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Raccoon Technologies Incorporated

October 04 2022 - §§ rocker

Short Answers

The long explanation isn't as much fun as the short one.

Think about it as the uncompressed version explains how, but you have to pay attention.

For most people, that's above their (5th grade) reading level, so let's review:

    About the Company

  1. Raccoon Technologies Incorporated is a "middleware" provider
  2. The company provides "middleware" for franchise owners and vendors of subscriber services.
  3. The product is called "Seven Alpha"™, and that is owned by another firm.
  4. Raccoon Technologies Incorporated (RTI) is the United States Corporation responsible for its oversight and domestic implementation in concert with regulatory laws and communications services in regional Networks. Other carriers may vary in other regions.
  5. "Seven Alpha"™ is written by persons whose children were kidnapped. Kidnapping is the act of withholding a child from their inherent right and specific Title 76 section 76-8 rights without legal cause. A court order without "evidence" or where the Petitioner was "found wholly in default" in a GENERAL HEARING is to the civil wrongdoing alleged in suit, does not have the right to suggest a civil tort or jus tertii claim over a child taken from the legal registered home by force on no legal cause and by no agent of any court or state for false concealment; and those persons who claim such taking is false before sworn statements and with intent to injure are violating Title 8 Chapter 37 of Texas Statutory Code section 37.03 to do so. The parent holds an ORDER that shows the wholly in default standing of such party, prior 2002, which constitutes no evidence of answer to the contest filed in knowing fraud that may warrant a defense; and such award is a violation contrary 45 CFR §302.56(f) of Federal Law to seek to coerce, intimidate, or abuse any person or party giving testimony in that matter, and to style the abuse of such persons a crime in conspiracy against rights prohibited by Oklahoma Constitution Article XXIII section XXIII-1A and 18 U.S.C. §241; and all debt or claims of any financial civil nature predicated on those demands are void per 15 U.S.C. §1673(c) and 15 U.S.C. §1692d, prohibited and odious debt for which the INTERSTATE demand to obtain recovery or POSSESSION during such times is RACKETEERING and a felony per 18 U.S.C. §1961. The Federal Kidnapping Act of 1932 does not nullify the act of kidnapping, but grants immunity to charge without a legal right to suggest some CHINESE COMMUNIST PARTY claim that the injured party may not speak or write or demand return of the child for cause, and such assertion is a violation of Absolute Privilege in civil procedure to threaten a witness in violation of 18 U.S.C. § 1589 to do "serious harm" and themed "human trafficking" in any act. Due to the nature of ROBERT HALF TECHNOLOGIES and TEK SYSTEMS employees effort to monetize the concealment of a child, this notice is especially legal and such letter of threat on file with our complaint in formal criminal case associated with burglaries and assault at gunpoint and carjacking and attempted murder in 2002-2022. Any person claiming they are accused of "all" of the acts, where two or more parties were the assailants, is engaged in felony activity after-the-fact to commit aggravated perjury, a felony in the state of Texas; and in a pattern of perjury before our direct witness to deny any duty to oath before a judge unless under a COURT OF RECORD their defense so uttered - express there to warrant our legal notice and legal right to conceal our employees, activites, and their families duing 2001-2022 retaliation behavior from LOSTSERVER related brands and operations - including 8 million ICMP attack and ongoing letters threatening over 70 people in witness and attorney intimidation spanning the 2001-2022 concealment.
  6. About the Game

  7. The basis of the application is "Advanced Warfighter Doctrine" focused on killing or incapacitating countries like China.
  8. This is done in the United States as "Literary Fiction" and "Interactive Software" which are governed by 47 USC §230.
  9. Think of it as a Social Network with lots of guns and nuclear weapons (and more).
  10. The basic premise is to teach American children how to fight and destroy very large enemy troop concentrations, armed forces, and planetary targets
  11. This fiction is based on theological convictions protected by the 1st Amendment in the United States.
  12. Games Purpose and Scope

  13. The basic principle is that persons have value and rights, and if someone should suggest otherwise, they lose those rights.
  14. This is hard to understand when people equate rights to consent and agreement, benefit, or sacrifice as a social duty.
  15. American Warfighters don't accept sacrifice or the trading of lives for value to other people.
  16. "Advanced Warfighters" are based on "American Warfighter Doctrine", which emphasizes logistic and coordinated unilateral use of overwhelming force
  17. The entire project is geared to install the education necessary to fight an unrestricted war against China, Japan, India, Europe, Africa, South America or other large nation, and to instill the necessary military composure of cadre to sustain a nuclear or non-conventional war against civilian populations as a lawful right of self-defense similar to the Blitz-v-Dresden incident.

