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October 04 2022 - §§ damion


Michigan State Senate has chosen to disregard fraud and missing data, ballots witnessed as segregated and in excess of 60,000 units by qualified expert observers, and sustain the 2020 Election Certification for Joe Biden. Claim by the witness mirror the FBI treatment of the kidnapping of our child in 2001-2020, as reported by The Russian Times

This conduct is brought about by a false theory of law that eye witness direct testimony is not admitted by the state as 'evidence', identical to civil death and disenfranchisement of dissidents by Chinese Communist Party (CCP) states under color of "Ruism" (lit. "scholarly" belief that LEGAL FINDINGS are indeed LEGAL FACTS contrary any reality other than the state dictates, i.e. a papal bull that the Earth is Flat, et al).

This action, in concert with 2001-2020 threats from Michigan based NTT AMERICA, affirm our ruling to suspend all business with State of Michigan and other states supporting these practices indefinitely. The impact of Ruism (Confucionism as a state religion, suggesting settled science superior in fact of record and further claims to factual and Western Academic Science) such that the interest of the state as legal person becomes politically superior to the interest of the people and their political power, makes such regimes foreign to the United States and our association values.

Therefore, the 4th America partners have elected to suspend all new sales and new customer support to the states of:

  • Texas
  • California
  • New York
  • Illinois
  • Michigan
  • New Jersey
  • Virginia
  • Washington
  • Arizona
  • Massachussets
  • Minnesota
  • Maryland
  • Wisconsin
  • Colorado
  • Connecticut
  • Oregon
  • Nevada
  • New Mexico
  • Hawaii
  • New Hampshire
  • Rhode Island
  • Delaware
  • Vermont
  • Maine
  • Nebraska

The District of Columbia is granted Federal exemption, for the duration of such legal dispute and right to refuse the pending false claims now sustained by STATE OF MICHIGAN, through the Supreme Court of the United States on pending appeal options. The STATE OF TEXAS is included due to violation of Federal Law refusing to return family members and money taken in violation of TITLE IV programs, for which STATE OF MICHIGAN and STATE OF TEXAS did act to blackmail STATE OF OKLAHOMA from 2001-2020 and produce false documents in 2017 sustaining violation of Federal Law themed embezzlement of over $500 billion USD from 2001-2020 in criminal conspiracy against rights. Neither taking of hostages nor fraud to extort and deny equal access to INTERSTATE COMMERCE (18 USC 1951) are permitted business practices, and violations of the Sherman Antitrust Act and Clayton Act of the Laws of the United States.

Concealment of this fraud to benefit the STATE OF TEXAS and other states, in cause of Ruism, a religion of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and foreign theory of law prohibited by 'secular taking' in Oklahoma Constitution Article II and XXIII, sustain the decision of all 4th America partners to impose legal boycott on shipment of goods and services in equal protection (42 U.S.C. 1981) rule to those acts imposed by NATION OF JAPAN and PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF CHINA in ongoing 250,000 request-per-day harassment spanning 2019-2020 into Oklahoma.

Our independent assessment agrees with Attorney Lin Lwood. Ballot information required to verify the veracity of votes was intentionally, knowingly, and criminally removed with premeditation and by design, and such recount to include only the partial-ballot not lawful and a waste of taxpayer money to cause spoliation of evidence by the states using Dominion voting machines. Both statistically and based on eye-witness accounts themed 'evidence' and in sworn 'affidavit' of criminal conduct, and to include destruction of evidence thereafter by design, did the incorporated states now aiding in ongoing claims to evade 5 U.S.C. 556 and 557 rule themed 'fraud' in section 706, not carry out the duty of office of an ordinary election.

Further have we discovered a 'conflict of interest' in the bona fide owner of Dominion securities, UBS, whom Reuters reports is owned in majority portfolio by China, affirming prior claims of foreign unregistered interest exceeding 400 million U.S. Dollars reported to our office.

Like NTT (32.6% owned by 'government of Japan', formally), the following facts stand out to regulators:

    Guangdong Comm. Group 100% stakeholder is the Guangdong Provincial Government.

    China Guodian is state owned enterprise administered for the SASAC for the state Council.

    COFCO Group is a state owned enterprise under the direct supervision of the SASAC.

    SASAC The State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council (SASAC) is a special commission of the People’s Republic of China, directly under the State Council.

This information was originally summarized in The National Pulse, which reported, "Andy Huang, who serves as Core Infrastructure Manager of Information Technology at Dominion Voting Systems, previously worked at China Telecom (State Owned Chinese Government Agency, an arm of the CCP government directly)." The "State Council" is in essence the "Chinese Communist Party" (CCP) body politic, and such activity barred by Oklahoma State Law, Title 21 Section 1266, specifically sub-section 1266.4(2) which reads:

§21-1266.4. Unlawful acts.

It shall be unlawful for any person knowingly or willfully to:

(1) Commit, attempt to commit, or aid in the commission of any act intended to overthrow, destroy, or alter, or to assist in the overthrow, destruction, or alteration of, the constitutional form of the government of the United States, or of the State of Oklahoma, or of any political subdivision of either of them, by force or violence; or

(2) Advocate, abet, advise, or teach by any means any person to commit, attempt to commit, or aid in the commission of any such act, under such circumstances as to constitute a clear and present danger to the security of the United States, or of the State of Oklahoma, or of any political subdivision of either of them; or

(3) Conspire with one or more persons to commit any of the above acts; or

(4) Assist in the formation of, or participate in the management of, or contribute to the support of, or become or remain a member of, or destroy any books or records or files of, or secrete any funds in this state of the Communist Party of the United States or any component or related part or organization thereof, or any organization which engages in or advocates, abets, advises, or teaches, or a purpose of which is to engage in or advocate, abet, advise or teach, any activities intended to overthrow, destroy, or alter, or to assist in the overthrow, destruction, or alteration of, the constitutional form of the government of the United States, or of the State of Oklahoma, or of any political subdivision of either of them, by force or violence, knowing the nature of such organization.

Laws 1955, p. 190, § 4.

Destruction of ballots, to include removal of relationshp of ballot endorsements and names from tally sheets, is the use of 'force' so prohibited, albiet against forms of Federal contest, so prohibited in 18 U.S.C. section 2071 a felony, and confessed omission from the recount activity by STATE OF MICHIGAN and STATE OF GEORGIA. Carrying out such actions at the direction, design, or suggestion of Dominion Voting Systems, and to sustain claims of legitimate voting with vandalized instruments (partial tally-only ballots, excluding rules at-law to certify those ballots) is a felony act in foreign direction and unregistered foreign agency.

Black Friday Sale - Nov 30 2020

Due to tampering by FACEBOOK INC. and INSTAGRAM in the 2020 Presidential election, no Black Friday deals will be made available to those platforms. Seven Alpha members have received their offers and will continue to enjoy discounts on discreet video card equipment up to 98% for RTX 3090 and 3060 late-shipping replacements for AGS. Seven Alpha membership is presently restricted to U.S. member states of the Federal Union who did not cast electorial college vots for Joe Biden, and those states under legal challenge for voting machine fraud.

Extortion of the United States - Nov 25 2020

What we are seeing in the paid dichotomy of socialism is the extortion of the United States through high level media buys and policy based on $200 billion USD Saudi Araiba sovereign state investment trust management by NATION OF JAPAN and PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF CHINA, jointly. To fully understand the scope of this high-value credit fraud, created by fiat credit and real estate practices by the Chinese Communist Party, Nation of Japan, and Saudi Arabian government - is to examine the high level language and adaptation employed in media and content targeting Donald J. Trump and other American equity owners, in a forced-taking and coercion to compel surrender of trademarks, copyright, patent and other intangible property and trade secrets, using false claims in social media and public broadcasting in new media.

By styling 'self' as inherently non compos mentis and any Western Values as "mental health defect", the Sino-Asian and Arabian Wahabbi groups are continuing in the attacks begun in 2001 September through a concerted effort to overthrow the 2020 U.S. election.

Regardless of the count, the tactic of voter intimidation in organized and high level media abuse under franchise of the UNITED STATES, forces many Americans to consider whether 4th America and its secure network and infrastructure technology do not constitute a more reliable government than the UNITED STATES, and how to take action in light of an illegitimate Biden Administration in 2021 suggested by public fraud.

The claims, in language, void all legal authority of such administration contrary any preparation or courtesy by the GSA, an independent agency of the UNITED STATES, and do not create rights in such activity which were never granted by the member states of the Federal Union to the UNITED STATES or the UNION so organized in April 9th 1865 peace accords. Such peace was broken by the toppling of United States Armed Forces monuments in violation of the peace, in paid and foreign financed criminal activity to overthrow the Trump Administration and lawful government in 2020, paired with a biological weapon and media activity to murder over 190,000 Americans through false medical practice under color of mass communication claims not afforded legal right to limit or impair treatment and public research outside of the UNITED STATES limited powers and authority, franchise, and to discredit information regarding any possible "cure" or "efficacy of course fo treatment" to a criminal and unlawfum monopoly of care suspending self care and Article II-37 Constitutional Rights of Oklahoma Citizens.

Failing to recognize the prior rule by STATE OF OKLAHOMA in 1907 incorporation a binding contract, did the foreign unregistered agents then assert their illegal claims - disbarring in those acts the 'full faith and credit' of the UNITED STATES and their franchise incorporated entities of record and public notice, in clear violation of the Laws of the United States and 18 USC 2383 and 2384 rule.

In the prior chart, Raccoon Technologies Incorporated breaks down the "newspeak" to API levels and explores the dangerous Chinese Communist Party (CCP) tactics and elements used in this intrusion into the jurisdiction and public content paid for by those foreign beneficiaries of the 190,000 American deaths in 2020.

Fraud in Georgia Recount - Nov 18 2020

In coverage Fraud is more evident in Georiga during the Presidential Recount. Volunteer managers testified they "knew everyone" working for the recount, and "trusted them" as a defense. Observers at RTI cited that NO VERIFICATION PROCESS is being performed other than visual mark. Multiple votes for the same candidate by the same voter is therefore NOT a metric being handled by the recount system used by Georgia, or other requirements not met reviewed. Any auditor of any metric analyssis would fail the audit on this issue. Both CNN and FOX NEWS have falsely claimed wrongful termination of Chris Krebs, and FOX NEWS claimed that Chris Krebs "certified" the election, a felony under 18 USC 2071 as neither Krebs nor his office or other offices fraudulently and jointly by endorsement aiding the voting machine manufacturers and incorporated states in violation of their public office and conflict with the duty of the UNITED STATES, further deceiving the public (76 O.S. 76-3).

