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Raccoon Technologies Incorporated

The Seven-Alpha Network

Opening Declaration

"When we begin to classify ethnicity, ideology, or illness to the exclusion of any other finding than our own over-simplistic definitions, and place a burden of proof upon the accused of a criminal degree of evidence to escape punishment for failing to meet or conform with those arbitrary expectations, then we exclude all people and all remedy for any injuries from any society or law which shall result from that Hegelian Dialectic."

- James Arnold Allen, 2019

The "King of Kings" Organizational Model

The organization is based on signed agreement to conform to the "King of Kings" Model.

The "King of Kings" is a broad guideline for regular work and life balance that affords only 30 hours per week (298 hours) to for-profit employment. This disbars practices in the United States such as the 40-hour regular work week, full time 8-5 Mon-Fri working schedule, and forces most firms to acknolwedge every weekday and a half 'belongs' to the workers, which in turn allow them to stagger coverage with more jobs while investing funds in businesses during the regular week.

The use of public schools to create work outside of their permitted program hours and require it be brought to the workplace is done away with completely, freeing people to enjoy their own time.

The right of suffrage (political voting) and general access to mature content is raised to 24 years of age, due to reduced maturity in United States and other nations populations during age 18-24, caused by loss of literacy and abuse of critical thinking in public education and work programs.

Becauase the "King of Kings" model is an organizational policy of private business, it is conditional to the participation in the program and its offices neither public nor subject to Constitutional Rights established in the United States and other countries over 200 years ago. The purpose of this is to allow kids to be kids, young adults to be free of political influence during their formative years and romantic development, and ensure a stronger political education than the United States.

Welcoming Declartion

It is time we accept our former countrymen now in the Democratic Party to rejoin the American People. We have studied the issue for the past year, and concluded that the "Hegelian Dialectic" is at fault, and the "Hegelian" model of propaganda in an organized coup against the United States and its member States, with the intent to knowingly, willfully, and criminally interfere with the right of suffrage is at-fault in the violence in the United States.

That such abuse has been permitted by criminal elements and foreign nation states financial backing of this abuse under color of commercial business to damage and destroy domestic American enterprises and business owners, and to create a fraudulent monopoly by use of force and abuse of legal process against those targeted persons and to the end result of the erosion of civil rights in destruction of the competitive economic national security of the United States.

The company now moves forward to address this threat with its partners and private packet-switched data network "Seven Alpha", which is so named for the Seven Arch Angels and for the developer's belief in a system of organizational business leadership and government based on the "King of Kings" model.

The model operates on the very simple premise that executive authority is necessary in an organization to act to afford immediate and necessary remedy to any member at any level, invested in a single individual, established with the trust of the public in exclusion of all other agencies as oversight and balance to larger committee and democratic powers of governance, and that such party acts not as sovereign but rather as the steward of the community whose highest obligation is the safeguard of rights and protections of each individual member from suspension by the exercise or actions or claims of any other in exclusion or interference.

That the custom of this organization is contrary the martial history of the salute normally given by junior offers and enlisted to senior or executive officers, and in the reverse thereof; whereby the officer appointed the position of the "King of Kings" does kneel to signify submission to the office and the duty bestowed by the organization in the Public Trust upon them, to one knee indicating humility and one leg poised to rise in defense of any one, distinguishing it from prayer or absolute submission in peonage; and then the other parties present bow or kneel to the same degree in acceptance by physical action to convey their consent to the jurisprudence of the proceeding and obligation to express respect for the other parties and agreement to the objective discovery of the matter.

So prohibited in this exchange at all times and without exception is the attribution of malignant state of mind ( mens rea ) or motive in public incitement of harm or suspension of rights ( Volksverhetzung ), common in the ad hominem fallacy of Hegelian Psychopathology, whereby no person may testify to "magical thinking" as evidence before the court which would attest to the defective, invalid, or malignant nature of another person's ethnicity, cognition, predilection, inner dialog, or attribution of rights or privileges based on social stereotypes based on age, gender, sexual preference, or emotional state.

The use of these perceptions to incite and call to violent action and the suspension of human rights by Hegelian terrorism ends with the King of Kings authority, and the rights of "free speech" do not permit or accept this conduct in allegation or accusation of others to influence or injure or impute the character of of any member of the Seven Alpha community, or any person or living thing or animal, nor as allegory attributed in poetry or prose of nature or human experience in existential objective critique when directed at a class of people or a living thing who may be injured and wronged by this false attribution of their nature.

