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January 27 2022 - §§ archistico

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"Onus probandi incumbit ei qui dicit, non ei qui negat."
- the burden of proof is on the person who makes the claim, not on the person who denies (or questions the claim).



I am placing some "common sense" boilerplate notices here briefly, following 27 million requests for this page in the prior 20 days, most in 2 minutes (~100 seconds) by NTT GROUP contractors trying to "get our attention".

Their names, and the persons who have authored direct threats, and the nature of those threats are attached. Be aware of their true employer(s) and nature of these fraudulent claims, in concert with the usual 250,000 requests per day against 2 of 7 servers, as part of a child kidnapping to extort.

If you don't agree, you have to legally get the f* out of here.

This matter has now taken on a Federal civil liability of $46.2 billion USD and $24 million in civil damages for fraud, now sought against the County responsible for altering the record to conceal the fraud in 2001; and such conduct by employees seeking to "forfeit" real estae and XXIII-1A "Right to Work" in this matter are increasing their activity in concert with persons themed already in 2011 criminal complaint of blackmail and child snatching (21 O.S. §21-891) fraud; contrary three major surgeries and and a number of minor surgeries to restore use of the hand of our witness.

Take the hint and get the f* out if you have anything to do with that activity or 18 U.S.C. §666 felony activity themed 21 O.S. §21-1533 credit fraud and estate fraud; which appears by our data capture to be aided by NTT GROUP and TENCENT employees working with SOFTBANK and other employers of the EQUINIX data center in Dallas Texas, Ann Arbor Michigan, and State of California and Florida sites carrying this child trafficking activity in ongoing interference in Interstate Commerce spanning 2001-2022 concealment contrary ORDERED POSSESSION and delivery of the child to Pontotoc County, State of Oklahoma, a duty not performed in concert with deceit of a child for human trafficking and to extort.

Anyone having anything to do with that activity will be summarily barred from future contact, purchase, support, et al - and shall be aware of such abuse contrary any inaction as an escalating fraud by United States entitled suit by the victims per 588 U.S. ____ (2019) case no 17-647 rule, despite and without affirmative defense of State or Federal Sovereign Immunity any defense.

We are logging all activity, and the information therein suggests a State Sponsored terrorist action, entitled the full force of sovereign military response. Cease and desist, and leave, unless you have legal business here separate from that criminal fraud to kidnap a child.

If You Cannot Read, You Shouldn't Be Here

An Enterprise Class Business Data Center does not allow public access.

Access is restricted to vested clients by appointment only.

Terms and conditions at this place of business require a Graduate reading level, and are not subject interpretation or "restatement" by any person in any way - nor in any public record or report.

Your failure to understand, stop and seek clarification, or any false statement made by you will be your liability - not that of the person you were granted contact with.

This company deals in HIPAA and other medical information, and is protected from coercion to disclose clients, their conditions, needs, or other service data or obligations of the firm; and is not subject a permit or license to enjoy such protections in the United States, contrary foreign unregistered agent claims to influence State and Federal Law Enforcement in foreign laws void in this jurisdiction.

RACCOON TECHNOLOGIES INCORPORATED builds network-centric hardware systems for professional enterprise applications, including the MSE platform owned and created by a 3rd party. Failure to acknowledge this right and role in server-client and cloud-platform architecture is a defect of mind in the audience. Network equipment, including multi-OS personal computers and servers, are not similar to office or consumer entertainment grade devices, and manufactured for support in an industrial computing and business application for ten year lifespans with twenty-year long-term support roles consistent with Enterprise-class Lucent and Sun Microsystems products of a similar class and industrial-grade. Confusion between these devices and "personal" computers is like comparing a small office Ethernet switch to a Layer 3 Cisco Metro Class Appliance routing traffic for a City. Application developers for these solutions are specialized, and efforts to reverse-engineer or compel their surrender of proprietary technology or protocol use or handling is a crime in the State of Oklahoma and United States.

Matters on this site are for mature audiences, as is the Internet per the Surpeme Court of the United States, and failure to regulate its use is the sole responsibility of the guardian or parent of a child or disabled person; not that of publishers. Citation in this notice are obligated due to public fraud in concealment of persons themed injured-disabled and abducted, by parents with POSSESSION and interest in such information obligated to them at law; and names of persons refusing, defrauding, or withholding any information or directing public animosity are subject public answer due Title 76 of the State of Oklahoma and 22 O.S. §22-31 et al; Laws of the State of Oklahoma, due formal complaint duly filed of 21 O.S. §21-1304 in regard to repeated felony stalking to intimidate this business and its employees, labor, customers, and the general public using a child-hostage.

