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SONET (Synchronous Optical Networks) and other Ancient Technology

When most competitors talk about 'backbones' and other ancient data carrier technology, prior quantum, they are discussing SONET. The standard (and performance) has not changed for 16 years.

Despite this, lying batshit crazy crackhead bottoms are quick to suggest that this is a skilled area requiring specialised personnel to plug in something like a toaster.

All that is pure bullshit, as we like to say, in Oklahoma. It's not that complex.


Wave Division Multiplexing (WDM) mulit-mode fiber optic communication is where the breakthroughs are happening, with high speeds in specialized applications. Unlike SONET, which can reach speeds only of 40-100 Gbps, WDM configurations allow for channelized data communication using multi-spectrum technology.

WDM can sound amazing, but has distance limitations, meaning that most metro-class direct lines over 1000 meters are single-mode data pathways, despite the 16 year age of the technology.

Unethical companies often use these terms to intimidate, blackmail, and defraud - concealing the basic limitations and industry standards from police, law enforcement, and the public in false claims of proprietary and exclusive rights which are criminal conduct at law.

In reality, it is like buying a car from a dealer and putting the right oil and gas into it to prevent damage and make it operate, which sounds a lot cooler when you don't understand how an engine works or who designed and built it is not the dealer.

See: Industry Standards Older customers may remember T1 and T3 lines, found here:

Why We Consider All This To Be Slow

Compared to 10 Gigabit per second per-channel 4 and 12 channel systems, and the support networks used by BEYOND WAR products and the stack for that application, the prior systems are over a decade out-of-date and evidence of the monopoly stagnation in the Japanese, Chinese, and post-Nortel telecom sector after 2001.

Multiplexor systems for our platform each have a minimum 10 Gigabit port, per PC. That means the overall communication on our local and inter-office systems exceeds your business unless you are a media company with its own proprietary WDM multimode network MUX.

We are under no obligation to sell you any of our products or share our technology with countries engaged in human trafficking and extortion to obtain patent information without proper registration and licensing. Our right to use our products and to franchise our use is not obligated any equal access to our license or sale of such hardware or software and systems to manage those products.

For our purpose, the 10 Gigabit per node is adequate for now. Prior to consumer adoption, we must ensure that public markets like the Russian Federation are fit to use this technology - and will be competent not to disclose or share our product with hostile nations where it might be weaponized as real-time wireless guidance technology without our authorization. You may be interested in quantum network technology and instant communication - but you are not entitled to it.

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