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Raccoon Technologies Incorporated

Consumer PC Equipment

Home and office computers are generally not built for single-user performance.

Our firm resells LICENSED PRODUCTS from companies in the general market and ADVANCED GAMING SYSTEMS (AGS) platforms that connect to our Private Networks.

These are distinct from our own brand of Heavy Machines™ products starting at $10,000 USD and up. Heavy Machines are designed for industrial and scientific computing, virtual machine hosting in direct administration, and a lifecycle of 10 years or more. This differs from 1-3 year lifecycle of most consumer PC systems, and are designed for long term projects in engineering and scientific office and laboratory settings.

How to Order

Because of fraud, we do not publish our current catalog of inventory on the website. Competitor activity to interfere with those systems have prompted our sales to key clients only through direct private catalog services.

Public catalog inventory represent generic equipment sold in the United States to Continental clients only. All orders are subject human verification and may be voided with refund if deemd a fraud or fraud risk by our team. This is to prevent very large competitor abuse in November 2021 to 2022 July in commercial industrial sabotage activity by foreign competiors in Texas, Japan, and China from harassing and impacting existing customers.


If you wish to be considered a potential customer, contact us via phone. Articles of organization and a certificate of good standing for your corporation along with sales tax permit for wholesale and retail options will be required, along with a credit check. Private individauls will be subject to a criminal background check and payment terms reflecting credit afforded if any terms, and limited regions. Not all applications are accepted or qualify to purchase.


All systems built by the firm and sold by the firm are high quality components, and price points may differ from your consumer markets. Raccoon Technologies Incorporated disclaims any parity of parts and supply chain from such goods, and denies any competitor claim is identical in parts - and will not price match other stores prices due to loss leader and improper procurement practices which fail our warranty and support standards and practices.


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