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Raccoon Technologies Incorporated

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Manifold Space Engine Network Platforms

Mon-Fri 8am-6pm CDT
+1 855 505 0784
City of Ada, Oklahoma 74820 USA
No Soliciting Permitted / By Appointment Only
Dedicated Managed Servers - Trusted Clients

New customers must apply and represent a registered or incorporated business to qualify. Offer not open to private parties and all applications are subject approval.

Local and cloud based system configurations are available. Oldnet (Legacy INTERNET product) offers are separate from "SEVEN ALPHA"™ services and networks.

Scientific Platforms

Raccoon Technologies Incorporated (RTI) is a proprietary software developer and network platform based in Southeastern Oklahoma. The company operates proprietary network infrastructure based on the SevenAlpha™ franchise.

The company maintains Seven Alpha services, a key-based system that ensures customers and vendors have strong identity systems. Strong identity reduces fraud, ensures lower false returns, improves customer relations.

The company is privately held and strongly restricted to major shareholders resident in the State of Oklahoma, United States. Services include API development for SEVEN ALPHA™ media systems.

Proprietary technology includes the Manifold Space Engine (MSE), Beyond War Application Layer, Heavy Operator Program, and Seven Alpha (IP7A) network.

Some of these technologies are licensed products of SDP MULTIMEDIA GROUP.

Heavy Machines

RTI Manufactures and supports a dedicated line of professional computing systems for proprietary distributed computing.


New Client Rules

All clients must be registered parties in the United States or a legal registry of similar national status. Private persons may not contract with the firm, and some regions are barred by prior failure to carry out minimum standards and practices to support contract.

Security Practices

Our network security devices monitor edge networks for clients and analyze traffic. Dedicated security routing systems to interface with other public and private networks under foreign influence require organized systems to deny access by large cloud services and Internet exchange facilities - as interfacing with those sites is not secure.

Secure 7A Networks

The "Seven Alpha" (7A) is a private network with strong identity services and arbitration agreement. Participation is conditional agreement in contract.

Pursuant RFC-1918, not all networks are subject to the legally separate network operated under the prior name "INTERNET", and impact by corrupt elements obligate private applications to build physically and logically separated private networks who do not rely on the existing exchange providers. Because those networks regard themselves as a government in contempt of the laws of the United States while operating in major U.S. Cities and in organized foreign interest, RACCOON TECHNOLOGIES INCORPORATED elected to fully separate their network from those systems and listening services, common under most government management of 20th Century packet switched optical networks.

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