    Fiction in 1st Amendment Use

  18. These simulations are not intended to carry out later scenarios against non-combatant populations. To the contrary, they are designed to create media and images to convey the negative effects of a populist war on the public to deter nationalism and populist movement toward limited wars which may expand suddenly into unrestricted high-yield weapons and tactics conflicts.
  19. Like "War Games", this project is designed to deter war; and like that film we hope the exercise of systems of a catastrophic and mature level of conflict with mass planetary casualties will serve as a warning like that cited by Mikhail Gorbachev in his U.S. Tour, to the influence of such media to compel a cooling of tensions and admission of lawful right to peaceful coexistance which eventually became the Russian and American relationship in the late 1990s.
  20. The outcome of such a conflict would be an obliteration of former "rights" and "registration" of technologies, and such gains evident in the post 1945 era development of the microcomputer and aerospace indsutry, as to suggest a similar collapse on the eve of an other world war, which is likely in 2022-2042.
  21. War between such powers, is predicated by media and soft measures, as the prior kidnapping and effort to disrupt ordinary investment, commerce, and political franchise in the United States by PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF CHINA and in partnership with commercial entities in NATION OF JAPAN who do not represent the overall public or interests of their nations - and are engaging by proxy in actions themed acts of war and fraud for which the public are not aware reach back to their own nation and franchise rights (patents, trademarks, intangible property).
  22. While the people are ignorant of the value of such rights in previous franchise and civil claims, the use of kidnapping and torture, murder, and attempted murder to obtain such tools has not gone unnoticed.
  23. Raising Awareness of Human Trafficking

  24. In concert with human trafficking and weaponizing of media targeting minors and creating exploitable mobile technology, security against such actions has been substantially increased only during the 45th POTUS administration.
  25. Most Americans are aware that the major media have been co-opted by Asian special interest and foreign influence, and are no longer confident in the previous sources of news and information.
  26. Efforts to intimidate and discredit resistance to this have only inflamed American sentiment to the point of literal insurrection and dissent against public officers of the public trust and public industry.
  27. Rather than this being a good thing, like Pearl Harbor, this activity over 2001-2022 has just "motivated" American Warfighters.
  28. Like Midway, having observed the nexus of parties in operation and discovery, in 2017-2022, we have identified the parties and are now moving to interdict that activity by suspending access to Network Services and foreign communications networks.
  29. Obstruction Of Justice and Public Notice Rights

  30. It was necessary for Congress and for the public to become aware of the fraud, which took 20 years, culminating in public claims that are so brazen as to be absurd and easily disected as foreign unregistered sovereign influence alien to the United States Laws and legal system, even where such agents and officers are reluctant to take action or engage safeguards in the present political atmosphere.
  31. By disrupting the ability to meet, talk, and coordinate without violence and surveillance, foreign influence has mortally injured the "Old Internet", rendering it useless to organize a defense.
  32. So Raccoon Technologies Incorporated is rolling out a "New Internet" based on separation of foreign parties from the domestic networks and distributing access keys and specific tools to those persons who are certified as real parties.
  33. It's sad we have to do things like this, but after examination of YouTube and TWITCH, and other alternatives in 2017-2022, it is clear their activity is contrary the Laws of the United States and 47 U.S.C. §230(c) rule.

  34. While new legislation may aid in resolving these issues over time, private commercial development of a secure and organized network with standards and terms of use which are clear and lawful to provide a new marketplace separate from foreign unregistered influence is evident, and can coexist with the ordinary Internet using dynamic page technology and database tools altering content to suit the certified viewer and security clearance.
  35. Robbing the Wrong Kind of People

  36. This is generally what happens when you rob and steal from people who used to design radar combat systems and operate signal warfare technology, enterprise banking accounting systems, and similar customer service for millions of customers in the United States. An Ayn Rand moment.
  37. Sure, it's scary that someone is out there practicing virtual bombing runs on civilian cities on the Internet; and simulating high value weapons tests on the atmophere to vaporize the ionosphere, but it's always been going on. The U.S. Military has been doing this for decades. RTI is just privatizing it and - like any science fiction product - we are just the common carrier network on which the service is distributed to points of sale designated by a 3rd party company on terms outside our scope of work.

