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February 01 2023 - §§ damion

Seven-Alpha Network

A private network and gateway system with user authentication credentials and account management based on values and regulations derived from the United States and State of Oklahoma. IP7A is focused on human rights and protection of children from predatory legal practices.

Psychologists acknowledge that immaturing in 10-24 year olds requires new regulations and countermeasures by business and social network developers. IP7A Networks accomplish this with the AM24 standard, precluding membership to minors and persons not yet themed mature adults based on the chronological standard, to create a more stable social community.

Seven-Alpha products exclude tracking, in-game purchases, and other solutions to monetize entertainment which prey on children with traditional gambling techniques. Fairness regardless of economic class is a core value of all Seven-Alpha applications and open worlds, prohibiting paid in-game advantage common in other RPG open worlds.

Divisions and Organization

Each organization assigned a namespace is themed a protectorate, denoting the domain and authority for conduct in that region and terms which are in effect there. Not all protectorate spaces are public, and any private protectorate need not index itself in the address space while enjoying the security features and key management services of the IP7A product.

A protectorate usually operates with a mission statement and formal bylaws organized like a United States Corporation without the implied ownership or license in title to foreign ownership. The term "protectorate" futher helps to distinguish the operations of these groups as separate from INTERSTATE COMMERCE of the UNITED STATES and organized under the AMENDMENT I right to association and Article II section II-1 right of Oklahoma State Constitution rule.

The following examples of "protectorates" demonstrate the purpose and organization of the network to specific causes.

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