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October 04 2022 - §§ typewriter

Narcissisistic Abuse Factor

When it comes to mental health, there is a divisor between persons who can participate in the workplace and those who cannot.

Specific issues including pathological lying and clear clinical narcissistic personality disorder with strong borderline personlity traits are evident in the letters and repetitious contact and false claims we received regading the child kidnapping and concealment in State of Texas.

Law enforcement appear grossly incompetent to discern these issues in State of Texas, and their court staff appear to have altered the records purposefully to conceal the fraud in 2022.

These issues make discerning the facts of the case nearly impossible for a layperson.

Cultural Differences are Not Legal Arguments

To being, Narcissitic Personality Disorder is evident in the immediate and repetitious effort to suggest that any claim of quantified damages or value is either "unrealistic" or reliant on the "worth of the person" who is injured - a function that is enabled endlessly by Hegelian Dialectic Socialism and foreign support of such claims and abuse from jurisdictions where that mental illness passes for "good Chinese Citizenship".

Japan, since it's "social Justice" and progressive movement, which destroyed mens rights to the extent that they have turned to pornography to escape the abuse of the courts, is equally obscene and condescending to the extent that it echos in the letters from State of Texas concerning the holding and "unfitness" of the parent targeted for attempted murder and stalking in the 2001-2022 case; equating loss of income with a proof as if LEGAL FACT of an incapacity to be entitled to any parental rights arising from the violence and public defamation perpetrated by the abductors on the ICANN domain network using the name of the victim to extort their career and public life in pursuit of payment and sumission.

This sort of conduct, as irrational as it appears before fundamental Oklahoma Constitutional Rights in Article II section II-36A, presumes that men do not have equal parental rights under the law; contrary Oklahoma Statutes Title 76 Section 76-8 which prohibites that claim - and contrary 76 O.S. §76-1 "inherent rights" including those fundamental parental rights prior any other determination by a court of competent jurisdiction which must SHOW CAUSE and PROVE WRONGDING to reduce those rights from "FULL CUSTODY" to anything less.

In contrast, State of Texas has alleged that "unwed male parents have NO RIGHTS" to the Oklahoma business owner who was engaged to be married before the birth and supported and housed the woman for 12 months prior her decision to kidnap and abduct their child.

Destruction of Court Records Discovered

In the opinion of Judge Dee Miller as explained to James Allen, he would not receive his child unless he proved paternity, and then he was expected to pay the abductor for the privilege of contact with the child; despite having NOT ABANDONED THE CHILD and the petitioner having WHOLLY FAILED TO APPEAR IN 2001 OCTOBER-DECEMBER, resulting in the statement on the record that "Veronica Petersen was Wholly in Default" at that time; which the court did then DESTORY in 2022 contrary 2012 recovery of the transcript showing their destruction of records, a felony.

This sort of "alteration of records" to "make fit" a "false trial", is the fraud on face, and the reason that the parties, having not afforded the report of such changes to the record, then fabricated a mistrial from which all claims against the accused and loss of 36 months of time in false trial themed malicious prosecution are subject a civil award of $8 million USD for "barratry simple" (21 O.S. §21-550) which has not bee properly executed by the PONTOTOC COUNTY DISTRICT ATTORNEY in obstruction of justice on false trial.

By altering the record to make the DALLAS COUNTY DISTRICT COURT report appear correct, one offence is evident. In continued application of the DALLAS COUNTY DISTRICT COURT and communication of information to allege a debt after the case was transfered in 2015 to DENTON COUNTY DISTRICT COURT and there abandoned in fraud by Veronica Petersen, is the case further not even legitimate nor based on the court order pertaining the case during the same period; and the nature of such order UNCONSTITUTIONAL and clearly 2016-2020 a 4 year term for a "temporary order" a fraud by DENTON COUNTY DISTRICT COURT as well; to conceal child kidnapping and child abuse by the STATE OF TEXAS in total failure to afford TEXAS FAMILY CODE §157.375 security and recovery of the child from the abudctor without threatening the Okalhoma party with immediate arrest if he did not pay over $10,000 on appearance to enforce his CITATION OF CONTEMPT and did not WITHDRAW HIS CITATION OF CONTEMPT against Veronica Petersen under coercion of false imprisonment in 2016.

