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Imperial American Network (IAN) Jurisprudence

Imperial American Network (IAN) Goals

IAN Arbitration Officers (IP7A Operators) can be a little wordy. Most have 10+ years experience in civil rights. The need to define something beyond a shadow of a doubt is the best defence against the shoehorn of abusive media today.

For those new to the community, the rules are simple:

  • All people and policies are race, religion, gender, and ethnically NEUTRAL in the IP7A policy book.
  • Organizations are welcome, and platforms, but ethnically or racially branded groups are not.
  • The freedom of religion shall not infringe upon any other persons rights or their children.
  • As far as the community is concerned, all people are Americans. Citizenship is not a factor.
  • National borders, land claims, and traditional regions are not a factor for legal claims.
  • The duration of a violation does not grant credibility to a claim or suspend human rights.
  • Both parents have a universal right to access, communicate with, and raise their own child.
  • Allegations without conviction and substantial due process may not deprive anyone of rights.
  • People have a right to defend their national borders, limit ingress, and choose affiliation.
  • Migration into a place does not entitle a people to claim the identity or rights of another.

Imperial American Network (IAN) policy recognizes the "Progressive" movement as a sectarian (religious) movement operating under the guise of secularism, having its own beliefs regarding moral authority residing solely in collective will and speaking to the imperfection of individual reason through the argument of "evolution" of the personality by negative experience created in conflict with the society or community as their "god-figure".

Recent research has traced this movement to the German philosopher G.W.F. Hegel, and to the correct identification of this moral arguement as "Hegelian", which is similar to aboslute idealism and a police state in seeking to moralize and by psychological science obliterate the rights of individuals against abuse. (Cite: Elements of the Philosophy of Right, 1821) Despite similar platitudes, the overreaching invalidtion of individual rights as inferior to a mere extension of the thought process of the State in peonage as a core belief corrupts Modern American Constitutional Values and all jurisprudence.

As such, these values and arguments are expressly rejected as a religious theology and not as a model of mental health, due to a pattern of malignant behavior in which non-conformists are denigrated as "mentally ill" or "anti-social" and defective (invalidated) in a system similar to Catholic excommunication threats, often targeting their children and right to employment in certain industries and high-paying jobs with community leadership value.

Conduct in this malfeasance of professional office is evident in the prior and a felony violation of rights barred at law, per 18 U.S. Code §241 and §242. So themed a right per Oklahoma Constitution Article I section II-2 "Perfect Religious Tolerance" ratified in 1907 against such abuse and criminal deceit of the public trust, then common and evident in national socialism and human rights violations in Asia leading to the 1st and 2nd World War.

The effort to convey "Ad Hominem" (charater) assessent under color of medical science to damage dissent against "utilitarian socialism" in the "Hegelian tradition" gave rise to the acute and lawful answer of Imperial American jurisprudence in opposition. Just as the German people denied genocide activity reliant on these forms of fraud in Volksverhetzung legislation.

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