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Imperial American Network Jurisprudence

There are two distinct schools of human philosophy as of the 21st Century. The Hegelian and American Dialectic.

Hegelian Dialectic Argument holds that George Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel's arguements of 1770-1820 portray the human condition as one striving to "progress" toward perfection in the assimilation of the individual in the institutions which govern and constitute society, such that individual interest and thoughts are dismissed in favor of collective productivity, often called "The Greater Good".

The American Dialectic Argument holds that the individual is perfect in their native state, and shall not be valued based on their abandonment of self worth, self-interest, or distinct ideas which are not shared with society or devoted to the creation of a means of utility by which they may "earn" a role or protection from society proportionate to their 'utility' to society as a resource or contributor.

These two distinct theologies have expressed themselves to the point of division between the people of the world, punctuated by their adherent's arguement that the individual either has no inherent dignity or rights, or they do possess inherent dignity and inherent rights which are not a product of the benefit or recognition or other privilege bestowed upon them by a collective or institution.

While Hegelian political argument to seize control through efforts aimed at marketing 'democracy' to the disenfranchised, it ultimately requires conformity and submission to be granted moral or public adherence to any recognition of rights, often arguing for unity and portraying any disunity or dissent as 'mentally ill' behavior which invalidates or projects stereotypes of threat and malicious character ( mens rea ) upon its enemies and critics.

Nowhere is this more offensive or overt than in the call for 'unity' by Hegelian organizations and proponents, seeking to portray individuals as a threat to this perceived 'unity' through submission to central institutions and the replacement of facts and evidence with 'institutional conclusions, findings, and determinations' on the threat of injury or penalty.

The Imperial American Network (IAN) Jurisprudence movement is an American Dialectic movement that seeks to affirm that unification of the human race cannot occur unless the individual is recognized as distinct and regarded as valid and perfect in the right to dissent, to witness, to testify, and to the inherent right to be respected as an equal to any large organization or institution, and is not defective or "ill" or suffer from an "illness, dysfunction, or other derogatory title" if they differ from the institutional "ideal" or "claims" made by such large political groups.

In context to the SEVEN ALPHA NETWORK (IP7A), this body is the name of the governing board of arbitration over whom all disputes are settled by members. As an American Dialectic Body, this group will not permit any value or ad hominem abuse to be tolerated in the fact-finding, investigation, and resolution to provide justice and afford remedy as specified in the enumerated rights of the membership, so written in Article II section II-6.

The rights of the individual will never be infringed, regardless of the mean benefit to the general welfare, under the American Dialectic. IAN Jurisprudence operates to ensure these values are enacted in all official acts and judgments, and the board remain open indefinitely to any new evidence or claims which might alter its previous decisions or demonstrate the need for relief in matters affecting our members. This differs from the jurisprudence of the United States, and is conditional to all members activity upon the SEVEN ALPHA NETWORK (IP7A).

Increasing influence by Hegelian theology in the jurisdiction of the United States forced the IMPERIAL AMERICAN COALITION to adopt seperation under Article II section II-1, installing the IAN Jurisprudence and governing arbitration over SEVEN ALPHA NETWORK (IP7A) following violence to kidnap children of our families and conceal them in an extortion fraud in the State of Texas and State of Okalhoma. The ability of foreign governments to buy public airtime, purchase United States media corporations, and to normalize Hegelian violence over 2001-2018 led to the termination of all rights by those organizations upon the SEVEN ALPHA NETWORK (IP7A), citing no capacity to respond to acts of felony violence and upon instructions from the Anti Terrorism agents of the Federal Bureau of Investigation following combined attacks from Ukraine prior the relief of Russian Federation forces in Eastern Ukraine, destroying those command and control elements attacking our networks using 16 Gbps flooding attacks and paid abuse to deter recovery of children concealed in the United States in violation of ordered return.

Where a United States court will wrongly allege that a fact is settled, a IAN Jurisprudence record will reflect the evidence and the claims in full for constant evaluation should a violation reopen the issue. Star chambers and bills of attainder are prohibited, barring fraud where the violation is a bill of attainder without due process - in which case pursuant to the Geneva Convention identical minimal due process or no due process will be afforded as set forth in retaliation for war crimes, and determination of guilt may be the finding of the Arbiter to register and end suspension of human rights.