With respect to Ralph Waldo Emerson and Henry David Thoreau, who did pioneer this form of thought experiment in rejection of society, the critique of a society or a philosophy is welcome, but has no place in the legal evidence at-law where its prose is meant to injure, deprive, or subject the other party to loss of standing and property at-risk based on the musings of hypothetical absolute thought or justifications which energized by the speed and reach of electronic media have weaponized such slander and libel into a spear by which to pierce the common man and run him through on the cross of "general welfare" and sacrifice of his rights and integrity like a ram on the alter of "the greater good" and "the best interests of the child" to suggest the injury to one is a rational transaction for the gains and benefit of many others. It is, in the Hegelian religious theology, the belief that all enemies are merely future friends who must be elevate and educated to accept the dogma of assimilation and surrender to the utility of others, or else utterly destroyed in the moral rational they made the choice to suffer and die voluntarily rather than join the collective effort of the many.

It is the duty of the King of Kings to arrest those who would execute this treason and violence in the organization, no matter their number or authority or resources, and to strip them of their estate and declare them to have no standing in the organization or its affairs whatsoever should they rebel against this law. That they might take themselves bodily and leave this place and all who dwell in it where they refuse to surrender that power and property reserved by the jurisdiction, in peace, or by refusal declare their intent to make war upon the whole of mankind and be guilty of war crimes by their declaration of any class of person who is not equal before the King of Kings.

That any title, office, or duty held has no sovereignty over this law, and that all people before the organization are as "Kings" (or Queens), regardless age or health or utility to the whole; without respect to wealth; without consideration of merit or accolades - and the sovereignty for-ones-self and for-ones-own-interest shall never be questions or demonized or infringed for any benefit or sale to others; and such power reserved by all persons in their own cause excluding the officer in time of duties and appointment in the installment as the "King of Kings", whose sole roles is as defender of others and selfless servant before the arbitration of all disputes and charges which may arise. The laws and principles of which and conditions set forth in the Constitution of the State of Oklahoma and Constitution of the United States, and in the statutory laws of both nation and Union, which were designed to operate perpetually and interactively with each other as whole, with respect to the enumerated powers not mentioned therein which are wholly reserved by The People, and invested in this organization under Oklahoma Constitution Article II section II-1 in Representative government of a Republic as required and compliance with the Constitution of the United States and Constitution of the State of Oklahoma, in the "Seven Alpha Network" and the Kings (and Queens) for whom it serves as stated singular and individual source of all sovereignty and authority in license to form such an organization.

The powers of jury trial are maintained as set forth in the law, and the King of Kings presiding over these affairs in lieu of a Justice Department in the creation of the office as required for such actions in fact and title, and with limited scope to the issues at hand in registration; while the central officer and office maintains the role of the Executive Branch, and the entire membership represents by electronic cryptographic identity the role and powers of the legislative branch at all times in a Republican form of government with one-to-one (1:1) representation of voting power. Only the King of Kings abstains from this vote, and is entitled to cast the vote in the negative where the margin shall fall to their office, in ceremony of the recognition of an obligation to NOT DO A THING when a thing is so contested as to fall to a single man (or woman). Age of majority and suffrage are restricted to 24 years of age, as education and media injure the public greatly and require more time to physically mature and understand obligations of State than 18 or 21 years allow.

Persons under 24 years of age are not regarded as "minors", nor classified as "disabled" as is presently custom of the United States Social Security System, and their wishes and needs heard as equal before any body at-law in the Seven Alpha Network, by those of the age of majority (24 years) who are entitled to suffrage.

Childhood is not held to be submissive or preparatory for labor or utility or employment by the Seven Alpha Network or "King of Kings" model organization, and the imposition of labor upon a child outside of direct education and hours allotted to a part time work week of 30 hours is regarded as "child abuse" by the organization. Elective studies and association are not regulated or accredited, and encouraged among members and families as they see fit in their time with their children, and work-weeks (4 days, 8 hours; 5 days, 6 hours; or 3 days, 10 hours) are recommended for all participating businesses to support the economy of creative and social media in which the application of digital communication and services best apply. Minimum wage and employment shall not apply to the right to communication and public performance in interest of self-employment and in contract where the majority of earnings are retained by the performer(s). Allowing by this all persons to equally compete and cooperate with other unregulated nations and industries globally, beyond the United States. Likewise, terms of service and obligations to such conditions may not impose mandatory or scheduled work, and shall represent only conditions and guidelines of general behavior which prohibit grading or incentives based on performance to feign empathy or emotion or otherwise manipulate customers by limiting the freedom of speech or authority of public-facing or internal social communication in the course of business.

This model is designed to eliminate Hegelian influence and systems of highly structured robotic communication standards to over-emphasize empathy in manipulation of customers and the public to enter into contracts and obligations and debt which violate their consumer rights, create an unmanageable burden, or transfer liability for risk in business upon the public by fraud or deceit, or to harm the public dialog through paid manufacture of communication or solicitation of private information conditional report of good standing or public confidence in the consumer, as are popular in the United States and other countries today.