These are acts that - on face, are crimes.

Alleged Fraud (18 U.S.C. §1341)

The false report and changes represent a fraud wrongly portrayed as a civil process, and false pledge in perjury of negotiation which the attorneys and the judge were aware were a farce and refused to enforce in any way any claims of the Oklahoma parent.

While an ordinary person can see this is not due process, the "Narcissistic Abuse" component to "take power" over the Oklahoma parent and abuse them to publicly seek their loss of work and public credit, in 2002-2004, 2007-2009, 2009-2011, 2011-2012, and 2013-2021 and 2021-2022 incidents; show a pattern of criminal felony stalking in this context; which has rendered a substantial financial damage of $8 million USD or more for lost wages at $60/hr regular and $75-$200 / hr for prior documented work that the abductors were seeking to impersonate with their services at ROBERT HALF TECHNOLOGIES, SPARKHOSTING INTERNET SERVICES, and citation of TEK SYSTEMS in letters threatening attorneys during the child concealment.

In each of these claims, the "real" ness of the business of the victim was compared to major companies in an effort to assert authority over a business based on earnings and client revenue, whereby a superior "right" to parental contrl of an abducted and concealed child would be somehow predicated on this replacement of the role of the genuine parent with a substitute using the child as leverage over the original.

This is evident further in claims to suggest that such demands would be met if the companies of the parent were "real", and to contest their legal commission and right to possess and use their trademarks and franchise based on prior payment of the EXCESSIVE FINE to the abductors.

Claims of this nature are elementary Narcissistic Personality Disorder, and further dismiss the legal and financial rights of the victim if they do not produce a benefit first to the abuser; and sole control of such benefits, property, direction, and use a component of such conduct as to bar the ordinary boundary issues or normal success and welfare interests of the other parent in accordance with their rights - as such success would threaten to domination of the child and control over the fraud.

Similarly, pathological lying is evident in narcissistic behavior speech patterns, as observed by Veronica M. Petersen in her written statements that "James Allen" made her depressed; for which she was prescribed clinical anti-depressants prior to abducting the child with Donald J. Beal.

A person cannot be "made" to be clinically mentally ill by another person; and the very disorder is evident when projection and displacement of responsibility for one's own happiness and choices are assigned to others; as if the power to control the depressed person were some magical ability to otherwise physically or mentally limit their expression and freedom to make choices and take responsibility for the consequences of those choices - like having sexual intercourse with Donald Beal after departing for marriage to James Allen in 2001 August; and concealing such activity between August and September from Allen while seeking additional financial support, participating in BDSM community events, and posing with other men in photos and in the nude sent to aggravate Allen. This conduct is not consistent with a person who is a "victim" of emotional abuse, and is more rightly consistent with the person victimizing the parent of a newborn child after the birth. The child was less than 90 days old while this conduct was ongoing; and such claims to allege Allen was at-fault were fraud, later admitted in writting as "he did nothing wrong" when questioned by concerned persons if a protective order should be sought due to her misrepresentation of her condition as a wholly dependent guest and fiancee to James Allen the prior year.

Representation to the court of any other injury or wrongdoing has not been disclosed for CROSS EXAMINATION, other than a statement of "fear that James Allen would abduct the child if granted his prior ORDERED possession of the child as scheduled" in 2016.

Fear, is not an offense. But upon such grounds and without CROSS EXAMINATION did DENTON COUNTY DISTRICT COURT issue an illegal temporary order, changing the rights of contact to remove all control by James Allen - having no legal basis for this and refusing motions to restore the prior rights in illegal termination of parental custody while the same parties did seek and continue to collect on the illegal order against JAMES ALLEN; contrary then 45 CFR §302.56(f) Federal Law as of February 2017; and without pause until 2021 August in ongoing false claims barred by Federal Law and contested filing in 2018 November suspending the right to make demands or intercept funds; which STATE OF TEXAS continued to do during the illegal case.