If you are unsettled or incapable of such information, cease and desist your request of this page by your device or state, as you are under the sole jurisdiction of the State of Oklahoma and Pontotoc County, or related local United States Federal Court to that jurisdiction of Pontotoc County and Chickasaw Nation lands in this matter and interaction with this server. No foreign jurisdiction is afforded any right to this page or export by any third party requesting it subject liability of the publisher in the home juris, and you are responsible for all legal liability of such acts in your jurisdiction without consent of the author or their protection or privileges reserved in copyright and right of public notice.

Due to export restrictions and dual-use agreements barring export or disclosure - some information such as guidance, navigation, and application of hardware in software-specific routines are prohibited any disclosure or obligation to do so without a court order in controlled limited audience. Effort to overturn this is a crime and attempt to export avionic military guidance technology to hostile states, not subject a duty of civil answer to prove any claims or merchantability or fitness of purpose outside of authorized investigation of an arms manufacturer by its own government or similar court process restricting record of disclosure. RACCOON TECHNOLOGIES INCORPORATED may not be the provider, owner, or patent originator of technology employed under franchise or licensed use by the firm, but is enjoined to refuse discovery or distribution of trade secrets per Oklahoma Law, and restrict such use and franchise to authorized consumers and parties in limited execution or service to maintain the export restrictions of the United States.

Failure to admit such jurisdiction and submit terminates your right to use, copy, redistribute, record, transcribe, or relay this information in any way, and such information is for academic notice in legal compliance with State and Federal Law (II-3, II-22; Oklahoma Constitution) citing ongoing attempt to cause injury and threat of grave bodily harm across State and Federal Borders against the persons making public notice of this abuse herein, to end fraud employed to incite violence on a false cause.

Attacks on Oklahoma Business Networks Continue (Jan 13 2022)

From December 23rd 2021 to January 13 2022, we have recorded ten (10) attacks exceeding 2.7 million packets per ten-minute-period, targeting our network. These acts are alleged violations of 21 O.S. 21-1951 "The Oklahoma Computer Crimes Act" formally filed in complaint, in concert with a 2017-2021 targeted SYN flood attack seeking to misdirect law enforcement attention to "DIGITAL OCEAN LLC" of France, "" of the Russian Federation, and "" of Germany - competitors of NTT GROUP and DEUTSCHE TELEKOM / SOFTBANK GROUP CO.

We have observed NTT GROUP servers in Shainghi and PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF CHINA, NATION OF JAPAN, and ALIBABA GROUP CO LTD employee activity jointly with TENCENT HOLDING CO LTD administrative sites and Hurricaine Electric of State of California in these attacks. These attacks follow prior 16 Gbps multi-day flows directed at Level 3 Communications of New York State and their client LINODE LLC of State of New Jersey, and 8.1 million ICMP flow (72 hour period measure) directed at AT&T circuits by PLANO COMMUNITY RADIO via COGENT COMMUNICATIONS (NTT AMERICA) and from the EQUINIX data center INFOMART in Dallas, Texas; to damage our prior carrier. Threats in these attacks in October 2010 were made by Brian Young, a manager for KEIF-LP Enid, a second NPR Affiliate station, in concert with threats via telephone from NPR content and radio in State of California to include 50 voicemails in 24 hours for the DEMOCRATIC PARTY OF THE UNITED STATES to intimidate voters hosting the County election debates at the PONTOTOC COUNTY VOCATIONAL TECHNICAL SCHOOL.

Redhat Labs Inc., an IBM company, describes the nature of this Denial-of-Servce Attack here.

While such attacks are juvenile and routine abuse in some cases, this attack is programatic to include evasion of IP by packet forgery to overcome normal blocking and maliciously interfere with network operation to disable State of Oklahoma in favor of State of Texas and State of California corporation TWITCH INTERACTIVE INC. (prior "" of Texas, aka Curse Network). Members in this attack are aware of the child kidnapping in 2001-2022, and extortion in concert with effort to coerce our employee to work for TWITCH/JUSTIN.TV, and of assault at gunpoint on his person after being directed into a planned ambush by JOHN MARQUIS III, a person later known upon Twitch services and there coerce to work for shelter and protection in such role at the time of the 2002 assault, still active 20 years later.

