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Raccoon Technologies Incorporated

December 07 2022 - §§


2022 May 29th - 8:00 am CDT

Letters of Extortion November 14 2021 to April 2022, included impersonation of two residents in the PONTOTOC COUNTY region, a false guardian ad litem to obtain control of this company and against a child of the victim then created by presentation of a POWER OF ATTORNEY for medical care over one person, and resulted in the DEATH of that person.

Prior presentation, paired with a FALSE LEGAL SERVICE OF LEGAL PROCESS to obtain video entering the RACCOON TECHNOLOGIES INCORPORATED office without a SEARCH WARRANT were then published the day after the death of the prior victim, on YOUTUBE.COM, and to extort and tamper with a jury.

Threats containing these frauds were transmitted to the victim's son April 4th, 8th, and 16th and via FACEBOOK and TWITTER to extort, and again March 13th in concert with a written letter by U.S. Mail to demand $10128 USD on threat of false arrest incorporating a fraudulent civil debt already under 15 U.S. Code §1692g process subject ORDER STAYING CASE, a fraud to extort.

Persons engaged in this process were VERONICA MARIE PETERSEN and DONALD JOHNATHON BEAL of State of Texas, on behalf of NTT GROUP subsidiary COGENT COMMUNICATIONS and using to carry such threats via ICELAND based DEPREF.NET and prior LOSTSERVER group incorporating the NTT AMERICA and PCH.NET member DIRECTORS found on patriot, atlas, titan, harpoon, and saturn host servers used to support this fraud during withholding of ORDERED POSSESSION to the victim and harassment resulting in the death of the child's grandmother and great grandparents in 2007 and 2008 over 4 years of substantial medical suffering (2004-2008). Such organized activity is prohibited in Oklahoma Constitution per Article XXIII-1A and expressly by XXIII-1A a crime, and all contracts under such duress or color void per XXIII-8 and XXIII-9 rule.

For those acts:
ICELAND, NATION OF JAPAN, PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF CHINA (PRC/CCP), SCANDINAVIA and THE NETHERLNDS, BRAZIL, CANADA, and other countries engaged in these acts of terrorism are barred export or license of RACCOON TECHNOLOGIES INCORPORATED products and services by region - citing interference in Interational trade and violation of the BERNE CONVENTION to harm U.S. Patent and Trademark registration in knowning theft, export, and resale of registered marks of our vendors, clients, and their families from 2009-2022. This conduct is consisten with HATE CRIMES and illegal per 18 U.S. Code §249 subsection (a)(5) and (a)(6) rule; and are similar to KLU KLUX KLAN activity with State of Texas aid to ignore FEDERAL REGISTER VOL 81 NO 244 changes in Federal Law to create, publish, and sustain EXCESSIVE FINES in the concealment of a child to extort and written letters of extortion from 2011 and 2013 threats - which are renewed and ongoing in 2021 November to 2022 May a scheme to blackmail over $67500 USD from the parents of the child, concealed since 2001 in a violent taking and false trial following the abductor being found "wholly in default" in 2001 - refused registration to retry the case illegally in 2002 by DALLAS COUNTY in State of Texas so sustained by STATE OF TEXAS illegally.

These acts appear motivated by political "Nationalist" and "National Socialist" and "racially motivated" trends in the the parent company employees aid to the fraud and as hiring parties exploitation and misuse of family law from their nations over a U.S. child, financial support, network access to extort, and in fraud to incite violence to sustain a 2001-2022 concealment of a child and concealment of injuries to a child, which are unlawful in the United States and violate International Law and U.S. Treaty (THE CONVENTION ON THE PREVENTION AND PUNISHMENT OF THE CRIME OF GENOCIDE) - both by complicity and the overt act and plan of action themed GENOCIDE, a war crime, aiding Ukraine and other radical government activity against established nations, laws, and in acts themed terrorism under the OKLAHOMA ANTI-TERRORISM ACT and OKLAHOMA COMPUTER CRIMES ACT and Title 78 intangible property law - and by such purpose to overcome and disable the commission of the State of Oklahoma and United States in separate directed and named acts of INTERFERENCE IN INTERSTATE COMMERCE and fraud defined in 18 U.S. Code §1341.