The core element of the law in the King of Kings model is simple: "Life occurs before commerce, and all life is precious. Commerce has no right or power to inflict conditions whereby life or the bonds of family or survival are subject to suspension in the interest of economic debt, including the threat of jail or moral or mental defect for loss of earnings, to make mandatory the labor of others in liquidation of a debt, or to suspend the fundamental human rights and documents required to exercise those rights and privileges to remain equal in society due to any outcome of commerce or industry or earnings or employment status."

If this sounds like your sort of society and community, we welcome you all - Democrat and Republican alike - to the "Seven Alpha Network" and to the contractual provisions of the jurisdiction of the "King of Kings". Welcome to the human race.

Built to Combat Hegelian Sectarianism (Hate Group) Culture

Organized religious hate groups (Hegelian) and criminal racketeering to suppress network publications and academic disclosures by persons in the United States, Italy, Canada, Iceland, New Zealand, Australia, China, and Japan - linked to a foreign government partnered in these suppression tactics for private competition with U.S. domestic telecom firms using high volume DDoS abuse and fraud prompted the creation of the IP7A system, and are strictly banned and will be suspended without refund for violations as determined by the IP7A Aribtration Board (Human Unification Movement).

The Seven-Alpha Flag This regulatory style is similar fashion to the corporate protectorates of Cyberspace described by author William Gibson in the 1980s. IP7A is a zero-tolerance zone for violators. We are doing what the governments of the world should have done to protect their productive citizens.

Licensed Operators may engage in commerce upon the IP7A network must be certified by review including background check and conditional terms, and are referred to as "Operators".

Licensd Users may access the private IP7A network for use of products are likewise limited without extensive testing or background check, using local national identity cards and verification, and are referred to as "clients". Operator waivers are available for professions in demand, artists, writers, and academics performing valid research determined by the IP7A Arbitration Board (Human Unification Movement).

Operator licensing and training focuses on training professional critical judgment and thinking to recognize Hegelian theology 'passive/progressive hate behavior' including 'false positivity' movements, which espouse invalidating labels and ad hominem abuse (character assassination) as found in United States public education and academic circles of radicalized socialist, democratic party, and neo-nazi communities popular with 'cultural identity' economics and incitement activity for 'social justice', which Operators are trained to recognize as organized crime.

The rise of Hegelian violence in middle-class and public education, aided by corrupt and unprofessional journalism of the United States progressive movement, undermines the fundamental dignity and rights (76 Oklahoma Statute, section 76-1 and 76-6) and protections afforded all human beings regardless of nationality, citizenship, or eugenic qualifiers. IP7A was formed as a result of genocide activity by these United States groups, as is a protected right under 76 O.S. 76-8 and 76-9, U.S. Law.

Attacks on the mental health and use of mental health claims without trial or due process of any kind to interfere with the right to commerce and suffrage led to the formation of the IP7A technology and community, after 20 years of active abuse by members of the Democratic National Party of the United States in a terrorist hoax defined by the Oklahoma Anti Terrorism Act. Hate crimes including kidnapping, blacklisting, fraud, torture, and felony stalking denied relief by the United States warrant the protections afforded American victims under Oklahoma Constitution Article II-1.

A Fully Encrypted Global Network

Websites displaying the IP7A logo provide end-to-end encryption with clients using the registered licensed software and valid secure physical key. This prevents abuse by dedicated hardware cards affordable to nation-states which can break SSL and RSA/DES security in real-time. Service is not available to all clients in all areas, due to regional restrictoins on encryption technology and void in any country or territory where a third party is obligated access or possession or forced disclosure of such key, token, password, or permitted use of the network, security, tokens, or means of access by transfer or proxy at-law. This means United States and Australian Citizens are not entitled to access or privileges on the IP7A network, nor any business in Interstate Commerce afforded the right to acces the network. Only human beings may access the network and utilize these privileges, unless granted an Operator license and supervision of a human Operator.

This negates the need for SSL, ICANN, domain names, and affords a service which is not a licensed extension of a foreign government to human beings without limited term of grant or suspension of privileges for exercise of their reserved rights in contract, as afforded the protection of Oklahoma Constitution Article XXIII-8 and XXIII-9, and with respect to Article II-1, II-3, II-6, and II-22 services.

Bots, scrapers, aggregators, and rating systems not licensed and regulated by the IP7A board and registered are prohibited, reducing traffic and arbitrary discrimination by bias common in social media outlets of major nation-states and their agendas. Automated crawlers and advertiser-driven censorship introduce bias which have damaged expression and civil rights in computing since 1996. The IP7A does restrict content, based on human needs and human security, not profit potential or portrayal of entertainment value at the expense of human dignity defined by the IP7A Board. We have community values, and we will stand by those values regardless of foreign influence.