By rejecting the summary judgment of guilt and innocence commonly associated with the Hegelian theocracy of institutional justice and denial of any fault or flaw in the Justice Department or its handling of a case, the IAN Jurisprudence record affirms that the failure to act is complicity with genocide and other high crimes and accessory to the suspension of human rights by delay, denial, or stereotyping of legal process to portray some grant of powers which are reserved and inherent only in the people seeking remedy from the court as their agent, not as an institution who may suspend or grant powers at will or without regard to limitations or actual means in order to create an illusion of utility and validity for serious injustice where remedy is denied on technicality or by failure to act by any officer of the court.

The court is obliged to intercede, not simply respond to claims for specific relief, including to institute investigations and provide aid and relief where injury is apparent, and without regard for cost, as the destruction of a human being or their rights under abuse of legal process is a violence by society against the very institutional nature of the individual, and prohibited under The Victims of Trafficking and Violence Act of 2000, even where those choosing not to act are agents of the State or institutions of government or the court. Unlike United States Justice Department procedings, representatives and agents of the IAN Jurisprudence Movement are liable for fraud by their clients, and failure to report violations make them accessory.

The purpose of these strict rules are to move individuals closer to protection and justice under laws designed to prevent infringement upon the individual human rights, and to reject the neutrality of the court as a bystander or service for-profit to such injury or injustice as is common in the Hegelian State. If the law does not protect all parties equally, then the State has no credibility whatsoever. This is referred to in the rules of the court as IAN Jurisprudence, where individuals are moved toward consistent enforcement of protection; as opposed to Institutional Unification, where individuals are moved toward prescribed common outcomes based on presumption, efficiency at the cost of attention to detail, and to a solution in which the benefits are primarily ascribed to the outcome toward society rather than or counter-to the injury done to individuals appearing before the jurisdiction.

Imperial American Network™

Imperial American Network (IAN) policy is an organization on the Seven-Alpha Network™ which provides arbitration and resolution of disputes, enforcement, and policy recommendations for the administration activity of the IP7A Board of Directors.

Central to the theme of this organization is that laws, statutes, and codes must be written without preference to gender, religious, or ethnic identity - as a single recognition of the class of all members as singular and equal, both as organizations acting collectively or community interest groups or individual human beings. It is the core premise of the IP7A that rights are equal and inalienable protections afforded each party, and shall not be marginalized or rationed based on the size of one party or benefit to one party at the expense of the other party, even and especially when such party is an individual. Alexander Dumas put this concept clearly when he wrote, "All for One, and One for All," in the Three Musketeers - a novel inspired by the actions and legacy of his real-life father, from whom he was cruelly separated.

Where the community or society will not stand for the protection of any individual, it fails to provide for its own equal protection and inherent claim of dignity and respect preceding any contribution or effort to 'earn' inclusion in the protection of society, without obligation to conform or alter one's self or one's beliefs and expression thereof. The limit of which is the advocacy of beliefs and "calls for action" to harm others, interfere with their rights or the freedom to express them, or characterize a person by attribution of intent to attest to their character. These protections, evident less than 30 years ago, are now under direct attack by foreign paid propaganda outlets in the United States, as well as in its public office and agencies both foreign and domestic. Their collapse, the product of abuse and fraud by the public school system to fail to educate students in communication paired with abandonment of enforcement by the United States Justice Department and the respective agencies of each member State.

This collapse has been fostered by the democratic election process paired with electronic data network media, to create a non-stop onslaught to intimidate, defame, and damage America families and children - suspending the rights of the biological parent in favor of "best outcome" assignment of community, school, law enforcement, and court in place of conventional parental roles and rights.

Central to this is the development of the first generation who cannot distinguish their rights from the privileges (civil rights) afforded to their Citizenship as a legal entity subject to suit without protection or relief in the statutory courts and attachment to public records of debt and grading based on economic performance, earnings, and creation of codependence upon the United States as sole monopoly of employment license and income in the United States, contrary Federal and State Law. A dispute which in the past centered on taxation and is now escalated to genocide and child trafficking under false proceedings without trial in the 21st Century. As these actions, carried out under the religious premise of the 'progressive' anti-Christian anti-caucasian movement to re-educate children of minority whites and conservative religious opponents in 'social justice' through community intimidation, organized narcotics trafficking, recreational drug and alcohol use for economic benefit at the State and Federal level, and the prostitution of minors as young as 12 or removal of age limitations to allege consent by children in digital online sex industries pose a direct threat to community, society, and the Constitutional form of government which organized International financial interference can purchase in the United States when partnered with major media companies like CNN, NBC, CBS, and Reuters.