These matters appear very personal, to extort control over registered securities and property, and are part of an alleged Hobbs Act Violation refused entry by State of Texas to carry out Federal Welfare fraud and embezzlement alleged in 18 USC 666 violation, protected by regional Federal Courts and Justice to the benefit of pre-Union customs barred by 586 U.S. ____ (2019) case no 17-1091 and express Federal Notice to make mandatory this fraud end in 2016 December 16th conditional $46.4 billion USD in Federal grants.

These acts in concert with threats to publish a false prospectus to damage RACCOON TECHNOLOGIES INCORPORATED issued November 14th 2021, are part of conduct to falsely demand money and forfeiture of real estate for FAIRWAY INDEPENDENT MORTGAGE employee Veronica Marie Petersen, a Vice President of Systems Architecture there since 2008 and abductor of a child in 2001-2022 violating ORDER OF POSSESSION for return of the child to State of Oklahoma and Pontotoc County.

We ask the public to be on guard against this identity fraud and legal sham (21 O.S. 21-1533), as complaint is in the court since 2017 November, subject FEDERAL REGISTER change to State of Oklahoma and State of Texas Statutory Laws paid in full by Federal Grants for work not performed and not eligible consent to void laws themed UNCONSTITUTIONAL and illegal per United States formal public policy made primary body of law Dec 16 2016 notice and February 2017 date of effect.

Any State of the United States Federal Union who lacks a "Federal Exemption Ruling" regarding the prior payment is in violation of this law, now themed a $46.2 billion USD fraud by the States and UNITED STATES against the nation and People, its incorporators, sustained on kidnapping of a child.

We urge you to report such issues or approach by these competitors, related to the $11 billion bankruptcy of a former client, SPRINT TELECOMMUNICATIONS, in 2011; and role such fraud played in the acquisition of SPRINT by DETSCHE TELEKOM (aka: "T-Mobile" in the United States). Takeover of Sprint, $423 million sale of property to South Korea in 2018 derived from our client's work illegally, and attempted takeover of NVIDIA CORPORATION in concert with monopoly practices damaging the worldwide computer industry, appear evident in this fraud by NATION OF JAPAN and PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF CHINA, and their corporations and subcontractors and partners in State of Michigan, State of California, and State of Texas jointly against domestic pre-existing (1998-2022) firms in State of Oklahoma and State of Missouri.

We urge the public to be aware of such fraud, and to regard it as a criminal taking under color of law so prohibited by 22 U.S.C. §7102 and 18 U.S.C. §1589 Federal Law; and in concert with Federal and State anti-stalking Laws and use of disguise to avoid civil procedure in anti-competitive business practices using a child as collateral hostage to compel surrender of patent, trademark, and franchise rights to American artists, writers, and technical content developers for the OpenSource (Apache License) movement, by persons affiliated with the Ontario (Canada) "CORE COMMITTEE" known by its work with Theo De Raddt and for FreeBSD operating system; a radical public domain product obtained from prior UNIX through reverse engineering fraudulently themed to be proprietary software by criminal racketeering claims and anticompetitive business practices themed on anti-government domestic terrorist activity in 2001-2022.

FreeBSD Administrators role in this fraud is themed a crime in formal complaint, per Okalhoma Constitution Article XXIII-1A, "RIGHT TO WORK", and efforts to impose "union" activity among telecom carriers in the United States operating under a variety of subsidiary names of NTT GROUP and DEUTSCHE TELEKOM, to include concealment of a child to extort other competitors and fraud before the court to carry such taking from NORTEL NETWORKS employees and to extinguish the reporting auditor of the 2000-2001 August 10th review finding TEK SYSTEMS and other employees suitable for-cause termination for fraud at the Richardson, Texas facility. There selling an off-the-shelf database server product to the company as-if-it-were proprietary code owned exclusively by NORTEL NETWORKS investors; so reported by JAMES ALLEN for NORTEL NETWORKS "WIRELESS ENGINEERING TOOLS DIVISION, RICHARDSON TEXAS".