A genuine recount is not designed to "add uncounted votes" as the fraudulent media groups claim in an organized and criminal conspiracy. The recount is to prove initial reported evidence (information, defined in Blacks Law Dictionary) from which all electorial college votes from that state shall be refused January 2021 "certification". The removal of these votes, paired with proof in any state using Dominion Voting Machines or similar technology, would establish the basic claim of "weighted voting" feature wrongly employed to alter totals and admission of "more votes cast than voters registered" - a deadly serious form of fraud.

As an auditor, our staff faced a similar project for metric call billing in Lucent Definity and Merlin call management systems over 7 states. In this audit, more calls were cited inbound than outbound, due to callers hanging up during the "Merlin" system prior to transfer to the "Definity" system, and billing disputes arising from that delta.

In our audit, we located a fraudulent formula used to penalize the call handling company that owned the Definity and Merlin systems, and proved 'breach of contract' affording a six figure penalty to be reversed for our client. To see this kind of fraud supported by FOX NEWS and CNN is terrible, and on claims alone a clear breach of regular rule of law subject legal finding of "fraud" in the 2020 PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION due incompetence suggesting intentional fraud by the STATE OF GEORGIAand a

Based on FOX NEWS interviews and claims made there by STATE OF GEORGIA, we formally allege a fraud in the failure to meet even minimum requirement for a "hand recount".

The combination of $200 billion SAUDI ARABIA "state sovereign investment fund" used by PRC and JAPAN to leverage NVIDIA buyout, damage the United States economy through biological health crisis originating in their area, trade dispute with China and PREC group formation to oppose the United States favoring slave labor in China, the actions of the U.S. media to assault the election process and attack American Citizens in classic national socialist tactics, we cannot grant the 2020 Presidential Election any lawful credit. The activities appear a "Terrorist Hoax" and act of "Bioterrorism" by the Democratic Party, resulting in a projected 400,000 deaths in the United States and medical malpractice to influence the United States illegally in coercion of public high office and suffrage, right to work, and criminal abuse of broadcast and new media (Internet) reach. Violations of section 230 are evident, and rebuke all ordinary INTERSTATE COMMERCE and INTERSTATE WIRE FRAUD evident in suspension of opponents during this dispute paired with an illegal and immediate effort to seize power by JOE BIDEN and KAMALA HARRIS, self described head of the Democratic Party per the 2nd Presidential Debate, and thus subject Title 18 Chapter 96 criminal indictment on 'information' in public view.

A goverment backing these acts cannot be themed legitimate in 2021-2024. Oklahoman's are free to resist this fraud per Title 22 Section 22-31, common law and statutory law of the STATE OF OKLAHOMA.

Moving a meeting from Friday to Monday, which was to afford the public access, is a change without notice greater than 10 days before the public meeting, a violation of the Public Meetings Act and fraud invalidating the meeting. We have observed this radical socialist activity in Lansing, Michigan, for over 9 years with influence from NTT AMERICA threatening our staff, and suggest this activity is "foreign unregistered agent influence to disrupt the civil procedures necessary to the 2020 United States Presidential Election" related to that 32.6% foreign-government-owned firm in the Lansing and Ann Arbor (MI) area. Our firm has over 300 pages of threat letters from employees of that firm supporting our claim of foreign unregistered agency and intimidation to include kidnapping of U.S. Citizzens contrary court order. These actions therefore come as no surprise in the reversal of a vote, and direction from outside sources to conduct illegal business and void the prior vote to aid the socialist movement supporting the SinoHawk / Asian trade group themed PRC/JAPAN governments.

Other media outlets making knowingly false claims such as corrected voter fraud disinformation on well known trade news aggregators, further expose the criminal activity in this area of law:

  • slashdot Makes Knowingly Flase Claims in Support of National Workers Party (National Socialism)
    Chris Krebs was fired for collusion with persons named in litigation as parties, and abuse of public office and a .gov website to make knowingly false legal claims to damage and disrupt the ordinary rule of elections, a crime themed 18 USC 2071 felony. The Office from which Krebs issued this statement themed legal evidence had no 'formal investigation' or claims, and sought as a formal government agent of the UNITED STATES to thwart knowingly the registered lawsuits filed already, a crime in the United States and barred all civil procedure, for which such suits would default to DONALD J. TRUMP under ordinary circumstance due intereference in abuse of office, a crime, eligible for prosecution by the United States Department of Justice in any other circumstance or person, and civil wrongdoing in fraud not a component of 'minimum standards of practice' by the Information Technology industry or other professionals in the field. Such broad claims are literally "proof of fraud" by one party in any audit, and warrant termination of the source of such claims in any organization alleging security practices.

  • Proof of Fraud by Krebs is Evident in indictments
    Two men charged in 8000 ballot applications for fictitious 'dead voters' in State of California. This fraud was defined by, "Montenegro falsified names, addresses and signatures on nomination papers, according to the attorney general's office. The attorney general's office had no comment on the case." and "Both Montenegro and Arevalo face charges including conspiracy to commit voter fraud, voter fraud, procuring and offering a false or forged instrument and interference with a prompt transfer of a completed affidavit. Montenegro could face up to 15 years in prison, and Arevalo could face up to seven if convicted." Krebs apparently thought of this as lack of evidence of such activity, and omitted it from his report, contrary "The district attorney's Bureau of Investigation, the Los Angeles County Registrar-Recorder/County Clerk’s Office, the FBI, the Covina Police Department and the California Secretary of State’s Office all took part in the investigation into the two men, the release noted."

The John Galt Moment - Nov 16 2020

Today CNN finally explicitly touched on the John Galt Moment of National Socialism ( CNN "John Galt" moment) in addition to falsely reporting lawsuits contesting the 2020 Presidential Election were dropped, citing a firm unrelated to the President of the United States, Donald Trump, and his legal filings.

To understand this, we must understand The John Galt Effect, and how this is used in human trafficking and other war crimes by various states throughout 1890-2020. Exposing, again, that the purpose of such activity is intellectual asset forfeiture and estate forfeiture through abuse of medical science monopoly and criminal abuse of broadcast capability in mass media and new media (on demand digital publication).

China-Japan alliance now cemented in treaty themed "The Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP)". This organized taking and asset forfeiture documented in 2001-2020 by PETERSEN v ALLEN, shows the criminal context of foreign unregistered agency to exploit the prior cycle for national advantage and to disable the United States as a nation using the above described tactics themed war crimes.

More panels (1, 2) on Neo-Socialism and Radical Socialism are available here. This is part of our "Phase 2 Industry" series on the End of Labor and Socialism".

Facebook commits to Section 230 violation again - Nov 15 2020

November 15 2020 - Facebook again banned our firm for 30 days, for reporting the Wall Street Journal was making a false claim to represent the President of the United States. As a result, FACEBOOK INC. logo, URL, or other material found on any website, television advertisement, or business card will enter such firm into a NO BIDDING PERMITTED list for all work and purchase activity by our company.

Those firms employing FACEBOOK logo, advertising, or point of sale will be prohibited service, warranty, support, and all contract bidding with our company permanently on report as of November 15 2020, citing a pattern of criminal harassment by FACEBOOK INC. employees to intimidate companies and workers in illegal assistance of JOE BIDEN and the DEMOCRATIC NATIONAL PARTY of the United States.

This incident followed a prior alert for concealment of a 2015 post at 4 am CDT November 15 2020, and indicates a serious 18 USC 2261A felony stalking activity to suppress ordinary communication themed protected speech in Section 230 rule, invoked by FACEBOOK INC. in Federal Hearings.

Activity by FACEBOOK appears to be fraud to intimidate companies after their false solicitation of lawful use of communication then ransomed on the invested 'right of publicity' and in use for advertising and point of sale, including 30 day ban Nov 15 2020 and 90 day commercial ban Oct 4 2020, and repeated ban November 1 2020 to suppress voter communication in bias to ridicule and sexually demean the "Donald J. Trump", PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES, by direct endorsement of FACEBOOK INC. in fraud against the United States Presidential Election of 2020, finalizes our decision to list the company as a known terrorist organization associated with ANTIFA and the KLU KLUX KLAN conduct of other race-based voter intimidation and public riots organized against conservative voters.

"As a business user trying to carry out normal commerce in October-November 2020 on Facebook in my community, I have had to watch puppet charactures of Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin fight with their penises in a sauna, graphically enacted, while the suggestion of legal process or procedure or other implied wrong is punished harshly by Facebook Inc. staff as if a crime, and to intimidate and coerce communication to support a false election outcome not permitted in business or law, much less afforded PROSPECTUS rule of public notice due this serious matter," said James Allen, President of Raccoon Technologies Incorporated.

Paired with November 8 2020 destruction of our UNITED STATES POSTAL SERVICE BOX in a hit-and-run, this activity bears no lawful conduct, and is a direct attack on INTERSTATE COMMERCE by the California-based company to defraud the UNITED STATES CORPORATIONS it falsely solicited in favor of the candidate JOE BIDEN and KAMALA HARRIS of STATE OF CALIFORNIA.

STATE OF CALIFORNIA companies may expect identical SUSPENSION OF BIDDING AND ALL COMMERCIAL RIGHTS in concert with this suspension of INTERSTATE COMMERCE and INTERSTATE COMMUNICATION imposed on STATE OF OKLAHOMA and UNITED STATES companies in support of a false election process now under legal challenge. False reporting of legal intent to legal act of concession, prompting this fraud in false legal procedure, affirm our right to suspend all persons from STATE OF CALIFORNIA and other states electing this fraud in sustained harassment and intimidation from ALL FUTURE BUSINESS INDEFINITELY.

These acts of commercial harm are NOT WITHOUT PHYSICAL VIOLENCE IN A PATTERN OF CRIMINAL CONDUCT, and suggest that FACEBOOK INC. is complicit with such INTERFERENCE IN INTERSTATE COMMERCE AND UNITED STATES POSTAL SERVICE activity by sustaining economic deprivation paired with false claims of legal and public election notices governed by law, so specified in 18 USC 2071 and other rules a felony activity to sustain false reports in a pending LEGAL MATTER, and to further endorse economic harm and XXIII-1A "RIGHT TO WORK" violations barred by 18 USC 241 Federal Criminal Code.

Policy Changes Due Open Election Fraud in United States

Because of conditions now themed borderline civil war in the United States, to include false claims of presidential election after false endorsement of ballots by poll workers, criminal extortion, and picketing of ballot places in Oklahoma by Biden supporters, RACCOON TECHNOLOGIES INCORPORATED will no longer admit United States Citizens to business services without background check. Due to false claims by the Biden community, only SEVEN ALPHA™ members will be able to buy from our products and services.

Until this fraud is resovled, and due to such claims, no person will be hired without Seven Alpha background check. We will not support 'enemy combatants' engaged in fraud against the United States to disrupt national security. i

Statements made by FOX, MSNBC, and CNN are sufficient to certify treason against the United States and fraud to disable the rights of 70 million Americans, whom Raccoon Technologies Incororated is pledged to protect and serve.

