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Manifold Space Engine (MSE)

Manifold Space Engine (MSE) software requirements are higher than consumer equipment and personal computers sold by retail and business / office vendors. MSE platforms are built by Raccoon Technologies Incorporated exclusively for SHADOWDANCERS LLC, and sold as part of a network application layer stack supporting Beyond War™ and other products written for this framework.

Manifold Space Engine™ products expressly support ray-tracing technology and very-large frame buffer graphic memory to support concepts in the API related to low-level feature sets and workflow.

Multicore multiprocessor dual threading microprocessor technology based on high speed bus architecture afford MSE Applications certainty in platform capabilities and performance for advanced video and signal processing necessary to utilize the software as designed.

Audio subsystems fidelity and capability further enhance this capacity with multiplexor and mixing channel systems, optical audio output, and features for home media to enhance the experience beyond consumer audio and workplace settings. These systems are designed to function as core controls for other peripherals and MSE based technology including augmented reality and user interface equipment licensed by Raccoon Technologies Incorporated.

Approved high-performance memory and memory controllers further enhance the MSE platform, affording capacity beyond that of existing memory controller technology to ensure headroom and performance in extreme profiles.

Mixed use of Solid-State-Drive and M.2 interface with compartmental traditional long-term fail-resistant drive array systems further reduce the risk of platform loss regardless of the operating system or other features at the software layer.

Case architecture and power based on consumer circuits and industrial field equipment computer enclosures designed for portable deployment bring military-grade engineering into the private space with MSE power systems and replacements made possible by standardized parts and high-end over-engineering of components to produce superior supply chain ready spares.

All systems are delivered with a non-transferrable 10-year warranty and maintenance options styled to provide maximum lifecycle utility for minimum cost-of-ownership and reduced computer waste. Component recycling and disposal are included in all system packages, and service for hardware defects exclusive of parts and equipment costs are included in each product. Customers therefore never pay a labor fee for support or hardware diagnostics during the first decade of system ownership, for any fault not excluded in warranty terms. Damage from intentional abuse or physical or temperature or humidity damage is excluded from this protection, with respect to environmental damage and expressly supporting any heat-related failures from the ordinary operation of the machine in approved conditions and environments.

Defective and damaged components must be returned for replacement and to ensure proper disposal prior permanent credit. Hot shippable replacements are provided on credit subject to approval.


  1. Can I run normal x86 or x86_64 code on these platforms?
    Yes. MSE platforms run Windows 10 Pro and Linux Distributions (optional), and are capable of multi-boot at the hardware level.
  2. Can MSE Applications be run on a consumer PC?
    Generally, yes - but with severely limited performance and features. Examples of this kind of failure are evident in CD PROJEKT "Cyberpunk 2077", which did not perform well on older PCs and consoles, far below playable and expected experience minimum requirements for a shared environment.
  3. What does 'Manifold' refer to in MSE Applications?
    Use of mathematic libraries to infer and communicate spatial information in a non-Cartesian model to various nodes and information systems.
  4. Can I run those apps on non-MSE if I have a top end graphics card?
    Most MSE games require SIR (Secure Identity Registration) access and verification of hardware, and store and use data on the Seven Alpha (7A) network, which requires authentication and Internet Access with broadband.
  5. Is this licensing model unusual in graphic libraries and software?
    Other applications that rely on DirectX and NVIDIA drivers for RTX use a similar model of restriction on hardware with activation and distributed data access, accounts, and registration on the private secure network. This improves customer experience and increases accountability for abuse to limit harassment and other immersion disruptive behavior common in public servers and networks.
  6. Do other firms use this model?
    Major technology firms have restricted licensing to their hardware at all times. Consumer software and platform emulation has made open source software seem normal, but export to foreign jurisdictions where copyright is not afforded legal relief or inherent rights are not regarded as enforcable, provide requirements in the MSE and SIR model.

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