What we uncovered in Dallas, Texas, was a group of "high school educated men" promoting themselves as engineers and administrators, driving BMW vehicles to carry out the fraud, and suggesting to officers that current computer equipment was obsolete in order to justify purchasing and obtain "disposal" rights over very high value workstations and equipment including SUN SPARC workstations and multiple CAD workstations; which were discovered in their home in an ad hoc network set up by the group and known to Veronica Marie Petersen and Donald Beal, a fraud to embezzle from the investors of those firms and carry out such taking in concert with software piracy and by use of physical violence against members who produced states evidence.

These frauds appear part of a pattern of fraud, including concealment of a motor vehicle ordered reposessed in the property of Iva Petersen, failure to pay debts, subletting of apartments in The Colony (Texas), and false claims of termination without-cause during job abandonment in two cases later discovered in 2001 prior abduction of a child for hostage August 10th 2001 - preceeding a welfare fraud scheme in 2001 October so sustained to 2022 in ongoing criminal written threats to extort violating Federal Law. These actions, including direct physical stalking into State of Oklahoma and public fundraising in State of Arkansas on behalf of the kidnapped child as "abandoned" constitute a pattern of Interstate Threats and injury to a minor to market securities and industrial activity into State of California and other jurisdictions; reliant on this abuse of minor children.

State of Texas and State of Oklahoma have declined to act in this fraud, protecting their investment in the scheme, and denying the duty to return Federal funds or produce a "Federal Ruling of Exemption" obligated an opt-out of this requirement made December 16 2016 to cease this conduct - in alleged 31 U.S.C. §3729(a) qui tam formally filed July 2021 with the U.S. Attorney General's Office in Oklahoma.

Effort to carry out this November to January 2022 retaliation appear related ongoing RICO ACT and Hobbs Act violations, in securities fraud initially observed by M. Marino and S. Moore, who remain prepared to testify granted protection and despite vehicular sabotage admitted before J. Allen; who was then targeted in similar attempted murder in 2003 after assault at gunpoint at 722 S Haskell Ave, Dallas TX in 2002 November with serious injury.

Any effort granted or expressed to these persons will therefore be themed component of criminal racketeering activity by the firm and its agents. Do not attempt to contact, communicate, or "negotiate" in this matter. The matter is under Federal criminal complaint and Federal Civil Suit obligated and due per Federal Law.

RACCOON TECHNOLOGIES INCORPORATED makes and sells routers, network solutions, switching equipment, telecom equipment, and physical network infrastructure and services to support enterprise application deployment. Efforts to misrepresent our services, equipment, or professional advice as other products is a violation of the "merchantability and fitness of purpose" rights exclusive to our prospectus and client confidentiality. Claims of any service by a non-customer or allegation of the workings or speculation of our network product under the prior circumstances are criminal acts, prohibited by "The Oklahoma Computer Crimes Act" and are an assault on trade secrets and implementation techniques protected under Oklahoma statutory law. Effort to misrepresent this right of privacy and proprietary brand and trademark use as a mental or emotional health issue are crimes in State of Oklahoma, pursuant 43A O.S. 43A-5-104, and component with the crime of barratry simple (21 O.S. 21-550) prohibited in any public statement. Anonymous statements to conceal the publisher are component prima facie evidence of criminal blackmail, extortion, and accessory to kidnap.

RACCOON TECHNOLOGIES INCORPORATED licenses certain products from SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. and performs services for network support in contract with DEEP LAYER INC. Effort to convolute those legal relationships are criminal fraud to damage the franchise rights of the firm and others, and a criminal abuse of public electronic Interstate communication generally themed WIRE FRAUD or "Frauds and Swindles" (18 U.S.C. § 1341).

RACCOON TECHNOLOGIES INCORPORATED asserts that these acts are crimes against the REPUBLIC OF CHINA (TAIWAN), RUSSIAN FEDERATION, REPUBLIC OF FRANCE, and carried by white nationalist Texas-Nationalist (Sepratists), who believe State of Texas retains rights falsely taught to them as children of immunity to Federal Law and Union law as if State of Texas and the Confederate States of America (CSA) had not lost the American Civil War in 1865; and to sustain "BLACK CODES" (debt bondage, human trafficking; 21 O.S. §21-748) through birth and race-based discrimination against CHICKASAWN ethnic persons such as the father of the child in this 2001-2022 fraud, using tired ethnic slurs to paint Native American blood as inferior and mentally ill or savage in character and a threat to half-white children and the community.

