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October 03 2022 - §§ metro

Seven Alpha™ Products

Seven Alpha™ is a network product designed by SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. of Oklahoma, which affords customers access to "domains" similar to the ICANN system of "domain name servers", but independent of public access.

Users are issued identity tools which verify their real-world identity for interactivity on this network, making it very hard to commit crimes using the ordinary anonymity of the "Old Internet"; and placing the jurisdiction of the users under the Laws of the United States and State of Oklahoma explicitly under administration of persons who can administer this technology, its registry, and other privileges and activities of the network and its credit system.

All the functions of government for commercial and civil business in accordance with user interaction and conduct are incorporated with this product; so that abuse of any person by any person regardless of the knowledge of the true identity of the abuser by the victim will result in punitive action to suspend the ability of that real person to abuse others via the system.

Account information is purposfully created as a proxy for persona systems and accounts, for which user interaction is based on context of the virtual environment the party is present in - not their real-world persona - and shared across all applications that are Seven Alpha™ enabled, even where domain-specific rules are in place or penalties may be limited to a specific domain issued. Penalties for minor offenses are therefore specific only to the domain in which they occurred; while other serious offenses may impart fines and limitations or suspension including lifetime bans from all Seven Alpha services and domains.

RACCOON TECHNOLOGIES INCORPORATED is the network infrastructure host of this computer software service, and responsible for implementation and security, maintenance, and development of day-to-day improvements, patches, and design recommendations to the creator and owner, SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C., who has franchise right over the property in full. Subcontracting of the service to select companies for execution and design of their own domains are the service provided by RACCOON TECHNOLOGIES INCORPORATED, to the specifications of the owner of the telecommunications brand and product, SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C., as a separate company. The franchise owner manages policy and regulatory determinations, while the network firm and its engineers implement and carry out those directives like any other customer of commercial network services.

Claims that RACCOON TECHNOLOGIES INCORPORATED is a franchise issuer or to dilute or confuse the public are fraud, and this arrangement no different than any cell phone company providing services into your State or nation through local corporations who take up the regional licensed implementation of equipment in that jurisdiction.

Customers of the franchise, likewise, are not our direct customers, but enjoy services from our company to carry out the direction and franchise rights of the Seven Alpha™ domain agreements with SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C.; and such services remain their application - just like FACEBOOK on hundreds of third-party data centers and common carrier lines.

Our competitors are trying to confuse the public while hiding their own nexus of parties between NTT GROUP, DEUTSCHE TELEKOM, and other companies who actually benefit from the use of data over your networks to companies like Facebook Inc. / META and Instagram, Youtube, et al.

By attacking the infrastructure provider of this service, similar to the way NTT employees attacked NORTEL NETWORKS in 2001, disabling SPRINT so that DEUTSCHE TELEKOM and SOFTBANK GROUP CORP could purchase the U.S. Telecom firm at a discount price; the same tactics by NATION OF JAPAN and PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF CHINA in monopoly activity are evident in November 14th 2021 letters of extortion to threaten forfeiture of our commission on false claims in the holding of a child for hostage.

As a result, we have intensified our efforts initiated November 1st 2021 to bring video conferencing and video streaming services to SEVEN ALPHA - having been subjected to substantial Interstate interference in commerce while exploring TWITCH INTERACTIVE INC. of California as a potential partner to the firm in 2017-2021 November; and observing our agent being abused there and threatened with injury to his child, parents, and family pets. The actual injury to that pet in 2020 August disgusted and alarmed our Board of Directors, who began moving to pursue alternative options based on a criminal culture and child exploitation and gambling trend observed among employees of the former company from State of Texas, known today as TWITCH INTERACTIVE INC.

While most people don't know what TWITCH.TV is, we were optimistic that better management under AMAZON INC. would suggest its target audience of interactive game content would be suitable to our mature audience theater and film products, focused on classic 1950s science fiction and theological content similar to the famous Rod Serling screenplays. Instead, we learned the audience was largely underage, on mobile devices, and active promotion of incitement to criminal and sex services permitted by the company under AMAZON management, in concert with discovery of persons involved in the 2002 assault at gunpoint on our agent still actively employed there.

Based on that, we began preparation for a new service in 2017 and were attacked in violation of Federal Law, then held from 2017-2022 illegally under false trail, for which threat of false taking was made evident on our refusal to cooperate with TWITCH INTERACTIVE INC. November 2021, and retaliation against our brand in written letters made 11/14/2021 by known parties in the child kidnapping.