We are forced to reflect on targeted extortion and organized attacks from UKRAINE and persons there employed and organized under such context to support and aid these attacks, identical to attacks of terrorism on Russian Federation banking and other industries, as a stateless terrorist labor union activity - whereby assertion of GERMAN NATIONAL SOCIALIST WORKERS PARTY (NAZI) rhetoric in letters threatening (21 O.S. §21-1304) is evident and central to a distributed movement gaining support via VAMPIREFREAKS.COM, 4CHAN, and regional event support against perceived Western Capitalist institutions like RACCOON TECHNOLOGIES INCORPORATED to carry a neo-nazi policy and multi-ethnic body of nationalist extremists against the Laws of the United States and into Kidnapping & Ransom (K&R) activity aided by State of Texas, State of Michigan, and State of California in the cities of Dallas, Ann Arbor, and others associated with KEIF-LP, Plano Community Radio, and other NATIONAL PEOPLE'S RADIO (NPR) affiliates in California and Florida in concert with COGENT COMMUNICATIONS (NTT) outreach in those areas and NTT AMERICA affiliation with PACKET CLEARING HOUSE and Ontario Canada radical groups known to us as the CORE COMMITTEE of FreeBSD Operating System governance, which ALPHABET INC. and ICANN and ARIN organizations in concert to extort and host such fraud appear complicit parties acting contrary to their commission and styling themselves as a monopoly and stateless government wrongly and incorporated upon kidnapping to extort authority over independent firms barred power of law by Oklahoma Constitution Article II section II-32 and other protections conditional to the commission of INTERSTATE COMMERCE in the United States and registry of intellectual property, in knowing fraud and malfeasance of office of the Public Trust, insurance fraud, and an effort to defrud the INTERNATIONAL MONETARY FUND and DEPARTMENT OF THE TREASURY OF THE UNITED STATES barred by 18 U.S. Code §666 rule.

As lesser civil process and ordinary rule of law and common sense have collapsed, we admit that the Russian Federation has cassus bellum in its actions to respond to the aggression of Ukraine and injury to Citizens of Ukraine based on ethnic and cultural language, as we witness also in Texas and Oklahoma to extort land and real estate title and other property, a movement by NTT GROUP and its subsidiaries and partners TENCENT and SOFTBANK in coordinated action to disable Oklahoma and Indian Territory companies like those here in the Capital of the Chickasaw Nation, a Sovereign Nation. Racism invalidates all obligations under Uniform Code of Commerce to endure these abuses and void all standing where nations take and hold children as collateral hostages violating law and custom to obtain control, possession, and influence over American industry and workers.

Use of slurs like "greaser" and "bad genes" referring to Overton Native American facial characteristics, and to style NATIVE AMERICANS by their hair style as transgender-female in child taking, are offensive and disturbing activity by NTT contractors ROBERT HALF TECHNOLOGIES, TEK SYSTEMS, TERRABOX and FreeBSD members in Texas, Canada, Panama, Brazil, Israel, Sweden, Norway, Iceland, Denmark, Italy, Japan, Singapore, and Mainland China.

The firm reserves the right to respond to these "overt racist and organized labor union remarks and fraud" in the taking of family members without DUE PROCESS violating Oklahoma Supreme Court Ruling "KELLY v KELLY" (2007) standard; in false trial evident on record, and in refusal to hold trial a fraud sustained to extort then from 2001-2022, supprssing witneses and engaging in violent threats versus witnesses witnessed by NORMAN COMPUTERS and executives of a Certified Oklahoma School, CIO, to abuse, injure, conceal, and extort. These acts are repugnant to a civilized sovereign government, terrorism on face, and acts of war under color of "community standards" and promotion of grooming activity toward minor children enjoining radical members of LGBTQ+ communities and events to support child taking and fraud in commercial patent and trademark piracy on a large scale and real estate fraud in threatened "forfeiture" of estate barred by unanimous ruling of pronouncement against this power by the SUPREME COURT OF THE UNITED STATES (SCOTUS) in case 586 U.S. _____ (2019) case no 17-1091, by Justice Ginsburg for the Nine Unanimous Justices of the Court. Violation of which is a 4th and 14th Amendment UNCONSTITUTIONAL act, and in organization sedition and act rebellion;

And where such acts are enjoined any franchise or aid or benefit by support of foreign powers contrary the Laws of the United States and the ruling as settled law of the Supreme Court of the United States, the act is clearly: High Treason.

