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February 01 2023 - §§ cinzel

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I am placing some "common sense" boilerplate notices here briefly, following 27 million requests for this page in the prior 20 days, most in 2 minutes (~100 seconds) by NTT GROUP contractors trying to "get our attention".

Their names, and the persons who have authored direct threats, and the nature of those threats are attached. Be aware of their true employer(s) and nature of these fraudulent claims, in concert with the usual 250,000 requests per day against 2 of 7 servers, as part of a child kidnapping to extort.

If you don't agree, you have to legally get the f* out of here.

This matter has now taken on a Federal civil liability of $46.2 billion USD and $24 million in civil damages for fraud, now sought against the County responsible for altering the record to conceal the fraud in 2001; and such conduct by employees seeking to "forfeit" real estate and XXIII-1A "Right to Work" in this matter are increasing their activity in concert with persons themed already in 2011 criminal complaint of blackmail and child snatching (21 O.S. §21-891) fraud; contrary three major surgeries and a number of minor surgeries to restore use of the hand of our witness.

Take the hint and get the f* out if you have anything to do with that activity or 18 U.S.C. §666 felony activity themed 21 O.S. §21-1533 credit fraud and estate fraud; which appears by our data capture to be aided by NTT GROUP and TENCENT employees working with SOFTBANK and other employers of the EQUINIX data center in Dallas Texas, Ann Arbor Michigan, and State of California and Florida sites carrying this child trafficking activity in ongoing interference in Interstate Commerce spanning 2001-2022 concealment contrary ORDERED POSSESSION and delivery of the child to Pontotoc County, State of Oklahoma, a duty not performed in concert with deceit of a child for human trafficking and to extort.

Anyone having anything to do with that activity will be summarily barred from future contact, purchase, support, et al - and shall be aware of such abuse contrary any inaction as an escalating fraud by United States entitled suit by the victims per 588 U.S. ____ (2019) case no 17-647 rule, despite and without affirmative defense of State or Federal Sovereign Immunity any defense.

We are logging all activity, and the information therein suggests a State Sponsored terrorist action, entitled the full force of sovereign military response. Cease and desist, and leave, unless you have legal business here separate from that criminal fraud to kidnap a child.

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