  38. Since this is a "fantasy science fiction space opera" sort of simulation, with "aliens" and such, one would think that the political and social aspects of the story would not merit so much attention from the Chinese and Japanese contractors that are barred from access and use. However, since they steal everything they touch, it only makes sense.

  39. Ultimately, we are talking about a "banned book" sort of product, that clearly PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF CHINA and NATION OF JAPAN do not want to sell in their neighborhood because it explains why Nagisaki and Hiroshima were justified targets.
  40. For those who don't know, Japan still considers those war crimes, because they do not admit half of what they did - or Unit 731.

    Historic Record Is Under Attack to Discredit Veterans

  41. American Warfighters know a lot of things you won't find in your history textbook. They know why things happened. People who are still butthurt over getting nuked for good cause don't tend to like American Warfighters.
  42. In fact, most of these fuckers would have you believe that American Warfighters are a myth, and have sought to claim all the things they did and saw are delusions because they do not want to admit that the Axis were "THE BAD GUYS".
  43. That alone should tell you who you were and are dealing with. NTT was the company that sent the order to attack Pearl Harbor. Seems they want to do it twice, by our observation.

  44. It's therefore natural that such firms and their contractors are doing their damnedest to discredit American Veterans and their families systematically. A trend we observed in threat letters since 2001.

  45. In 2001, they targeted people's children to carry this fraud, in concert with economic inroads to acquire select U.S. Cellular Telecom and estabish data center activity - and used that child as a leverage to gain commercial advantage from 2001-2022 in fraud to extort.

    Civil Lawsuit Gives Rise to New Land

  46. While some people would presume that means the issue is over, it turns out McGirt v State of Oklahoma and fraud in this case to blackmail and extort in 2022 Nov 14th triggered by admission the necessary act to contest the fraud on a sovereign jurisdiction claim and incorporation of the State of Oklahoma affording seperation of the victims for ongoing and perpetual fraud activity themed GENOCIDE by PRC and Nation of Japan contractors continued criminal interference in industry activity in Oklahoma, Texas, and the United States.

  47. Efforts in December 2021 affirmed a legal right to move against the countries registries and patent and trademark claims for cause, evident in violation of Federal Law prohibiting this fraud and obligating a $46.2 billion grant fraud civil suit.

  48. The amount of money in such grant fraud is small compared to the $170 billion annual income of State of Texas, and thus insufficent for restitution to compare to the 20 years of suspension of trial and refusal to offer due process; executing the right on final concealment period without witness access to the court a component of fraud to serve termination of intellectual property patents on the States refusing to honor the same rights sold to the victims for favor of PRC and Nation of Japan investment activity in the United States; triggering a meltdown of legal claims described as a legal right of "ALLOD" and "retaliation" rights in the 4th Geneva Convention against this fraud.

  49. By refusing to admit "immunity" sought in this cause to recover a child, violating human rights, and to style such fraud as a perpetual hold and in contest to the will of persons also on new and public threats of a criminal nature; did the UNITED STATES establish the precedent to utterly fail the minimum duty of civil suit for damages in a counter-claim in 2019, and give by default separation to enforce such rights as a non-signatory to any treaty or other pledge which the Untied States refused to execute "for a fee" to persons entitled those letters patent, a section II-6 violation of Constitutional Rights in Oklahoma Constitution Article II.

  50. In short, the United States failed to function, triggering a safeguard affording separation in The Enabling of Statehood Act of 1906.
  51. Self Defense Rights

  52. Due to "Self Defense" in State of Oklahoma and in Indian Territory as common law then incorporated into the State Statutory Law, the right of use of "Necessary Force" afforded both physical force, and force defined in "Federal Law" to include "economic force" such as "sanctions, taking, conquest, and any other power of legal or historical nature as would execute authority or enjoin a party in any way at law". The right to rebuke a Treaty as is the Berne Convention from effect, on citation of a clear abuse and design to exploit such treaty - and the value of such goods protected or in dispute a central component to that treaty refused service by the United States and other parties in writing, do not then enjoin the injured party to respect or be held accountable to the duty or obligation to admit the same rights to the parties who are doing "continuious injury" to them, citing coercion a cause to lawfully break such contract under UCC.

