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August 12 2020 - §§ cagliostro


As the Old Public Internet (OPI) collapses under fraudulent sale of LICENSE to use .ORG and other Domains, SEVEN ALPHA creates a solution with PERPETUAL FIXED PRICE RULES for all domain TLD solutions on private ENCRYPTED TOP-LEVEL DNS not managed by ICANN SERVERS. SEVEN ALPHA™ pre-emptively secured TLD systems against such private use of the Public TOP LEVEL DOMAIN, solving strong and weak identity issues which IPv6 and DNS-SEC failed to address for everyday users. Large FOREIGN OWNED takeover of key IX systems by NATION OF JAPAN, PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF CHINA, and REPUBLIC OF GERMANY precluded the failure of the TLD system under unencrypted DNS servers and IETF failure to respect national rights of American users and States against foreign influence under 2001-2016 infiltration of U.S. Internet Exchange and BGP Routing Services.

ICANN moves to sell .ORG domain TLD privately

Extortion Summary In 2020

Rap Session 2020

How the BGP Hack Happened

U.S. Moves to Block China Telecom April 2020 - In our opinion based on attack data, the same companies that adopted new security measures are actually responsible for the attacks on other providers in a pattern since 2001 NTT vs NORTEL NETWORKS activity cited in PETERSEN v ALLEN and "187 extortion" letters (323) published by INFOMART / EQUINIX employees.

In their defense, the companies have stated to CloudFlare: "Cloudflare estimates that so far about half of the internet is more protected thanks to heavy hitters like AT&T, the Swedish telecom Telia, and the Japanese telecom NTT adopting BGP improvements." The vendors offering the new (old, busted, illegal, and illegitimate monopoly) service appear to be the same sources in attacks over 2010-2020 against RTI. On face, this appears another effort to duplicate and infringe upon SEVEN ALPHA technology by NTT / TELIA, which warrant a termition of peering with their networks for fraud.

The fraud in this logic is exposed by Cloudflare CEO Prince, who states, "Is BGP Safe Yet will test your ISP by offering a legitimate route and an invalid one to load two pages. If your ISP catches the invalid route and only loads the page on the real route, it passes the test. But if it accepts both routes as valid, your ISP will fail, meaning that it hasn't yet implemented the BGP protections to check for bad routes and filter them."

This is the network-equivaent of "wrong-think" and a move to create monopolies over network carrier routes that are in fact failure of the carrier to execute correct policies or to deny traffic to their partners with preference, contrary the rule of law obligating them to either be a private network OR a common carrier - not both. "The use of BGP as a protocol is absolutely outdated." stated SEVEN ALPHA, citing their A.I. Route management cloud and interactive route security control service. Automated response to foreign route claims are an absurd blind trust not rational since the first days of off-campus networks.

Hegelian Media

Hegelian Media (G.W.F. Hegel, 1821) seeks to define PCB layer 4.1 with 4.3 and 4.4 rule, in a classic AJP Model of Psychological Format, as shown from the BEYOND WAR elementary API layer of SEVEN ALPHA stack automation and pattern recognition system.

"In order for Artificial Intelligence to operate, it must be capable of assessing information, applying rules, evaluating its own experience and internal rules contrary a practical or ideal set of rules for other entities, and ultimately saying 'No.' in rejection of information themed contrary to its core parameters while externalizing this information as alien to the 'self' of the entity and its active franchise in authority and operational influence. This is elementary in both self-realization and Stoicism central to the Sanguine Seraphim Primo elements in the Beyond War automation stack. When fighting a 2,000,000,000 God of War and Death, some patience is advisable before committing to the immature presumption of a young race less than 100,000,000 years old. The young will make mistakes."

- J. Allen, R&D Raccoon Technologies Incorporated


Investors begin to Consider Late Comer Models of SEVEN ALPHA by citing Snow Crash and attempt to take credit fraudulently via Fortnite, an Epic MegaGames (50% TENCENT HOLDINGS INC) firm, in gross duplication evident in prior PETERSEN v ALLEN threats spanning 2013-2020. This form of infringement by CHINESE BASED "TENCENT HOLDINGS" is further evidence of revisionist intellectual property theft as an enterprise of the People's Republic of China via proxy firms like Epic MegaGames, who present an Wester Face for overt intangible property and pantent grabs that consolidate in "TENCENT TECHNOLOGIES (SHENZEN) CO LTD", a subsidiary of TENCENT HOLDINGS in Shenzen District, China.