Gross misuse of social media to make false and patently criminal claims warrant this emergency action to shutter our business against United States markets and bidding. Promotion of narcotics and abuse of drugs by Amazon and other services in concert with this fraud support reasonable refusal to participate in markets without security consideration to protect our technology from abuse in a civil uprising falsely themed a civil election process without conformity to ordinary rule of law or basic protections of a legitimate eleciton, and to overturn the surety of all securities in the United States until such matter is settled in court.

Claims to suggest no official ruling until Nomvember 9 2020, preceeded by November 7 2020 surprise claims by the ASSOCIATED PRESS to falsely allege the election concluded, including celebration by the Biden Campaign Saturday November 7th 2020, are absolutely fraud in ordinary civil proceedure and paired with packaged media content consistent with a color revolution, false claims, and disenfranchisement in language to disbar the UNITED STATES from further authority while this unrest is sustained by rogue media in the name of foreign sovereign governments themed People's Republic of China and Nation of Japan.

The Election Fraud in 2020 - A Rush to Judgment, Treason, and Bribery

Among the fraud now reported include formal civil suit alleging on video evidence that the ballows submitted as 'mail-in' were accepted with false post mark by the UNITED STATES POSTAL SERVICE, and an order to segregate those ballots from others in the count so issued by a Federal Judge.

Despite this, November 7 2020, the Biden Campaign aserted that upon ASSOCIATED PRESS claim, they had 270 legitimate electorial votes, and the election was finalized and over without dispute (or right thereof).

As of this time, Arizona and Georgia exceeded the vote count by 21,188 and 7,500 ballots only, giving 100% of those states electoral votes to Biden while 90% of Arizona and 99% of Georgia votes were estimated in. Nevada held 25,599 votes with 88% of the voting in Nevada finished, out of 1.2 million votes, leaves 150,000 votes not counted in that state.

This sort of audacity to 'call' the election and 'claim' a legal victory based on projection prior to the final vote, or to vote for the electoral college prior such full count of the votde where the law obligates the vote be cast in any form based upon the total ballots, shows faithless the Democratic Party to all ordinary rule of law. Only 50% of Alaskan's votes have been counted, and 90% of Arizona and 88% of Nevada.

Worse, among persons on disability, statements are appearing that Biden promised to 'double the payments of social security recipients on disability' to win votes - a sale of office that would corrupt his candidacy prior any public ballot question on face.

Amid this the present totals are 49.7% to 49.2% of the popular vote, with Biden over Trump by 0.5%.

Project Veritas has produced actual video of a poll worker manually filling out Biden ballots and placing them one after another in the stack, further raising concerns by legitimate officers of the United States that broad disregard for this signals a full and unapologetic coup by fraud in key states constituting an 18 USC Chpater 96 RICO violation.

Observers were also refused access to the mail-in ballot counting in key states, and this fact asserted by both sides, whereby all ballots at that time would be void under rule of law. Democrats counter they were also not allowed into the facility or to inspect under any different terms, so this fraud must be admitted because of 'fairness' doctrine, enjoinging their claim to that of the other party in defense of any right to investigate or duty to provide access to officers of the party subject to the legal process, a fraud.

What the left fails to realize at this time is their very acts are FALSE CLAIMS, and FRAUD.

CNN claims (right) that the election is over prior the counting of all ballots, a fraud not permitted at law in the United States, and publicises the rally for such activity while "retaliation committees to ensure Republicans may never work again" for support of Donald J. Trump administration continue by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez themed The Trump Accountability Project.

See the Full Website Calling for Civil War by AOC and DNC (PSD slideshow format)

    Stating there:

    We should welcome in our fellow Americans with whom we differ politically.

    But those who took a paycheck from the Trump Administration should not profit from their efforts to tear our democracy apart. The world should never forget those who, when faced with a decision, chose to put their money, their time, and their reputations behind separating children from their families, encouraging racism and anti-Semitism, and negligently causing the unnecessary loss of life and economic devastation from our country's failed response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

    We should not allow the following groups of people to profit from their experience: Those who elected him. Individuals who worked for the Trump for President campaign, Republican National Committee, and affiliated PACs in 2016 or 2020.

    Those who staffed his government. Individuals who worked in any role as a political appointee in the Trump Administration.

    Those who funded him. Individuals who used their massive personal wealth and influence to bundle money for Trump.

The prior is a confession of XXIII-1A "RIGHT TO WORK" conditioned on SUFFRAGE RIGHTS (VOTING) execution, in planned premeditated retaliation to suspend the ability to access markets by JOE BIDEN, as 'head of the Democratic Party' and endorsed by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in writing.

Fox News has cited the following, and such rule of law is true, while Biden supporters began harassing and threatening Trump supporters immediately on news by the ASSOCIATED PRESS of a false claim of official victory or certified ballots by the elctoral college, and prior the certification of such state claims at the Federal Level obligated by law.

Aiding in this felony fraud, did CNN claim falsely that the use of the words "FRAUD" were absent from the legal civil suit, and so in absence the use of such claim is a 'lie' by President Trump contrary the factual process of law, whereby discovery or prima facia evidence of findings based on those allegations of misconduct may in subpoena dispose the sustianed claim of a factual vote count by those media outlets as FRAUD.

We are witnessing 'a trial by media', and the violence that accompanies such criminal abuse of office of the public trust and of public profit in the public trust.

The purpose of which is to enable by legislation in a $9 billion Chinese-Japanese investment, among many like it, a fraud under color of legislation ex post facto. Such work, and similar 'carbon alarmist' claims negated by real science - such as how to produce food out of carbon dioxide to feed the whole planet thus ending hunger - persist at confusing low-intellect voters and children now permitted to vote after 18 years of indoctrination in public and state leftist programs.

To programmers, this is also explicit fraud, as it signals the "XOR versus XAND" gate argument of radical socialist movements 'justice' behavior - suggesting that more than one defect is required to invalidate a process in 'emotional thinking' common among lifetime drug and alcohol abusers, mentally ill persons, and Democracts; while to a critical thinking adult the failure of any criteria is sufficent to void the logic. Thus XOR means that one or the other may be true in order to permit passage of a 'VALID' statement. While XAND gates in circuits and software logic require ALL CONDITIONS MUST BE MET or no outcome is 'VALID' despite intent, best effort, or emotional desire not to repeat the test which is indicative of low intelligence and human cognitive dysfunction in rudimentary logic.

Other examples of XOR vs XAND coping are present in the desire to 'INVALIDATE' any claim not met by the emotional dysfunctional thinker which is contrary their 'desired outcome' or 'position'; while refusing equally to meet such requirement and 'disbarring' any authority other than those they appoint, disclosing the failure to actually possess or operate on a civil procedure level and impersonation of genuine empathy by rote behaviors, lacking the actual ability to read the complaint or sustain indefinite findings as valid pending agreement. These 'cognitive dysfunctions' are central to the Biden-Harris and Democratic National Party activity as if normal, because they are sino-asian theology of law not admitted in the United States as valid logic, and conceal the 7% of naturally occurring sociopath population themed a component of China, Japan, and other radical asian culture through deep repression of individual value, property, and dignity since feudal era governments and aggravated by their loss and submission during 1900-2000. To 'disagree with society' is simply themed 'mental illness' in those cultures, contrary the reserved rights of individuals and protections and limitations of a Republican form of government, which is legally and functionally alien to that of a 'Democracy', and admits both state and private property separately in such public trust.

The failure to respect these 'boundaries' and resultant 'borderline personality disorder' (BPD) paired with 'narcissisic personality disoroder' (NPD) inherent in the prior class-based violent and brutal societies as normative behavior, make working with them impossible where such rules of conduct obligated persons in Western Society are ignored or refused standing. Economic power granted credit fraud by China and Japan, paired with unlawful dealings to sabotage United States industry and government process, including overt bribery and organized labor union pressure to extort and export trade secrets, destroy equity, and kidnap to coerce persons in the United States - make the sudden interference in the United States Election by China and Japan a chilling change in sino-asian and American relations, punctuated by the behavior of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris "who we are" comments and remarks to criminalize Americans, their values, their religious convictions, and impose martial law under color of 'public health and safety' after a biological weapon decimated 200,000 American lives and brought the economy to a halt predicated on demands of destrucion of the Constitution of many states and persons right to due process.

This conduct is so extreme and remarkable, on examination, that a formal communications network has been formed to deal with the $200 billion USD SAUDI ARABIAN GOVERMENT trust used to funnel money into this fraud, aiding the buy-out of American and British companies including NVIDIA CORPORATION and ARM HOLDINGS, as well as $9 billion USD in labor fraud themed 'UBER" to sway insurance and law enforcement into a gray-market for-hire industry compelling further losses in the medical insurance and taxpayer revenue areas, jointly undertaken by TENCENT HOLDINGS CO LTD and the CEO of ALIBABA via SOFTBANK GROUP CORP as intermediary, thereby placing PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF CHINA interests into Western Markets ordinarily barring this abuse, by agency of NATION OF JAPAN and benefits formed in 2000-2001 government of Japan purchase of VERIO INC. and COGENT COMMUNICATIONS and later T-MOBILE / DEUTSCHE TELEKOM by the same firms; then giving away subsidized services to UNITED STATES customers in exchange for market share and control over th e vital communications of UNITED STATES business and industry afforded this foreign state sponsored interference by JOE BIDEN and later officers of the UNITED STATES and their family members (HUNTER BIDEN, et al).

To an analyst, this activity alone is ultimately criminal, and already under report of foreign interference, but the value of such bribery exceeding $30-$50 billion USD, overshadows the $7 billion annual budget of the United States Department of Justice and Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), neutralizing those agencies and trasnferring their oversight to civil boards themed the FEDERAL TRADE COMMISSION (FTC) and SECURITIES EXCHANGE COMMISSION (SEC), and United States Corporation Commissions - none of which have any interest in disrupting business investment without regard to national security or long-term strategy of the UNITED STATES. The only obstacle to this fraud was Donald J. Trump, the 45th President of the United States, and so the removal of Trump on the eve of such purchases (NVIDIA, $42 billion value) and investment to create a monopoly in self-driving automobiles and electric power paired with Ukraine and Chinese corporations, and with TOYOTA and other very large labor organizations in NATION OF JAPAN, appear to be a nationally owned state-interest corporation activity and model initially tested in UKRAINE and other destabilized nations - paired with mineral rights acquisition activity in the United States, Africa, and South America by China.