  53. Nation of Japan, People's Republic of China, Kingdom of Sweden, and United Kingdom have broken a contract with SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. duly made; and by their commission of the franchises lawfully issued, this act is their official act for purpose of restitution and broad rights to void all the claims those nations may bring against such party having impaired a registered mark of that company, confident in incapacity to resist without awareness of the 23 O.S. §23-9.1 right of "unlimited damages" and premeditated activity in the third degree then denied trial, to be subject to a full taking of all claims and to set-aside all conflicts with the firm due to the nature of the abuse over 2001-2022 by their contractor, by itnerrim parties of name in Minnesota to sell their works without license to GAMES WORKSHOP LIMITED and into Republic of Germany as "FANTASY FLIGHT GAMES", and in an evident pattern of derived work and export by that company to aid VERONICA PETERSEN in letters made by "myluv187" in 2013 citing teh firm and PARADOX INTERACTIVE AB as associates then proven by later public use of the marks, designs, and effort to reverse engineer product during a child kidnapping and concealment.

  54. For which, the new jurisdiction made franchise of the injured parties then affirms shall grant NO LEGAL STANDING to any claim of those nations, in restitution for its incorporation of their works and public threats to abuse the family and business and franchise and RIGHT TO WORK of the persons from whom the child was taken, a "$120,000/yr income earner disabled by such criminal fraud to extort".

  55. The basic rule of thumb is, don't torture people and make a false record of it.

  56. Because the value of such "intangible property" far exceeds the $3.4 trillion revenue of State of Texas, who commissioned the fraud in 2001, and expand the nature of that fraud to one of International rights and enforcement on the eve of a weapons test to demonstrate how to cripple and reduce the military capacity of a nation the size of China, and "good cause" to place that before persons of the age of majority without any censorship or ability to silence the author, their publisher, or distributor without a Federal case over 1st Amendment rights evident in 20 years of criminal coercion and blackmail on kidnapping of a child without due process and to impose unlawful forced labor, debt bondage, and violations of the express instructions of the United States Supreme Court by State of Texas and State of Oklahoma.

    Obstruction and Delay Result in Tragedy

  57. Ironically, the work of fiction initially began in consideration of the use of a biological weapon attack on the United States or a similar country, which in 2017-2022 has become evident as non-fiction events mirror sand table simulations of such an attack in the Omicron and COVID-19 virus, out of China.
  58. Given the nature of the sick experiments being performed in Wuhan, and in respect to the number of dead and "plan to purchase distresed United States businesses and their intangible property at a huge discount" that the author discussed in 2001, these events are not theoretical anymore, and appear to mirror business plans of DIGITAL REALTY TRUST and NTT AMERICAN INC. in the United States at the time of the World Trade Center Attacks in 2001 September.

  59. All activity in 2001-2022 tend to indicate that their contractors have engaged in child abuse and harassment to terrorize persons in the United States while seeking to force forfeiture of their property and patents, software, and right to work over a 20 years period without remorse or any hesitation in that fraud, in concert with TEK SYSTEMS, and as employees of ROBERT HALF TECHNOLOGIES while abusing the child of that Oklahoma business owner.
  60. As we see motive disclosed in purchae of SOFTBANK ROBOTICS, purchase offer of NVIDIA, solicitation of TOYOTA GROUP with this technology, financing of UBER, and effort to mandate electric vehicles (EV) reliant upon NTT GROUP and SOFTBANK technologies in U.S. Legislation, giving the PRC/JAPAN groups a stranglehold over U.S. transporation and commerce through patent and infrastructure bidding subsidized by Japan and backstopped by earnings and aid from PRC; the threat to U.S. National Security seems now more evident than ever in the EV Legislation and strategic effort to swap "ARM HOLDING CO LTD" stock valued at $32 billion USD for $40 billion of NVIDIA stock predicated on the "exclusive" hold of patents by ARM, then subsequently withdrawn from the offer last-minute following market news to drive up the stock value of NVIDIA CORPORATION while PRC overwhelmed the U.S. Ports with goods contrary fixed limits set by our import laws, and blamed Donald Trump for such issues while enjoying profit taking in NVIDIA and exclusive patent value of RTX technology in this scarcity market.