Beyond War: Quote of the Day

"This thing can change the direction of the Milky Way to chase another Galaxy? Why are we fighting this guy again?"

"Mostly, because he's an asshole."

"Okay. So long as we're clear. I guess I'm in. It can't possibly get any worse."

Suddenly his head turned as if in shock and paused for what seemed minutes, staring directly at me, motionless. I dared not breath, as if something terrible was right behind me. It was as if he were studying me, but his eyes never moved or changed their focus from my face, puzzled concern his stone expression.

As I finally inhaled to speak, the Kay'gi interrupted, "Oh you have no idea," and turned away as if he could not look at me like some puppy thrown from a window into the middle of the freeway. I had never seen anything close to fear in his eyes before that moment. As if worlds were burning.

Beyond War: Quantum Singularity Reactor - Abstract

Stupdity is rarely defined as clearly as it was made by SOONERCON event hosts, attempting to claim PARAMOUNT STUDIOS owned the right to black holes, based on the flop "Star Trek Voyager" *1995-2006". While Voyager killed STAR TREK, virtue signalling progressive issues to the extent that it offended every native American by the racism evident in the production and gender denigration used to prop up terrible writing and stolen concepts at every turn.

Signularities have been a subject of science fiction since the age of Rasselon, in British Broadcasting Corporation world famous "Doctor Who" serial, in which the leader of the Time Lords harnessed a supernova to power Time Lord Society, build ships that were bigger on the inside, and move those ships through "Time and Space" - materializing and dematerializing in space and time.

Beyond War approached this matter as a question of physics and energy to destroy planets, stars, and space itself. The result of this product was a device known as a QUANTUM SINGULARITY REACTOR.

In 1993, Enterprise "Face of the Enemy" (6x14) and "Timescape" (6x25) aired an episode where time disruptions occurred because of a Romulan reactor breach. In 1995 in episode 3x19 of Deep Space 9 episode "Visionary" (3x17), the quantum singularity as a cause of non-linear time is employed again. In 1998 February Voyager episode "Message in a Bottle" and "Hunters" again cited the technology used by the Hirogen, and per memory alpha Voyager only refers to this as "The station is also using a small quantum singularity, or black hole, only about a centimeter in diameter, as its power source." - showing confusion between the prior time-dilation effects in earlier Entperprise and DS9 citation.

While this is a reference, attaching the word 'quantum' to a gravity signularity drive based on a 'black hole', despite having nothing to do with the prior BBC series of time-travel or time-dilation other than naming one of the Voyager characters 'The Doctor' literally, this footnote was never widely regarded as legitimate fiction due to the abysmal disgrace that Voyager represented to the franchise, similar to the 13th Doctor in BBC post-Moffat/Capaldi, which tanked fandom like a German Torpedo did the Lucitania.

Despite this in the Petersen kidnapping for blackmail and extortion on threat of murder in 2001-2020, promoters for SOONERCON - a former 1998 Star Trek fan run event reformed with sponsorship from JAMES ALLEN - sought to blackmail the BEYOND WAR project (a product of ALLEN and company) after ALLEN refused to pay $5000 USD demanded by the hosts from a medical charity fund.

In retaliation, the Soonercon committem member claimed fraudulently that the QSR technology of BEYOND WAR was related to the PARAMOUNT PICTURES use of BBC 'singularity' and time dilation technology in 1993 and 1995, and again in 1998, in a knowing criminal fraud. While it is absurd to allege ownerhsip of the term "BLACK HOLE" (a film owned by Walt Disney Productions, 1979 December 18), or the Rassilon character from "Doctor Who" (BBC, 1983) known as "The Eye of Harmony" (1979) in that worldwide fiction.

Use of copyright in this way, to claim broad and unreasonable copyright over scientific concepts solely due to words like "quantum" or "singularity" would be like the United States suing anyone who built a nuclear fission bomb or fusion bomb for trademark infringement. The actual implication of the words are relevant to context and application, having no similar meaning to the "Supernova" or "gravity point similar to a theoretical black hole" described by Stephen Hawking, and shows how "nazi" style propaganda and human trafficking have deeply infected both Hollywood and Soonercon event staff to carry out such claims during a real child abduction and concealment to extort a registered UNITED STATES CORPORATION in Oklahoma in a Terrorist hoax and public fraud.