Efforts to misrepresent our company, its duties, its mission statement, or to coerce or influence by FALSE PROSPECTUS issued in such conduct jointly there also, are an assault upon our commission and RIGHT TO WORK themed a crime in the Untied States and State of Oklahoma by those firms agents, whether in public persona or in false persona to disguise the acts and evade civil process evident in 2001-2022 and specifically in 2013 and 2021-2022 by those persons. Persons prior cited for collaboration with TOSHIBA AMERICA against SYKES ENTERPRISES in 1999, resulting in termination from promotion for that improper conduct, a pattern of criminal activity against United States Corporations evident in 2021 November 14th and 2022 January 28th false LEGAL PROCESS OF SERVICES effort to engage in espionage against a REGISTERED AGENT of this corporation and offices of the firm to publish on YOUTUBE.COM in extortion and April 4th-16th intense abuse to harass the REGISTERED AGENT during UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICE reporting; a form of sabotage carried out May 11th 2022 and May 13th 2022 and May 15th 2022 in concert with reporting deadlines for THE OKLAHOMA TAX COMMISSION report and against the same REGISTERED AGENT, concise interference in the INTERSTATE COMMERCE and commission of State of Oklahoma and United States cited criminal conspiracy against rights upon assumed "gender" and assumed "mental health" in fraud to falsely convict (lynching, see Blacks Law 11th Edition) the REGISTERED AGENT on the basis of race, to sustain an illegal adoption violationg ORDERED POSSESSION in injury to a child, and to overcome the estate and land title of the People in the Chickasaw Nation Reservation in such fraud - a war crime.

This firm will, therefore, make statement of what industry they serve - and CLARIFY the position arising from such industrial espionage and industrial sabotage for global viewers to regard in specific complaint, of war crimes by NATION OF JAPAN and PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF CHINA and 10% equity subsidiary in SWEDEN engaged in such piracy, theft of intellectual property, and export for replacement of bill of lading under color of abandonment in violation of admiralty law and The Law of the Sea, a clear violation of the UCC and other codes in a 2001-2022 fraud, including theft and concealment of children executing "THE ENABLING OF STATEHOOD ACT" of 1906 relief, to emancipate a national trust to pursue, recover, and engage such piracy without limitation a duty of the Federal Uniion and State of Oklahoma in their incorporation and 1907 agreement, enumerated in Title 76 Section 76-9 "All Necessary Force" doctrine, a 10th Amendment Reserved right of Oklahoma parents to recovery of an abducted and concealed child, human trafficking offenses by National Sovereigns, and citation in the incorporating documents these rights made Supreme Law of the State of Oklahoma conditional continuance of the State of Oklahoma and the Federal Unioni - obligated enforcement and leave to pursue with Sovereign Force those foreign national parties whose agency was abused to enter into and violate the rights of Oklahoma Parents (76 O.S. §76-8).

Damage to International Trade is evident, and fraud to conceal similar abuse against persons for similar cause in the Donetk People's Republic and Luhansk People's Republic are crimes, for which the full force of war and military might are natural outcomes to terrorism and terrorism under color of law barred by THE CONVENTION ON THE PREVENTION AND PUNISHMENT OF THE CRIME OF GENOCIDE at law. Specifically Article II (e) "forcibly transfering children". The Constituion of the United States prohibits aid to countries or governments or groups who are violating any of the rights enumerated in THE UNIVERSAL DECLARATION OF HUMAN RIGHTS, regardless of the contract represented by the Constitution of the Ukraine under the Zelenskyy regime suggesting an inseparable land claim - void per Oklahoma Constitution Article XXIII-8 and XXIII-9 rule as a National Charter violating other rights recognized by the UNITED STATES in endorsement or agreement, a perfidy not afforded Official Act of any United States representative to sign without full faith and credit enforcement at law the resulting public policy of the United States so enjoined.