We are seeing a nation bought and children sold, and the normalization of tribal identity to justify criminal racketeering as a normal and lawful industry while removing traditional influence of males in the home as jobs in physical manufacturing, skilled heavy labor, and Science Technology Engineering and Math are actively marketed to women who will support a pure democracy and demonize masculine traits including critical thinking and objective critical analysis as 'negativity', 'toxic', or other 'invalidating verbal abuse of the socialist/Hegelian manifesto'.

These slurs, defamation tactics, and direct assault on the bond between parents and their children to substitute the community, society, and the State while attempting to paint resistors as 'other' or 'outsiders' to the 'village as moral center', are tactics criminalized in the State of Oklahoma and offensive to the very nature of human rights and the recognition of human beings equality.

Imperial American Network (IAN) policy does not seek to create a monoculture of 'right-think' mobs, nor promote the destruction of the good name and reputation of individuals. Its purpose is to protect the right to dissent in public conversation and the protection of those who argue against 'group think' in all its forms. Unity in this sense is obtained by promotion of the idea that both mother and father and child are equal in society, and the division of one from the others on false cause or by fraud to grant advantage to the other is an injury to society. Humanity is unified in its right to enjoy the love of family - both of a child from each parent regardless of the other, and in the natural bond that should be protected between the child and the parent. The attack on this value in the process of 'progressive' radical violence in the 21st Century leads us to the necessity to form the Seven-Alpha Network™ and set ourselves apart from the United States as a free and legally independent government of people who are entitled to the land and property, rights, and prior expectations afforded to them as the beneficiaries of the use of their sovereign power in limited license by the United States, which has failed to carry out its duty and aided in genocide without remorse or remedy obligated under State and Federal Law (Oklahoma Constitution, Article II-6).

As the progressive movement has sought to divide the American people, defining them along tribal and ethnic, gender, and age-related boundaries - excluding religion and the right to its practice and discussion in preference of forced labor for the State under license granted by the People, then we The People do hereby revoke that grant of license, and declare our people Unified against the assault on our friends, neighbors, loved ones, homes, and rights - as the license to these things is owned by us and permitted use only while we consent to authority bestowed conditionally upon the United States, its member (incorporated) States, and their agencies and officers. As they have engaged in child concealment, removal, ransom, and threat of false incarceration and suspension of license to commerce and medical care, we are no longer in any way obligated to take their standing as our agent seriously nor to comply or give our consent to their efforts as our authorized government in-fact.

Imperial American Network (IAN) is a think tank to manage that winding-down of the rogue government and to ensure infrastructure and services are made available and affordable to the People through assertion of our enumerated rights and technology - which the United States has no claim or power over in light of its abuse, actions, and inaction prohibited as war crimes under Treaty with the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide. Agreements including the Berne Convention and other Treaties which the United States signed in partnership under limited authority granted by The People no longer apply to these organizations or jurisdictions as they have legally separated and dissolved their affiliation and obligations with the same as provided by law (Oklahoma Constitution Article II-1). The violation of the rights of The People so specified in the concealment of our children voids any such agreement as specified in Article XXIII-8 and XXIII-9.

By failing to regard the radical Hegelian socialist movement as a foreign or religious movement, the United States has denied fundamental physical protection to the People of the United States, and having no remedy by modification as evident in the aforementioned media, entitled the American People to suspend their relationship and withdraw the right to use their names, title, and property in the system now in place which mimics the human beings in legal fiction for credit and ratings of equity against which the United States and its member States, incorporated entities, have optioned with other parties illegally.

