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February 01 2023 - §§ steel

Consumer Networks

Consumer Networks are computer-to-computer and computer-to-Internet devices available at local office supply stores, online vendors, and without capital accounts or registration.

Most Consumer Network products come with a very limited (1 year) warranty, limited support, and are not subject to frequent updates or use guarantees of security or fitness of purpose.

Internet Service Providers often deliver a router and/or wireless network router to customers. These devices are not eligible for maintenance or support by Raccoon Technologies Incorporated, and are usually limited to devices the service provider can modify or update using their own existing infrastructure, with minimal access to features by consumers.

Raccoon Technologies Incorporated does provide in-home and telepresence support for customers in these areas, mostly pro bono and to the legally disabled community, citing costs a major factor in the limited income of those persons in Pontotoc County. Local support is available for a minimal fee to cover administrative cost and registry services, on a monthly basis with no contract-term obligations.

This is not our primary business, and support is on an "as available" basis; and limited to time available by Engineers and at their discretion adn scheduling. Service does not include parts or repair, cabling, connectors, or any incidental service fees or Access Fees; and is meant to assist customers with limited resources and non-registred customers the ability to obtain business class services without having to pay professional or industrial fees. Our benefit from such service is the ability to train new hires in customer service, using our two-person team model. A Heavy Operator and Junior Operator will often perform the work, affording supervision of an experienced technician over a new hire, with customer interaction, and to allow us to examine our trainees in contact with real customers for their evaluation.

Our position is that if they cannot treat every customer like a corporate customer and valued account, they are not prepared to represent our brand before executives and national firms.

We feel this is a good value exchange, and such services are limited to a fee of no more than $40 USD per month, affording a cap cost for every person to have access to services without respect to income or earnings associated with other retail on-site services.

Requests for service are limited to "Basic Networks", and do not include server installation, antivirus, multi-homed routing, firewall systems for multi-homed devices, or other "Complex Networks". Service is restricted from request for "Cryptocurrency", "Gambling", or other "Sexual Content" services at the discretion of the firm; as those customers can pay full price for support and shall not be a drain on our priority to serve the elderly and needy in the Pontotoc County community. The firm does not accept contracts for the prior services or any business enabling those products in Pontotoc County, due to local and State Laws.

Additionally, the firm does not provide "Child Monitoring Services" for data networks, as the default action for such issue is the appearance of our agent with a traditional board game and intent to unplug the Internet for all periods that the child is not supervised usually does not meet the work request that parents file for such service. The (Old) Internet is for 18+ only use, per the United States Supreme Court (SCOTUS) ruling, and such limitations on access are only available to participating members of our SEVEN ALPHA program for minors; which are limited to select participants at this time and under license to develop and test those services. General public access for Seven Alpha outside that program is limited to age 24 and above.

Basic Networking problems include: "Denial of Service" protection, network security, basic network connectivity, data backup systems and routines, data security, off-site backups, Virtual Private Network services (VPN), operating system repair and reinstallation, PC speed issues, component replacement, and salvage operations for recycling.

Raccoon Technologies Incorporated does handle disposal of obsolete PC equipment and systems for customers who are physically resident in Pontotoc County. Money is not paid for disposal, nor charged unless a waste-hazard or health-hazard is determined on inspection. This is a free service to minimize impact on our local landfill and recycle as much of other manufacturer waste as possible for use by pro bono clients and educational application(s) network services.

Service in all cases is secondary and by approval subject to the firm, in deference to our primary mission in Advanced Network support, service, and design roles.

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