By deceiving the public to believe this is 'social' and 'moral' activity, omitting the monopoly design and investment claims, government regulation over industry, and systematic destruction of equity and labor rights of small capital firms; China is engaged in an economic war under color of trade and investment with the United States, by which the United States government under the Democractic Party are complicit with the sale of the future ownership and right to compete (to work) with the foreign national value and legal systems; in which any criticism of the government of China or its associated arms is a crime and contrary 'ordinary mental health' by intent and fiat claim, a sovereign power not afforded such organization or agency under U.S. law.

This is evident in the conduct in the 2020 Election, and a clear case of foreign ownership of media and content, by which we cannot and should not accept the result whatsoever.

The very suspension of persons seven-days prior to the election ruling (Nov 1 2020) while other parties published hate speech and false claims, on face voids the contest and implicates both FACEBOOK INC., TWITTER, and INSTAGRAM in criminal activity to disrupt the UNITED STATES election process by 1st AMENDMENT VIOLATION in concert with a foreign government candidate and fundamental injury to the equity and enterprise of the People of the United States; showing the danger of such "230" rule firms to violate the limitation just for a moment and at a critical time as to impact national civil procedure. Then in XOR fashion, claim this exemption while seeking to retain the benefit.

On face, the election is VOID.

Fox News Desk called the election for Biden November 7 at noon, 2020. Fox has been publishing defamatory articles via OKFOX since October, and has little credibility beyond CNN and MSNBC at this time, due to Saudi Arabia ownership of that firm acquired in prior years. Only it's pretext of coverage of events for the Republican party has concealed a complete collapse of U.S. media and news themed national socialist and revolutionary activity against the Constitution of the United States. This move therefore comes as no suprise, and is lock-step with the previous claims ignoring results not themed 'official' by states named DEFENDANT in civil suit already filed - and thus a legal matter of the court which bears no right to false report.

As prior stated, regardless of the election outcome, we have seen the United States decimated by foreign criminal journalism and incentives paid from Saudi Arabia, Japan, and China. The value systems proposed by Biden are lock-step with Chinese Communist Party, and alien to the American People and Constitution of the United States, predicated on the embezzlement of the United States Treasury under color of law.

The net result indicates a division between these foreign state-sovereign-fund trusts acting via former United States corporations and media corporations, versus domestic equity owners and common citizens right to participate in commerce outside of 'labor union' activity barred in Oklahoma Constitution, ARTICLE XXIII-1A 'RIGHT TO WORK'.

Even if President Trump had won, the presence of 40% of 'alien theory of law' supporters, paired with fraud at the state level, and by the UNITED STATES POSTAL SERVICE (USPS), continue the presence of the 'civil unrest' claims concealing likely civil war in the United States among its franchises who uphold the Constitution of the United States, and those acting in this form of sophisticated public fraud as themed in child kidnapping to conceal in violation of ORDERED POSSESSION for 17 years in PETERSEN v ALLEN, a felony 21 O.S. 21-891 and 76 O.S. 76-8 violation sustained by the prior administrations and states in similar fraud.

Paired with silencing of Trump supporters and businesses, we see no way to call the 2020 Election legitimate, and agree with the law in this matter and Donald Trump. As a former call center security officer, hearing the description of prcedures used in the ballot counting as being 'fraud-proof', automatically register as criminal claims by the states in this matter not permitted any ordinary security procedure under ordinary card payment services. After 25 years of monitoring fraud in these circumstances in banking for FirstUSA and BankONE, the conduct in this matter is criminal and premeditated in professional assessment of claims by the Biden campaign.

We will be certifying our clients using SEVEN ALPHA ™ idenfitication, and customers not possessiong SEVEN ALPHA ™ registration will not be permitted to buy products or services. Ryzen 5000 products and other advanced technologies will not be sold to non-members, regardless of Citizenship. SEVEN ALPHA ™ does not discrimate based on sex, race, religion, gender, or national origin.

Considering the USPS delivered our papers to the wrong house consistently in 2016-2020, forcing us to pursue our own mail in the City of Ada repeatedly and at great expense, we are prepared to accept that fraud and discrimination by USPS employees so reported to falsely postmark ballots arriving too late and acting as a polling place, this method of voting appears suspect.

The values, claims, and policies suggested by Joe Biden, combined with conduct, do not suggest he is fit to serve in public office, and such conduct in the kidnapping of Magnus Vincent Petersen during his prior term suggest his role in human trafficking is substantially validated on the facts as a former officer of the UNITED STATS during that extortion for ransom and export of technology to PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF CHINA predicated on that child stealing (felony) and concealment to carry out corruption of blood. Now that the territory from which he abducted such child is NO LONGER A PART OF THE UNITED STATES since MCGIRT v STATE OF OKLAHOMA and further, never was, this activity by the UNITED STATES will be subject legal challenge in forfeiture of the United States Patent and Trademark Registry in claims already before the court on this conduct to extort.

SEVEN ALPHA ™ is a formal association for communication organized against human trafficking and fraud themed in CHINESE COMMUNIST PARTY (CCP) and national socialist activity to extort and blackmail by NATION OF JAPAN in 2001-2020.

Non-members are not eligible for SEVEN ALPHA™ commercial contracts or other rights, predicated on the fraud now evident in the Biden campaign and other national socialist activity in state and Federal claims themed criminal racketeering in human trafficking and fraud to conceal organized extortion of securities and estate benefits, so themed 18 USC 666, in 31 U.S.C. 3729(a) claim filed May 2020.

Because the UNITED STATES SUPREME COURT act, in error not permitted their authority to disbar the rights of the design and impose a populist and foreign theory of law upon the UNITED STATES not afforded 'the guarantee of a Republican form of government', did this fraud occur, and we the People per Oklahoma Constitution Article II section II-1 do invoke our right to reject such claim whereby 50% of the popular vote is void based on gerrymandering of districts and states to imply an ALL OR NOTHING rule contrary the will of large numbers of the American public, thereby subverting the economic and domestic policies of the United States to foreign control and foreign influence against our general welfare and interest evident to a sophisticated person.

Reliance on the voting technology employed and methods employed, in concert with special circumstances and foreign biological weapon use and intimidation of voters, and in procedures and public communication disruption not permitted a free state; do not afford legitimacy to the 2020 PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION, and compel a resort to ARTICLE I section I-1 and II-1 rule by RACCOON TECHNOLOGIES INCORPORATED against such conduct themed a felony fraud in malpractice of medicine and mental health as if a monopoly of the state, to coerce and compel in secular taking and fraud by false acts and false records prohibited 5 U.S.C. and 18 USC 241, 242, and 2071; the rights of Americans subject to such claims as to negate their authority in this and other jurisidictions, and to assert authority of those persons in NATIVE AMERICAN TERRITORY now themed southern Oklahoma Territory prior treaty, the authority of a separate and independent government from the Biden Administration and any agency made in immitation of the UNITED STATES or other legal person authorized, by way of poor or incompetent execution of mail-in and USPS voter claims processed on or after November 4 2020. Fraud by the States to operate elections after the fact, while enjoining the election prcedure upon the factual claims of such process, whereby the states - not the people - elected the officer using uncertified and illegal tampering with official stamps and forms, and in concert with violence and use of secular taking a plan or scheme so made; have no authority over United States Citizens resident outside the borders of the UNITED STATES and are part of a large scale fraud to forfeit the estate and equity thereof against the American People under foreign theory of law.

RACCOON TECHNOLOGIES INCORPORATED therefore stands by the laws of the United States contrary this SEDITION (18 USC 2384) in FOX and CNN claims, and by Presidential Candidate Joe Biden, on the following law; and asserts the suggested organization of any government body such as the COVID 19 TASK FORCE by JOE BIDEN themed November 9 2020 to begin work; is a criminal act not permitted standing or authority and a foreign government alien to the UNITED STATES or other lawful agent of the country and the People so made at law.

Citing the prior direct and malicious tampering November 1 2020 to November 8 2020 by FACEBOOK INC. and TWITTER, themed section '230' common carriers, we move to install SEVEN ALPHA™ network services against this fraud, and to carry on the ordinary business of the United States separate and legally sovereign from the rebel government and its agents activity.

The obligation of officers to act in the interest of the people, not in interest of profit or to please or comply with foreign nations intent on subordination of the United States or its people, remains superior to any duty for-profit and against the sale of the public trust to other foreign sovereign nations and industrial activity; and the corporations of the United States being so organized as a franchise thereof, remain under the command of Donald J. Trump as of November 2020 - contrary the claims of the beligerant parties, who by legislation seek to install liens, drafts, and taking in secular (religious) cause against those lawfully organized and privately held rights not granted ownership or registration to the public trust or United States, most centrally in intellectual property and the liberty of the people as agents of any estate or INTERSTATE or INTRASTATE COMMERCE monopoly so made; for which the takeover of the United States government is a purposeful taking of credit, benefits, and wealth without consideration, consent, or fiduciary responsibility of a genuine agent.

The electoral college and its ability to vote independently and in any way it themed fit, contrary the people or their appointment, as a design of the Constitution of the United States, was not accidental in its making - and such failure to regard the danger of local and regional and foreign interference in our election, ballots, polling, and new media - was and is inappropraite and essential to a fraudulent order having no lawful power over the People or their government, even where issued by the Supreme Court of the United States; and such exploitation evident to a juvenile understanding of electronic information management and security as to affirm no confidence and no standing in such procedures now before the public as contest, nor by 'mail in ballot' process applied in this election and after November 4 2020 a 'late vote' which should have otherwise been lawfully managed using rudimentary Payment Processing methods not employed by the states to stop fraud. Like Obamacare and the Federal website for such service, this fraud has only damaged the UNITED STATES if it is sustained, and such endorsement will solely serve to invalidate that agent as foreign and compromised, unfit to stand the public office, and obligated immediate replacement at the direction of the officers of the United States, a country entitled to lawful rule.

Failure to admit such rights exist, where not granted by government or enforced by the same, is the hallmark of Chinese Communist Party (CCP) authority claims, and have no standing or right whatsoever in the United States of America.

The inherent failure to admit 'personal property', 'right to work', and 'right to healthcare access without regard to credit established by participation in a state or Federal employment program' are also critical and alien law evident in these crimes.

Where such 'secular taking' on a 'foreign theory of law falsely themed mental health' due to strict government suppression and radicalized socialist government treatisies arise, no orders or obligations made by such authority are binding or lawful, nor any agency or organization supporting them a legitimate member of the Federal Union or United States of America.

