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Raccoon Technologies Incorporated

The Seven-Alpha Network

Peripheral Seven Alpha Network Access - 1 year

Seven Alpha is a private network service of SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. - located in Native American Territory (formerly Oklahoma).

Anta Baka - "SEVEN ALPHA" is a REGISTERED TRADEMARK of SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C., licensed for use by RACCOON TECHNOLOGIES INCORPORATED. Regard the notice that NTT GROUP has been banned due to the actions of your firm (ROBERT HALF TECHNOLOGIES) and TEK SYSTEMS (named in a letter of extortion, to harm a child). A company has a commercial right to "franchise" its products, and other companies (SPARKHOSTING INTERNET SERVICES L.L.C. et al) do not have a legal right to make commercial statements or purchase or use the service.

Notices of this nature will appear on all products due to the false claims and harassment by Texas employees of the prior firms on behalf of NTT GROUP of JAPAN (COGENT COMMUNICATIONS of Texas and Denmark), and in concert with denial of service to China, Japan, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Iceland, Austria, and Republic of Singapore due to that 2021 November to November 4th 2022 criminal fraud activity resulting in the death of the child's grandmother and injury to surviving grandparent themed elder abuse - and due to fraud and human trafficking in WITHHOLDING OF ORDERED POSSESSION of a child to extort our firm and its clients.

Actions by the prior COMPETITOR FIRMS are violations of the MODERN SLAVERY policy of EMBRACER GROUP AB, and in concert with illicit taking, illicit use, fraudulent transfer of franchise overseas for sale via the EMBRACER GROUP AB subsidiary ASMODEE / "FANTASY FLIGHT GAMES" unit to make false registry under ROME II statutes by GAMES WORKSHOP GROUP of a prior REGISTERED OKLAHOMA TRADEMARK to further a child concealment and child abuse, and a violation of EUROPEAN UNION treaty with the UNITED STATES sufficient to theme casus belli against UKRAINE for terrorism launched by DEMOCRATIC SOCIALIST elements of the Zelensky Government against this firm and other businesses prior to the lawful invasion of that rebel territory by the RUSSIAN FEDERATION to restore order, and such acts enjoined abuse of COGENT COMMUNICATIONS and NTT GROUP employee access to carry out attacks on United States network resources in support of such INTERFERENCE IN INTERSTATE COMMERCE.

The firm correctly construes these acts as "Ethnic Genocide" evident in 2002-2022 campaign by TEXIT (TEXAS EXIST, NATIONAL SEPARATIST ELEMENTS) employed by NTT-VERIO and COGENT COMMUNICATIONS engaged in the taking, concealment, and systematic abuse for Commercial Interstate Fraud against RACCOON TECHNOLOGIES INCORPORATED and its clients since 2001; on the grounds of discrimination and misgender statements in 2002-2022 to harm mixed race CHICKASAW ethnic groups in INDIAN TERRITORY (see McGirt v State of Oklahoma, a landmark case on Sovereign territory of the United States).



End users may think of the IP7A as a social network developed and built by its members need without outside advertising or release of information for any reason. As a regulated community, terms and conditions may apply which are in many ways more restrictive and enforced than conventional nations. As a paid community, "censorship of content based on popularity or fairness which violate the rights of other users" are not permitted.

"Peripheral license" holders have access to applications for IP7A, such as game engines and systems reliant on proprietary technology and API cloud tools afforded only to members. Similar licensing models are found in Amazon and Google Cloud systems, and have fewer restrictions on use and community purpose than IP7A.

Heavy Machine™ buyers receive an "Operator License", if qualified for IP7A membership and granted a current IP7 license in good standing. Heavy Machine allow for applicants who wish to participate in in the Operator program and API cloud system available to developers on the Seven-Alpha Network™. Lower pricing for AGS and BGS models, employing XCORE and FRAME technology, do not include the Operator license, but enjoy the Peripheral license on acceptance.

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