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Raccoon Technologies Incorporated

December 5th 2018

Advanced Online Communities

Ever increasing hostility by foreign fincanced mass media creates an atmosphere wherein customers are afraid to engage and expose themselves. Raccoon Technolgoies Incorporated has begun development of 4th Generation Social Medial Platforms to facilitate the secure shopping and privacy rights that clients seek in other markets, among a trusted cadre of like-minded and law abiding professionals. Based on the secure base service model for military supply of troops during hostilites, these networks allow customrs to interact and shop with a higher set of community standards than Facebook and other foreign influenced general audience sites which operate on a currency of incitement and false peer endorsement metrics (likes). Like the old Internet, pre-media, membership is for the elite and the educated, with strong central authority to ensure abuse does not become a business model. We call our network: "Seven Alpha", based on the IP7A founding group in North America and the proprietary address technology developed by that community.

Heavy Machines

RTI designs, builds, and supports through warranty a line of business computer products under the brand "Heavy Machines"™, based on a large-format horizontal-alignment workstation chassis XCORE FRAME™ platform. XCORE FRAME™ allows for changing memory, processor, and core architecture without repurchase of other peripheral devices, and supporting future technology in a classic industry standards architecture of hardware with service centers and free installation. Heavy Machines are AGC style workstation-like PC systems build for interactive 3D content creators and developers, under $12,000 USD and for lifecycles of 5-10 years like business machines.

Advanced Gaming Computers

Entry level workstation and personal computer solutions using high-end Advanced Micro Devices processor technology are sold under "Advanced Gaming Computers™" and "Advanced Gaming Systems™". AGC and packages (AGS) are geared toward the $2000 to $6000 PC market, above consoles and below Heavy Machines(tm), Xeon Workstations, Business Servers, and Mainframes. Their goal is to provide for the PC framework to become a durable good with 5-10 year support cycle, as found in higher end business machines.

Seven-Alpha Network

A private network and gateway system with user authentication credentials and account management based on values and regulations derived from the United States and State of Oklahoma, focused on human rights and protection of children from predatory legal practices. Seven-Alpha products exclude tracking, in-game purchases, and other solutions to monetize entertainment which prey on children with traditional gambling techniques. Fairness regardless of economic class is a core value of all Seven-Alpha applications and open worlds, prohibiting paid in-game advantage common in other RPG open worlds.

Human Unification Movement

Arbitration and resolution services for enforcement and policy development on the Seven-Alpha Network. The HUM focus on the protection of human rights on the Seven-Alpha Network, based on definitions of rights and identity which is not linked to ethnic or national origin in a common code of conduct exclusive to the jurisdiction of persons engaging in activity on our network and exclusive of other State and national jurisdictions. Its philosophy of human dignity above public interest is key and found in the enumerated rights and protections of the people resident in the State of Oklahoma and Indian Territory prior 1907, bending native an european concepts into homestead and family protection with educated self-government on new frontiers.

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