair the territory and force maps to be redrawn and new borders admitted on any such abuse or use of the "Allod" is very costly to any Country. It is a way to make report to all countries, that the "UNIVERSAL DECLARATION OF HUMAN RIGHTS" which pledges this power in endorsement by the United States is either true or 'perfity". General Order No 100, known as the Leiber Code of the Federal Union, prohibits the Union from making such pledge in "perfity", even when such pledge is not a full treaty of the United States so making that treaty Supreme Law of the United States - as "THE CONVENTION ON THE PREVENTION AND PUNISHMENT OF THE CRIME OF GENOCIDE" is so made.

Portions and counties of the United States have seceeded before. Most notably, the Confederate States of America (CSA), which fought a civil war to try to maintain its termination of membership after being surrounded losing their marching orders on a cigar shortly after a good start.

"Allodium" is not "secession". It is the legal and "peaceful" declaration of a motion to end the claims of the United States and State of Oklahoma and other member States of the Federal Union upon some property or territory or both.

State of Texas, and some of its residents known as the "TEXAS NATIONALIST MOVEMENT" want to seceed from the Federal Union now that State of Texas is making $170 billion USD per year having defrauded James Allen from 2001-2022. They would like to formalize their refusal to enforce the order 01-17702-R, by ending the dispute with a termiantion of all relationship and duties to the UNITED STATES. James Allen just filed first; and did so in a perfectly legal way, citing injury by STATE OF TEXAS as legal cause for his "ALLODIUM" motion. Had the Court or other attorney given legal answer to such motion, in less than 120 days, it would not be themed tacit accent, then entitled by "operation of law" to be made public record and so done.

In the words of the "Texas" parlance and dialect, "You dun fucked up" don't begin to describe the real impact if James Allen is granted Allodium for SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C., "RACCOON TECHNOLOGIES INCORPORATED", "DEEP LAYER INC.", his legal and living person, his child, and the lands and property he and his organizations have been making sustained resitance from since August 11th 2001 in this matter.

The United States Department of the Treasury can always print more United States Dollars (USD) to pay any demand it owes with fiat currency. This is what makes the civil courts default resort to a fiat award meaningless against the State and United States credit system. But territory - even a 100 acres or so - lost to a major fraud and international crime due award, would not be something they can put a price on or conceal in another $2.3 trillion borrowing bill.

It would be the first "loss of territory" of the United States in recent history, and while not as awful as the U.S. Military abandonment of the Afghanistan Iterrim Government to the Taliban; it would be symbolic of the obligation of the States to read the terms of service of the paid grants they accept from the United States much more carefully before disregarding those changes made in Federal Register Volume 81 Number 244 on December 16 2016; for which the 45th President Donald J. Trump is owed a lot of credit for rightly imposing on the States after abuses evident in Turnver v Rogers et al (a father, behind on child support because he broke his back, was jailed due to inability to pay child support during such injury despite no factual income).

That case (Turner v Rogers et al) should have ended the abuse - but the member States and their employees, as well as many members of the Federal Justice Department in the region, are not willing to comply with the UNITED STATES formal "primary body of law" in authority or instruction; and are in rebellion, insurrection, and sedition in the ongoing claims against persons and to deny the Federal Union the due protection of the United States Citizens in that region. This is "Hegelian Terrorism" in its purest form.

Well, white bedsheets and burning crosses might be slightly more pure, but other than that - we are seeing the very same behaviors and Court conduct, for which "Allodium" is a wildly justified 18 U.S.C. §1593 "Restitution" for human trafficking in abuse and withholding of a child for forced labor and payment of a false debt so prohibited in 18 U.S.C. §1589 with serious injury to James Allen.

If you can't take the Hegelians out of the Court, you take the Court out of the jurisdiction. And by that, we mean you remove the land and property, persons, and all intangible and real and legal property from the control and authority of such Hegelian Terrorism acting in violation of 22 U.S.C. §7102 "under color of law or legal process" or similar 18 U.S.C. §1589 rule.

The logistics of that are overwhelming. You would need a networking engineering company, a database software specialist, a programmer familiar with security at a government and enterprise level, an expert in telecommunications with metro-class equipment installation and administration experience, someone with prior military experience, and a cadre of experienced securities regulators and former military urban combat instructor, office manager, someone familiar with the criminal justice system, someone with experience in major disabilities care and medical services....

In short - James Allen, and the staff he has assembled in his corporations are those people in detail, prepared to work for that purpose, and to support a new institutional development based on the actual Laws of the United States and Constitution of the State of Oklahoma. His grandfather owned a lending business, which build many of the houses in the City of Ada, reserved land nearby for future expansion, not yet claimed by the City of Ada nor in its territory and consistent for such development, and key properties near the University and Golf Course and highway access. It's like someone planned this.