None of these claims, therefore, stand the basic test of mental health; and the suggested commercial interactivity with suspension of access to a child to extort business and commercial right to work; are felonies on express examination of each threat issued and each POSSESSION period denied without legal cause.

Domestic Violence is Not Evidence of Illness in a Victim

Failure to admit the emotional and psychological distress of abuse of a child of the respondent, then and over 2001-2022, with no contact and concealment of the reality of the child's parent seeking his return from active concealment in 2001-2022 efforts; further cause substantial and lasting psychological harm which the parties knowingly and falsely promote as a mental health defect consitent with a mental illness and hereditary mental health disorder; falsely stating who the parents of the Oklahoma parent are to confuse and intimidate the public in concert with the adoption of a mixed-race child and kidnapping of a mixed race child in 2001 of that same child; and to predicate the ethnic characteristics of the parent and child as if "transgender", component with ongoing and criminal narcissistic abuse to deprive the same of the RIGHT TO WORK and safety in their own community.

People who have empathy in the 96% of normative human population do not abuse others in this way or act out "imagined" profiles of persons lacking empathy in the reflection of their own internal guilt and inner self-image and motives projection on another party.

This behavior by Veronica Petersen, Donald Beal, Brian Young, and Alicia Scarbrough in separate specific and extensive statements of the same nature, strongly suggest to the Oklahoma Office of Raccoon Technologies that a sociopath personality disorder and cluster of such persons working jointly appear component in the LOSTSERVER group, in frauds and false claims obtained in written threats, in false statements of a knowingly untrue character for which Raccoon Technologies Incorporated has employed a Private Investigator to verify in 2012 and 2022; and in ongoing contest to support a clear conspiracy against rights formally alleged (18 U.S.C. §241) by the parties in welfare fraud (18 U.S.C. §666).

We have no reason to believe anything these parties say; based on their repeated and unremorseful conduct to abuse persons they perceive as witnesses for the Oklahoma parent; nor to put credit in any of their claims based on the arrest resport of Donald J. Beal and his conduct in identical behavior before the arresting officer in that incident and later use of his probation to allege "stolen valor" and other crimes against the Oklahoma Parent while subject supervision of the Texas Veterans Agency he served his probation with. Such influence to seek, incite, and enable new persons to the fraud appears a pathological form of abuse of persons and pathological lying, consistent with prior discovery also in conduct by Alicia Scarbrough and Veronica Petersen, who have carried this fraud actively for commercial advantage over 2001-2022 in incitement of violence in the community.

Civil Court Unable to "Reach a Settlement" In Ongoing Phsyical Violence

For these reasons, no civil settlement or communication of any sort which rely on the word or integrity or compliance of the parties is possible; and criminal justice must remove the case for prosecution to bring about incarceration to stop the behavior to injure persons in Pontotoc County, State of Oklahoma, and against other witnesses who wish to remain anonymous due to the felony stalking and abuse of their person over 2001-2022.

Persons will be verified prior any access or communication with the firm, and any cause for doubt or relationship to the prior or their activity will be themed a sufficient reason to deny access or future contact. We regret this, but have no interest in any commerce or contact with anyone who has any relationship to the prior parties, their companies (FAIRWAY INDEPENDENT MORTGAGE, ROBERT HALF TECHOLOGIES, TEK SYSTEMS, NTT GROUP, COGENT COMMUNICATIONS, VIRTBIZ, PLANO COMMUNITY RADIO, KEIF-LP ENID, or similar NPR AFFILIATE STATION after substantial threats of violence and perisistent telephone and online harassment by KEIF-LP and Virtbiz employees).

Genuine sociopath and narcissistic disorders are rare, but in 1 in 20 persons have some degree of presence; affording a substantial number of gullible or complicit persons who may - without full comprehension of the scope of their actions - be enjoined to such a serious and violent criminal fraud as the taking for concealment of a child and extortion to blackmail a registered corporation of the United States.

