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December 07 2022 - §§ libertine

Official Position on Ukraine-Russia War

2022 May 29th - 8:30 am CDT

The loss of life by either side is regretable and tragic. We value the Ukrainian and Russian People equally with American, French, German, and Chinese members of our own families, and find it deeply offensive our competitors in Japan and Texas seek to deceive the public to the contrary by use of those nations to carry out terrorist activity.

The history of ethnic and cultural genocide exists on both sides, and what is seen as a nationalist movement by some in the West, is a repeated injury barred at law a continuance in any degree by either side presently; a fraud to inflame tensions and create conditions of war paired with provocation of national industry by private sector by seemingly stateless (Ukrainian) Agent provocateur activity financed by China and Japan.

Ukraine represents a huge resource in both food supplies and vital energy transportation, as well as rare earth elements and micro-electronic manufacturing, whose disruption serves only to empower Peoples Republic of China (PRC/CCP) and Japan and the Netherlands / Amsterdam and German nationalist groups as brokers of the war in Donbass and Luhansk.

If the United States so wished it, military operations could end the war today. The supplying of arms is a means to kill or capture as much Russian military assets as possible with minimal risk to NATO forces, like prior proxy wars in Afganistan, Iraq, and Viet Nam. The Ukrainian people are dying for "research" into the capabilities of the Russian Armed Forces, at a huge loss of life to both sides.

Alteration of rivers to Crimea are war crimes, prohibited in the articles of war, done by Ukraine prior to the invasion. Such geo-engineering is cassus belli, and the Ukrainian government of Zelenskyy seems to be incompetent to the facts of these rules of war in pursuit of its break-away regions and pressure to coerce its territory return, that a full scale invasion was the sole remedy to stop this extermination of people barred by the CPPCG Treaty.

While the cost of such actions is horrible, the failure to act on the grounds that such war crimes are committed by a State against their own people, is more horrible negligence of a neighboring state. Rules against forced conscription and the conversion of all persons regardless of gender to military service, as create massive human trafficking in children and displacement of children in vulnerable conditions, are illegal acts by any state. And doing so in concert with use of civilian structures and civilian collaboration to attack military forces void ordinary exclusion of artillery and other heavy weapons against otherwise protected targets - falsely portrayed to defraud and deceive other publics for military aid and support by Ukraine. Torture of prisoners, alleged against Russia, has been verified against Ukraine execution of Russian Prisoners and racism on songs calling Russians "Orcs" evident before our office, substantial proof of a radical and racially motivated killing systematically by extremist forces under military authority of the Zelenskyy regime; to support cassus belli claims of the Russian Federation. Refusal of negotiations and ad hominem abuse of persons citing legal duty to enter a rational negotiation, also assign fault for the continuance of a war to extermination similar to Hitler's "Final Solution" against the Russian Federation, in a delusional and narcissistic belief the NATO Alliance and other Western Nations will rise up and smite the Russian State for Ukraine.

This is not without basis, predicated on piracy of property and retaliation against civilians in illicit taking of property and sabotage by Western States, and in the supply of arms and logistics (Starlink) which are military assets having status of nexus in command and control in the United States, a component of the Ukraine military now engaged in open war.

The Russian Federation is therefore in checkmate, against use of its weapons to secure its border and those of the people it guaranteed certain protections, from foreign intervention and invasion to overthrow those rights granted by the United States and other nations in the UDHR.

Incitement of the killing and conflict by Western Media only further supports a self-defense claim for Russia, in concert with economic sanctions indicating an "undeclared war" between the United States and Russia have already begun.

We can therefore not take a position that these claims and reports are legal or accurate, and cite the fraud to extort and kidnap members of our own employee family and attacks launched from Dallas Texas, Chicago Illinois, and other NTT / COGENT data centers corresponding with business in Italy, Singapore, Australia, and Ukraine - as evidence of a criminal organization to extort and traffick in children, against which the Russian Federation or any people are entitled protection to the full extent of military interdiction and relief from policies of "forced military service" reported and confirmed in a mandatory enlistment and full mobilization of the national population to protect such acts and threats and provocation evident in letters from ROBERT HALF TECHNOLOGIES, TEK SYSTEMS, and TERRABOX received by our company in 2011 to extort and withhold ORDERED POSSESSION of a child for commercial use and commercial purpose.

American Warfighters and Russian Soldiers have fought national socialism of the character of such letters together before, and we feel due to the tone of those letters and renewed threats in 2021-2022 that war against the nations harboring these "national socialist workers party" (NAZI) sympathizers is justified and necessary military action to protect people from the criminal exploitation of their children and forced labor in abuse of fabricated credit identical to the economic policies which empowered the Nazi Party of Germany in the 1940s. Issue of credit to the parties, and AXIS sympathies, are evident in letters of racism and "G.W.F. Hegel" threats radicalized from the early 1820 "ELEMENTS OF THE PHILOSOPHY OF RIGHT" book used by Hitler and Stalin, and by Mao Zedong (CCP) - which recite fraud to attribute in HATE CRIME and Volksverhetzung genocide propaganda, the "assumed mental illness" of any party who exercise their suffrage rights contrary to the "National Socialist" theology and extremist platform and industry.

For our company, this war started August 11th 2001.