Any title, writ, or claim upon such persons in lieu of consent is dissolved, and this action is the Unification of human right and will and sole source of sovereign authority which the contract with the 1907 territory of Oklahoma did ratify by the United States Congress, making it Supreme Law of the United States as a Constitution of the State of Oklahoma and applicable to all member states under language of the Constitution of the United States Article IV section 2 paragraph 1, granting full enforcement of all such claims and rights deemed enumerated rights so entered by the State of Oklahoma in joint agreement with the People.

Imperial American Network (IAN policies is express the assertion that the rights of the people are self-evident and inalienable, and may be withdrawn and such agreements to the contrary void and nullified immediately (Oklahoma Constitution Article XXIII-8 and XXIII-9).

The use of Citizenship roll numbers drawn from the Social Security Act, being such an agreement, and investments promised return upon such participation which did not entail other legal remedy or surrender of children in body for concealment and without trial by the United States for participation in such program, voids the authority of any obligation that the American People or any other People have to the United States after 17 years of concealment without communication from 2001 August 11th to 2018 August 11th on no due process, relief on written complaint of kidnapping for ransom in lieu of threat of murder, extortion, ransom, and terrorism by State and Federal officers to uphold this war crime in Oklahoma.

Parents Rights Recognized

The right of parents to enjoy the protection of society against the suspension of their right to raise their children on no financial, religious, or material test of merit has been challenged by the United States government. It is a war crime and a crime against humanity. Due to the overwhelming control of media as agents operating under a license for-profit identical to a letter of marque, prohibited to the powers of the Congress of the United States in the Constitution of the United States explicitly, and excused by willful neglect of the duty of office of a government so prescribed as a war crime under the 'complicity' section of the "Convention for the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide", ratified as a United States Treaty and Supreme Law of the United States, the rights of the People have been invoked as specified under Oklahoma Constitution Article II section II-1.

Whereby, any parent shall be or has been deprived of their child, for no legal cause or wrongdoing in intent or exercise of perpetual loss of contact and authority reserved by the people under Oklahoma State Law Statue 76 Section 76-8, all "necessary force" (76-9) shall be reserved and afforded the People in their recovery and restoration in full of all injury, as specified in Article II-6 of the Constitution of the State of Oklahoma, and any agreement of any kind regardless of written or oral or statutory law void and nullified pursuant to Article XXIII section XXIII-8 and XXIII-9. These laws made Supreme Law of the United States as of the ratification of the Constitution of the State of Oklahoma in the year 1907.

Where such rights are refused, as have been the case in August 11th 2001 to present in the State of Oklahoma, affecting any person in any member state so protected by Article IV section 2 paragraph 1 of the Constitution of the United States, such violation whether criminal or under color of law or policy shall be a felony, so specified in 18 USC 241 and 242 of the United States Criminal Code.

The taking of hostages on the open sea by the English Crown provoked the formation of the United States, who did not regard the press of men at sea into forced service and loyalty to the crown and for purpose of war as legal or moral.

In the same regard, the taking of children from parents for no wrongdoing and suspension of their rights based on the means test to pay member State bar association and agencies to release such hostages without indictment or conviction of any kind, nor to limit the rights and privileges otherwise afforded to those persons based on payment of an arbitrary and illegal fee without respect to 15 USC 1673 (c) or other definitions of "disposable income" in the jailing, restraint, economic handicap, or abuse and false claims of false debt to damage economic trade, are a form of genocide.

Confusion by the use of 'anchor babies' and 'citizenship' to grant entry into the United States by foreign Citizens for residence and to obtain benefits established by prior generations of The People, and the use of a merit-system to cherry pick petitioners based on potential earnings or strategic benefits to the United States further violates human rights.

In all cases, the license of sovereignty granted in limited use to the United States by the People, shall not construe a right to violate the fundamental and acknowledged rights to both mother and father as caregiver and authority over a child of any consensual union of human beings, and the affirmation that a debt or damages are owed by which the State may suspend these privileges in the reproduction of human beings is a crime against humanity supplanting the role of parent as instructor and authority for the conveyance of cultural, moral, and spiritual guidance from the father to the State.

Such practice creates the authority caste system of slave and master, subverting the lawful and limited grant of license of sovereignty to the State by individual members of The People, and rejecting the claim of this injury upon the grounds that injury to one does not constitute an injury to all nor that any claim may be raised unless it is initiated by the collective arbitrary assignment of the body politic of the people as a group or member State against the United States.