Use of the prior slur, to style the ethnic features of the Native American ethnic members of our firm as transgender, are particularly offensive elements of this fraud by Brian Young, Donald Beal, and their associates at NPR (National Public Radio), a radicalized socialist front operating under a not-for-profit registration in the United States similar to "Armed Forces Radio Service or AFVN" in Vietnam. The employees are propagandists, like MSNBC and CNN, owned by foreign investment and fronts for foreign sovereign states like "Government of Japan", "Chinese Communist Party (CCP)" and the "Saudi Arabia Investment Trust Fund".

All of these nations have lost credibility due to the kidnapping, abuse, and torture of a child in Texas from 2001-2022 in ongoing fraud to extort domestic business in State of Oklahoma.

RACCOON TECHNOLOGIES INCORPORATED was a former Cisco Channel Partner, and such activity to force it out of the franchise led to its development of proprietary network services using IBM branded Linux and effort to bring such technology to the public contrary competitor investment in JUNIPER NETWORKS, a competitor of CISCO SYSTEMS. RACCOON TECHNOLOGIES INCORPORATED still operates in the 10 Gigabit and higher traffic system; and derive skills from Lucent Definity PBX administration and management experience in national call center operations and telecom services suited to small business and call center hunt-group mamangement. Details regarding these products, vendors, and relationships are confidential and client-specific, due to unfair business practices carried by State of Texas and State of Oklahoma competitors during the 2001-2022 child taking for concealment. Fraud in this case specifically damaged CISCO SYSTEMS and AMERICAN EXPRESS investors, due repeated criminal acts themed commercial sabotage, evident in the 2017-2022 ongoing network attack and service disruption efforts of a commercial enterprise-class of Interstate Wire Fraud now under complaint by RTI.

Our goal in 2009 was to develop a labor base and create opportunities like EDGE TECHNOLOGIES and SYKES ENTERPRISES did prior in Pontotoc County, State of Oklahoma. We did not anticipate the failure of State and Federal Law enforcement to represent an obstacle; nor foresee the use of commercial and industrial capacity of domestic and foreign national sovereign industry would seek or sustain to disrupt domestic business as cited in concerns by the FEDERAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION in objection to incorporation of NTT AMERICA INC. before the Federal Trade Commission; noting the 23% direct equity ownership of "Government of Japan" in NTT GROUP and its monopoly position in Nation of Japan, which would bring such corrupt practices and risk impairing unlawfully domestic companies and industry. Agreement to place United States nationals as officers, such as the Director of Telephony for NTT America, appear to have only placed high school graduates into positions of authority to carry out violence in the United States themed on Japanese family law and support for public insurrection and open rebellion against the United States; for which UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE is unwilling to engage or recognize as unlawful foreign influence over State complicity with genocide activity.

For these reasons, RACCOON TECHNOLOGIES INCORPORATED refuses service to State of Texas, State of Michigan, State of California, and other specific States harboring this fraud in ongoing activity and human trafficking sustained from 2001-2022 without legal cause or due process of any kind, so violating 22 O.S. § 22-13. Claims contrary such rule violate Oklahoma Supreme Court ruling as Unconstitutional and "automatic mistrial" obligated order to set-aside any such rule, and making "void" any order violating the taking limitations of the Federal Law so duly set in 45 CFR 303.100(a)(3) and 15 U.S.C. § 1673(c) rule.

Incapacity or refusal to admit these facts, prompted by Oklahoma Supreme Court action in 2007 (Kelly v Kelly) and prior in 1970 (Malone v Malone), afford no standing to Untied States or member State claims of the Federal Union in patent, trademark, or other dispute with the injured parties, pursuant to International Law (ex injuria jus non oritur), and are component of a fraud in all assertions published or uttered, a felony alleged per 18 U.S.C. § 1341. Parties acting in accessory or to enforce contrary Federal rule will be themed foreign unregistered agents and alien to the commissioned United States, citing ongoing hostilities in 2022 January against RACCOON TECHNOLOGIES INCORPORATED and published letters to seek "forfeiture" on taking for hostage a newborn child and concealment and flight to avoid ORDERED POSSESSION by the father in Oklahoma on the basis of his ethnic characteristics, traits of the OVERTON family and racism against Chickasaw customs evident in State and Federal Law Enforcement evident in multiple false reports of a considerable effort of fabrication and violation of Federal Law, including false statements and false claims of conviction of a crime not a thing of record; to fabricate human trafficking in State of Texas and State of Oklahoma and a lien on the living person in all member States, a fraud obtained by child kidnapping during Interstate Commerce and to prevent the return then prior agreed and in promise of matrimony and $10,000 USD paid from Social Security funds to secure such promise, a fraud 18 U.S.C. §1341 evident on examination of record and threats, claims, and written admission of child abduction to conceal falsified by local officers as "abandonment" in mens rea felony activity without due process or trial for 20 years, suspending then also ORDERED POSSESSION and refusal of HABEAS CORPUS condioned payment of EXCESSIVE FINES and forced labor, heinous crimes.