Regulated Commercial Use

Crossblades Commercial use of the network requires a license or use of a licensed broker who is certified as an "Operator", and obligated to maintain guidelines in all activity for clients, similar to a FINRA license for securities transaction in the United States. Unlicensed use or violation of the terms and conditions of service will void any obligation to a third party by operators, other clients, and the hosts and service providers of the IP7A.

For all legal purposes it is a foreign jurisdiction to the members of the United Nations and other registered countries, under commmercial contract pursuant to the Articles of Rome. These powers and rights are reserved under Oklahoma Constitution Article II section II-1. Applications requring IP7A will bear the related product mark (right), requiring IP7A license to access.

IP7A maintains policies including a do-not-track and no-resale of customer information or profiles to any 3rd party, as part of their agreement to operate on the network. This greatly reduces the overhead and optimizes our customers experience and confidence in the privacy of their online interactions with the IP7A environment.

Flow tracking of service traffic to combat DDoS and malicious activity interfering with users are the only exception to this policy, and carried out in real-time to deploy and managed active countermeasures on a private network. All disputes are subject to exclusive binding arbitration agreement with the IP7A board which shall arise from the IP7A network access, use, or contents - under license; with option for referral to regional law enforcement at the discrection of the IP7A board. External enforcement is designed to ensure lawful client use.

Industry Standards And Identical Acts Planned

Other companies like Google are likewise moving forward with their own 2 factor physical key private cloud technology.

With extreme working conditions and karoshi in cultures driving these environments, privacy and security from workplace harassment of free expression is becoming more and more critical to social and economic health of all people worldwide. IP7A provides a place where your boss or his HR department will not snoop around your photos prior to considering you for a promotion or termination. This form of privacy from corporate surveillance is essential to all people if freedom of speech is to be maintained. The ability to change your identity across multiple platforms at-will, in a unified solution, without loss of account privileges and services, is vital for the next generation Internet.

As companies like Google show more and more political bias and efforts to escape fraud using technical excuses and slander, we recognize the need to establish a private network that is not subject to that sort of criminal activity. Efforts to 'debunk' or defraud Americans of their freedom of speech by false reporting and ad hominem abuse from the Hegelian socialist playbooks of the 1930s have no place on the IP7A network or among its members and competent academics.

Propagada strikes by snopes and other liberal media outlets violating journalistic standards and practices in hit piece journalism and personal attacks on opponetns of the Democratic National Convention and overt acts by progressive militant groups affiliated with their terrorism (ANTIFA) underline the loss of credibility in U.S. news media and governance of such a critical technology belonging solely to the People. If the Berne Convention or any treaty suspend enumerated rights (see: Oklahoma Constitution Article XIII-8 and XXIII-9), it becomes immediately null and void.

Our firm was targeted February 2018, May 2018, and July 2018, and received numerous death threats and demands to surrender personal property in violation of Federal Law (15 USC 1673, 18 USC 241), accellerating this network launch. Demands exceeded $80,000 USD and loss of contact with children of our shareholders on no legal grounds, in violation of a court order and State Law (76 O.S. 76-8). State and Federal agencies then attempted to withhold insulin to testifying defense witnesses. All relief and due process has been denied since 2001 August, in violation of Oklahoma Constitution Article II-6 and 18 USC 1951 (The Hobbs Act), in the taking of American hostages.


The Iconoclast Skull™ and Crossblades™ logos are trademarks protected by Title 21 of Oklahoma State Statutory Law, and the Berne Convention in other countries, registered by the IP7A.

The abmornal features of the skull represent the delta of real people, which inevitably differs from the oversimplification of central planners and Hegelian socialist dialectic arguments of a single unconditional common experience and needs of human beings for which individual rights and protections must be sacrificed to serve collective welfare and collective benefits such as common tribal theology and industrial utility (see: Elements of the Philosophy of Right, 1821).

The long canines convey the fear that simple minded people feel when confronted with the cognitive dissonance of hereditary differences in individual human beings, to include the derogatory and invalidating label of 'disability' or 'handicap' as the sole classification of those persons who possess an uncommon metabolic, neurological, or skeletal delta which give them different abilities and needs which cannot be translated into the industrial collective goals and utility of Hegelian society.

