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Dedicated Managed Server Sites (DMSS)™ - Trusted Clients

Customers requiring Application level support can now obtain RTI servers with management for $25,000 USD per month. Smaller accounts are not accepted at this time.

Managed servers are dedicated physical hardware with staff configured based on customer need and use case, an engineering project similar to any construction company quote or architectural industry bidding process; and for terms themed in contract limited to real parties with standing to those agreements evident in validation of agency and registration with respective State and local government a party to the court process for service.

New customers must apply and represent a resident of Pontotoc County or incorporated business registered with the State of Oklahoma to qualify. Offer not open to non-residents and subject approval based on "restricted parties" list found in the company bylaws as amended regularly.

Customers unfamiliar with industrial server equipment, including dedicated compute solutions and commercial class systems, should not confuse those products with HOME PC SERVERS and Workstations - which are now common in SMB/SOHO solutions without the overhead of large obsolete data centers. Anyone can host a server where optical lines are available in their own facility, and dedicated compute solutions are for industrial class systems and applications which require security and management staffing on-site.

The practice to hire high school graduates to administer servers in Texas and other states in the prior decade, and related security risks associated with insider access, preclude such arrangements for enterprise clients.

DMSS brings the server technology in-house, exclusive of data warehouse lease and shared-pipe services common with network fraud.


For more information contact 1 (855) 505 0784. No soliciting permitted.


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