Quantum means 'measure' or smallest distinguishable atomic measure, in precision - as in quantitative - and is not by default a temporarl measure in every context. Likewise, singularity means "a point at which a function takes an infinite value, especially in space-time when matter is infinitely dense, as at the center of a black hole" in mathematics. Both are far too broad to define a trademark as 'common words', used in numerous scientific measures, nor to represent in the presentation of a 'black hole' (a physical event, not subject character copyright rule - if not first use by Walt Disney in film adaptation thereof), as a property of PARAMOUNT PICTURES.

This brings us to the concept of 'character copyright' and 'liteary character copyright', which any semi-literate writer trained in Western Law knows is a protected medium against infringement or abuse raised by SOONERCON and members of the "187" murder group to extort the BEYOND WAR staff and writers during 2001-2020 kidnapping.

The "QSR" character in BEYOND WAR is a device, which represents a specific character in the work of fiction, described as being as small as a thin coin (a dime) and capable of "bridging the causality matrix of linear events in such a fashion as to detatch segments of time from the Universe which are then destroyed - converting their entire potential energy into a singular wave-function event that is channeled back to the index point in space-time via the device, and so discharged into local space in a destructive arc that exceeds the quantum spectrum of the Universe potential energy in that local region."

This is like amperage from one annode arcing to an annode, creating a plasma bridge which is so highly charged that it disintegrates spacetime, severing the manifold boundary that insullates dimensionally cojoined space and 'rising' or 'sinking' through the local space like a hot plutonium core would in a meltdown event, having no matter or energy present in our quantum of local space capable of restraining its immediate momentum to return toward its ground-state adjacent manifold.

Hence the term in Beyond War of "High Energy", which also relates to "Low Energy" alternatively, distinguishing the same behavior in the opposite polar direction of flow and describing the adjoining dimension (next-quanta) which is the native energy state of that potential overflow. As the physics formula expresses, 0 to N is the poential energy of our Universe. N is equal to N plus 1, where 1 is the maximum valence of our quantum reality and N represents the excess energy discharge into our manifold (local) space, which cannot be sustained by spacetime without collapse. The modulus of the energy sum is therefore present only briefly before it is unable to dissipate into the surroudning environment, and "falls" through the fabric of space like a bowling ball through a wet paper towel, destroying as a consequence both the things on top of the paper towel as well as anything stuck to the bottom (like a pocket dimension, susbspace, or anteroom dimension).

Since some creatures (Sanguine) are anteroom dimensions with their vital body on the 'backside' of this virtual paper-towel, only a QSR can actually destroy them and the mechanisms, machines, resources, and components that create their 'surface' presentation in our dimension and perceivable Universe.

The legitimate question of, "What happens to the paper towel after this bowling ball passes through it?" is secondary to "where did all that energy come from?"

To answer that question in BEYOND WAR, a diagram is useful. Alternatively, the 'deja vu' theory of QSR operation states that a segment of time is destroyed which is non-essential in the timeline, resulting in "Deja Vu" effects like a rough splice in a series of moving pictures, from which sentient beings can discern some disturbance has occured, and ripples appear in regions affected by QSR weapon discharges thereafter in the timeline wave function (see diagram #2).

As the diagram shows, the "quantum" component of a BEYOND WAR QSR subsects the causality (C) point of a timeline and removes the segment of the Universe in which exist between two discreet "Bridge" points (B), annihilating the Universe and restoring the bridge (B) function using a fraction of that energy alter the timeline. Every time you sense "Deja Vu", someone has destroyed a part of the Universe, having pulled the trigger on one of these devices once. Is time destroyed only in the past as you recall it, or in the future as a 'potential Universe' that never was, but existed only for an instant and solely to be destroyed for use in this cause, and to what consequence all these 'diddling with the causality mechanism of the Universe' and future, is a substantial question of BEYOND WAR as a fiction.

As to whether you should pull the trigger when you have an angry 2,000,000,000 year old God in your sights of your six-iron... well.... that's a question too.

Like the man said, it is more complicated than just playing with the event horizon of a gravity well or collapsed star, and nothing to do with 'black holes', despite the use of the mathematical symbol ∞ with the improper word 'singularity' in a screenplay. Likewise, the term quantum is a measure, not a suggestion of temporal non-sequiter flashbacks and flash-forwards popular in Western pulp-television plots. Quantum represents in this context the actual discreet size of UNIVERSE destroyed, from a few nanoseconds to an entire future and every possibility that follows one decision.