The Seven-Alpha Flag™ displays the red and white thirteen banners, with a field of blue featuring thirteen stars representing the distinct colonies of the American revolution, arrayed in a protective circle around the capital I character - symbolizing the "institution of the individual" as sovereign source of power and distinct from any government formed to act as their agent, as specified in 1907 Article II section II-1 of the Constitution of the State of Oklahoma, ratified into Supreme Law of the United States with enforcement for all other member states (US Constitution, Article IV section II paragraph I) by the United States Congress. The "Institution of the Individual" is the concept that the duty of protection of one - any one - is greater than the benefit of others, even all others. This distinguishes it from the fraud of "Soveriegn" "Citizen" conspiracy theories held by United States Hegelian religious extremists, which as a core belief cannot assign value to the needs of an indivudal or a duty to protect them over the institution of collective identity, the assignment of all power to a society, and the physical expression of that society in law and public life as the government or agencies formed by it who are empowered to dictate terms to individuals in a belief that conformity and utility are the objective reason for their merit of any privilege, protection, or respect. This "Hegelian" psychology and frequent "Hegelian Psychosis" is the reason for their contempt and assault upon any party who refutes their conclusions, statements, and assertions at a personal and "to-character" approach to invalidate them, usually in the order of allegation of "moral defect through allegation of internal character by stereotypes and presumption of intent", by "mental health defect" using popular terms and slurs, by assault on their "mental capacity and intellect", then by attack on their "gender and masculinity" and finally by abuse to denigrate them as submissive minors under parental authority through the use of namecalling and labelling like "boy", "little man", "bitch", et al. In combination with child kidnapping and concealment, this abuse has reaced a point in 2001 that such actions are no longer civil and are organized in Interstate Commerce fraud. All of these were characteristic elements of abuse by Young Hegelian regimes, such as Marx, Hitler, Mao Zedong, and contributors to the genocide of Eastern Europe and Russian prior the overthrow of Nazi occupation and the collapse of the Soviet Union. Efforts of these organizations to again assert themselves in 2001-2019 through financial and commercial infiltration and mass migration into the United States raised the cause to form the Seven-Alpha Network and organize a defense allowed by Oklahoma State Law, when the State and Federal government abandoned their positions or accepted bribes to support the fraud in the Americas. The complete abandonment of this duty created the obligation to form the Seven-Alpha Network and IP7A by former American soldiers.

The Crossblades™ represent the need for such people to have real and effective force to protect themselves from a society that is both incapable of emotionally or physically relating to their condition, and against chronic skepticism (denial in complicity with genocide) and displaced anger against anyone who refuses to consent to collective demands for submission and collective dhimmitude (slavery) despite having no benefit to the individual (estoppel in contract law) and without free and willing consent of the individual or by other coercion (See The Victims of Trafficking and Violence Act of 2000 section 103), or by creating direct harm the individual such as genocide (18 USC 1091) and/or limitation of free communication between parent and child (so ORDERED, refused on report) which does not comply with the narrative of the concealing party or participating States.

Acts of Genocide by the United States initiated in the State of Texas prompted our formation in 2001, citing criminal fraud to remove American children from their home August 11th 2001 for stated purpose of financial gain and perpetual concealment to influence an American business established eight years prior (1993) in the State of Oklahoma.

This removal occured on no court order or lawful cause, and was denied investigation by the 43rd and 44th President of the United States, as a war crime by the United States on 17 years of ongoing concealment of American prisoners. It was an act of undeclared war, violating the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide, a ratified United States International Treaty on War Crimes, held to be the Supreme Law of the State of Oklahoma under Constitution of the State of Oklahoma Article I section I-1, and any Treaty superior to the limited conditions of 18 USC § 1091 or 42 USC § 1981 and § 1994 alleged so violated, in defining these actions of concealment and cultural isolation with Hegelian hate speech and identity theft to defraud the global community supporting the kidnapping for perpetual concealment of children to be war crimes.

Origin in Resistance to War Crimes

Millions have died and more have lost their freedom, their dignity, and their family due to the war crimes of nation states against the People. The IP7 technology and its symbols remain a testament to the dignity of all human beings in memory that all complicity with war crimes are war crimes. The skull reflects our commitment to remember the innocent individual lives destroyed by socialism, and the ferocity in which each individual must be protected from the cultural imperialism of ethnic and national collectivism. Individual imperialism is the recognition of the right of each person to dignity equal to any party, and rejection of the obligation to join or belong in order to receive protection from soceity or others (76 O.S. 76-1 and 76-6).

Cultural Imperialism is the presumption that one culture must yield its values to another self-styled superior culture, traditionally defined by racial or religious collectives or by nation states and borders. Positivity is a language used to misrepresent the cynical denial and systematic abuse of violence in suppression of the rights and dignity of others who are critical or express opposition to these unitarian monoculture claims of idealogical superiority and expose themselves through invalidating behavior and arrest of rights of opposition in their presence and before the public. This atmosphere of unitarian socailism based on the Theory of Intelligence whereby stereotypes and oversimplified presumptions of a common and quantified set of needs and merits for which society may borrow against or claim authority over for collective or future benefits at the expense of individuals and persons not yet mature enough to comprehend their rights or the rights of others, ends with the IP7 initiative. It is not enough that the governments of the world presume sovereignty over all people beneath their physical power, and ownership of those people in body, spirit, and mind; that in the first year of the 21st Century the nations of the world did seize and remove the children of American scientists and soldiers, and lie to compel silence and claim their discoveries for exclusive use on ransom of the lives and heritage of these men and their children. This act of genocide in 2001 prompted the creation of the IP7A.