Harassment in this context, incorporating fraud to impair investment and capital in our Oklahoma based firm has continued in concert with public incitement of civil unrest by foreign media outlets, to confront most public users with a fear of speaking or associating with anyone resisting foreign political takeover of the United States following the withdrawal from Afghanistan and throughout the Pandemic that has killed so many Americans, forcing the rest to remain home and reliant upon this bias and prejudice media enviornment of the "Old Internet".

We call it "Old" because it allowed persons to spy on your communications with other people - and to retaliatate against you while enjoying a fair amount of anonymity and incompetence dismissing all online activity any link to real-world security and economic welare. This is simply stupid.

Everyone relies on the Internet for sales, purchasing, and marketing of themselves and their business today. The use of any portion of that to stalk, threaten, intimidate, or make demands on persons upon withholding of their children or any civil honor or right, or for demands in excesss of Federal Law, is no different than the use of the telegraph or the telephone or radio to incite genocide and promote the creation of systems that remove or reduce the capacity of persons to be self-sufficient in ordinary employment.

Linking your health care to employment of your SOCIAL SECURITY ESTATE and labor for a UNITED STATES commissioned business (corporation) or subcontractor commissioned franchise (LLC, registered business, et al) is a crime. Creating a class of American who works for the State, and a means of taking not imagined or afforded the judgments and orders of the pre-1970s.

The legal system cannot sustain that type of fraud, or calls for expediency in the Courts of the County and State and United States bear the frequncy of "micro-crimes" being executed to coerce and compel persons to surrender and subbordinate themselves and their children to communities of violent and ignorant interests.

SEVEN ALPHA™ affords a "defense screen" wherein private community can again operate with oversight and support for financial and transactional law, duties, and registry - free of the ordinary trappings and incapacity of other systems, to carry out business in a private capacity similar to the self-regulation of the SECURITIES EXCHANGE COMMISSION or other Medical or Professional Boards; whose actions in 2017-2022 expose a deep corrpution that discredits the medical and clinical industry, legal profession, and suggests the incapacity to seek public access without their consent for wrongdoing is a form of illegal "monopoly" not afforded the power of the State to sustain illegal acts and illegal injury on persons.

While the United States once relied on investigative reporting in newspapers and physical journals to influential and isolated persons empowered with authority to contest regional wrongdoing; that power has been obliterated by the "Old Internet", and media monopolies have demonstrated their ill will toward the Laws of the United States in interest of a foreign shareholder or equity not consistent with United States or the Laws of the United States; and employed the well meaning protection of the free press to constantly erode the will of State and Federal Justice to act against organized and well financed civil unrest, to the loss of all confidence by the ordinary person in the court and in public communication.

As Orwell pointed out, the ability to efficiently "identify and finger" persons who are dissenting or resisting, before they can gain support or be protected, is paramount to the tyranny of a corrupt state enabled by advanced communications.

The "Old Internet" is that very tool, contrary the wishes of its designers, and due in no small part to the "Committee Guidance" afforded some false authority over some of its services and via illegal use of academic institutions to finance, develop, and commercialize products like BSD Operating System variants. Where real academic use becomes a "trade for favors" or other authority system among persons who fail to admit the origin and boundaries of such grants and access to technology, and exploit that position to abuse the public and act in covert commercial and International interest to overthrow other commissioned organizations by fraud, force, and abuse.

The "New Internet" is clearly "Seven Alpha"™, and its platform designed to afford privacy and anonymity to speak on commercial and important subjects, without the risk of diluting or multiplying the suffrage of persons to vote or take part in community dialog by employment of false or temporary identities to conceal their real world person, family, and in many cases their authority and expert knowledge necessary to make sound objection at the lowest level of any dialog.

One way to think of it is as "cosplay" of real people in real world situations, to afford information access that is barred by retaliation and collective will to suppress persons from taking part in the conversation; while affirming that each person you deal with is a "real" person, not a bot or automated program chatting away, but a real living person.

It is a simple concept of increased security and standards and practices, themed to suit a formal framework and integrated with payment systems and credit and contract tools, from which strong contacts made by persons with anonymous presentation to their contractors can be confident are legally entitled to enter into. This addresses both age, and offender identity verification issues, to ensure that the party you are dealing with is not an abuser or scammer through the process that was previously tendered upon other forms of credentials and keys in SSL products failure to reach general public adoption. That failure was largely due to a burden of insurance claims and product integration, which have no real relevance or ease of distinguishing risk nor comparison to the degree of risk posed by threats of identity and information theft for such systems.