Among competent parties, the capitalization of a firm is not a personal matter - and a component of rights negotiation and investment which is subject ordinary dialog. The employment of wages, titles, or other client or market share to abuse any firm or client is not normal behavior by a competent person or employee of a competent firm.

Some of the properties are $1-2 billion USD in value per year if executed and delivered as planned and prepared in a timely fashion. Constant interference and false demands for equity or interest or lien upon such property or claims destroy its ability to be eligible for clear title franchise, license, or sale - and are a compoennt of commercial INTERFERENCE IN INTERSTATE COMMERCE which is obligated protection by the UNITED STATES or abandonment of claims not granted protection from this coercion and fraud.

Civil Court Is Exceeding its Authority

A Civil Judgment does not have a LIEN right per 586 U.S.____ (2019) case no 17-1091; and it is prohibited to make such claims on property or the living person or employment or XXIII-1A "RIGHT TO WORK" of such person; and to do so is a felony and violation of 15 U.S.C. §1692d voiding instantly such debt when subjected to any public claim to that effect not given full protection of law and referral for indictment duly undertaken in blackmail and extortion; even where such claims arise from civil court or orders or TITLE IV claims; contrary pre-45-CFR rule change February 2017.

The value of such markets, transactions, and to gain commercial advantage for sale of STATE OF TEXAS franchises like Cruncyroll to aniplex (SONY MEDIA), for $1 billion USD; and in disruption of other services, products, and goods then valued at $423 million USD in 2018 record of sale; and in claims of alse patent for MOJANG and similar products in $1 billion sale to Microsoft, make the disruption of computer technology and patent applications upon such works a matter of subjstantial financial value and franchise rights owing and due to creators of original works; for which UNITED STATES has failed to carry in the case prior; and to grant advantage to TENCENT HOLDING CO LTD and their subsidiary PARADOX INTERACTIVE AB of Sweden; and to their partner "SOFTBANK GROUP CORP" in bid to acquire "NVIDIA CORPORATION" through a stock-swap.

Interference at this level raises questions as to whether international title sales and patents incorporated in such work are clear title, due to the fraud and coercion to impair rights holders by taking for concealment and abuse of their children and extortion and blackmail in public circulation to extort the right of contest in close concert with efforts of International title transfer; similar to the looting of estates by Nazi Officers as they moved through Europe and France expelling the wealthy and abusing and raping, killing, and deporting their victims without legal cause and for plunder.

PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF CHINA, NATION OF JAPAN, KINGDOM OF SWEDEN, and UNITED KINGDOM now stand closely accused of that activity; through the actions of ROBERT HALF TECHNOLOGIES, TEK SYSTEMS, and Donald Beal as their consutlant and other persons in 2013 themed to be "myluv187" for FANTASY FLIGHT GAMES of Minnesota, a contractor to GAMES WORKSHOP LIMITED and alleged responsible for false sale of the SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. mark for use in defamatory character claim by that company to damage the works of the Oklahoma company during withholding of a child and for ransom and extortion in child kidnapping.

Fraud Impairs other Rights of Nations

It is doubtful that any patents or claims of an intangible property predicated on such abuse of real and living persons should be permitted to stand, in light of the abuse by STATE OF TEXAS and STATE OF OKLAHOMA in a 2001-2022 child taking for concealment to extort pre-existing registered business property of the Oklahoma parent; on no legal grounds and without due process and for EXCESSIVE FINES also sustained over 2001-2022.

That persons are still defending this taking and abuse of a child; fully constitutes the evidence of a mental health defect and moral deficiency of the court to stand its ground and execute a legal order to SET ASIDE the case per outrageous abuse of the civil court system over 20 years without relief impacting all registration of all intellectual property on a global scale arising from this criminal fraud. It is prohibited per Rule 18(b) as "FRAUDULENT CONVEYANCE" in Federal Civil Procedure; to carry on this abuse; and as a repeated offense cited in Turner v Rogers et al and Federal Register Volume 81 Number 244; is a repugnant continued contempt for TITLE IV GRANT AGENCY duties in 45 CFR §302.0 and §303.0 without Exemption.