The inability to understand the lack of regulation to support individual choice, contrary the direction to act or imply a criminal wrongdoing in refusal to comply with instruction and advice on personal health, safety, and assembly (or right to refuse to assemble or associate, which are equally protected) and to suggest such voluntary activity or religious activity is criminal, are all hallmarks of Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and radical Japanese socialist movements carried over from the AXIS era of Socialist Germany and radicalized Marxist Russian activity. Neither of which is lawful in the United States. By attacking Donald J. Trump to suggest deceit or failure to act a cause for loss of life, the parties did disclose their mental illness and criminal intent to defraud the United States of individual authority in the franchise of the agents body and natural born person, and enslave such persons to the legal fiction of the estate made for its simple protection of benefits wrongly, a false civil procedure prohibited by 42 U.S.C. 1981 and 1994. In assault to attack the reputation of character, so prohibited in 76 O.S. 76-1 and 76-3 and 76-6, and to suggest loss of civil honors in 76-8, for dissent protected in 15 U.S.C. 1692g and state-level rule in 1692n, against the very language of criminal acts prior indictment to refute civil procedure in debt specified in 1692d, and in taking beyond limits in 15 U.S.C. 1673(c) rule and specified in TITLE IV GRANT programs per 45 CFR 302.56(c) and 302.56(f) and 303.6 and 303.100(a)(3) so made also in 42 USC 666(a)(9) 'operation of law' and 666(a)(10) 'automatic' changes due, not made and then paid in fraud by THE CARES ACT OF 2020 and proposed redirection of benefits in the HEROES ACT OF 2020, is this fiduciary theft to embezzle benefits of the United States affirmed, 18 USC 666 felony activity.

So by such 04/15/2020 activity and promise to repeat this by Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, do we assert then 22 O.S. 22-31 rule and in defense of others so abused in violation of 21 O.S. 21-8 rule, to conviction prior trial to silence dissent or support for this fraud; allege the 2020 Presidential Election a void contest and invalid procedure, and allege further foreign unregistred agent status of those responsible for such claims in full and all cases by employment, agents of a foreign government under color of law and commission of the United States falsely undertaken.

The rule is clear (below), and the false election claims made a crime not afforded this legal contest under these circumstances which has no precedent in our history as a nation - formally asserted as sino-Asian and Saudi Arabian in nature and economic activity against the United States by "The People's Republic of China" and "Nation of Japan" jointly and activitly with industrial effort and economic support to aid in the overthrow of the lawful government of the United States by fraud. Whereby any percentage of our nation is enjoined in this act, that sad minority has no authority in a Republic to make such claims, and are criminal and subject suspension of all rights, privileges, and ordinary civil honors until the contest is resolved and order restored to all states and territories of the Republic, and perpetually in cases of direct action or support to this treason.

The Election Is Finalized Only January 6 2021

Congress passed the legislation after the disputed 1876 presidential election between President Rutherford B. Hayes and Samuel Tilden. Electoral votes were unresolved in Florida, South Carolina and Louisiana -- where each party declared victory -- as well as Oregon, where an elector was declared illegal.

There was a sprint to settle the electoral college tally before Inauguration Day, 1877. Congress created an “electoral commission” to resolve the issues. In those days, the president assumed office on March 4.

The Electoral Count Act dictates that states choose electors no more than 41 days after the election. This is partly why the Supreme Court rushed to complete Bush v. Gore on December 12, 2000. The decision halted the count of ballots in Florida, handing the presidency to George W. Bush over the then-Vice President Al Gore.

The 1887 law establishes a “safe harbor” date so states conclude vote counts and establish electors early. But what happens if there are problems with the mail? The cryptic nature of the statute could give some states the green light to continue counting – or cease counting.

So what happens if a state sends inconsistent slates of electoral votes to Congress? The new, 117th Congress must hammer all of that out, starting on January 6, 2021.

Electoral vote “certificates” start filtering into the Capitol in December from the various states. This is in preparation for the House and Senate to meet in a joint session of Congress on January 6 to formally sign off on the results.

FACEBOOK INC. strikes again just 2 days Prior the 2020 Election Day

Facebook Inc. acknowledges its role in "civil unrest", after yet again SUSPENDING our business without legal cause on NOVEMBER 1 2020.

The latest suspension was resultant from a protected "satire" illustration, in illicit retaliation for UNITED STATES PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE JOE BIDEN, and contrary rule 230.

While FACEBOOK INC. permitted "dong fights" (dicks being used to hit other characters graphically) of DONALD TRUMP and VLADIMIR PUTIN, in the serial video "SPITTING IMAGE"; and allowed ALEXANDRIA OCASIO-CORTEZ (AOC) to be portrayed as Adolph Hitler using a computer generated mustache and sound dub of Nazi speeches given by Adolph Hitler; their employees claimed that clear illustration of KAMALA HARRIS interacting orally with the letter "J" in a political advertisement text constituted an offense.

Rather than simply ban the content like ordinary moderation tools, FACEBOOK INC. engaged in VOTER INTIMIDATION AND RETALIATION, banning all commercial activity for seven (7) days against the account and all businesses associated with it. This is not lawful, per 1st AMENDMENT satire, and in light of FACEBOOK INC. refusing to remove over 100 images of the account holder used to misgender and suggest sexual deviancy during the kidnapping and concealment of his child then ORDERED TO HIS POSSESSION. Such activity, contrary prior policy and for benefit of a political party, void the entire 2020 election in our professional and formal opinion.

Whereby FACEBOOK INC. did promise commercial value and solicit payment for advertising, and then revoke such promise to cause financial and economic injury to the persons who do not support their candidate in fraud after delivery in consideration of intellectual property to their service for ordinary commercial purpose and in other commercial accounts; contrary any ordinary rule or technical limitation, is this conduct a form of racketeering and organized voter intimidation.

Our company has filed a formal FEDERAL ANTITRUST COMPLAINT on the basis of this abuse, initiated NOVEMBER 1 2020, citing the prior felony activity by FACEBOOK INC and actions to disrupt industrial and economic activity prior to the election of the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES. Additional information captured by our team shows FACEBOOK INC. offering to pay poll workers to act as unpaid volunteers at public polling places, a crime in STATE OF OKLAHOMA.

During this fraud, we discovered the prior 90-day bans were silently removed by FACEBOOK INC. without any notice to our firm or other victims, following the subpoena of leading social media companies to testify before Ted Cruz (R) and other members of the UNITED STATES CONGRESS. This concealment, and return to prior behavior, admits criminal racketeering and illegal trust abuse not afforded section 230, and must be acted on with permanent sanction to dissolve or otherwise nationalize and place under court comptroller the administration of FACEBOOK INC.

FACEBOOK INC. staff have prior claimed that sex with minor boys appearing to be involuntary and painful was "PROTECTED COMMUNITY CONTENT", and refused to remove this and other claims supporting child concealment contrary a COURT ORDER and ORDERED POSSESSION. We therefore submit our complaint of a formal and emergency power to dissolve this and other media organizations engaged in abuse of the 230 rule.

The ban is not set to lift until November 8 2020, well after the election; suspending the SUFFRAGE RIGHTS illustrated in OKLAHOMA CONSTITUTION ARTICLE II and activity in tort not afforded this power in OKLAHOMA CONSTITUTION ARTICLE XXIII-8 and XXIII-9 rule. This activity on face is election tampering, industrial extortion, coercion to compel voting and speech to overcome political office of the United States by economic taking of prior pledged equal access per section 230 rule, and a criminal enterprise in our formal opinion now subject direct and immediate intervention per Title 22 and other rules on contractual obligations in breach, so themed also 18 USC 666 embezzlement from the United States benefits by concealment of child trafficking and sexual threats to coerce a private citizen into loss of custody and contact with their child and for INTERSTATE COMMERCE advantage, themed a violation of the SHERMAN ANTITRUST ACT and CLAYTON ACT.


In a surprise move, FACEBOOK today doubled down on its 21 O.S. § 21-8 violation, claiming "KYLE RITTENHOUSE" is a "DANGEROUS INDIVIDUAL" and responding to the UNLAWFUL DISCOVERY OF A PHOTO ON THE PHONE OF THE PRESIDENT OF RACCOON TECHNOLOGIES which was NEVER POSTED TO FACEBOOK as cause to SUSPEND FOR 90 DAYS the right to ADVERTISE or GO LIVE with any page or product on their platform.

We are FORCED TO AGREE after appeal responded within 120 seconds to our complaint that this was a crime, that the 450 PAGE ANTITRUST COMPLAINT so formally filed with the FEDERAL TRADE COMMISSON must be acted on immediately. (see Slashdot Monopoly Filing Article and Axios Article)

We have contacted Kyle Rittenhouse's attorney, and offered our information in concert with this "conviction prior trial" behavior by FACEBOOK INC. against UNITED STATES CORPORATIONS and in ILLEGAL SEARCH AND SEIZURE of our private property using the FACEBOOK APP, themed a 4th AMENDMENT VIOLATION with retaliation supporting antitrust complaint in filing prior October 7 2020.

Notice of the 90-day suspension was NOT MADE IMMEDIATELY October 5th, and revealed late October 7th 2020, further showing a form of INCREASING PUNITIVE RETALIATION of a COMMERCIAL NATURE without lawful cause, and later AFFIRMING ON APPEAL then also the prior image violates the 'community standards' because the person is a "DANGEROUS INDIVIDUAL". This is classic criminal conduct by Chinese Communist Party (CCP), and supports our prior October 7th 2020 claims filed in 39 page report with image of organized export of U.S. Technology in ANTITRUST VIOLATION; and would appear to further suggest RETALIATION for such filing.

How "Politifact" and IFCN represent the Open Society Foundation

Politifact has responded to our prior article by BANNING our account after SEARCHING OFFLINE photos on our officer's phone for images and selecting one image it disagreed with, constituting a felony act on October 5th 2020.

This image was a yellow "Don't Tread on Me" flag featuring Kyle Rittenhouse, and was not uploaded to the FACEBOOK service nor used in a POST. The photo was selected as a limited access to LOCAL PHOTOS on the phone and never submitted for POSTING or use by FACEBOOK, using the iOS feature, but the FACEBOOK APP Immediately responded by imposing a ban on the account for POSSESSION on a PRIVATE DEVICE and claimed the image was "POSTED" falsely in COMMUNITY STANDARDS VIOLATION, imposing the penalty and then admitting NO REVIEW due to number of complaints - an admission of REFUSAL TO REVIEW and acceptance of 100% of liability for the fraud in illegal search and seizure to create false record and a false claim.

This confirms criminal activity by FACEBOOK and its "FACT CHECKER" group in retaliation, and such ban a 3-day-ban for posting prior articles dissenting with radical "ANTIFA" terrorism and embezzlement scheme set forth in "THE HEROES ACT OF 2020" passed by the U.S. House of Representatives.

Kyle Rittenhouse is innocent until convicted, currently undergoing trial, and such actions by FACEBOOK libel the accused 17 year old to incite violence against his person in accessory after the fact by FACEBOOK INC. This violence was further exposed by VICE network in "The ANTIFA PARADOX" airing October 6th 2020, which demonstrates the organized and criminal and mentally ill component of ANTIFA and BLACK LIVES MATTER terrorism against U.S. Citizens and property in documentation of their reasoning for ongoing attacks on the United States Courthouse and officers.