  61. Our products were also knowingly reliant on NVIDIA "RTX" technology, and such disruption in 2018-2022 of supply crippled Raccoon Technologies Incorporated efforts to develop and deploy the infrastructure sought, in concert with a 2017-2022 false suit themed barratry (21 O.S. §21-551) on no legal grounds brought by the same parties to damage investment and capital availability.

    Warrant For Special Prosecutions in District of Columbia

  62. These actions are enough, on face, to warrant a Federal Investigation in most countries, but not under the Progressive Democratic Socialist dominated 116th Congress.

  63. Forcing the issue into 2020-2022 litigation motions refused all answer and in August 2020 with injury to the pet of the owner further impacting relief and damaging ability to seek appeal; in maiming of the animal while in care and in theft of U.S. Mail to damage normal correspondence and legal service of process, identical to 2002 and fire and assault at gunpoint in context, preceding new 11/14/2021 threats on this same cause.

  64. It is clear there is criminal activity, use of anonymous concealment to avoid civil service of process, and extortion - so why sould the firm not move to suspend PRC/JAPAN/SWEDEN/UK and other patent and trademark claims of TEXAS, CALIFORNIA, MICHIGAN, MINESSOTA, and their respective criminal franchise driving this fraud?

  65. The purpose is not to "sweep up every patent and trademark for some revenue claim". To the contrary, it is a defensive immunity claim arising from the failure to grant lawful protection specified in TEXAS FAMILY CODE §157.375, which was disclaimed by STATE OF TEXAS in its effort to coerce payment for return of a child or communication with a child, a fraud. This immunity would bar all states and their businesses (those that have any nexus in those regions) from any claim against any party in the newly established jurisdiction and freehold status there; as they have been illegally and systematically seeking to do in diluton of brand and franchise rights to sustain the child kidnapping from 2001-2022.

  66. Companies that are not engaged in criminal activity or fraud claims are very much safe from any legal threat barrind direct adaptation of brands and characters and work in the registered books and characters and fiction of this specific franchise.

    Fraud Impairs PTO Operation

  67. However, no technical or patent or similar claim may be extended on a company that is so impaired due to criminal kidnapping in false cause and false trial.

  68. Some royalty license are desired and sought, like the H.265 codec, and the firm will negotiate and pay a fair price for its use as that organization has nothing to do with the activities prior described. But it will do so optionally, based on other injury done by denial of legal trial and abuse to suggest defect impairing normal and ordinary credit and INTERSTATE COMMERCE derived from this criminal child taking for welfare fraud in 2001 on threat of murder.

  69. Most competent companies should recognize this is not a civil matter nor a criminal matter, but a Sovereign Matter under International Law subject International rule: ex injuria just non oritur.

  70. As such, no right may arise from an injury - and the injured parties in this cause by UNITED STATES negligence and STATE OF TEXAS and STATE OF OKALHOMA malicious acts not afforded a CIVIL PROCEDURE, shall be enjoined broad immunity of a victim of genocide against their former government; and entail all the ordinary protections also against PRC/JAPANA/UK/SWEDEN and the Netherlands and Seyechelle Islands activity to aid in and assist actively in this fraud from 2017-2022.

  71. If you are representatives on that list, you should get the fuck out of the room before we throw you out. "Seven Alpha"™ is the official security mechanism and pass key system duly registered and licensed in franchise by the victim to RACCOON TECHNOLOGIES INCORPORATED to facilitate "throwing your ass out of the room, virtually".

    Right of Force Includes Registry Creation

  72. It is a strong identity registry (SIR) for which lack of standing in such registry will result in no legal rights before the services of this network or enforcement of any order governing its property as a freehold duly made.