What we are seeing is a foreign company trying to convert a Schedule C corporation into a bond issue, and forfeit the corporation by taking of family members of its incorporators; in concert with anti-competitive public statements to commit fraud; and in such action on behalf of foreign industry to extinguish domestic industry and tradespeople from their prior career and earnings; illegal union activity prohibited by Oklahoma Constitution Article II section II-6 and Article XXIII section XXIII-1A; aided by State Courts and officers interest in such foreign investment contrary the obligation of the Public Trust and Office of the Public Trust; and for sale of such law enforcement for $50,000 USD in quotes by the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation agents in the area, suggesting State complicity below that margin is a non-crime in Federal and Interstate fraud, kidnapping, and public threat of murder following attempted murder and assault and battery with serious injury.

These conditions make ordinary business impossible in State of Texas, State of Oklahoma, and create a circumstance prohibited by 45 CFR 302.56(f) and 302.56(c) rule for civil debt as reasonable cause; so prohibited by 586 U.S. ____ (2019) case no 17-1091 and denied UNCONSTITUTIONALLY in MARK BITARA et al v UNITED STATES a right to contest as is unlawful per 588 U.S. ____ (2019) case no 17-647; in similar fraud to "McGirt v State of Oklahoma" persistent claims of overthrow of Native American rights and territory, property, and persons themed false claims by "The Enabling of Statehood Act of 1906", for which immunity from false claims and false registry themed the United States or Berne Convention Treaty does not dilute or suspend the rights of the People or the right to return of their children themed hostages by any State, person, or foreign sovereign or their agent(s); and affirmative cause of action for "Allod" invoked in Pontotoc County District Court, State of Oklahoma, in answer and without response or legal cause; on "Fast and Speedy Trial" not met, removal of the "Pro Se" contrary Federal Register obligation therein set, and to disrupt the ordinary Laws of the United States to void their authority in a default by agent in fact of the United States so made by 45 CFR rule; sole liability then to make payment of the owing and due demand refused contest a duty per 45 CFR 303.100(a)(8) of the State having jurisdiction of the matter, regardless its evasion or failure to hold trial or give answer; in fraudulent conveyance per Federal Civil Procedure 18(b) rule.

Efforts to compel "trade secrets" or other proprietary techniques from the firm are therefore inseperable from the ongoing attacks, coercion to unlawfully obtain a civil debt from employees by threats against the firm and its clients; and fraud to make false circular of a false prospectus by agents or employees of a competitor.

We are a networking firm. Part of that involves building computers that act as high speed packet switched data for TCP/IPv4 and v6 and other protocols. Efforts to coerce us to compare our product with consumer entertainment products or "games" or the sale of branded audio or video content themed the work of our clients, is a form of fraud (18 U.S.C. § 1341) and subject formal complaint, in concert to role in suppression of a civil award of over $8 million USD sought; now 36 months without trial on answer; and such act in concert with other frauds of a State and County level as to suggest regional abuse consistent with a Hobbs Act Violation and District of Columbia intervention to remove the case or concede the demands there arise from racism poorly concealed as psychological and mental health in foreign theory of law, a fraud and act of war and a war crime by NATION OF JAPAN and PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF CHINA in overt abuse of private business in the Native American Territory of North America and Official Capital of the Great Chickasaw Nation.

A Letter: President of Raccoon Techonologies (2021-12-30)
Letter PDF ( 41 KB )
Fed Reg Vol 81 No 244 - Federal Law PDF ( 697 KB )


Due to harassment in November to defraud our community, we are rebuilding the catalog and clarifying our core business activity. Some competitors, engaged in serious crimes against children, have brought false claims to confuse the public, defraud the community, and threaten family members of our employees in the City of Ada.