"Seven Alpha"™ precludes this by barring any insurance claim or liability upon its operation, similar to any Opensource product or service, while affording "reasonable reliability" and remedy of service claims to a class of support directly supported by fees and other third-party verification services. All services carry a degree of risk, as Logan Paul found out to his $3.5 million loss on a box of G.I.Joe trading cards pledged as rare Pokemon recently. The importance of affording other 3rd party vendors the role and right to underwrite or insure transactions as the State Law Allows and to the same rules set in State and Federal Law, create opportunities for States to do business in this environment without being excluded from the tool system and framework already there as a support structure; similar to the services of VISA and MASTERCARD and SWIFT system.

Naturally, some of those firms do not want competition; and the effort to suggest that "Seven Alpha"™ is a system of covert communication for illegal or illicit activity is expected due to the policy that prevents children from signing up or using the system without supervision and limited purpose, and designation of such users in domains where there may be any interaction with adults to ensure their protection and avenue of relief to adult assistance and protection from abuse.

Ironically, THE PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF CHINA and RACCOON TECHNOLOGIES INCORPORATED agree on this "license to use" the networks they create, in accordance with the Laws of the respective nations they are based. What we disagree on is the purpose of such use and degree of liberty individuals should enjoy in concert with those convictions held to be fundamental human rights. While PRC suggests a "point system" whereby persons can impair other persons based on their approval or conduct toward the State and others who are so elevated by the State, "Seven Alpha"™ appreciates and affirms that protection of persons is on a case-by-case basis and shall never be under the control of a group or collective, nor subject to a "popularity" test or "test of moral or philosophical convictions" which do not on face violate the rights of others to enjoy and sustain their own convictions.

In short, you can believe you want to overthrow the country. But you are not condemned based on what you believe on "Seven Alpha". You are penalized only for what you do in an overt act. So, speaking about your desire or wish for something, does not equate to incitment of others to do violence; unless you are calling for direct violence expressly or implying such acts to injure or impair the rights of others.

It is amazing how that is complicated to someone raised in a "Hegelian Dialectic" society, but it is.

Your thoughts, and your beliefs, and your convictions on "Seven Alpha"™ do not qualify as a cause to subject you to judgement by your peers. Your expression of them, and how you do so, is the act you are judged on; and then only in concert with the language you use - not what others imagine it means or interpret - barring the use of any metaphorical effort to convince or intimidate persons regardless of the language you choose to use in that activity. In short, if you talk about sending someone to sleep with the fishes, you will be making a threat and penalized because of the common understanding of that implied communication. How you meant it, or your intent, doesn't mean a damn thing. Only that you said it. Or typed it. Or sent it. Or similar communication effort.

For a compentent network admin, this is level 101 (entry level) stuff; but for some reason we seem to have a serious deficiency of competent admins in the major common-carrier buildings like those in Texas; who would - had they seen some of the things on FACEBOOK, just shut that shit down.

If you are afraid to lose your job because your client is fucking around in human trafficking, you are in the wrong God damned business as a network administrator. If you don't see anything wrong with that, you shouldn't be a network administrator. But since there is not regulation as to who sets that standard other than for-profit foreign investors in slave-holding countries; "Seven Alpha"™ was developed to set that standard here.

Transactional reporting, records, feedback, and transparency to customers in dispute processing on written records, are all part of the "Seven Alpha"™ system; and advances in customer service and management pioneered by our engineers for major Fortune 500 firms in the late 1990s.

Think of "Seven Alpha"™ as the first "Secure Telephone" system run by the United States. It is designed to prohibit wiretaps, but it does not suggest or claim it protects your converstations or data from investigation by the network administrators and Law Enforcement; nor should it nor can it in the United States by law. Some products, like Signal, suggest they do - while major news organizations quote the contents of such conversations now as evidence in the Conspiracy charges filed against the Oath Keepers chief officer. That should tell you what is really secure, and what is not.

Security, when reliant on a single provider, is nonsense. "Seven Alpha"™ domain systems allow each domain to create its own security tool set, and prevent data from one domain from leaking into other domains, affording compartmentalization of subpoena request to specific cause and persons, not general listening and broad decryption activity of entire services like popular mail and voice services in the United States and China.

By compartmentalizing such communications, we limit the risk of previous AT&T level traffic intercepts like those described in "Project Echelon" and other diplomatic traffic wiretapping used to overthrow the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics by the United States.

At the same time, administrators can inspect activity on their domains and take punitive action against organized abuse and investigate reports as a regional operator of a metro-class telephone system might, with legal right incorporated into the responsible administration and lawful investigation clauses of such work and systems linked to the central "Seven Alpha"™ authority to track such activity and moderate its abuse.