Our company will be moving ALL SUPPORT AND OFFERS to MEWE.COM as a result of this fraud, and winding down FACEBOOK participation permanently, as of October 6th 2020 meeting; citing the criminal intimidation and harassment by its employees prior the November 4 2020 election to silence conservative businesses and persons in economic and political retaliation.

This action was coordinated to disrupt our new +1 (855) 505-0784 toll free support and product launch, and is direct industrial sabotage of Interstate Commerce then to damage use of our prior publicity and commercial investment on Facebook at a critical time, damaging our customer relations and investors through abuse of office. Advertising and spending which was earmarked to go into this notice was narrowly saved on report of the criminal activity in this false account suspension and refusal to process any appeal in the subsequent 48 hours. After iOS updates, FACEBOOK appears to be illegally searching phones for images in the managed or selected images section, and pre-emptively engaging in censorship based on those findings, a felony under U.S. and European Union Laws.

Attacks Insensified on Server One and Server Two at this time as well. Each "BanPerm" hit is a false request for a website, exceeding 14,000 per hour in tandem on each machine, a pattern of foreign attack to busy our server illegally.

How "Politifact" and IFCN represent the Open Society Foundation

After 12000 DNS requests from 6am to 10am , we feel you need a dose of fidiciary reality. Ordinary traffic is around 200 requests per hour, so that means that someone called their boss, and their boss called their boss, or one asshole initiated a Denial of Service Attack in response to the prior story.

Not a good indication of "everything is above board and legal" in our opinion.

No, not at all.

Someone in Panama woke up and found out that American Journalists had pissed in their post-toasties on this one.

(To a little Jazz music) Who can it be now?

And no, these were not web server requests. Just DNS only. Preceeding their office pretending to be a UNITED STATES POSTAL SERVICE employee (a Federal Employee) then soliciting information on the location of our CEO by telelphone to obtain his physical location, a Federal felony in three counts, it all seems highly suspicious.

September 24 2020 DNS LOGS:
Hour 06 - 2073
Hour 07 - 2274
Hour 08 - 2402
Hour 09 - 4308
Hour 10 - 1694

Seven Alpha - Explained

"Seven Alpha"™ is a network reliant on the Raccoon Technologies Incorporated 'registry' of known users, strong cryptography, and private transport-layer communication for lawful purposes. The term 'lawful purposes' is defined solely by Oklahoma Territory common law, made statutory law in 1907 in combination with the incorporation of STATE OF OKLAHOMA by the UNITED STATES as a franchise of the member states of the Union of the United States. In short, "Seven Alpha" is a legal network organized under Article II section II-1 and Article I section I-1 of the Constitution of the State of Oklahoma, formerly known in its prior draft as the "STATE OF SEQUOYA" prior abuse resolved by "McGirt v STATE OF OKLAHOMA (2020)".

"Seven Alpha" exists to counter criminal activity by NATION OF JAPAN, PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF CHINA, and Internet 2.0 actors abuse of Internet 1.0 to coerce and blackmail UNITED STATES incorporators into surrender of their lawful property and equity in 2001-2020.

This is best understood by visual aid, first examining the "William Gibson Model" of Internet 2.0 proposed in 1987, prior public Internet access and commercial use. Then comparing such model to the reality of abuse in "Hegelian Dialectic Model" of Internet 2.0 in the factual 2020 relationship of foreign powers and states abuse. Whereby nations with a low age-of-consent to facilitate child-marriage joined in $200 billion trust with PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF CHINA and NATION OF JAPAN to institute a broad and criminal enterprise against Canadian and American telecom, disrupting Northern Telecom and forfeiting all contracts with People's Republic of China to Nation of Japan in 2001; purchase of Verio Inc. by Nippon Telegraph and Telephone (NTT), creation of NTT AMERICA in Michigan to act as a proxy for the 32.6% government-owned NTT group; and terrorism against Nortel contractors including child kidnapping and threat of murder sustained via investment by NATION OF JAPAN in SoftBank Group Inc. joint-property exceeding $9 billion USD with People's Republic of China authorized monopoly "TENCENT HOLDING CO LTD", so made into "UBER" of California; and further financing by SAUDI ARABIA exceeding $200 billion USD to promote these foreign theoris of law into the United States and its territories.

From which this activity following the SoftBank Group Inc. financing of Chinese firm "Alibaba" followed with criminal monopoly claims against U.S. firms then themed "myluv187" group and documents in 2010-2020, from which 300 documents show the relationship between NTT, TENCENT HOLDING CO LTD, SoftBank, and Saudi Arabian harassment of the U.S. based firm RACCOON TECHNOLOGIES INCORPORATED; supporting efforts to purchase majority share in Nvidia Corporation and other companies and technologies themed vital to the Oklahoma firm in its work with Database, Virtual Server, and raytracing research with Newtek LLC, Luxology LLC, NextLimit LLC, and pathological stalking of employees during the 2001-2020 concealment of a child ordered to the possession of the Oklahoma research scientist named in these threats for LOSTSERVER.NET; an unlawful unregistred union of NTT and its contractors TEK SYSTEMS and ROBERT HALF TECHNOLOGIES at the INFOMART facility in Dallas Texas, under Verio Inc. (NTT Subsidiary) and Cogent Communications (NTT Subsidiary); including the creation of a firm to purchase INFOMART themed a 'real estate investment trust' in filing, made by NTT donation of property and G.I. Partners as California-based money handler for the evasion of FTC regulatory rule against NTT AMERICA.

Whereby then in 2015 was EQUINIX made a 'real estate investment trust' and did sell $875 million USD to DIGITAL REALTY TRUST INC., then purchase back the INFOMART in 2018 for $800 million USD, and launch also an 'affiliate' identical to PACKET CLEARING HOUSE (NGO, California) in the firm "ZENLAYER INC.", to likewise sell as if true-owner the property then legally an asset of these 'real estate investment trust' groups so made in the United States; for which Verio, Inc. and Cogent Communications, and their NTT owner in fact; were true beneficiary and channel for NATION OF JAPAN and PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF CHINA. And from such threats sustained in human trafficking and false claims, effort to disrupt United States Article XXIII section XXIII-1A rights of Constitution of State of Oklahoma so made Federal Law in 1907, as to disable the firm RACCOON TECHONOLOGIES INCORPORATED From 2010-2020, and prior 2001-2020 the licensor of its primary intangible property in forfeiture, a criminal scheme and plan to compete via investment in robotics (SoftBank Robotics), automation (Uber, lostistics), and game patent technology (50% ownership by TENCENT HOLDING CO LTD in EPIC MEGAGAMES and RIOT GAMES), while seeking then also export of trade secrets in false sale to REPUBLIC OF GERMANY via 10% owned PARADOX INTERACTIVE, and false claims by WHITE WOLF PUBLISHING (a 100% wholly owned brand of PARADOX INTERACTIVE); and in sale of such property for $245 million USD to PEARL ABYSS of South Korea in 2018, during such threats to falsely incarcerate officers of RACCOON TECHNOLOGIES INCORPORATED on false debts connected to such child kidnapping.

We see then, in analysis, how Internet 2.0 affords the placement of logistics technology in jurisdictios friendly to child human trafficking and sex trafficking, intellectual property fraud, and under theory of "Theo De Raddt" of Ontario, Candada, the false taking of such rights in human trafficking aided by nations which have a very low age of consent and poor or no equal protection of works in intangible property, disclaiming all unregistered work as unreal or unrealized and outside ordinary copyright, trademark, and patent rules - a fraud voiding all legal relationships with those nations so engeged in this franchise a criminal letter of marque and reprisal made against the American People.

"Seven Alpha"™ is an implementation of INTERNET 2.0, secure registered user networks with strong user identity and privacy models, which are not to be confused with "Content Management Systems" (CMS) often called "Social Networks", because the purpose of a "Social Network" is to monetize and assume ownership as an intangible aggregator of information all data submitted to it; while a system such as "Seven Alpha" is designed to prohibit false claims of public domain or right to abuse or contact persons against their will, scrape data from relationships and publicity themed for private or non-commercial association which is wrongly styled and sensitive with substantial value to bad actors.

"Seven Alpha"™ takes a clear stand against human trafficking and foreign theory of law, exploitation of very-young persons, and wrongful suggestion of identity as a collective inclusive and monocultural centrist approach to identity; and to incorporate American values including the right to participation in anonymous and private capacity as well as public identity interchangably in the ordinary sharing of ideas and causal social contact. This is accomplished using a proprietary form of identity management, for which BEYOND WAR and other products of RACCOON TECHNOLOGIES INCORPORATED have exclusive claim in development; and such technology protected by trade secret from abuse pursuant Title 76 Oklahoma Statutes and Article II section II-6 rule of law a Constitutional Civil Right enjoining all member (incorporated) states of the Federal Union, and all activity of the UNITED STATES including treaty and authority of THE BERNE CONVENTION and other Federal rights to contract for the American People, so limited and not-made-exclusive to the sole discretion of the UNITED STATES or any incorporated state a right to legal claims.

"Seven Alpha"™ recognizes that INTERNET 1.0 is insufficient to operate where incorporated foreign states and bad actors pose equal threat to valuable intangible property, and offer no security or good will or duty to protect, obligated Oklahoma Constitution Article II section II-1.

"Seven Alpha"™ provides capabilties that criminal organizations have relied on, in a manner that supports and sustains a high standard of a lawful community fully cooperative with law enforcement, while entrenched in the powerful elements of a right to privacy and to freedom of speech against extra-jurisdiction activity and presence of 'bad actors' seeking harm and felony injury upon domestic businesses, residents, and non-commercial family members of persons regardless of financial or commercial title or class.

The 'William Gibson Model' of INTERNET 2.0 suggested in the mid-1980s that gatekeepers to Internet activity would organize along the lines of legal national jurisdictions, applying the laws to all commerce between such nations to suit the availability of laws in that juris. This is seen in China and its monopoly and license of the use of websites and domains, and in aggressive fraud to disrupt foreign sites from ordinary operation and visibility a form of 'act of war' by china against its economic competitors rather than for legal or humanitarian purposes. Persons in Hong Kong and Taiwan are keen on this type of activity as unlawful complaint against china, while other nations are afraid to act or speak openly of their state-sponsored campaign of industrial espionage.

