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February 01 2023 - §§ aleo

Scientific Computing in Ada Oklahoma


Current AGS MSRP

Consumer GS
Pilot  $ 3795 USD Entry Level 3900X 24 Threads  24 lanes PCI-e 4.0
Basic GS
Athene  $ 5995 USD 8TB Raid 3950X  32 Threads  24 lanes PCI-e 4.0
Redoubt  $ 5295 USD Lean 3950X   32 Threads  24 lanes PCI-e 4.0
Advanced GS
Mark 43  $ 5595 USD Prosumer i9 9900X  20 Threads  40 lanes PCI-e 3.0
Mark 44  $ 7795 USD Enhanced i9 9960X  32 Threads  40 lanes PCI-e 3.0
Heavy Machines
Raider-2950X  $ 7995 USD Workstation 2950X 32 Threads  64 lanes PCI-e 3.0
Raider-2990WX  $ 8495 USD Workstation 2990WX 64 Threads  64 lanes PCI-e 3.0
Raider-9980XE  $ 9495 USD Workstation 9980XE 36 Threads  40 lanes PCI-e 3.0
You are "Either buying a Raider or you aren't", and then we talk compromises.

Know what you are buying. An office PC will usually be priced at under $1000 USD. A third-line (obsolete, functions but not supported) PC is under $100. The prior machines are WORKSTATION-SERVER Hybrid class for professionals, with an annual gross revenue of $60,000 reliant on their computer system as a tool. For those persons who use industrial and scientific computing products, these systems fit a performance goal above pure 3D gaming and outside of five-nine reliability goals of NOC SERVER operations hardware and duty, optimized for performance and warranty lifecycle exceeding the five-year tax credit incentive limiting most modern computers to 'disposable' technology. XCORE technology, like classic American muscle cars, are built to be duty-service machines with 10 year active lifecycle and 3-4 major modifications in keeping current with evolving technology in a high-end (top 3%) market segment.

Confusing AGS with conventional retail computers is like comparing jet aircraft to consumer cars. Where you want to go determines what you need.

Raccoon Technologies Incorporated does not pre-judge our customers. We do not determine what you need based on your credit card limit or your career or ask questions about your use case beyond basic standard industry computing goals and operating conditions. Our goals is to offer you a next-level experience with support, while protecting our investment from fraud and abuse like film directors who take our systems into the Sahara and try to cut footage in 120 degree F temperatures (Lucas, we know who you are - and we remember that time).

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