"AGS/BGS/CGS" consumer and prosumer products will be temporarily removed due to "a fraud to suggest our resale of that separate company's products constitutes a false nexus with the designer of those products, whose family members are being harmed by fraud to extort and blackmail on injury to a child with aggravated felony stalking". Harassment of persons to intimidate our vendors is a crime in Oklahoma, and a formal criminal complaint has been filed with the FBI December 15th 2021.

All RTI-only solutions licensed and manufactured as "Heavy Machines" in the $10,000 to $30,000 product range will continue to be available.

Catalog services, a convenience for accessories and components, will be revised January 5th 2022.

2021 Catalog offers are hearby revoked citing attempt to extort using a child in felony blackmail activity by competitors seeking unlawful advantage over our employees and partners.

Any party claiming to speak for our company, about our products having no license to use or evaluate such devices registered, or regarding our services who is not an officer of the firm is actively participating in a FALSE PROSPECTUS and component to a criminal fraud themed in death threats and sexual assault threats from 2009-2021 by members of a group now under Federal Criminal Complaint. These actions are crimes per Okalhoma Constitution, Article XXIII, Section XXIII-1A; and component with prior harassment in 2010-2021 resulting in the ban on SOONERCON, ALICIA SCARBROUGH, BRIAN YOUNG, and the LOSTSERVER group involved in the taking and concealment of a child to extort in Pontotoc County, State of Oklahoma, during ORDERED POSSESSION of the child to the OKLAHOMA PARENT (76 O.S. §76-8) falsely themed "Abandonment" in a child snatching (21 O.S. §21-891) and to gain commercial advantage.

Employees of ROBERT HALF TECHNOLOGIES, TEK SYSTEMS, INFAMOUS PRODUCTIONS LLC, SCARBROUGH DESIGNS, COGENT COMMUNICATIONS, Nippon Telegraph and Telecom (NTT) Group and their subsidiaries, DEUTSCHE TELEKOM (T-MOBILE), PARADOX INTERACTIVE AB, TENCENT HOLDINGS CO LTD or its subsididaries or companies in which it is a beneficial owner (PARADOX/WHITE WOLF PRESS), EPIC MEGAGAMES, RIOT GAMES, or other firms having substantial ownership by TENCENT or SOFTBANK GROUP CORP, to include SOFTBANK ROBOTICS, ARM HOLDINGS CO LTD, et al will be directed immediately to leave the property and charged with criminal trespass if they attempt to enter, solicit, contact other than in writing by physical letters subject 21 O.S. §21-1304 rule conditional communication and then only in FORMAL CIVIL PROCESS OF SERVICE, or otherwhise harass further any person or property at RACCOON TECHNOLOGIES INCORPORATED or our vendors or their families in the prior pattern of felony criminal stalking alleged (18 USC §2261A). The public should be aware that "EPIC MEGAGAMES" / "RIOT GAMES" / "PARADOX INTERACTIVE AB" are 50/50/10 percent owned respectively by TENCENT HOLDING CO LTD of People's Republic of China, and such activity in joint acts with FANTASY FLIGHT GAMES employees in 2009-2021 appear to be criminal fraud sustained as of ongoing threats in writting toward our firm and staff as of November 14 2021 renewed blackmail and kidnapping fraud. Employees of PACKET CLEARING HOUSE, a self-decribed "Affiliate" of NTT AMERICA acting there in commercial advertising for the Michigan firm as a not-for-profit NGO of State of California, is further amended to the prior DO NOT CONTACT list of groups in the unregistered labor organization activity themed "LOSTSERVER" and concealment of a child in 2001-2021 under formal criminal complaint.

Activity to jointly compel RACCOON TECHNOLOGIES INCORPORATED into "forfeiture" of any thing of value or right to work or sell products is a crime under Oklahoma Law, Article XXIII Section XXIII-1A, themed generally in Interstate Commerce to be racketeering prohibited by THE HOBBS ACT and RICO ACT. (See also: 21 O.S. §21-1533 a "legal sham")

All Parties and their employees are directed to CEASE AND DESIST SUCH CLAIMS IMMEDIATELY.