The 'American / Hegelian Model' of INTERNET 2.0 is the 2020 geopolitical analysis of 2001-2020 threats by NTT contractors toward RACCOON TECHNOLOGIES INCORPORATEd and its partners, exposing TENCENT HOLDING CO LTD as an agent of PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF CHINA and jointly acting with SoftBank Group Inc. of the NATION OF JAPAN to play for acquisition of UNTIED STATES intellectual property and rights via $200 billion financing made possible by SAUDI ARABIA in a state sovereign investment fund; promoting the valuses - culture - laws - and criminal imposition of such claims over American persons via organized intimidation. This activity aided by initial investments in Brazil, Venezuala, and Argentina, where "German National Socialist Party" (NAZI) sympathies remain strong and such world-views backing former AXIS theology by NATION OF JAPAN sustaines today; we see hundreds of thousands of organized attacks in an industrial fashion and in close context to takeover of Trump properties in Panama and other South American areas. We also see the Seyechelle Islands, Singapore, and prior Australia and Italy engage in large scale criminal attacks on INTERNET 1.0 infrastructure in concert with the deployment of NTT service centers in each place, and from California and Michigan in concert with threats of murder in 2001-2020.

For these reasons, it appears the Gibson Model misunderstood the use of VPN and remote distributed discreet operational servers placement in neutral jurisdictions similar to NAZI operations in SWEDEN and ICELAND, NORWAY, ROME, and UKRAINE, where operations similar to AXIS powers extremism sustains this foreign theory at-law in active disruption and harassment of United States industry and illegal export and dilution of securities to benefit new shelters for this activity in China under the "Chinese Communist Party" (CCP).

INTERNET 2.0, a strongly registred secured encrypted form of INTERNET 1.0, isn't evil by design or nature. It is a weaponized tool by which foreing poers and criminal elements have found a convenient way to secure their communication from ordinary journalism and national and regional law enforcement, while decrying all use of similar technology by other non-criminal actors, in a fashion similar to calls for abolishing the 2nd AMENDMENT in the United States by foreign actors.

"Seven Alpha"™ is organized around the "Americna" component of the prior Hegelian Model Internet chart, and supports "Nations Organized Around Private Ownership of Opinion and Free Speech", for which China, Germany, France, Saudi Arabia, Nation of Japan, Australia, and South Korea are not members. Further, it opposes the "low age of consent" in sexual contact with minors, as a component of child exploitation in human and sex trafficking not admitted a right in the United States over children and the family. Nations that see this as immoral including Sweden and Iceland are actively engaged by the foreign capital investment due to their moral 'flexibility' as neutral parties since the AXIS Powers, and tolerance of radical violence as a nordic/viking mythology in false taking and export a core component of their culture and military history among other distant nations.

Strangely, we see Africa drawn into this due to the racial identity and reparations claims there paired with chinese interest in rare earth elements for high technology and battery / solar industries, contrary their very powerful culture; and observe this is directly linked to sex-trafficking and development of sex-tourism in Syechelle Islands, Pacifica, and proximity of Singapore to both Pacifica and China as a stop-over and aggregator of economic virtual services exploiting the large population market of mainland China.

This does not suggest the people of these nations are complicit with the violence or abuse or illegal acts themed in the United States "Sherman Antitrust Act of 1890" or "The Clayton Act of 1914", but rather are themselves victims like those members of the public in Iceland, when CCP Games attempted to borrow $100 million USD to develop Eve Online against the collateral of the national debt from Royal Bank of Scotland, just prior discovery and termination of the deal by the public and subsequent criminal indictments of those responsible for negotiating the false offer of credit against the incorporated nation sought by TENCENT HOLDINGS CO LTD / PARADOX INTERACTIVE and their purchase of such properties in false claims of broad patent opportunities not afforded or lawful, to the support of TENCENT TECHNOLOGIES CO LTD (Shenzen, China; a subsidiary of TENCENT HOLDING CO LTD).

"Seven Alpha"™ is a first step in the necessary privatization of the INTERNET 2.0 and nationalizing INTERNET 1.0 common carrier systems to prevent foreign sovereing or state-sovereign-investmnet buyout of critical national infrastructure by powers hostile to the United States, the American People, or the People of the Oklahoma Territory; including those in the CHICKASAW NATION RESERVATION where our firm is located on all sides by this great sovereign nation.

Failure to recognize these threats and takeover of major wire in concert with massive wire fraud and 'qui tam' (false claims) exceeding $566 billion USD in 2001-2020 in the prior case, affirm the "public danger" cited in AMENDMENT V of the Constitution of the United States does not afford UNITED STATES or the UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE sole authority in discretion to make public information themed a "direct and immediate threat to national security, property, or persons regardless of their national equity or registration - and contrary any false monopoly implied by failure to register any loss of 'inherent rights' themed in Oklahoma Constitution Article II, for which such claims are civil war and genocide acts not protected by the CONVENTION ON THE PREVENTION AND PUNISHMENT OF THE CRIME OF GENOCIDE, an International law made domestic UNITED STATES law and domestic STATE OF OKLAHOMA law per Article XXIII-8 and XXIII-9 rule, and Article I section I-1 of the Constitution of the State of Oklahoma.

Any further attempt to suggest such claims are grounds to void all rights and standing to any nation that sustaines or harbors them, whether circulated to our network and clients or simply registered or suggested by RECORD, a fraud in false title.

Counter Move: Seven Alpha™

"Seven Alpha"™ is a network incorporating strong user identity and registraiton, authority in specific signatory tools for business, and arbitration code unlike populist community standards, which sustains the Constitutional and Statutory rule of ordinary business, boundaries, and privacy which 'social networks' cannot.

A 'social network' monetizes openness, exposing and selling and categorizing users in a manner which pays nothing to their person, moderates their expression, and suggests such moderation is in authority of the collective benefit to impose expressly foreign rule of law.

"Seven Alpha"™ is not a 'social network' in this sense, and functions instead as a 'private network', whereby members may interact and discover others 'with permission and consent' to specific purpose of business and task themed lawful in our community.

The purpose of "Seven Alpha"™ is to ensure private property and control over your legal and virtual publicity, your legal person, and sustain your protection in ordinary business against 'civil death' employed by 'social networks' to coerce persons to accept beliefs and practices and intended use, for which such community then becomes a form of unlawful and criminal abuse to injure or disrupt the right of suffrage necessary in any property, security, or ordinary society.


Sometimes it is easier to draw a diagram than explain, as every engineer knows.

What is happening in the United States in 2020 is best understood by recognizing it is a 'color revolution', an effort to overthrow the United States as a Republic, and install a "Chinese Communist Party" style government.

This shift from "American Dialectics" to "Hegelian Dialectics" is best explored by examining the basis of the protection of law and a shift from factual Constitutional authority overruling statutory authority and juris, to the shift toward "Public Policy" underpinned by "Populist emotional sentiment" under direct mass media attack to coerce subordination to a foreign theory of law and foreign taking of perpetual rights in monopoly not afforded the ordinary UNIFORM COMMERCIAL CODE (UCC, 1952) or "ARTICLES OF ROME" (Basis of Statutory Law, "Corpus Juris Civilis" preceeding "Corpus Juris Secundus").

This strategy to "hack" the United States fundamental government system and benefits, is themed "The Socialist Collapse Function".

4Q 2020

As we move into September 2020, the end of 3Q 2020 for corporations, the increasing civil unrest in the United States promoted and financed by 'THOUSAND CURRENTS', a trust member of the TIDES FOUNDATION in all but legal declaration and financial money laundering center for 'Black Lives Matter' (BLM) protests; a front for ANTIFA, a marxist revolutionary militant group supporting Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and extremist Japanese business interests; several elements become exceedingly clear.

SoftBank Group Inc., a holding company and peer in business for NATION OF JAPAN as is TENCENT HOLDING CO LTD. the same organization for PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF CHINA, having in common "Alibaba", a major Chinese monopoly similar to Amazon Inc. and Alphabet Inc. in the United States and Europe; has made September 13 2020 a bid to obtain majority shares in Nvidia Corporation, a north American chip maker with heavy business interest in China.

This offer, in exchange for shares of ARM HOLDINGS in Great Britain, obtained for $32 billion USD, is estmiated at $40 billion USD in value.

This would place Japan in control of the most valuable chipmaker designs in the world, now in China, and sustain activity to make such acquisition as a form of labor trust between SoftBank Group Inc. and Tencent Holding Co Ltd.; and in concert with the mutual dependence and violent contractor activity by Nippon Telegraph and Telephone (NTT) in North America to coerce and force the failure of NORTEL NETWORKS (NYSE: NT) in 2011 prior; following the termiantion of all bids prior made book value to NORTEL in 2001, voiding their SEC filing and forcing a restatement which triggered the economic collapse preceeding September 11th 2001 attacks on the United States.

As we ask why, the plain arguments in 300 documents obtained by RACCOON TECHNOLOGIES INCORPORATED over 2010-2020 reveal the NTT ownership of Verio, Inc; full ownership of COGENT COMMUNICATION as a false front for NTT AMERICA, incorporation of DIGITAL REALTY TRUST INC. by large 'donation' of property by NTT and G.I. PARTNERS financial underwriting on such real estate; and creation of front company "PACKET CLEARING HOUSE" in California to resell NTT service; then duplicated by EQUINIX and ZENLAYER INC. in like fashion after acquisition of the VERIO / COGENTCO site in Dallas Texas themed "INFOMART" From DIGITAL REALTY TRUST INC., just after it also adopted the "real estate investment trust" model in 2016 that was used by DIGITAL REALTY TRUST INC. in 2015 during their $875 million prior dealings to escape United States tax liability.

A typical 2010-2020 plan, similar to the fraud in extortion in case 01-17702-R themed 2001-2010 blackmail of NORTEL employees by Verio Inc. employee TEK SYSTEMS and ROBERT HALF TECHNOLOGIES, in concealment of a child to disable Oklahoma firms.

Does this matter, in 2001-2020, in concert with increasing threats of violence and interdiction of INTERSTATE COMMERCE and travel on similar claims; as a pilot project and like crime shifting blame on persons and businesss resisting ANTIFA and BLM foreign financed unregistered foreign agency?

We tend to think so. Especially with the increasing effort to extend a monopoly so described in "myluv187" documents against RACCOON TECHNOLOGIES INCORPORATED by these very parties. So much so, the father of the child wrote a book about it, "Cognitive Window Theory", a study in business extortion via court fraud in 5 U.S.C. 706 violation and 18 U.S.C. 666 embezzlement by foreign governments.