Article II Section II-1

We The People, in order to protect our union and the integrity of its intent and authority, are entitled to suspend that license of sovereignty claimed by the United States, as it has expressly denied the right to individual members of our community at any time, and to refuse its renewal or standing before the court of our choosing or construction which will be established by 'all necessary force', both martial and legal, and without respect to any other language or terms or other agreement by which the United States may allege our fault in fealty to their violation of these rights inherent in all human beings - whom the term "The People" did and does and will perpetually express identity and powers thereof in the individual exclusive of consent of the group or peers or any foreign power.

When the Constitution of the United States was written, it was conveyed that these powers enumerated by all Americans were inherent in all people of the world regardless of their territorial sovereign or citizenship.

Efforts to pervert and alter this language by agents and officers of the United States and their member States and territories, including the academic license and professional practices, are an affront and treason against the People. ( Marbury v Madison, 5 U.S. (1 Cranch) 137 (1803) )

    Certainly all those who have framed written constitutions contemplate them as forming the fundamental and paramount law of the nation, and consequently the theory of every such government must be, that an act of the legislature, repugnant to the constitution, is void.
    — Marbury, 5 U.S. at 177

While not affirming that the identity, heritage, or right to foreign people or tribes are intended to subvert their election to follow, establish, and adhere to other rules and claims than these, the people of the States of America did attest their belief and affirm in the pledge of their fealty to a new union that such claims did not and would not subvert the rights of those members joined before the Continental Congress and in pledge to the threat of the hostility of the King of England.

As these powers, promises, and rights were forgotten and subverted, in an economic industry eroding the inherent rights of the People and duties of their officers to uphold and protect against all such violations; the people of the State of Oklahoma did meet and produce a formal Constitution to reinforce these many broken promises of the United States to the native American people of the State of Oklahoma. In doing so, under the Constitution of the United States (Article IV section 2), affirm and create in binding Supreme Law of the United States - a formal framework of safeguards against the tyranny of violation of their rights which binds over the United States to affirm these protections in all member States. While such violations were and frequently are overlooked and left to the States to resolve in monetary award, the taking for perpetual concealment of children in systematic abuse by certain 'sanctuary states' known in The Hobbs Act (18 USC 1951) and racketeering prohibitions (18 USC 1961) prohibit this abuse explicitly.

In the 21st Century, officers of the United States did invoke the immunity for parents against unlawful charge of kidnapping to refuse recognition of child abduction under 18 USC 1201 (g), citing that such immunity from the specific charge should act as immunity against extortion, racketeering, perpetual concealment, and suspension of parental rights specified in Federal Law (42 USC 1738A e) without any due process or right to jury trial - on threat of loss of contact and suspension of freedom.

Whereby these officers did, in official act of their office, refuse such complaint and retaliate against parents of children taken for ransom and through the officers and agencies of other member States, the United States became subject to collective and immediate application of the 'all necessary force' clause in legal suspension and dissolution of its sovereign claim as a legitimate government of the American People.

Use of borrowing against the future earnings of Citizens, reporting of the debt of those Citizen roll accounts, and divestment of risk upon the Citizenship roll system of the Social Security Administration to create credit for the United States at the expense of contact between human beings as ransom and subject incarceration for failure to perform in the role or take up employment 'in agency' of the Citizen roll assigned to such fraud, created a condition of genocide and dhimmitude against domestic residents of the territories and States over which Supreme Law remained subject and in force, and may not by any article or act of Congress (42 UCS 1994) other than amendment nor provide remedy by virtue of ex post facto limitations through such process of amendment, thereby excuse or undo the injury and serious perpetual harm committed by their agents in this fraud. The people of the nation of Iceland, upon learning their government sought to carry out the same claims with the Bank of England, did arrest and convict their lawmakers of crimes and expel their government entirely. Creating by such act precedent to enumerate the rights of the People against this form of indentured servitude and tyranny.

As The People, we retain the right to communicate with our children without duress or condition. We retain the right to have contact and know of their welfare and development. We retain the right to instruct and educate and make decisions about our children's lives and behavior. And where such rights are suspended or denied on no conviction of serious crime or felony which might otherwise remove us from society or pose a threat to others, we affirm that our rights have been and continue to be knowingly and willfully violated by the United States and other nations.