Onset of Hostilities

Since that time August 11th 2001, the IP7 program has asserted, "Unity is death." All contracts and agreements rendered under these conditions are frauds, and obtained only under duress violating their power at law as prior reserved in the year 1907 to render their claims null and void (Oklahoma constitution Article XXIII-8 and XXIII-9).

Delta Pattern

The delta of the human race, those persons who are not physically and mentally consistent with the simple presumptions of human biology, metabolic and physical traits, or otherwise non-normative living persons, present in our society and population, assert following the 44th President of the United States to be victims of genocide by the United States and denied fundamental access to healthcare, the presumption of mental fitness, and protection of law by the United States, in war crimes against the American people - and under Article II-1 of the Constitution signed by the Congress of the United States in 1907, assert their lawful right to empower exclusively the domestic government of the IP7 with their authority and sovereignty, having been denied these rights from 2001-2018. On behalf of the American people, and in opposition to the ongoing war crime of 'genocide', we do enact the IP7A to constitute the American government and leave the United States to its business outside of our country, lands, and planet - affirming our presence constitutes our eminent domain over these properties and resources and all derived product without obligation or debt to the former government of the People of the States of America. Further, that no corporation, agency, or legal fiction created by the United States or other similar nation or state shall not now nor henceforth ever be granted standing in the IP7, nor claims against it, as legal fiction rendered null and void in the taking as hostages of children from the homes of our members in statement of perpetual concealment on no due process, no legal cause, and for extortion of debts and claims of a fraudulent and deceitful nature, to include the deception of our children to alienate them from our authority in 'corruption of blood' so explicitly prohibited by the Constitution of the United States.

Inclusion Means Acknowleded Differences

As the Human Race, we welcome both normative and delta human beings to our community with equal rights, without regard to race or religion or nationality or circumstances of birth, under the charter of government reserved in the rights enumerated in 1907 and prior deemed by such official act to be the perpetual and inalienable right of all human beings. The IP7 have determined a model of protection for individual members of our community, and no act or privilege shall violate those rights - neither of minority or individual or of children or animals, which are otherwise strongly under debate and precedent among the national and International laws of the world. All life is precious, not merely human life, and the incapacity to respect and have empathy with animals is as consistent with the irrational inability to confront critical thinking and objectively discuss abstract concepts separate from sociopath and narcissistic personality disorders common in the radicalized Western population. The lack of empathy is a delta, and its incapacity to recognize this is inconsistent with others or to invalidate others who possess emotions and feelings is a dysfunctional mental illness growing in socialist movements seeking redistribution under fairness-doctrine and incitement of hate crimes against individuals and minorities. Most often these behaviors are hidden behind group identification to conceal or disassociate from personal responsibility for hateful and dishonest acts which would otherwise be civil or criminal wrongoing, often with entitlement or reference to stereotypical portrayals and narratives of obligations in an idealized fantasy world common among the socailist dialectic fable.

Complicity and Denial - War Crimes

Denial of wrongdoing, violating Oklahoma Constitution Article II-6, or the forced expiration of right to remedy for wrongdoing sought by the nations and violent cultures of the world in their social benefits analysis, shall be the highest crime and suppression or refusal of persons for their report of such abuse or injury the greatest violation in the IP7. We are a government that never forgets and never forgives. As the injuries done in the taking of children and families, to force slavery and indentured service upon those who spoke out against the United States in the late 1990s and early 2000-2020 period illustrates no forgiveness and no surrender will ever be appropriate for the crimes of this generation and their presumption of immunity, superiority in numbers, and denigration of people in the act of genocide and open war crimes to manipulate the United States and benefit its corporations and business monopolies on pre-eminent technology through piracy of children and concealment of the same.

Rejection of the Berne Convention

In enforcement of this action, the IP7 is not a signatory or subject to the Berne Convention, and rejects all claims of the signatories to intellectual property rights as unlawful seizure of material through war crimes in child concealment and kidnapping, and will enforce only the claims of individual property owners / authors on a case by case basis providing no aspect of methods or theory are applicable, as New Zealand and other members of the Five-Eyes community have done in the theft and repackaging of property and technology in Italy, Japan, and other nations (Shenzen, China) in identical foreign infringement and acts of sabotage to dillute the value of American innovation and research for license back to the United States and European Union of stolen discoveries.