  73. Ordinary duties of a United States Corporation, inculding subpoena and discovery orders, are entitled consideration and reasonable answer or enforcement, as is civil procedure and an effort to maintain a consistent "peace" with the CHICKASAW NATION and other countries in our region in Indian Territory, and the former STATE OF OKLAHOMA claim to such territory now subject substantial contest by the Nations for failure to perform and long standing racial bias evident in "Petersen v ALLEN" and illegal adoption and abuse of children as testified to by the respondent of his own situation, which included being carried "into a home in a brown cardboard box to conceal his adoption" after seizure from his birth parent against her will. Keep that in mind, when you question this witness, because he is a 2nd generation human trafficking victim, and such conduct to defraud him of his own child without legal cause on those pieces of evidence in fraud and abuse of his person bear substantial testimony to TITLE IV FRAUD by STATE OF OKALHOMA then aggravated by State of Texas.

  74. That experience also amplifies the inherent stories of abuse and alienation and lawful right of self defense and fraud by Hegelian Dialectic Socialist extremists who are now subject to the legal and full authority of proof of his childhood abuse and fraud in his true identity concealed for 45 years by UNITED STATES to carry this second generation child kidnapping forward falsely.

  75. The United States does not, in light of testimony of coerced surrender of children and forced taking in two counts of babies from the same family for no legal reason other than economic advantage of sale; any claim to any contest of any sort in the 2001-2022 hold on the legal person of the parent of the child in question.

  76. Yet the United States, in pattern fraud, persists in this abuse as it does against Julian Assange and other persons themed dissedents to the criminal practices of the State and of its member State franchises in the Federal Union, as if it has no duty to perform and is present solely for its own self-interest - in violation of its lawful commission and to undo its incorporation by the very negligence of action in this case.

    Mental Health Fraud is Hegelian Fraud

  77. Certainly that is what the foreign interest in antagonizing this case is motivated by.

  78. However, the impact that is described as limited to the taking fraudulently in TEXAS FAMILY CODE §157.008, is in fact subject 23 O.S. §23-9.1 "unlimited damages" determined by a jury; and failure to seat such jury on demand February 2019, gives way to a claim of "unlimited intangible property right lien" by the SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. firm injured and named in this fraud; for loss of ordinary and normal access to market and registration and investment over 2001-2022 due to this sustained illegal claim on the children of its incorporator.

  79. When nations defense to such fraud is "make me", the rule of law has completely collapsed and everyone knows it.

  80. In absence of "the Rule of Law", evident in "Lex Rex" traditional Latin and in restated remonstrance as "Lex Rex Imperialis" doctrine filed and predicated on Chief Justice Fox opinion for the Federal Court that such claims must free the living person and the ens legis (legal fiction, legal person) of the estate to the same party granted such collusion of unlawful application of debt to circumvent the limits of the powers of the Civil State court in such procedings, and to carry fraud to disable employment arising from such scheme as is both confessed and evident in threats of murder in writing; that the United States and State of Oklahoma have no defense but to refuse to carry the case forward in hope the respondent perish, expire, or is detained from reaching Judge White of the Eastern District Federal Court for aid in ending this false civil hold on his legal person and unjust hold on his child prohibited by 45 CFR §302.56(f) rule.

  81. Like "Seven Alpha"™, Raccoon Technologies Incorporated was born and made out of this conflict; and is founded on the birthdate of the child in 2009 in anticipation of the death of his father, then avoided by new medical discoveries at Johns Hopkins University.

    Issues Extend Beyond Lifespan of Victims

  82. Both the network and the company will outlive the victims of this genocide, and carry forward the claims in the event of any death or impairment to bar the same from the legal right to seek and receive restitution for this unforgivable heinous crime by PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF CHINA and NATION OF JAPAN subcontractors TEK SYSTEMS, ROBERT HALF TECHNOLOGIES, and persons known by their criminal association as "LOSTSERVER" labor union and that group consistently associated with FreeBSD "Core Committee" members in Canada and FAIRWAY INDEPENDENT MORTGAGE from 2008-2022, employer of the Vice President of Systems Architecture who took the child from the father in threat of violence in 2001 for perpetual concealment and to extort real estate, credit, and business property in excess of $50,000 USD then evident in AMERICAN EXPRESS CENTURION BANK and AMERICAN EXPRESS CARD SERVICES and MBNA AMERICA CREDIT LINES exploited in concert with $10,000 USD in social security savings from the child's Grandfather paid on the pledge of safe delivery and promised resettlement in Pontotoc County prior abduction.

