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Raccoon Technologies Incorporated

May 22 2019 - §§ teko

Parallel Technical Mandates

At DARPA he created the Cyber Analytical Framework the agency used to evaluate DoD investments in offensive and defensive cyber security. During his tenure he ran at least three DoD programs known as Military Networking Protocol (MNP), Cyber-Insider Threat (CINDER), and Cyber Fast Track (CFT). In light of other program activity like ECHELON, these strategies are necessary prviate security versus peer programs from other nation states.

SevenAlpha provides to our audience the same security rights as MNP and CINDER security which combines strong identity systems with age based organization supporting a mature scientific and business community exclusive of public regulatory and administrative abuse similar to a medical or industry standard organization governance.

Incapacity to comprehend and apply qualitative values in intellectual property and privacy contrary Executive Order 13563 which impair normal business activity in the United States warranted this decision after consultation with the FBI task force following high volume attacks from the Ukraine in combination with domestic cyberterrorism fraud and hoax activity by registered firms in Texas, Michigan, and California. Executive order 13563 states:

Prior similar support by American patriots have proven their value in Peiter Zatko, a music student who went on to run DARPA and promote the prior revolutionary concepts in security and professional network technology. Agencies offering exclusive computer science graduates solely eliminate the culture to dispute organized criminal activity in racketeering frequently discovered in major metro projects like that at Nortel Networks Richardson Texas facility by TEK SYSTEMS and their associates involvement in child removal and concealment to suppress breaches in the email service and bidding system for Canada's $398 billion firm, leading to the 2002-2004 telecom recession in loss of International contracts resultant by industrial espionage and breach of the United States national security backbone by insider actviity witnessed by our team in 2001.

Our Projects and Products in Digital Technology

Our business and service is based upon a theology of equality and equal rights for all people worldwide.

Our Mission

RTI was founded in response to child concealment and fraud activity by State actors against the United States under color of law. As a result we invested heavily in cryptocurrency proprietary technologies to ensure secure credit systems and identity solutions for International commerce, in response to violence and Volksverhetzung activity by State of Texas, State of Michigan, and State of New York against our shareholders nationality and ethnic background which we allege are unlawful and unfair business practices consistent with prior acts of Genocide in the European Union and other countries in the 20th Century.

RTI has established that United States Federal Law prohibits the fraudulent claims by these states, and move to ensure civil rights and United States Constitutional Rights are not assaulted in violation law and acts of "rebellion, insurrection, and sedition" activity specified in the Title 18 United States Code (USC), as ruled by the United States Supreme Court in 2011 and 2019 backing prior 2007 decisions against this fraud in the State of Oklahoma to impose Hegelian rule under color of law (22 USC).

We have identified this conduct as "Hegelian" social and economic violence, and part of a movement to disrupt the government of the United States by foreign influence financially supported by traditional enemies of the American People, through propaganda and an active component of legal and economic activity against domestic firms and by proxy action. As the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation directed our firm in 2015, we have moved to secure our infrastructre and that of our clients by any means necessary, including building strong relationships with the Russian Federation, Republic of Germany, and People's Republic of China against aggressors like Japan and Iran. The use of national economic policy to finance competition with private firms in foreign nations through fraud, kidnapping, and direct economic action, makes economic and political peace with such nations impossible, and actions to support these frauds in violation of Federal Law by any Union States an open act of "rebellion, insurrection, and sedition" (18 USC 2383 and 2384).

The rights of the People shall not be infringed, and we regard these actions in genocide as a declartion of war. Where corporations or their assets owned by a foreign government act against the Citizens of the United States, they do so as an agent of that country in acts of war against the United States and the American People respectively, and all contracts and rights afforded them are henceforth suspended. This means their rights under the Berne Convention are waived in perpetuity.

Hegelian Terrorism

Hegelian Terrorism is typified by people trying to tell you that you must "find your place" in society based on economic merit of authority and subordination of workers to larger vested organizations or interests, or that your rights are conditional supplication and support of society and contribution to the same, by which your rights and your family are sold and marginalized conditional to your cooperation with criminal activity and suppression of dissent against the authority of the Hegelian social system, Hegelian economics (collective right), and individual credit subject to peer approval without respect to merit or value admitting to private ownership or private property rights and protections forbaying abuse and theft. Classic Hegelian memes include justification by how many friends or people support you, who will speak on your behalf, and phrasing extortion and blackmail as "friendly advice" or "persuasion" when it is criminal conduct and violation of law.

Hegelian organizations and associations attract sociopath and psychopath personality disorders, as they do not acknowledge any wrongdoing in injury to others where a net gain is achieved for themselves or their prestige. The lack of empathy to acknowledge the rights of others make for a culture of criminal activity which can only be met by forceful censure and termination of equal opportunity in market where evident (76 O.S. 76-9). Use of race, ethnic characteristics, and genetic idealized images in addition to 'right-think' versus 'wrong-think' projection of invalidating claims (ad hominem abuse) are characteristic of Hegelian psychopathology. It is not enough to call it racism as it extends into a direct attack upon the dignity of all individuals in context to incitement of violence against them and taking of their property, security, and even their identity in pathological 'civil death' precluding 'physical injury to cause death' as a theology.

Such conduct before our officers and agents will constitute immediate termination of obligations and all protection of law for those responsible, as acts of enemy combatants against the company, its clients, and our Article II-1 authority under Oklahoma State Constitutional Law. The intherent rights of individuals must be respected (76 O.S. 76-1) including their right to reputation (76 O.S. 76-6) and family (76 O.S. 76-8), and any attempt to deceive the public (76 O.S. 76-4) will be interpreted as a felony criminal activity subject full force (76 O.S. 7-9) of the company and its agents and partners. Threats against family members by employees like those made by NTT AMERICA, SPARK HOSTING INTERNET SERVICES, ROBERT HALF TECHNOLOGIES, GEBHARDT BROADCASTING LLC, and other firms acting direct in attacks spanning 2001-2019 will be construed as acts of corporate espionage and sabotage to damage public support in criminal racketeering by any person or firm. Clients engaging in business with those firms will be denied service or refund by our company, as this violates our contract in all cases with them.

Contrast of Opposing Viewpoints

When referring to "Hegelian" theology and statism, which deems the individual defective and inferior, we suggest you become well read in the basis for modern "progressive" theology and public policty claims. Rather than refer to the ideology that places full faith and credit in a state or community institution, such as a democracy, which is a polite word for the following infringement upon the rights and protection of the individual from the community, and efforts to hold the individual inferior due to their powerless position against state violence and community organization. Ad hominem abuse, stereotyping as a means of law and public discourse, and other class warfare are prohibited upon the Seven Alpha Network. In Seven Alpha the individual estate is the core of our entire juris prudence system.

Letters and Papers from Prison

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