For this reason, the markets of the nations named prior in the Berne Convention and their Citizens are barred from participation in the IP7, and no Citizen of any signatory nation may be enjoined to the membership and rights, privileges, and protections of the IP7 network. Only human beings, declaring themselves to not be Citizens or agents of a foreign government or nation, in perpetuity - who also declare their agreement and compliance with the terms and conditions of the network and its enforcement and protection of policies - shall be duly licensed to use, access, and participate in the IP7 network and community. As such, no International Commerce or Interstate Commerce shall be present in the transactions thereupon by Citizens, residents, or persons not entitled to the right to commerce without license in context to or upon the IP7 network, and it shall be separate from the jurisdiction of all nations named therein or self-identified as their equals in soveriegn authority and license derived solely from the people who make up that country. Efforts of the socialist dialectic to 'negotiate' these powers through commercial and legal force, shall be void on confrontation or claim with the IP7.

Companies and businesses licensed to accept and transfer property for the IP7 will pay to the nations and territories they operate in all taxes, fees, and comply with the regional customs and laws where possible as a distributor or freehold transport of the members, as specified in the terms and conditions set forth by the IP7 - ensuring that duties and tax burdens for the transfer of goods as well as the delivery across controlled territory is in compliance with other forms of commerce as a common carrier for the IP7 network. It is the duty of such firms, regionally licensed, to assist in the compliance with law and legal use of the network for the benefit of the mutual peace between the human network and the corporate state, until such time as the corporate state is wound down or disolved or otherwise no longer entitled to sovereign duties in those territories and regions of transaction. As the common carrier, they are not obligated to claims or technolgy disputes between members and nation-state roll number accounts (Citizens, corporations, and other legal fictions constured to create a semblance of authority without personal liability for serious injury and mandatory enforcement under common law and Supreme law).

Declaration of Parties - A Human Network

This is a human network. One which challenges the concept of what it means to be human, and answers that question with one word, "Dignity".

Any organization that would claim unity and threaten the dignity of individuals who dissent for lawful cause or injury, have by their acts converted that term in our language to mean only 'death' to any who do not comply and submit to populist and socialist dialectic arguments. If by signalling resistance or unhappiness persons are isolated or expelled from the benefits of equal protection and equal rights, including the right to be parents to their children, to see their offspring, and to hold positions of public office and to take part in commerce - as the members of Dallas Texas, Tulsa Oklahoma, Enid Oklahoma, Yukon Oklahoma, Oklahoma City Oklahoma, Denton Texas, and other States have so threatened our families and founders, that they are not entitled to the protection of law or a common government with their victims, the people they have denied these rights to in systematic written threats of extortion and violence (2001-218). These threats, including rape of family members, assault, celebration of serious injury and beatings of parents deprived of their children, are evidence of the collapse of the United States in 2001-2018 and failure to uphold its obligations conditional the status of a legitimate governemnt. In context to repeated demands for money in excess of $80,000 USD on such cause without trial or right to dispute evidence or relief, and in fraud to separate persons from their United States Citizenship and identity prior used in commerce at a value of over $2,000,000 USD in theft; the socialist elements of the United States have voided the protections from report of these crimes in the 21st Century.

Before such acts, "unity" means only death. Those responsible, traitors. Those that did nothing, complicit and such act a war crime. They are the enemy of all Americans and traitors to the human race.

Whether products of other 'social networks', or the exposure of corruption that has a long and well documented history steeped in denial and murder, these acts of ostracism and false history taught to children taken from victims of violence under color of law (18 USC 241) do not dissuade the case for the Imperial Protectorate Seven network (IP7) or its right to establish commerce independent of the United States for domestic human beings born or taken unlawfully into the jurisdiction of the United States, and then defrauded of their Citizenship and equal rights by the State of Texas, State of Oklahoma, and United States Justice Department from 2001-2018. It is not our obligation to construe why, only to provide 'remedy' under Article II-6 and Title 76-9 (Oklahoma Statutory Law), for which immediate commercial restoration and privacy rights in a dedicated network are vital and essential in mitigating conditions of genocide and dimitude imposed by false claims of the United States.

Response to Covert Acts of Genocide

Acts which American values would overtly call treason against the American people and their fundamental rights. Were the media, the United States Treasury, the United States Justice Department, and the member States Governors and law enforcement officers were complicit in these acts as evident upon letters signed and sealed to the victims, in conflict with express criminal complaints and despite witness testimony of serious felony crimes, might merit any response other than the formation of a new and independent jurisdiction under the IP7 technology by the victims and their families to defend themselves from criminal activity and ongoing war crimes. The concealment of hostages and ransoming of contact between parents and their children will be remembered as the last unforgivable acts of the United States in the 21st Century, for so little as monetary award and custom in defamation of parents based on religious stereotypes and gender discrimination to criminalize men and seize their identity and property if they contest fraud by the State and Federal agents involved in this human trafficking activity.