  83. If you think you have anything to say about this, you should bring your attorney and be prepared to give a recorded deposition regarding the fraud, injury, and lack of restitution regarding that child abuse and criminal extortion activity prohibited by U.S. Federal Law (15 U.S.C. §1692d); and such terms therein which make the claims of the STATE OF TEXAS crimes per 15 U.S.C. §1692g violations in written order 01-17702-R, a fraud then subject "discharge" of the entire obligation in 2003 duly executed.

  84. The courts continue to insist in application of an "ideal imaginary order" while the physical instrument is all that is subject to a collateral contract claim and by fatal defect void in the very language and making any financial claims; while binding in its pledge of POSSESSION and void in any loss of rights on no legal claim or DUE PROCESS in tis making; per KELLY v KELLY "automatic mistrial" refused ordinary 45 CFR §302.56(f) rule.

  85. The incompetence is enough to compel a person to leave their country. The arrogance of the sustained fraud on behalf of PRC and NATION OF JAPAN as beneficiaries of the ongoing fraud; raise serious questions as to why any country would tolerate or do business with a nation that kidnaps, abuses, and trafficks in children of their competitors in this way.

  86. Raccoon Technologies Incorporated is therefore dedicated to its purpose as a mission oriented specialized high level secure private network provider, and is not obligated to subject itself to any "test" or "religious test" to support its right to work in the State of Oklahoma; contrary the criminal conspiracy against rights evident in the 2002-2022 death threats served on our office and harassment in 2021 November preceding competitor PARADOX INTERACTIVE AB, GAMES WORKSHOP LIMITED, RENEGADE GAME STUDIOS, WIZARDS OF THE COAST LLC specific infringement activity against the registered trademarks of our client and brands, products, and registered works upon which they are based and filed in the Library of Congress of the United States. Efforts to disrupt our business in this manner or by false claims to compel us to give information constitute harassment and punctuate our refusal to cooperate with any investigation not of record and subject full audio-visual deposition and attorney representation in ongoing interference in Interstate Commerce and denial-of-service activity spanning 2017-2022 in specific single perpetrator activity to impair network operation in State of Oklahoma.

How Many Is Enough?

If you have difficulty absorbing or reconciling the complexity of the prior basic information, parties, and issues in ongoing criminal complaint; it is not any indication of a defect of the writer or victims of violence.

The respondent in FEDERAL REGISTER VOLUME 81 NUMBER 244 (Dec 16 2016) has NO LEGAL BURDEN OF PROOF beyond the written notice to you, which must be admitted on face, because it is the STATE that is attempting to impose a rule against the obligator in this CIVIL PROCEDURE, pursuant the Federal Register (primary body of law of the United States). Per 5 U.S.C. §556(d), the statement is true and deemed true if the opposing party does not produce EVIDENCE to contest the claim in each case, on each point, and specific written objection or oral argument of RECORD to deny those claims which must be subject to CROSS-EXAMINATION prior acceptance (Kelly v Kelly, 2007 OK Sup Court); or be ineligible admission as hearsay in absence of the defendent (22 O.S. §22-13, part 2). After 30 days without answer, default in any claims not met with answer or trial executed onset after 15 days minimum pre-trial conference, must be made by the Civil Court or a false trial ending in default for failure to act by the County Court or other Court of Competent Jurisdiction holding the case is done by "operation of law". Inaction, without written legal cause for such action, which excludes "doubt" as a defense to obstruct justice or remedy, is the duty of the court in such a proceding and failed in FR-18-04 and 01-17702-R, fraud themed 18 U.S.C. §1341 formally in criminal complaint filed Dec 15 2021.

You have a basic obligation in 5 U.S.C. to admit on complaint subject a "final judgment" made in this matter, all issues and objections in an ominbus format; and to give LEGAL ANSWER to any issue or accept it as a legal assertion that stands without contest a FACT.