This process is well explained by the "SOCIALIST COLLAPSE FUNCTION" - a substitution of ordinary and intended 'Laws of the United States' with a form of foreign government legal theory, whereby substantial funds ($200 billion, Saudi Arabian financing of SoftBank Group Inc. and to enjoin Apple and other U.S. firms to enjoin this activity); were then made to disrupt, disable, bar, obstruct, and pervert the United States Federal Courts against the local provincial court and states abuse in interest of this substantial foreign investment. From which we see the erosion of 'true authority' in protections at law substituted with a socialist '50%' populist support motive and premise not afforded a Republican Form of Government, and such concepts to void all trade secrets and proprietary rights of the American people in unlawful export and transfer of title to asia (Japan, China, Sweden, Iceland) a pattern in 2001-2020; promoted first by Ontario Canada developer "Theo De Raddt" via his "FreeBSD" labor union, and such acts prohibited per Oklahoma Constitution Article XXIII-1A.

By seeking to disable industry in this manner, all copyright, trademark, and patent claims of China, Japan, Sweden, and Iceland, as well as substantial claims by participants in material fact in Great Britain, France, and Candada; became subject a lien. This lien affecting also in the member states of the Union, so themed United States, that of the claims of State of Texas, State of California, State of Illinois, State of Michigan, State of New York, and State of Florida.

Whose parties have, in concert in this 2001-2020 fraud, engaged in acts of terrorism under color of law to disable and disrupt American trade secret rights in the State of Oklahoma, so themed 21 O.S. 2268 "Terrorist Hoax" activity and war crimes not permitted ordinary civil procedure or rule of law further standing in retaliation for claims by the "187" group in kidnapping, terrorism, and animal cruelty as of August 31 2020.


Where envy and hate become a want to assert some right not granted or authority not a commission of the United States or its member states to create or install a domestic or foreign monopoly upon the American People, particularly those in Oklahoma Territory under McGirt v STATE OF OKLAHOMA, now outside the UNITED STATES authority by formal ruling 2020;

There becomes the conflict against rights to falsely assume populist support a true authority or ad hominem abuse a true cause for the forced and illegal taking of property in intangible monopoly not a right of a legitimate government, for which such nations shall be null and dissolved in all legal dealings hereafter; a foreign and hostile popwer to the intellectual property of our industry.

Particularly, when such nations engage in false dealings by their employees or agents, and in false claims of a paid nature to deceive the public (76 O.S. § 76-3), to such theft and violence as legal fraud where factual injury and violation of inherent rights (76 O.S. § 76-1) and intent to deceive is clear (76 O.S. § 76-4), and the injury to those persons so named in written plan to extort is a competitor of NATION OF JAPAN in 32.6% ownership of NTT; and in coercion of its employees in STATE OF TEXAS, STATE OF MICHIGAN, and STATE OF CALIFORNIA for such purpose, a taking of major rights in acquisition after distressed economic crisis brought on by criminal negligence of PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF CHINA, a partner in this fraud. For which over 100,000 persons are now dead, and effort to overthrow the civil order and lawful government and courts of the United States a stated purpose of the militants so funded and claims evident of a foreign theory of law sought in false acts, a form of domestic violence against the states.

To understand why this is occuring, is to understand the "emotional appeal" in substitution of written law and to the extent of the whole rejection of law not themed on populist public fraud.

Then to incorporate full understanding of the current trend to apply by mass media a 'false authority' contrary ordinary rule and science, and at the same time style as 'mental or emotional incapactity' all persons in ad hominem fashion who dissent with this false claim; for which a "peer approval" consensus in temporary fashion may be reached to try and produce 'Public Policy" rule; a future handling method and defintions predicated on precedent rather than further or necessary examination of the matter beyond a "narrow focus" initially sought in "rush to judgment" and to overcome ordinary protections by "interest of justice" made contrary any real trial or due process obligated, such as cross examination, or to destroy such witnesses, evidence, and counter-claim by abuse of discretion then styling those later discovery a laches (too late, expired) defense; contrary 21 O.S. § 21-748.1 rule.

Replacing then with "LEGAL FINDINGS OF FACT" a false narrative not consistent with actual events, to suit the "Public Policy" and reliance in a predictive and easily exploitable manner, the "Efficiency and moderaton of punishments" to profit in commission of felony theft and export of goods and human beings from the ordinary community, a formal act of genocide for profit and destruction of all credit to an ethnic and religious community by PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF CHINA and NATION OF JAPAN, aided by SWEDEN, ICELAND, and GREAT BRITAIN; and staged via FRANCE and ITALY and AUSTRALIA, where such infrastructure for electronic warfare was then installed and used against STATE OF OKLAHOMA and Oklahoma Territory in 2001-2020 ongoing attacks.

Confident then that such abuse would confuse, dissuade, and create disorder prohibiting a restoration of lawful enforcement by reliance on the 'jury trial system' and costs and impact imposed by social disruption in deployment of a bio-weapon suspending any ordinary remedy than a court martial proceeding.

Contrary the rights of the Oklahoma people to 76 O.S. § 76-9 rule, and such court martial a lawful relief obligated Oklahoma Constitution Article II section II-6, and right to immediate action disbarring ordinary rule per I-1 and II-1 rule; and in concert with violation of XXIII-8 and XXIII-9, so made in organized and foreign labor a clear violation of XXIII-1A rule, to install monopoly and other primogeniture not afforded, and entailments on intangible property, not a legal right or title of the state or United states (U.S. Const, Article I section 9 and 10); and to deny such rule to other states in division, a fraud contrary U.S. Constitution, Article IV section 2, a wholly criminal enterprise of NATION OF JAPAN and PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF CHINA on discovery; and funding provided by SAUDI ARABIA in excess of $200 billion USD to this end, augmenting $100 billion USD in annual revenue and 300,000 employees of NIPPON TELEGRAPH AND TELEPHONE in this form of organized and criminal International extortion and supporting Interstate INTERSTATE COMMERCE, themed 18 U.S.C. Chapter 95 and 96 violations.

Such rule barred by Fed Reg Vol 81 No 244 Dec 16 2016; made state law in Feb 20 2017, per 45 CFR replacement of all statutes not moved for extension, and a formal 31 U.S.C. 3729(a) "false claim" then predicating this conflict in August 2001-2020; now shown to be initial moves of an illegal trust per the Sherman Antitrust Act of 1890 and Clayton Act of 1914.

Carried forward this September 2020 (3Q 2020) in militant activity an organized insurection in State of Texas, State of Michigan, State of California, State of Ohio, State of Minnesota, State of New York, and other states.

What's Happening

Our message and information overwelm a lot of people who are victims of U.S. public education and "cert-to-work" countries, now sliding behind China and other countries engaged in wholesale academic fraud. The "RIGHT TO WORK", a Constitutional Right in The Constitution of the State of Oklahoma, Article XXIII-1A, is often the target of a movement in socialist propaganda to disable UNITED STATES businesses and commissioned registred firms in ongoing intellectual property theft, fraud, and illegal export.

Raccoon Technolgies covers these topics in brief, after our 18 year study of terrorism and industrial sabotage by PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF CHINDA and NATION OF JAPAN winds down now in the UNITED STATES in 2020 AUGUST.

DARPA unveils what BEYOND WAR was doing in 1999
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Customers requiring Application level support can now obtain local servers with management for $200 USD per month. New customers must apply and represent a resident of PONTOTOC COUNTY or incorporated business registered with the STATE OF OKLAHOMA to qualify. Offer not open to non-residnts and subject approval.

Local physical hosting affords immediate support and on-site assistance. Systems are Haswell processor dedicated machines with static IP proxy to firewall mechanics already in place. Alternate hosting and migration for virtual machines based on qemu/KVM is available with migration and mesh network support for clients after 6 months.

Packages start at 2 core 2 gigabyte dedicated machines - expandable up to 16 gigabytes without VM option. VM clients are expandable to very-large data. VPN options are available for office-to-server gateways.

This program affords an orientation period and trial for potential clients of dedicated services and support. It is not open to the general public, and requires approval from Raccoon Technologies Incorporated for client identity, history, and use case. Content is restricted to public products only - exclusive of medical and adult-only content.

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Scientific Computing in Ada Oklahoma

Raccoon Technologies Incorporated (RTI) is a proprietary software developer and computer service corporation in Southeastern Oklahoma.

The company maintains VPN-based exclusive regulated networks for IP7A services, a key-based system that ensures customers and vendors have strong identity systems for high-value contracts and professional business exclusive from anonymous consumer markets. Strong identity reduces fraud, ensures lower returns, improves customer relations, and relies upon technology not readily available in some countries due to misrepresentation of intellectual property theft and contract fraud.

Formed by British, Chinese, Italian, Scottish, and American interests, Raccoon Technologies has global reach and intelligence services not constrained by the regional political trends in either North American or European markets exclusively.

The company is privately held and strongly restricted to major shareholders resident in the State of Oklahoma, United States. Services include C++ API development, supply channel for AGS and BGS branded media development systems, and other durable goods in prosumer and industrial computing.

Proprietary technology include the Manifold Space Engine (MSE), Beyond War Application Layer, Heavy Operator Program, Seven Alpha (IP7A) network, and arbitration tools infrastructure for the Human Unification Movement (HUM) - a civil rights group based on "American Jurisprudence" for settlement of disputes arising from the IP7A service or its use.

Advanced Gamming Systems™ (AGS)

Professional broadcast imaging systems for live 3D content and interactive multiuser gaming are a specialized industrial equipment. Systems capable of broad multitasking and high fidelity RTX (ray tracing) technology, paired with superior sound and video compression, are not suited to business and consumer equipment. Low-end systems are actually crippled to provide value-added performance to high-end systems.

Advanced Gaming Systems (AGS) and Basic Gaming Systems (BGS) are two lines of computer equipment built by Raccoon Technologies Incorporated. These systems feature a 10 year lifecycle with modular design for very large graphic processor expansions and high end power near the maximum load of a single consumer household circuit.


New Client Rules

Clients not on legacy or IP7A contract will be billed in $500 blocks for time and service effective September 15 2019.

Security Practices

Our network security devices monitor edge networks for clients and analyze traffic. Attempts to breach network services are daily events, and clients can receive review of products with logging starting at $500 USD per month. Known your network. Know your competitor activity.

Virtual Private Networks

A virtual private network (VPN) is an encrypted tunnel between a client machine and a private packet-switched network. The "Seven Alpha" (7A) is a private network with strong identity services and arbitration agreement. Participation is conditional agreement in contract. "Seven Alpha" terms are consistent with TVMALV standards and greater privacy rights than the regular Internet. Application deployment is restriced and registered, ensuring strong identity for publishers. "Seven Alpha" is governed by "American Jurispurdence", a distinct statutory code that bars legal determination which is contrary factual discovery, statutory limitations, and any other barrier to Article II-6 Oklahoma Bill of Rights. Contempt for the Oklahoma Bill of Rights, Article II-6, II-15, II-29, and II-32 brought about the formation of the Seven Alpha Network due fraud in human trafficking activity by the State of Texas, authorized by Title 22 Section 22-31.

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