In fact, they did, but not for this purpose. The person mostly responsible for that plan to develop the City of Ada was Orval Price, who died in 2008 waiting to see his great grandson returned as promised. 14 years later, we arrive at "Allodium" without relief. Orval was a Military Police Officer, and buried with military honors in the City of Ada.

The purpose of rushing the newborn children to Oklahoma in 2001 was two fold:

1. The child required better medical care that the Hospital and pediatric services of Dr. Ann Klepper (grandmother of the child) could provide to ensure security of the child as the Telecom Recession began (prior the September 11th 2001 attacks).

2. The extensive resources of the family to support the child were predicated on the ability of the great grandparents to meet the child prior to a serious medical condition that is known as Alzheimer's Disease; and to make any changes to their will for the child at that time, which were suspended by the kidnapping of the child.

It kind of puts things in perspective, over the lies - to know the child was being returned to a 100 acre domain where he had housing, financial support, and the medical care of an entire regional hospital at his disposal, had he not been brutally kidnapped.

The extent of that support - in contrast to the murderous horror that is Alzheimer's Disease and need for the income that James Allen earned and demanded ($120,000/yr) to prepare for the $3 million USD in support costs then incurred by the end-of-life care of those persons; and tragedy of deaths in 2002, 2007, 2008, and ongoing risk to life in 2017-2022 by this fraud and harassment, are the kind of thing HIPAA laws are made to deny public demands of invasion of the privacy of vulnerable elderly persons in their final years.

The violence therefore done by Vernica Petersen, Donald Beal, Brian Young, Alicia Scarbrough, and Brain Wolf purposefully - resulted in the death of three people and is connected to the death of three other people in 2001-2005.

James Allen is a steward for those persons who are injured and disabled and not prepared to fight this atrocious violent and disgusting conflict with the people who are holding their family member hostage for commercial advantage. He has over 2001-2022 reserved his position because his immediate physical support was needed, and that obligation has restrained him from other actions that a parent without dependents might undertake; as well as placed his family under extreme duress to care for the end-of-life of persons in 2005-2008 and 2017-2022, which include three major surgeries in 2021 December and 2022 January. In 2017-2020, James was also injured and required $15,000 in surgery, during which time his car was stolen by persons reliant on this fraud and he was forced to walk with that injury for weeks in search of his vehicle, which he stole back without aid of the local Police.

So if by now, those persons who persist in their desire to testify in this fraud against Veronica Petersen, Donald Beal, and Alicia Scarbrough for their ongoing role in terrorist activity and threats in the State of Okalhoma predicated on the taking and concealment to blackmail and extort a family with legal disablity of a clear and ordinary geriatric age-related serious illness leading to the death of two persons; "Allodium" is certainly on the table.

The details of this fraud, in examination to extort the right to "Franchise" and "The Right to Work" are an assault on the American Legal System and the American People - and a misadventure of the NATION OF JAPAN and PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF CHINA against persons who do not forgive and do not forget.

The forfeiture of all property of an intangible and legal nature of those countries would be "a good start" for such fraud as the subcontractors and State of Texas have sought to carry in this invasion of the United States sovereign territory under color of the Laws of a member State of the Federal Union in State of Texas, under administration of Rick Perry, Greg Abbott, and Ken Paxton.

There may be no way to "return to peace" with the UNITED STATES as a result of the actions of those officers.

Given the conduct of STATE OF TEXAS, it is the formal opinion of the Witherspoon family of Oklahoma that such State is foreign enemy combatant and a traitor to the duties of the Federal Union in their rejection of Federal Law and Due process, and are working a fraud for the NATION OF JAPAN and PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF CHINA.

Elements themed "footholds" in State of Michigan and State of California would suggest this unregistered "LOSTSERVER" labor activity is both designed and executed by the initial landing of NTT AMERICA in State of Michigan to pose as a small competitor of NORTEL NETWORKS of CANADA and to recruit persons in State of Texas who did have working access to their office and a grudge against such company, affording transfer of information and insider access to sensitive systems for which they did organized and act to damage NORTEL NETWORKS and relay information prior to the sudden and precise takeover bid by NTT GROUP (owner of NTT AMERICA) to replace the bid prior accepted by PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF CHINA, and enter into a formal commercial relationship with that nation and its largest companies and government which the United States did not perceive as a pass through relationship in acts of NATION OF JAPAN corporations SOFTBANK GROUP despite $7 billion dealings with TENCENT HOLDING CO LTD and effort to buy NVIDIA CORPORATION in a concerted plan and fraud to acquire for PRC all patents of ARM HOLDING CO LTD in perpetuity by registered and unusual order of the court there themed an official irregular conveyance during bidding predicated on those exclusive patents.