Your incapacity to answer or object to many questions cannot be based on your own doubt. It can only be asserted by a witness who was present at the time with "direct inforamtion", and unless you are such witness, then you may not assert any objection to the claims of the person who has "direct information" without legal evidence of contrary matter to present before their CROSS EXAMINATION.

The incompetent practice of receiving and admitting evidence without presence of the witness to attack the statement and contest the evidence is inadmissible in a CIVIL PROCEDURE or other 5 U.S.C. proceding.

What has occurred here is a crime wrongly incorporated into the civil Court and there executed without the ordinary protections of CIVIL PROCEDURE in "FRAUDULENT CONVEYANCE" to carry a broad XXIII-1A claim, a crime on assertion, to satisfy the desire of the examiner to "rush to judgment" and assume facts and elements of the case while refusing to hear or admit evidence or any witnesses to the contrary of that "imaginary injustice" predicated by a clear 18 U.S.C. §1341 fraud. For which the United States and all sovereign nations owe a duty per Uniform Code of Commerce to the legal examination of the contract themed collatereal contract in this case and against the "Public Policy of the United States" so written in Federal Register Volume 81 Number 244, from which the claims are evidently fraud and an embezzlement from the Treasury of the United States of $108,000 USD in component to a $46.2 billion fraud and public policy fraud affecting the right to work and public office eligibility of political enemies of the PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF CHINA and NATION OF JAPAN industries and governments commercial activity, in whom the accused party was a "vital employee" of NORTEL NETWORKS, their primary competitor at the time of such kidnapping and extortion, affording then NTT GROUP the contract award for the services subject to the prior PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF CHINA national Internet expansion projects, and later in acquisition of SPRINT and attempted acquisition of NVIDA CORPORATION.

Fraud at this level ordinarily requires a Congressional Hearing, and failure to produce such hearing while witnesses have been driven out of the country and denied re-entry and protection; affirms claims of foreign unlawful influence on the United States Department of Justice and State of Oklahoma Department of Justice collusion in this activity; to support Federal removal of the case to the Criminal Justice System for 22 U.S.C. Chapter 78 violations by STATE OF TEXAS and STATE OF OKLAHOMA in 46.2 Billion USD alleged 31 U.S.C. §3729(a) violation duly filed.

Unless that is your "day to day" regulatory reading, you probably had no business commenting on the serious nature of this dispute, the founding of RTI, or its work. Any effort to grossly misrepresent the firm in concert with this level of competition with firms like NTT GROUP, who gross $100 billion USD annually; or $770 million USD valuation of (LSE:GAW) GAMES WORKSHOP LIMITED; or average purchase price of "SONY MULTIMEDIA" in recent acquisition of Cruncyroll for $1 billion in similar product offer; should tell you to get the hell out of here now. Similar purchase of MOJANG for $1 billion USD by Microsoft Corporation and of CCP GAMES by PEARL ABYSS GAMES of South Korea for $423 million USD from PARADOX INTERACTIVE AB during this fraud; should also tell you to sit the fuck down and shut the fuck up before you have questions about the impact of financing and capital investment concerning a $400 million to $2 billion annual revenue product in distpute due to child taking for concealment.

By seeking to demand payment for a child in excess of real income, and on suspension of the RIGHT TO WORK as a penalty for non-payment of EXCESSIVE FINES, the UNITED STATES has just forfeit all the rights to all the intangible property of those nations engaged in such fraud by permitting the taking, concealment, and abuse of a child to coerce the surrender of property from a single rights holder.

A single person, and the rights of an individual person and their creative industry, are in fact that important.

When a nation seeks to overrun those rights to save face, it does so in forfeiture and lien of all the properties and all the rights of all the persons it pledges to protect and those it is contracted to enforce as well who take part in such misadventure. It is possible to simply "reset" the Patent Registry and void all claims of all Citizens of all Nations whose commissioned franchises are engaging in this form of illegal taking. It would be less necessary if the nations in question could recognize their "mistake" and correct their actions, but failure to do so will certainly result in a termination of authority to those countries, their law enforcement, and creation of a legitimate cause for a change in government as the very act of denial is a heinous war crime which suspends any legal right to the public office of the public trust or standing as the legitimate government of a State or Nation.

Most people agree on that. The only question is - "how many children have to be kidnapped to trigger that clause?"

The Answer is simple: One.

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