For Ukraine, it began in 2014. For Russia, 2022. The effort to smear these dates and facts together to confuse and seek sympathy from an injured public, shocked at the degree of violence - is a deflection from human trafficking and agency in human trafficking wrongly styled a right by the PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF CHINA (PRC) and NATION OF JAPAN in early 1999 entry to Michigan and Texas as a commercial arm of the GOVERTMENT OF JAPAN and unregistered foreign sovereign agent of the PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF CHINA to extort NORTEL NETWORKS and PROCEED TECHNOLOGIES of its client business SPRINT, and sale jointly to DEUTSCHE TELEKOM and SOFTBANK interests sustaining old Nazi ideologies in former refuge countries of The Netherlands and Scandinavia.

Those nations forward claims to renew the NATIONAL SOCIALIST WORKERS PARTY (NAZI) platform, are an assault upon the world and specific abuse of U.S. Military service pesonnel who remember and recognize and are alarmed by the claims presented to deceive a new generation 80 years after the last NAZI uprising in Germany, Italy, France, Japan, Russian, and China. A movement that styles all other cultures and religious convictions as "mental illness" in a practice no less extreme than the TALIBAN or AL QUEDA movements, and far less civil in their duplicity before Allah and in extent beyond the limitations of "the doctrine of taqiyya" to aid in Communist and Socialist activity appealing to the least sophisticated and hardline athiest and sexually deviant communities libertine values.

Having seen and witnessed this in fraud and false claims of written and extensive publication by the prior ROBERT HALF TECHNOLOGIES and TEK SYSTEMS employees, we assert that we wish for the quick end to the Ukraine War and safety and full protection of all combatants on all sides - with recognition that such conflict was one of engineered scope and to murder thousands of people in commercial inderdiction of trade and piracy carried out under lack of education to suggest Citizen and concealed persona terrorism was without a State-based remedy of self-defense to nations and cultures targeted by HATE CRIMES and organized crime under color of State government protection a fraud and liability written against the national security of such people and their entire registry and standing before communities and victims. A state, by complicity, affording or legalizing crime against persons and chidlren, is obligated no standing or legal continuance, and void.

Like the People of Oklahoma, the Russian Federation has been provoked prior to this conflict, and is entitled to defend itself and impose sanctions and take action as a sovereign state, for which the International Community in abuse or economic harm to disable its credit and ability to function is an act of war on prima facie also.

All beligerant parties are urged to show restraint, and to recognize the futility of this conflict where such violations of the Law of Nations and Natural Law conceal a more organized taking and debt-bondage offers to Ukraine, which the State seeks to deflect upon Russia for its aggression to put down a rebellion in Donbass and Luhansk, of no lesser scope than terms it now extends publicly in calls for aid on behalf of its own state. These cannot imply liability on Russia for acts later carried by Ukraine facing similar overwhelming odds, and estoppel preclude they sustain their dispute against the regions having admitted such rights are human rights when threatened, or be destroyed as a nation (again). Calls to overthrow the Russian government as a resolution to such conflict are as void as the dissent to the attempted overthrow of the Kyiv Government by force, and a clear lack of superior legal cause concealing war crimes visually depicted on International news coverage by Ukraine in their rush to defend and improvised defense contrary the Laws of War.

We pray the situation and conditions on the ground do not deteriorate and such laws be abandoned further. And for a swift end to such absurd posturing during global escallation of war and human trafficking a factor in this fraud to overcome the intellectual property of persons and destroy culture and elders systematically in Oklahoma by allies of Ukraine engaged in this systematic and criminal socialist fraud activity for Japan and China.

Russia would not be ill advised to notice Beijing and Tokyo are the seat of such abuse, and to align their weapons toward those beneficiaries instead of the NATO countries, or in equal measure, for the financial and electronic support critical in sustaining the war effort against its army and calls for its destruction to overcome the Republic of China and other independent nations resisting CCP/NOJ demands for monopoly and national labor organization in a global government under ICANN/ARIN/RIPE direction barred at law, a product of NTT GROUP and SOFTLAYER efforts joinly with TENCENT to overcome the market during such disruptive activity and foreign provocation in false persona, in joint work with DEUTSCHE TELEKOM / SOFTBANK activity, and in Electric Vehicle legislation of SOFTLAYER ROBOTICS of FRANCE closely associated with DIGITAL OCEAN ISP attacks on our network daily. In concert with $7 billion investment in UBER by TENCENT/SOFTBANK to overcome W2 employment and benefits in the European Union and United States, such moves appear disruptive technology efforts to sell the very drone technology killing Russian Soldiers daily in Ukraine/Donbass/Luhansk.

Further have we observed SOFTLAYER employees actions in this, despite acquisition as an IBM company, to incorporate our development illegally in 2022 fraud letters, a pattern in NATION OF JAPAN abuse of International legal rights - systematic with this violence and commercial electronic warfare by Ukraine - a cooridnated effort to harm the real works protected by Oklahoma Statutory Law Title 78 and Universal Declaration of Human Rights by ROBERT HALF TECHNOLOGIES, TEK SYSTEMS, and other contractors for NTT GROUP labor union unregistered activity (LOSTSERVER / LOOPBACK0.NETWORK) hosting in the United States and criminal activity toward our firm in 2021-2022 themed violations of the Emmett Till Antilynching Act and other HATE CRIMES ongoing in April and May 2022 commercial trade interdiction and piracy activity. Prior law in Title 21 Oklahoma Statutory Law, Section 21-3 and 21-8, obligate this notice per §22-31 of Title 22.

Follow the money. Find the War Profiteer in a Genocide.

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