Other countries financial influence over the United States and regional commerce have influenced and negated the regional authority of the United States, and local and State officers who chose not to act in favor of developing these relationships have instead voided the contract between the American people and foreign nations. In the effort to license these technologies and claim a monopoly in trade with fabriator nations (China), emulating their conduct in suppression of dissent using violence and public fraud. The IP7 network is established in response to the injuries done by these policies, rendering a perpetual and lasting break from the United States and other governments by the American people, to maintain their culture and values against unlawful illegal foreign and domestic activity targeting their chidlren. The termination of parental rights without trial, violating 28 USC 1738A (e), and argument by attorneys for the member States to barter or sell back to parents these rights alleging the duration of their suspension constitutes a legal cause to make them permanent, was the final straw in the dispute in 2001-2015, cementing the incapacity of the United States to remain a legitimate government before victims of violent state sponsored child kidnapping.

As a result, the unity government and jurisdiction, as well as other organizations which were created and financed to compete with the projects by radical socialist political groups well known to conservative American voters, asserting a lack of 'mental or moral fitness' in persons who did not subscribe to the narrative of lawful child taking and dissent against genocide, has affirmed to the owners of Raccoon Technologies Incorporated and members of the IP7 Board of Directors a genuine incapacity of the public and other nations to police the criminal element acting both upon the public Internet via fraud at ICANN, Microsoft, and major corporations traded in the United States and China. To the extent that the registration of the names of victims to impersonate them in concealment of their children in 2002-2004 and 2011 affirmed the invalid claim of stewardship over the technologies of the public Internet and Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) responsible for those abuses without remedy or relif guaranted under law.

Because corporations owned by foreign governments including Japan, paired with radical socailist movements and business officers employed by National Public Radio (NPR) have aided in these threats of extortion directly (Enid OK, 2010) in kidnapping of American children for ransom, the firm agrees that the only lawful action is the termiantion of the presumption of sovereign authority over the technology and means of communication and commerce - and application under the trade secrets act and other relief of 'all necessary force' of Oklahoma State law, including end of all fealty and debts to the former nations invovled, is justified.

Individuals cannot, without a national identity, oppose such violence directed at them by corporations and agencies of licensed commercial enterprises owned by major world powers, who strongly influence law enforcement and media in their domestic territories and mandate equal time to challenge all complaints of serious violation using taxpayer funds in active suppression activity of free speech (Article II-3 and II-22), to include false indictment for libel on report of felony child kidnapping (City of Ada Police, 2010).

Where such crimes are present, or ongoing, and State and Federal Attorneys do not act, while local and State law enforcement refuse to recover or report theft of over $23,000 USD in property (2017) and $40,000 in bank drafts (illegal, 2018) in context to denial of right-to-work on false-hire by the State or their agent in entrapment (2017), a business or person is entitled to act under the 'all necessary force' clause (76 O.S. 76-9) to include the use of all 'legal force', such as the dissolution of government, its modification, or institution of a new governemnt and charter distinct and without obligation to the previous regime or institution which has failed to act in its obligations and abandoned the role of sovereign power by such inaction or denial, complicity in corruption of blood, or consideration for the surrender by force of children from the parent of its resident.

Whereas, the IP7 has suffered such material loss in consideration of this claim, thereby the IP7 network and IP7A jurisdiction are lawfully formed, fully paid in all debts, and all claims by the United States against its namesake or agents void under Oklahoma Constitution Article XXIII-8 and XXIII-9, making it free to act under Article II-1, II-6, and enumerated rights so described in Title 76 to effect relief.

Technical Briefs

Alternate Root Domains in a VPN gateway setting with strong central registry on private cloud with split horizon access via a mitigated deep packet inspection edge are a legal use of the Internet technology. ICANN is a private company as of October 1, 2016, and has no special privileges or rights over the Internet at-large or use of IP networks on private computer equipment and networks, even where data is carried over public networks using tunneling and point-to-point encryption (VPN) or broadcast dynamic cloud network technology (Manifold Space Technology).

Efforts to assert monopoly and charge trademark holders for use and listing of their legal names in fraud identical to the 2002-2004 and 2011 theft of American names in the kidnapping of IP7 developers children further supports the failure of the root Domain Servers by the United States in 2001-2016. In combination with the theft of Citizen rolls for fraud by member States, denied investigation by the United States, strongly bolsters the case for the dissolution of the United States in privatization of the Internet by IP7 operators. As of September 3rd 2018, five such nations effectively declared war on the privacy rights of all human beings jointly in conflict with the mandate of power afforded by the United States Constitution.

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