Advanced Professional Computer Systems Built
for Manifold Space Engine (MSE) Applications

Mon-Fri 8am-5pm CDT
+1 855 505 0784

City of Ada, Oklahoma 74820 USA

No Soliciting Permitted / By Appointment Only

Articles - because we know you just read us for the Articles.
Dedicated Managed Servers - Trusted Clients

Customers requiring Application level support accounts can now open a new account for only $2000 USD per month. New customers must apply and represent a registered or incorporated business within the STATE OF OKLAHOMA to qualify. Offer not open to private parties and all applications are subject approval (process may take up to 7 business days).

Local and cloud based system configurations are available, with an emphasis on service support plans and 24/7 response with on-site and administrative cloud access. Offers are separate from "SEVEN ALPLHA"™ services and networks. Service offers do not permit medicinal products or any adult-only sexual content, gambling, or other restricted persons access or use. In short, this keeps pedophiles and those that enable them the HELL off our network.

Scientific Computing in Ada Oklahoma

Raccoon Technologies Incorporated (RTI) is a proprietary software developer and computer service corporation in Southeastern Oklahoma for network infrastructure applications and deployment of private network services over TCP/IP and compatible protocol encapsulation transport (IPv4,IPv6,SevenAlpha-IP7A)

The company maintains VPN-based exclusive regulated networks for IP7A services, a key-based system that ensures customers and vendors have strong identity systems for high-value contracts and professional business exclusive from anonymous consumer markets. Strong identity reduces fraud, ensures lower false returns, improves customer relations, and relies upon technology not readily available in some countries.

Formed by British, Chinese, Italian, Scottish, and American interests, Raccoon Technologies has global reach and intelligence services not constrained by the regional political trends in either North American or European markets exclusively.

The company is privately held and strongly restricted to major shareholders resident in the State of Oklahoma, United States. Services include C++ API development, a sales channel for NEXUS and XGS media systems, and other durable goods in prosumer and industrial computing integrated into metro-class network fabric and security.

Proprietary technology includes the Manifold Space Engine (MSE), Beyond War Application Layer, Heavy Operator Program, Seven Alpha (IP7A) network, and arbitration tools infrastructure, are licensed products of SDP MULTIMEDIA GROUP available through partnership with RTI. Franchise and implementation of these services does not constitute ownership, and are subject to the terms and conditions of such franchise, a limited license for end-users applications. Any attempt to misrepresent this or any portion of a license is fraud by any party, and a felony act by any competitor to falsify our license and deployment service as a vendor, so specified in 21 O.S. §21-837 and §21-838 (intimidation of laborers and employers).

Heavy Machines™

RTI Manufactures and supports a dedicated line of professional broadcast computer systems for live 3D content production with streaming media services are a specialized industrial equipment.

Systems capable of broad multitasking and high fidelity RTX (ray tracing) technology, paired with superior sound and video compression, are not suited to business CSR and consumer equipment.

These systems feature a modular design for NVidia Workstation graphic processors and power loading for commercial workload and central media office compute functions using the RTX A6000 series card.


New Client Rules

Clients not on legacy or IP7A contract will require retainer terms effective December 15 2020.

Security Practices

Our network security devices monitor edge networks for clients and analyze traffic. Attempts to breach network services are daily events, and clients can receive review of products with logging starting at $2500 USD per month. Known your network. Know your competitor activity.

Virtual Private Networks

A virtual private network (VPN) is an encrypted tunnel between a client machine and a private packet-switched network. The "Seven Alpha" (7A) is a private network with strong identity services and arbitration agreement. Participation is conditional agreement in contract.

"Seven Alpha" terms are consistent with TV-MALV standards and greater privacy rights than the regular Internet. Application deployment is restriced and registered, ensuring strong identity for publishers.

"Seven Alpha" is governed by "LEX REX IMPERIALIS" policy doctrine, a distinct statutory code that bars legal determination which is contrary factual discovery, statutory limitations, and any other barrier to Article II-6 Oklahoma Bill of Rights.

Excellent examples of use case for "Seven Alpha" private domains, segments for specific companies and their content exclusive from other offers, are clear when you see the chaos on other popular streaming platforms that allow adult females to market off-site memberships for millions of Dollars to minor audiences, damaging the reputation and credibility of everyone associated with that brand innately. "Seven Alpha" domains prohibit that, affording your customers a "private Internet" accessible worldwide through strong user machine identification and access control to your content in a trusted and managed process, without isolating them from the rest of the Internet in the process.

Areas of Research and Development

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