The effort to incite war and support GENOCIDE activity appears then fanchise of SWEDEN, ICELAND, NATION OF JAPAN, and PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF CHINA in common cause to achieve economic gain and overcome REPUBLIC OF CHINA (ROC) and RUSSIAN FEDERATION and UNITED STATES interests by drawing their forces into a global war with massive loss of life benefitting no other nations, under false color and false flag, and by abuse of the admission of civil franchise to markets and recruitment of criminals to carry out a labor and technology sector abuse impairing INTERSTATE COMMERCE and International trade through investment under color of foreign capital groups into electronic communication and infrastructure monopolies - allowing propaganda activity to influence and support a civil uprising in the United States and against the State of Oklahoma and United States and Chickasaw Nation Reservation and industry, organized in the prior Dallas, Ann Arbor, and other cities in New York State, California, Florida, and Ontario Canada.

Ongoing written threats in 2021-2022 support 2011 admission of fraud and plan, parties, and 2002 false legal process evident in lack of hearings admitted in 2001 trial on case 01-17702, styled abandonment in an admitted taking of a child from Oklahoma business owners to extort, by NTT-VERIO-COGENT contractors and 2001-2022 concealment to extort sustained in organized fraud, violence, and abuse of public office themed 18 U.S. Code §4 "Misprision of a felony" evident over 17 years of child concealment and written Interstate Commercial threats to overcome the Oklahoma industry on behalf of NATION OF JAPAN and CCP public policy, a foreign natinoal law wrongly applied to racketeering and extortion use in State of Oklahoma and State of Texas under color of commercial business by a $15/hr criminal contractor and a part-time employee of NORTEL NETWORKS gain of control over a $60/hr contractor and falsification of employment to compel the securities fraud and collapse of market price in SPRINT, to affect acquisition by DEUTSCHE TELEKOM and SOFTLAYER of that client of the parent, and in ongoing effort to impair the United STates firm in concert with SOFTBANK acquisition of NVIDIA CORPORATION and other vital business in systematic trademark and brand infringement to dilute the public confidence in those companies and their registered mark - including PROSPECTUS FRAUD in publications upon NTT and affiliated services and to evade civil discovery and LEGAL SERVICE OF PROCESS in a like fashion employed against NORTEL NETWORKS by the creator of CANADASUCKS domain, in consistent agency to extort by NTT executive officers in Ann Arbor Michigan and NTT Affiliate not-for-profit dealings concealed by Interstate organization of a second business in State of California to promote; and by organization of a third separate business in California to handle real estae in evasion of conditions to not enter that line of business placed on NTT AMERICA by the Federal Trade Commission, fearing this conduct in formal notice of concern from the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation on their formation, a rule duly made and since concealed a duty of their incorporation.

Efforts to misrepresent our firm, in fraud suggestive of the prior abuse of public trust to evade and employ "real estate investment trust" status in two (2) organizations to trade properties gaining undue foreign influence as the property holder over multiple vital infrastructure exchanges for packet switched data optical interconnects, appears to be a foreign franchise of government ownership (23% equity ownership by GOVERNMENT OF JAPAN) on behalf of and direction of PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF CHINA, their largest client. Whereby such works are a syndicate activity barred legal right to operate in competition and use of tactics evident cause to bar them from legal existence and to void their securiteis by the FEDERAL TRADE COMMISSION OF THE UNITED STATES immediately, for conduct not afforded a foreign sovereign and concealed foreign sovereign interest in their act and antitrust activity involving taking, concealment, and collateral use of a child to gain commercial advantage contarary an ORDERED POSSESSION of a child and predicated upon such abuse - a heinous criminal ongoing act employing extortion this April and May 2022 with death in March 2022 of family members of the child, a foreseeable and predicted outcome during 2003-2022 fraud.

The demands to publicly define the specific business of this firm by its COMPETITOR(S) or their AGENTS is therefore a "deflection" from ongoing serious and foreign national sovereign activity, to disable a competitor, and compel threatened written demands for "forfeiture" of its commission to obtain silence in a child kidnapping and extortion fraud, generally themed K&R risk by International Insurers.

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