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February 01 2023 - §§ vibes

Business Networks

Business Networks represent most Relational Database Management Systems (RDBMS), and are traditional two-dimensional record and associated key indexing for electronic storage and accounting. While representative of 95% of conventional business in the 21st Century, this form of record, transport, security, and limited authority access and modification rights for enterprise class clients, is a holdover from 20th Century economic application of computers in business for taxation and regulation. While cryptocurrency and other digital strong-identity products replace this system and decentralize its use; governments are still struggling to retain this system and unable to implement strong centralized digital ledger solutions to compete with token-trading fraud schemes and gray market International jurisdiction applications of this new technology.

RACCOON TECHNOLOGIES INCORPORATED does consult on this area of software and application, but do not advocate for 3rd party or proprietary solutions as a brand representative or ambassador.

The firm is focused on "Advanced Networks", an area of scientific and applied scientific computing for purpose-built projects like the MSE platform and Strong-Identity-Registry (SIR) server cluster; affording applications a cluster and dynamic instance solution across multiple diverse physical computer hosts across a planetary network and to communicate real-time stateful machine sessions.

Business Networks are high liability - carrying a clear legal risk associated with potential danger of loss of data or fault in any contact, interaction, or service sought. As a result, and due to the insufficiency of bond services by the United States and the member States for multi-billion Dollar liability in handling customer data; Raccoon Technologies Incorporated does not accept service requests for 3rd party applications and systems with any degree of customer surety claims.

This means that data loss or loss of business or other direct or incidental liability is wholly disclaimed; and such work for recovery or investigation solely under a written best-effort action limiting damages to service fees invoiced by the firm. While this is implied by most 3rd party vendors, Raccoon Technologies Incorporated is express in this claim due to the nature of enterprise data that it has handled and continues to handle - and express risk of foreign and insider threats to leverage any liability at any time not wholly under control of RTI employees and their direct exclusive control, a declared prospectus risk and outside the core mission of the company as an exclusive provider of "Advanced Network" services to select clients.

This means that our offices are closed to solicitation from non-registered parties, and only those parties registered with the State of Oklahoma subject civil service of process so made and in legal use and active on the Oklahoma Secretary of State registry or similar registry of the United States may receive service. The general public are not eligible to apply for services for personal or in-home or small (d/b/a) business requests.

Inquiries are welcome, and a general help desk to direct persons to other vendors recommended or preferred for those tasks are available - including specific local stores, vendors, brands, and service offices in the Oklahoma area. The prior disclaimer is not a denial of help, but limits our office to clients and persons prior granted appointment, and to prioritize our clients over public demands and by pro bono services offered to assist select communities by company policy.

While we can obtain products for Business and Consumer Class equipment, our sales are designed to limit orders in public offer to accessories of our in-house network management "Heavy Machines" and similar high-value workstations. Raccoon Technologies Incorporated does not warranty or make claims of repair over other companies products or branded personal or business computers.

Right to repair is a very specific issue, and many firms retain tools to their branded products to make repair difficult or impossible by a 3rd party. For this reason, repairs will usually be directed to the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), unless their lifespan or support has been declined prior.

Service and contracts for support of "Business Class" Networks is therefore specific to clients and known purpose of use cases - with a preference to SOHO and SMB applications and home office services.

While such services are offered, they are not the primary business of RACCOON TECHNOLOGIES INCORPORATED, and claims to suggest or demand such information to impair our ordinary and timely work in Advanced Network support and clients will be themed as harassment of our business, either in direct inquiry or solicitation or false representation of our refusal as the basis for any claim other than our right to deny solicitation and select our clients.

Our engineers have prior supported SPRINT, BEST BUY USA, AT&T BUSINESS INTERNET SERVICES, TOSHIBA AMERICA, PEOPLE PC, and AMERICA ONLINE. Effort to testify to the nature of that work or quality by persons not present in the contract is criminal fraud, and we are aware of three firms making such claims to deceive the public in aid of PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF CHINA and NATION OF JAPAN monopoly business activity into State of Oklahoma.

Business Networks are often reliant solely on 3rd party monopolies and software which may change or become obsolete in less than five years; require payment of maintenance to upkeep and sustain use, and such fees by 3rd party vendors are not set by or subject to negotiation through Raccoon Technologies Incorporated; while required to comply with regulations in a limited market such as Payment Card Industry Standards.

Raccoon Technologies Incorporated does not have any solution to alter or suggest you break or rely upon our engineers to violate these standards for paid implementation services, and any claims to that context are part of the prior cited fraud among regional competitors.

Agreements among major credit and debit validation networks reliant on these systems and the cost of entry are one of many reasons that digital currency and cryptocurrency have obtained a strong list of backers among merchants who recognize the risk of monopoly in those areas of Western banking and abuse of such services by law enforcement and State actors to violate the law.

Raccoon Technologies Incorporated does not advocate cryptocurrency or other marker or token to replace fiat currencies, and will implement the PCI or other standards as "best practices" in any design calling for use of those systems or requirements of your financial institution; but shall not endorse by such work to meet contract any claims of those organizations or services as proof against fraud or other defect or security guarantee of the same public standards.

Raccoon Technologies Incorporated may, from time to time, consult on specific problems for the Business Networking sector, but is primarily focused on application and software design and implementation for very large scalable networks used in International computer application support. Applications of this kind are not common in United States or State of Oklahoma nor in most small businesses in the Western Economic Block; and representative of a new private component of the next-generation Internet protected by strong identity access and use controls issued to individuals.

Regional laws, failure to comply, and punitive measures including boycott may result in loss of right to apply or to receive issue of individual credentials in Advanced Networks. These restrictions are traditional "regional" license rights, and not entitled claims of discrimination as they do not penalize existing issued customers in the denial of availability of "new service" or "renewal" to customers in specific regions in lawful control of exports and licensed use of products. Acts of fraud or failure to prosecute fraud by the State of regional national Justice may result in the termination of services or reduction of services to certain regions, and limits against equal access based on State and Federal Laws and policies, individual offenses, or fraud by any state or nation.

These restrictions are common in "Global Applications" for "Advanced Networks", and encourage liability for parties explicitly benefiting from State misconduct, fraud, and false use of the global reach of Internet media to promote 18 U.S.C. § 1341 fraud or similar crimes into jurisdictions of the Advanced Network or its users, for violation of human rights, and for any action themed a criminal act under Oklahoma State or Constitutional Law, or the Laws of the United States without regard to interest or conduct of State or Federal Justice.

Guarantees of other lesser license are generally restricted to the higher-priced "Business Networks" service, similar to those of Microsoft and other software providers in the 20th Century, including their frequent use of designed product abandonment to include failure to support after end-of-sale some titles or versions of their software indefinitely.

Depending on the customer use case, "Advanced Networks" obligations to comply with law may not be the correct choice, and "Business Networks" license and sale without limitation of use may be a better fit for some small to medium sized commercial customers. "Advanced Networks" are a privilege conditional to lawful conduct and use of International and inter-jurisdictional services, similar to any community standards document, and prohibit violation or conduct that would harm persons unlawfully.

Raccoon Technologies Incorporated therefore cannot make guarantees of customer use of "Business Class" Networks or software, and makes minimal commitment to its function or use beyond testing for purpose and operation at time of installation. Client end-use and maintenance of such network services is the sole liability of the customer after installation.

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