The law obligates that the parties file a legal answer for each issues, or relent, and having failed to do so; their persistent claim is a serious violation that taints the estate to the full extent of its income upon termination of employment August 10 2001 preceeding kidnapping to blackmail then sustained for 20 years without legal proof or relief or any communication ever coerced contrary report of abduction to STATE OF TEXAS and CHILD PROTECTIVE SERVICES, who did dismiss all POSSESSION in their interest in revenue generation solely for such cause.

Pathological lying is evident where such order for POSSESSION was then never granted any execution by the abducting parent, and all location and information and development of the child concealed at the direction of Veronica M. Petersen, aided by Donald Beal, Alicia Scarbrough, and Brian Young jointly over 2001-2022 activities in concert to extort.

Victims of Ms. Scarbrough and witnesses to extortion by Brian Young and Donald Beal remain prepared to testify, as well as officers prepared to testify to false books and entrapment, forced labor, and theft of property in concert with human trafficking activity in State of Texas supporting this fraud in a premeditated agreement and among FreeBSD Administrator members known to the firm today as LOSTSERVER labor group.

A Formal Criminal Complaint

A formal criminal complaint has been filed; and failure to carry the charges component of the increased qui tam suit then necessary for lack of State and Federal Justice to act when obligated, a $46.2 billion civil suit as of January 2022. Far in excess of the revenue of the property targeted, and owing and payable by STATE OF TEXAS and STATE OF OKLAHOMA on 31 U.S.C. § 3729(a) rule; not given legal answer as obligated or action obligated; to place UNITED STATES next in subject for suit before an International Tribunal under International Law on the charge of Genocide should it fail to quickly act to quash this fraud sustained in 2022 false claims before the International Bank and its creditors.

While these sums may seem overwhelming, they are the increase from a $108,000 USD award; which is overrun by $170 billion State revenue and $100 billion NTT GROUP revenue; to presume no financial duty to cease and desist; without regard to the legal remedy that extends to a Federal "qui tam" suit; and clear fraud on a massive scale of State abuse of Federal Agency Commission and Federal Funds in false Sovereign State Immunity plan to extort from the United States Treasury; and in larger scale to extort from the patent and trademark registry of several nations in false claims engineered to taint those registries and dilute the claims across numersou jurisdictions by a plot created by and carried by Veronica Petersen and Donald Beal of Texas.

Those nations are free to seek recovery for their loss of all patents and registration from STATE OF TEXAS, UNITED STATES, and/or those persons who brought this investigation and pursuit and right of self-defense upon the foreign sovereign nations due fatal default to hold minimal trial and a DUE PROCESS hearing by UNITED STATES or STATE OF TEXAS prior invoking a rule of debt bondage and 14th Amendment violation; and refusing to act to arrest a 4th Amendment violation alleged on "Forfeiture" claims uttered in global scope and ICANN registration under the name and good credit of the Oklahoma Parent created by the abductors for that purpose of fraud.

For persons not experienced with the International Court or Federal Court, and in Federal embezzlement and Regulatory matters; this may be somewhat more than the parties bargained for; and the damages in threat to take and dispose of the XXIII-1A "RIGHT TO WORK" in concert with foreign threats of "Hegelian Dialectic Socialism" central to those claims; sufficient evidence in concert with real corporations of PEOPLE's REPUBLIC OF CHINA and NATION OF JAPAN actions to back, support, sustain, and collaborate with this fraud in false activities and secuities fraud and false representation of a not-for-profit NGO (PACKET CLEARING HOUSE) as an "Affiliate" (commercial partner) of a for-profit 23% government of Japan owned foriegn data network and telecommunications infrastructure company.

Officer Retaliation Shows Prejudice To Extort

It may be "above your pay grade", but there is nothing funny about having to sue the United States or a member State, or to do so in an International Court for failure of the domestic court to carry out basic due process and follow the laws and protections and right of appeal in the "primary body of law", that an international appeal for other nations to enjoin the suit and stand against their claims and fraud should become necessary. It is a repetition of genocide in Texas and Oklahoma which shames the country, and highlights unlawful foreign sovereign influence on the court to support a forfeiture of ordinary protection and services "for sale of the court".