You don't have to be in busines long to recognize a "bait and switch" scam in that transaction; nor doubt the nexus of parties and 50% equity purchase of EPIC MEGAGAMES and RIOT GAMES and 10% equity of PARADOX INTERACTIVE AB by TENCENT HOLDING CO LTD in context to such ongoing direct extortion and violence against a U.S. Domestic firm opposing this industry and to "forfeiture" of the franchise sought by those companies - to realize the nature of such false claims where they cross with DIGITAL REALTY TRUST and EQUINIX joint dealings with NTT AMERICA and NTT GROUP.

The United States is unfit to defend itself from this form of organized fraud.

"Seven Alpha"™ as a professional organization recognizing the organized industrial and criminal activity of PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF CHINA and NATION OF JAPAN in kidnapping and blackmail claims themed on their foreign theory of law to extort property from the firms in Oklahoma; is the sole practical remedy, and would be impaired by remaining in the jurisdiction of the UNITED STATES or its member States of the Federal Union, due to their perfidy and gross incompetence over 20 years of sustained fraud in aid to this incursion.

As Oliver North, Ret. Colonel, said - we are already at war, and this is the nature of that war.

State of Texas has chosen to side with the enemy, because it appears to suggest that its right to stand while the rest of the country falls is in its best interests. State of Texas should never have been allowed to rejoin the Federal Union, and was the last resistance of the CSA which upheld this "BLACK CODE" barred by the United States Supreme Court evident in "Petersen v ALLEN", and its intent to sustain such peonage and debt bondage and forced labor fraud, are evidence of its incapacity to stand as a recognized member of the United States now or at any time in the past. All obligations to such a body should be made void, and its Governor replaced as prior State governors have been for lesser offenses. Barring that, UNITED STATES must grant "Allodium" to the victms of State of Texas and recognize their independent rights in such CIVIL PROCEDURE as State of Oklahoma and UIFSA representative of State of Texas in that suit did FAIL TO GIVE LEGAL RULE OR LEGAL AFFIRMATIVE CAUSE to deny such demand, and such claims to express "doubt" contary the CIVIL PROCESURE rule "Onus probandi incumbit ei qui dicit, non ei qui negat" is a violation of International Law which other nations and sovereign powers should immediately recognize and impose sactions against the UNITED STATES so long as STATE OF TEXAS remains without punishment for this abuse.

PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF CHINA, in identical activity also in State of Texas carried as if law, have rejected patent and trademark and other claims of Federal Law for products made for INTRASTRATE COMMERCE as if exclusive of regulations and protections made by INTERSTATE COMMERCE, to allow firms to utilize without royalty the products of other persons for development and testing and local sale - until such product is proven and alternatives of proprietary claims identified or rights overcome - as may afford a clear and unfair infringement upon trademarks, patents, and intangible property; for which the Berne Convention would ordinarily require payment and citation of legal right to distribute or use in commerce. This is true in PRC in SHENZEN REGION, and in State of Texas also, whereby "Seven Alpha"™ seeks in 42 U.S.C. §1981 the legal right to also rebuke claims and undertake investment and development without fear of foreign property owner claims or false claims or false export for false foreign registry to bar the small companies and local engineers form ordinary innovation purchased by the abuse of PRC and State of Texas revenue to overcome foreign objection and concealment of such abuse behind State and National claims of Sovereignty, therefore an equal protection sought and so motioned in "ALLODIUM", for that primary purpose; as this legal stealth in key technologies prohibiting other nations and territories a right to access and solicit investment is an overwhelming advantage and clearly the purpose of threats for "forfeiture" and false claims issued 11/14/2021 in ongoing extortion concerning "PETERSEN v ALLEN" fraud.

Hegelian logic would dictate that the loss of a child to impair a competitor is a justified proof of numeric superiority showing the justified right of a populist competitor to overcome an individual innovator and compel them to surrender their secrets in excahnge for provisions to protect their child.

Imperial American Jurispurdence would sacrifice the whole of the civilized world before they would let that parent be forced to choose between their child and their right to work and control and franchise of their own industry, creative works, and innovation.

Hegelian logic themes this choice as a mental illness, because one person cannot stand against the combined labor and coercive criminal efforts of millions.

It is their mistake. As all of the resources of "Seven Alpha"™ and its people stand behind the rights of the one, both the industrial rights and the parental rights - as well as the rights of the child for whom may be the true heir of such benefits and proceeds if they can be retained from foreign hostile influence and control.

That community may be outnumbered, overwhelmed, and disabled by unlawful use of force and fraud - but that is not the only possible outcome, nor are numbers the only factor that decide a contest. All our works, such as the property in "Beyond War", are projects to demonstrate that - in ways that the existing systems made by and for Hegelian world views do not permit and will not afford, by design that would betray the reality of the contest that the fools who follow such treason are being instructed and prepared to die for in false hope and pointless sacrifice that is never necessary to enjoy the rights of society and the dignity of human beings.

By now, you should know who you are with. Terrorists - or Americans.

And you should know who Raccoon Technologies Incorporated really is. You already know who you want on the wall for your network.

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