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December 07 2022 - §§ typewriter

Contractor Services and Mission Search

Traditional lifetime job placement based on business cycles of modern information systems and automation are obsolete concepts of a pre-information era economy. Workers and officers of modern business are both expected to be partners in the labor and success or failure of ventures, and a compensation model based on term participation with proceed shares consistent with recurring revenue or royalty models of creative industries and media the compensation model and term Seven-Alpha projects and service models. Outside agencies may offer purse awards and compensation for projects, with Raccoon Technologies Incorporated acting as regional contractor for those contracts at a 1% gross budget term fee in forward costs. For example, a $200,000 Level V operator would cost a client $2,000 to retrain via Raccoon Technologies, with the remainder of the fee going fully to the compensation package of the "Heavy Operator"™. Transparency of fees is a way Seven Alpha outperforms all other labor relationships. This fee covers contracting and record keeping costs in compliance with the Heavy Operator Handbook™.

Comparison of Heavy Operator Practices (HOP) to Other Models:


AGILE teams count the smiles on their team at the end of the day and hours logged per release. (Low Risk, High Cost, Mixed Outcomes)
SIX SIGMA teams count the feet they took year-by-year, and measure success by budget cuts. (Low Risk, Low Cost, Low Outcomes)
HOP teams count the number of hills cleared and agents lost or gained in the cadre per mission. (Mid Risk, Mid Cost, High Outcomes)

To Conduct a HOP, call: +1 580 399 9126
Service Month: 60T / Min. Project: 3T / Consult: 1T

Purchase credit: $200 USD per Tal (T)

Understanding (T):
Paying in (T) lowers monthly costs by 43.5% over flat rate billing FTE at $200 per hour.
Alternative USD equivalent would exceed $35,000 for strictly 40 hour billing monthly.
Heavy Operators have work experience exceeding $1,000,000 monthly responsibility.
They implement in 30 days what AGILE / SIGMA teams style as clerking year-to-year.
Building 3rd party software stacks with maintenance staff does not save money.
Using secured chargeback-resistant accounts-payable cuts costs 25% alone.


Just because you call it a Sprint does not make it a Marathon. It's about winning the battle AT Marathon.
Increments are just another buzzword for setting low expectations. Milestones are what ship deliverables.
If the process is about pleasing stakeholders, it does so at the expense of result-oriented deliverables.
No customer wants to hear the truth - until you tell them it will save them money not to lie to them.

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