The Remedy

As many approach the United States seeking asylum, organized efforts to stage an invasion using fourth-generation (insurgent, non-uniform stateless nationalist) movements continue to directly attack the People of the territory claimed by the United States. With compassion, the rights of our people to protect themselves are not being upheld and in many cases suspended by the United States, projecting fault and blame for wrongdoing in the response to violent and hostile threats against our person, our property, and most seriously - our children. In these crimes, the United States has elected to claim that those persons violating our rights specified under Oklahoma Statute Title 76 section 76-1 as equal and 'civil' in nature, to deny the fundamental duty of a sovereign nation and militia of the government of the United States from taking up arms or seeking to afford Article II-6 remedy. Silence in these matters have escalated to prosecutions of parents attacking the sexual assailants of their minor children, some victims under the age of six years old even, and the filing of indictments against Americans for their actions based on an illegal assertion of 'limited right to the use of force' by The People, restriction of the right to possession of instruments of lethal force, and efforts to terrorize the American public into surrendering their rights.

IAN Policy asserts that these action are contrived, malicious if not incompetent abuse of office, and evidence of an organized effort obstructing the lawful execution of basic services and remedy to the People by knowing effort to act only on behalf of the 'collective', 'commonwealth', or 'general welfare' excluding any duty to individual members not supported by community action - thereby coercing the sale of the Justice Department to the public for collective submission and consent to other lesser injustice as policy for sake of efficiency and limitation of liability for wrongdoing by the State.

IAN Policy asserts that all people, regardless of their participation in the Social Security System or any registry or legal fiction of separate 'person' assigned to an incorporated entity or roll of the United States or other entity or body, shall have exclusive control over the issuance of securities, monetary instruments, trade, travel, or commerce where such acts are not a direct threat to the national security of The People. That by comparison and effort to establish precedence to misconstrue as law or misappropriation of law as superior to reserved rights and limitations of government and agency, and by knowing effort to confuse and mislead the public through unionizing the practice of law, medicine, and the sciences to prevent competition and enforcement of core duties and rights to innovation - including the assertion of a condition of privileges under color of law to substitute for the rights of the sovereign People, in exercise of Citizenship and suspension of all means to basic health care (medicine) and medical practices (private health procedures), using a system of credits and subsidies which drive the price and cost of essential services above non-participant means, that the United States has knowingly violated its license of sovereignty with The People.

The members of the "Imperial American Network (IAN)" do recognize the legal standing of human beings separate from the Citizenship license granted by the United States. IAN organizations likewise recognizes that while the removal of criminal offenders from society is required where capital punishment is not warranted, the removal of children from all contact is a criminal act and violation of human rights, even in cases of criminal violence, where the offender has no history of violence toward the public or their spouse or their child or other children. IAN recognizes that the act of permanently and perpetually terminating contact is a war crime, and the duration of concealment or bond created as a result of unlawful concealment by an abducting person or State shall not constitute a cause by which the parent may be further denied contact or the child testify to cause for rejecting the parent without exposure to the influence of the same, and such acts are a breach of the limited grant of sovereign powers afforded any State or nation.

It is the assertion that the human being is the fundamental sovereign in this equation, and that nations are merely agencies of construction to enforce and carry out the authority of sovereign powers which are not entitled to act without cause or consent of the people (Oklahoma Constitution Artilce II § II-1).

Further, that even where consent is obtained from the majority of the body politic, that some protections of the rights of individual people must be upheld, to include the right to contact with their children and security against the suspension of those rights on any religious or means test or fine or fee. That where such protections are violated willingly and knowingly by any agent of the State or nation, that all nations are equally bound to their enforcement, as specified in the war crimes definition of complicity in The Convention for the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide. And that where such protections have failed all power revert to the People in individual authority to protect themselves and to carry out their right to form a government which will uphold and enforce these rights (Oklahoma Constitution Article II section II-1). That these claims are not contrary to the original intent of the Constitutional and Republican form of government authorized, so evident in Oklahoma Constitution Article II-1, and where such dispute arise over serious and material injury to any single person, that Article II-6 of the Constitution of the State of Oklahoma afford express written prior agreement to the 'full remedy' obligated whatever the necessary degree of change.

