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February 01 2023 - §§ kaushan

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If You Cannot Read, You Shouldn't Be Here

An Enterprise Class Business Data Center does not allow public access.

Access is restricted to vested clients by appointment only.

Terms and conditions at this place of business require a Graduate reading level, and are not subject interpretation or "restatement" by any person in any way - nor in any public record or report.

Your failure to understand, stop and seek clarification, or any false statement made by you will be your liability - not that of the person you were granted contact with.

This company deals in HIPAA and other medical information, and is protected from coercion to disclose clients, their conditions, needs, or other service data or obligations of the firm; and is not subject a permit or license to enjoy such protections in the United States, contrary foreign unregistered agent claims to influence State and Federal Law Enforcement in foreign laws void in this jurisdiction.

RACCOON TECHNOLOGIES INCORPORATED builds network-centric hardware systems for professional enterprise applications, including the MSE platform owned and created by a 3rd party. Failure to acknowledge this right and role in server-client and cloud-platform architecture is a defect of mind in the audience. Network equipment, including multi-OS personal computers and servers, are not similar to office or consumer entertainment grade devices, and manufactured for support in an industrial computing and business application for ten year lifespans with twenty-year long-term support roles consistent with Enterprise-class Lucent and Sun Microsystems products of a similar class and industrial-grade. Confusion between these devices and "personal" computers is like comparing a small office Ethernet switch to a Layer 3 Cisco Metro Class Appliance routing traffic for a City. Application developers for these solutions are specialized, and efforts to reverse-engineer or compel their surrender of proprietary technology or protocol use or handling is a crime in the State of Oklahoma and United States.

Matters on this site are for mature audiences, as is the Internet per the Supreme Court of the United States, and failure to regulate its use is the sole responsibility of the guardian or parent of a child or disabled person; not that of publishers. Citation in this notice are obligated due to public fraud in concealment of persons themed injured-disabled and abducted, by parents with POSSESSION and interest in such information obligated to them at law; and names of persons refusing, defrauding, or withholding any information or directing public animosity are subject public answer due Title 76 of the State of Oklahoma and 22 O.S. §22-31 et al; Laws of the State of Oklahoma, due formal complaint duly filed of 21 O.S. §21-1304 in regard to repeated felony stalking to intimidate this business and its employees, labor, customers, and the general public using a child-hostage.

If you are unsettled or incapable of such information, cease and desist your request of this page by your device or state, as you are under the sole jurisdiction of the State of Oklahoma and Pontotoc County, or related local United States Federal Court to that jurisdiction of Pontotoc County and Chickasaw Nation lands in this matter and interaction with this server. No foreign jurisdiction is afforded any right to this page or export by any third party requesting it subject liability of the publisher in the home juris, and you are responsible for all legal liability of such acts in your jurisdiction without consent of the author or their protection or privileges reserved in copyright and right of public notice.

Due to export restrictions and dual-use agreements barring export or disclosure - some information such as guidance, navigation, and application of hardware in software-specific routines are prohibited any disclosure or obligation to do so without a court order in controlled limited audience. Effort to overturn this is a crime and attempt to export avionic military guidance technology to hostile states, not subject a duty of civil answer to prove any claims or merchantability or fitness of purpose outside of authorized investigation of an arms manufacturer by its own government or similar court process restricting record of disclosure. RACCOON TECHNOLOGIES INCORPORATED may not be the provider, owner, or patent originator of technology employed under franchise or licensed use by the firm, but is enjoined to refuse discovery or distribution of trade secrets per Oklahoma Law, and restrict such use and franchise to authorized consumers and parties in limited execution or service to maintain the export restrictions of the United States.

Failure to admit such jurisdiction and submit terminates your right to use, copy, redistribute, record, transcribe, or relay this information in any way, and such information is for academic notice in legal compliance with State and Federal Law (II-3, II-22; Oklahoma Constitution) citing ongoing attempt to cause injury and threat of grave bodily harm across State and Federal Borders against the persons making public notice of this abuse herein, to end fraud employed to incite violence on a false cause.

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