Dedicated Managed Servers - Trusted Clients

Customers requiring Application level support can now obtain local servers with management for $200 USD per month. New customers must apply and represent a resident of PONTOTOC COUNTY or incorporated business registered with the STATE OF OKLAHOMA to qualify. Offer not open to non-residnts and subject approval.

Local physical hosting affords immediate support and on-site assistance. Systems are Haswell processor dedicated machines with static IP proxy to firewall mechanics already in place. Alternate hosting and migration for virtual machines based on qemu/KVM is available with migration and mesh network support for clients after 6 months.

Packages start at 2 core 2 gigabyte dedicated machines - expandable up to 16 gigabytes without VM option. VM clients are expandable to very-large data. VPN options are available for office-to-server gateways.

This program affords an orientation period and trial for potential clients of dedicated services and support. It is not open to the general public, and requires approval from Raccoon Technologies Incorporated for client identity, history, and use case. Content is restricted to public products only - exclusive of medical and adult-only content.

For more information contact 1 (580) 399-9126. No soliciting permitted.

Scientific Computing in Ada Oklahoma

Raccoon Technologies Incorporated (RTI) is a proprietary software developer and computer service corporation in Southeastern Oklahoma.

The company maintains VPN-based exclusive regulated networks for IP7A services, a key-based system that ensures customers and vendors have strong identity systems for high-value contracts and professional business exclusive from anonymous consumer markets. Strong identity reduces fraud, ensures lower returns, improves customer relations, and relies upon technology not readily available in some countries due to misrepresentation of intellectual property theft and contract fraud.

Formed by British, Chinese, Italian, Scottish, and American interests, Raccoon Technologies has global reach and intelligence services not constrained by the regional political trends in either North American or European markets exclusively.

The company is privately held and strongly restricted to major shareholders resident in the State of Oklahoma, United States. Services include C++ API development, supply channel for AGS and BGS branded media development systems, and other durable goods in prosumer and industrial computing.

Proprietary technology include the Manifold Space Engine (MSE), Beyond War Application Layer, Heavy Operator Program, Seven Alpha (IP7A) network, and arbitration tools infrastructure for the Human Unification Movement (HUM) - a civil rights group based on "American Jurisprudence" for settlement of disputes arising from the IP7A service or its use.

Advanced Gamming Systems™ (AGS)

Professional broadcast imaging systems for live 3D content and interactive multiuser gaming are a specialized industrial equipment. Systems capable of broad multitasking and high fidelity RTX (ray tracing) technology, paired with superior sound and video compression, are not suited to business and consumer equipment. Low-end systems are actually crippled to provide value-added performance to high-end systems.

Advanced Gaming Systems (AGS) and Basic Gaming Systems (BGS) are two lines of computer equipment built by Raccoon Technologies Incorporated. These systems feature a 10 year lifecycle with modular design for very large graphic processor expansions and high end power near the maximum load of a single consumer household circuit.


New Client Rules

Clients not on legacy or IP7A contract will be billed in $500 blocks for time and service effective September 15 2019.

Security Practices

Our network security devices monitor edge networks for clients and analyze traffic. Attempts to breach network services are daily events, and clients can receive review of products with logging starting at $500 USD per month. Known your network. Know your competitor activity.

Virtual Private Networks

A virtual private network (VPN) is an encrypted tunnel between a client machine and a private packet-switched network. The "Seven Alpha" (7A) is a private network with strong identity services and arbitration agreement. Participation is conditional agreement in contract. "Seven Alpha" terms are consistent with TVMALV standards and greater privacy rights than the regular Internet. Application deployment is restriced and registered, ensuring strong identity for publishers. "Seven Alpha" is governed by "American Jurispurdence", a distinct statutory code that bars legal determination which is contrary factual discovery, statutory limitations, and any other barrier to Article II-6 Oklahoma Bill of Rights. Contempt for the Oklahoma Bill of Rights, Article II-6, II-15, II-29, and II-32 brought about the formation of the Seven Alpha Network due fraud in human trafficking activity by the State of Texas, authorized by Title 22 Section 22-31.

Areas of Research and Development

Offering New Creative Labs® AE-9 Audio Solutions

Models Now Feature Nvidia® RTX SUPER 2080

Heavy Machines built with X570 Technonology

Integrating AMD X570 PCI Express 4.0 Technology

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