The "Old Internet" cannot sustain under foreign sovereign state-sponsored abuse and purchase of exchange points in the United States, Singapore, Australia, and Panama; which represent central "wiretap" positions for a hostile foreign party to implace personnel; nor can the Federal Government of the United States or its member States of the Federal Union carry out the minimum network security and oversight of their Justice Department staff to properly support the Laws of the United States at this time. "Seven Alpha"™ privatizes that process, bringing select groups into control of their "segment" of the network, and access, security, and use through strong identity and permissions systems; with tools designed to control and manage bandwidth for upstream providers and downline service hosting not anticipated in early Internet services like Smokesignals Computer Corporation 33.6Kbps dialup modem banks.

Private 10 Gigabit point-to-point optical is now a reality, and with these services and local networks, come a need to impose strong usage controls for customers to prevent 3rd party and walk-in-client abuse of networks to carry out high value attacks incorporating their real-world place of business with this fraud.

"Seven Alpha"™ products incorporate those controls in a manner that has long life compared to vendor-specific products and servers in the market for U.S. businesses and customary desktop clients; and remove the threat of a single "update key" issued by that monopoly on graphic desktops from wiping out an entire enterpise or accessing networks simply by virtue of driver substitution and regular mainteance or obsolesance a plan of business design forcing desktop operating system upgrades and forced hardware disruption.

To provide such tools is not a question of if, but when and under what "Theory of Law".

"Seven Alpha"™ brings that theory of law a standard in "Imperial American Jurisprudence" (IAJ), a form of regulatory standards and practices which prohibit peer abuse over peer accountability as sole relief for individual accountability and direct administrative conduct denying committee or anonymous nature of oversight made popular by FACEBOOK and other services; a standard that concealed overseas contractors unfamiliar with the basic rights of persons in the Jurisdiction, and hired for that to carry corporate interest over legal rules in the jurisdiction of customers as a company practice.

At "Seven Alpha"™ you can be certain 100% of your managers are American Warfighters, and they do not take foreign jurisdiction of law or foreign theory of individual rights as an affirmative defense for any action or abuse of network services. It is a culture. One born out of violence and injury to the American Way of Life and American Values, and intent on surviving the potential disability of the State and Federal office to foreign sovereign unlawful influence. In short, if the State chooses to violate your rights, "Seven Alpha"™ administrators will side with the written law, and act in accordance to that rule and "primary body of law", contrary any fraud or coersion of inferior authority.

They do respond to subpoenas, demands, etc - and do not pledge to keep any illegal activity concealed or private as it is not authorized use of the network service. But in matters of privacy and law, the service seeks to affirm consistency and records that the regional courts appear to not meet; and for that reason we suggest you consider the services as your alternative registry. You should still file your contracts with the County Clerk or Court or as directed for remedy under the State or country you reside or intend to seek enforcement in; but support within the scope of "Seven Alpha"™ and its credit systems will be speedy and subject strong identity across all similar systems, even outside one domain to another.

Our goal as developers and infrastructure support engineers tasked with this project is to create tools that produce best practices, not to replace government or nations - but to embarrass them by doing it better, until they either ask for the technology or admit the need to adopt the tools to their duties.

Having reviewed the Veterans Administration database and other broken Federal United States systems, we can attest why things are so bad - and affirm that the States are not performing the duty of record and trial obligated a competent government; to require 22 O.S. §22-31 right to resist by affording our clients a more reliable registry for trade and contract and for telecommunications than their present services and avenues of remedy.

A representative government which will not speak to you upon a specific topic where violence and injury are being done, unless paid a bribe in excess of the injured party's income; is a fraud. It is not a Republican Form of Government, and is owed no standing where it carries out such practices, as we have witnessed in State of Texas; and its abuse to gain control over a network industry or form of public commerce or market deprives the claims which arise from such acts any legal or binding force.

The goal of "Seven Alpha"™ is to restore trust in commerce; which cannot be done when children are hostages or themed as collateral to suggest contracts owing a fee to participate in public trade or public office; and a crime on face entitled full resistance, no credit, and public notice of such abuse to all countries to send aid and immediate assistance to the victims of Genocide by Texas or any other state or nation engaging in such practices as have brought about the development of "Seven Alpha"™ by necessity and right to resist unlawful use of force, fraud, and threat of murder tolerated by Greg Abbott, Ken Paxton, and Rick Perry.

Copyright © 2022 RACCOON TECHNOLOGIES INCORPORATED. All rights reserved.

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