The King's Model

The following guilelines apply to limit services and business on IP7A Networks. Known as "The Kings Model", an absolute rule of limitations prohibited any mandatory service or contract herein.


The "King's Model" is a rule that establishes persons work too many hours under the UNITED STATES model, and businesses and organizations operating under the IP7A rule will comply with less stringent requirements, bar outside-of-hour duties, and afford to persons under 18 years of age (and under 24) full civil rights not afforded by the UNITED STATES in their estate system theming minority a "disabilty" wrongly in fraudulent use to imply lack of sufferage equates to lack of real personhood.

The "King's Model" allows families to have more time together, create flexible work-weeks whereby labor can enjoy the community during regular business hours, and contributes to creation of more jobs for more people.

Nothing in the model shall bar an individual from their own labor or activity in their own employment, nor be construed to limit the voluntary time spent in equity partnership or other position of equity by any person; other than the right to refuse work when these limits are reached without forfeiture or conditional loss of incentives promised to others.

The right to void contracts, in the theme of Nickola Tesla's famous act, where such contract creates a burden which is unfair and harmful in the review of circumstances unforseeable by the party bound to that agreement, is reserved.

Information obtained in context to such services shall not be sold or relesed as a condition of use, and must be approved annually or be discontinued from use in any other service. In this opt-out option, default opting out, the privacy rights of individuals shall not be ransomed for the right of participation in any contest, strategy, or social network, in a manner that is monetized without fair compensation and consent independent of each condition.

Subsistence means will be held superior to all matters in commerce, and shall not suspend the ability of a person to support their family, home, or basic needs, regardless of other agreements subject to inherent risks; placing commerce secondary in rights to those of the security of the family and person in body, mind, and dignity.

Persons under the age of 24 may contract, but are not subject to conditions beyond limited penalties should they act in a manner contrary the rule as would be applied to a person of minor status, to include reasonable fines and pecuniary fines and damages according to their actions; which actually expand their right to participation in organizations and the community socially. However, moderation over these uses of service are substantial and will be subject strict limitations and terms.

Sufferage is the right to participate in the political body, and is not a right inherent in the INDIVIDUAL ESTATE. The privilege of suffrage is inherent in the participation in the body politic under the terms set forth, to prohibit the acts and conduct prohibited therein, or any disability of judgment barring current or future participation in the private body. All political bodies are themed private bodies at-law in Seven Alpha and IP7A terms and conditions. Sufferage is therefore governed by the negative connotation of the AMENDMENT I right of association, to "disassociate" the body from a party should they become a "public danger" so themed in AMENDMENT V by any violation of code or terms and conditions contrary the standard of the body politic.

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