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Raccoon Technologies Incorporated

October 04 2022 - §§ steel

Enterprise High Level Service Borders

RACCOON TECHNOLOGIES INCORPORATED is an "Infrastructure Implementation Corporation" for packet-switched data network services including licensed proprietary technology from Shadowdancers Digital Press (SDP) fictional "BEYOND WAR Universe", and proprietary cloud computing application layer for that product.

Efforts to falsify claims to damage those products, licensing, and distribution in an ongoing "legal sham" (21 O.S. § 21-1533. active since 2001 themed a fraud by STATE OF TEXAS.

RACCOON TECHNOLOGIES INCORPORATED is a wholly separate firm from the BEYOND WAR product, a prior established franchise in operation since "CELESTIAL KNIGHTS" game was released separately.

Use or subcontract (franchise) of such broadcast rights and video, audio, and mixed media to DEEP LAYER INC., a company featuring multiple high quality video products and access, is a protected right pursuant the "property" clause of 21 O.S. § 21-1952 Oklahoma Law. Effort to deceive or defraud the public to suggest a limited right to that express contract is INTERFERENCE IN INTERSTATE COMMERCE.

Video Services, User Access, and game account information are components of "PROTECTORATE" registry hives of the SEVEN ALPHA secure network product managed and hosted by RACCOON TECHNOLOGIES INCORPORATED (RTI). Any claim of right or property to intimdate our clients use or enjoyment of their separate domain services and user data to disbar their legal separation is a felony act under 21 O.S. § 21-1533; and will be prosecuted as identity theft. Each "PROTECTORATE" is a separate account for rights and services, confidential data related specific products and digital assets, and shared data among PROTECTORATE zones is limited to operational portability and data preservation in the SEVEN ALPHA network and related protocol stack (IP7a).

Multiple companies therefore utilize SEVEN ALPHA services, display the registered trademark of such service, and enjoy benefits of our network support and hosting despite having separate legal life. Efforts to deceive or confuse the public in this common product use, similar to VISA/MASTERCARD service logo display, is a crime.

RACCOON TECHNOLOGIES INCORPORATED likewise sells, installs, and delivers "Advanced Gaming Systems (AGS)", "Basic Gaming Systems (BGS)" and "Consumer Gaming Systems (CGS)" for customs in the enterprise, professional, and economic needs area. Any effort to interfere with or intimidate our customers with sale of product manufactured, supported, or warrantied by other vendors will result in legal action. Our product line of "Heavy Machines", built for specific industrial and network purposes, is distinct from those systems and other brands like Dell and Toshiba.

Like Dell and Toshiba, integrators can and do sell computer systems whose warrany support come from different firms than the retailer.

Fraud to suggest any dishonesty in manufacturer or brand origination is a crime in Oklahoma, themed false attribution of labels to conceal the manufacturer of goods. Effort to mislabel or misconstrue our products is a crime.

RACCOON TECHNOLOGIES INCORPORATED "Heavy Operator Program (HOP)" is a response and consignment engineering team designed to insert, operate, and depart in closed contract specialist task activity not to be confused with full-time or long-term placement of contractors (1099m) roles in year-over-year tax evasion scenarios often employed by less sophisticated firms. Operators are based on special operations teams in military forward activities, corporate counter-intelligence, and internal affairs activity for project correction.

As such, HOP teams work in pairs or groups, are contract paid per term and limited deployment, and act as exernal assessment and solution design and recovery assets. They are not to be confused with "staffing services" and insert as such only to obtain trust and confidence in examination of client labor activity and assess fraud and performance defects. HOP team operations arise from a frequent resistance to discovery and termination of bad actors in enterprise audits, and use tactics similar to confidential informants and other law enforcement assets.

Pairing, to preclude isolation and sustain perspective in scope and protection is an ordinary asset strategy.

HOP training includes security, military logistic practices, and charity work to maintain profile and cultural skill sets when dealing with advesarial elements and exploitation of vulnerable and economically diverse publics. Charity is a means of delivery of service and purpose of task, for which compensation and benefits in corrupt organizations frequently run roughshod over due corporate alienation from victims and unsophisticated parties enticed into criminal activity against corporate stakeholders.

Network engineering, a skill set of data forensic analysis and electronic crime, is therefore central to HOP applications and design objectives. Seven Alpha products are vital in this operation, and in sustaining communications security during such operations aganst technical advesaries.

HOP duties often include transport of persons, delivery, security, and assistance to persons with disabilities that may require computer services and assistance due to loss of hand, body, or other mobility issues. HOP training seeks to install in these clients strong enterprise skills and problem resolution tools which will help them to live productive lives through technology.

Invariably, this means provision of Seven Alpha tools and services with charitable use price discounts (usually free) and promotion of such brands and logos on media and entertainment for those audiences via our partner firms content development and core service design contributing to the standard.

SEVEN ALPHA is a regisered trademark No 12887306 of SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C., the developer of the system. RACCOON TECHNOLOGIES INCORPORATED is the network infrastructure host and managed implementation licensee of that registered mark. Use of the mark without license is a crime in State of Oklahoma or into State of Oklahoma from any other jurisdiction, pursuant 78 O.S. § 78-31 infringement.

For more information contact 1 (580) 399-9126. No soliciting permitted.

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