Thereby, IAN so declares this October 24th 2018, the establishment of its legal presence in advocacy of The People, as individual equal members in standing and equality in all rights as one against any number of electors in conflict, to the protection of the bonds between parent and child as core and essential to our construction and formation of a new government of the American People. Whereas the prior compact of nations have shown their incapacity to accept or modify their conduct over a period of 17 years this August 11th 2001, we are empowered and obligated to offer our services and protection via the Seven-Alpha Network and to persons seeking membership in the rolls of the Human Race against rogue nations presently attempting to redefine the language and intent, purpose, and authority of the charter under which their limited powers and limited authority were established.

We take to our providence, as Sir Francis Bacon once said, all places and all industry in which the Human Race both exist and exert influence of any kind, and deny the claim that a nation or its borders or jurisdiction may supercede our rights or those rights reserved by The People, as a culture and community, without threat or intent to violate the jurisdictions of other people nor to practice our influence against others who are not legally bound over to our cause and collective jurisdiction as sovereign and supreme excluding all loyalty and all fealty to other nations. Further, that our members do not surrender their identity, their nationality, their culture, their creed, or their rights to be a part of this collective welfare, and are entitled to remain by whatever means as is legally afforded them as participants in their home countries, operating as Citizens in those organizations in secondary jurisdiction to our own. We welcome those nations whose legal agencies may help us to enforce their laws which we find to be in common with our philosophy, and reserve the right not to enforce those laws upon our people when outside the foreign jurisdiction of those nations or in the commons of the Seven-Alpha network where they are subject to our own code based on the United States Code and Oklahoma Statutory Code (O.S.) or common law of the State of Oklahoma.

Legal Terms

Persons under the Seven-Alpha Network™ are subject to the United States Federal Statutory Code (USC) and Statutory Law of the State of Oklahoma, as specified under Article I section I-1 of the Constitution of the State of Oklahoma. Enforcement is elected exclusive of any other jurisdiction to be carried out by the IP7A Board or its agents, as binding arbitration in remedy pursuant to their determination of judgment in light of Oklahoma Constitution Article II-6. These rights are elected in binding contract, and subject to Article XXIII § XXIII-8 and XXIII-9 limitations of the Constitution of the State of Oklahoma, to facilitate quick and effective moderation of the use, application, and features of the Seven-Alpha Network™ for the benefit of any individual member and/or all users. This includes strict enforcement of language and communication law to prohibit threats, assault, identity theft, fraud, and other crimes and civil wrongdoing.

"Imperial Amirican Network" jurisprudence is a framework organization overseeing services in the legal protection, documentation, and development of case law briefs and conduct among members of the Seven-Alpha Network™ in action to develop a legal framework for human rights and enforcement outside the traditional "National Citizenship" registry and use of Social Security Number assignment to build, rate, grade, and coerce users of Citizenship to surrender their human rights, anonymity, and protection from public peer abuse common in Hegelian socialist and communist regimes popular with the 'progressive' religious Hegelian intolerance movement.

The registration of a person in the "IAN" does not convey Citizenship or rights associated with national registry by the established governments recognized by the United Nations, United States, or other legal bodies. Registration is not limited to the United States or its territories, and excludes certain regions based on ongoing disputes involving terrorism, violence and acts of war against the American Dialectic. It is the goal of the "IAN" to deny the "progressive" socialists their effort to seize claims of eminent domain and sovereign authority only on behalf of collective tribal identity politics, and restore American definitions attacked by this radical theology which do not discriminate between nationality, ethnicity, religious background, or cultural traditions in the enforcement of secular law.

These steps are "necessary" and part of "(legal) necessary force" reserved by the People of the Oklahoma territory, in light of kidnapping for ransom of our newborn children at the age of 74 days after birth, on threat of fraud, force, and murder. Failure to afford remedy of any kind spanning 2001 August 11th to 2018 (present) enumerate the right of the members injured by this abuse of the United States and State of Texas, State of Oklahoma, and other peer nations refusing aid, to election of a new sovereign agency under Oklahoma State Law (Article II-1). Raccoon Technologies Incorporated is pleased to provide that infrastructure to the American People with our Seven-Alpha Network™ product.

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