That aspect, alone, as if it is a component of legal right; defines the very nature of the offense as a defection of State and regional Federal officers from their duties to serve the interest of the State as if a party in civil matters; and to the exclusion of civil rights which are not afforded a competent court or State to make claims.

That any party with a mental health disorder is so engaged in the abuse of persons to this extent, and sale of children to parents to suspend their normal industrial activity in leadership positions of companies those foreign nations were competitors of; taints every title and security they have in issue as unlawfully obtained in sale or transfer of intangible property (21 O.S. §21-1952).

Persons in the industry should be educated to understand the value of that information and franchise right as they do identity and HIPAA information; but that has been wholly deficient in State of Texas and State of Oklahoma over 2001-2022; to suggest an incapacity of those States Court to carry on business concerning the industry and Information technology, terrorism using electronic and interference in Interstate Communications, and refusal to undertake any case where WIRE FRAUD (18 U.S.C. §1343) or frauds (18 U.S.C. §1341) are both evident and admitted in writting.

Case Exposes Extreme Racism and Prejudice

The court position that the "Native American can just have another child" to replace the one he lost, is perhaps the most offensive element - and a component of the legal hold on the legal person to suggest deprivation of ordinary rights goes beyond simple abduction to a formal act of Genocide based on ethnic slurs used by the prior parties.

Racism is a function of narcissistic mental illness; and a factor for persons already suffering from it to imply further deficiency based on the characteristics of a person imposed by their birth to demean them. That it has become evident in Petersen v ALLEN as a component, in concert with McGirt v State of Oklahoma; further extends the fraud to dimensions that suggest "allod and freehold" rights sole remedy to separate the injured party and lands from the State; and such outcome the resort of a total deficiency to provide "Fast and Speedy Trial" without resort to racially motivated "mental health" slurs popularized by Confederate abuse of "colored" persons dating back ot 1865.

The gross refusal to take action has left RACCOON TECHNOLOGIES INCORPORATED with the impression that the present State cannot be trusted to execute the minimum duties of Law Enforcement or Justice, and such property there subject illegal taking upon the whim of officers conspiring to do so without legal cause or legal right; a premeditated fraud by negligence prohibiting all ordinary right to clear the name and end the dispute permanently; a duty of UNIFORM INTERSTATE FAMILY SUPPORT ACT not made on trial and by forgery of Federal Records so done to further cause maximum spoliation to the case rather than pay any damages to the injured parites or provide any security contrary the intimidateion of State Of Texas in this Federal Embezzlement Fraud and False Cause sustained by TITLE IV AGENCY of the OFFICE OF THE ATTORNEY GENERAL OF THE STATE OF TEXAS, KEN PAXTON

Witnesses Allege Wrongful Interrogation Hold

It is as if the parties are trying to wear the respondent down by abuse until they relent or conceed; even by 43A O.S. 43A-5-104 criminal abuse refused protection or legal relief, and such acts barred Federal Law per 15 U.S.C. §1673(c) and §1692d, ignored to suit the claims in a perpetual hold ignoring 15 U.S.C. §1692n duty of the State; assumed to be performed if there was cause without need for a Federal Court to intercede or remove false defense of a malicious misrepresentation of the case without witness presenation and to frustrate, intimidate, and deny witness participation in the contest indefinitely to sustain the fraud.

After 20 years without due process at any time, the matter equates to "automatic mistrial", "default in 2018-2022 hearing by State of Oklahoma", and cruel and unusual punishment for a clear kidnapping to extort filed in fraud and refused all protection on the grounds of racial discrimination in violation of 2017-2022 Federal Law, a TITLE IV GRANT FRAUD; now affirmed ongoing support in 11/14/2022 claims to carry this to a massive financial judgment against STATE OF TEXAS in Federal Civil Court.

No one sets out to "end up in Federal Civil Court", and the process and State has failed if you find yourself there asking for law to be enforced after more than a year.

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